New Translator Guide – Or how to not screw up completely!

Hi and welcome as a new AMN translator:)

Below is a short guide on how to create articles so please don’t look away now!

FIRST! There is NO SUCH THING as a stupid question if you have any, either ask your teammates or find and Editor or IT guy!!!

News is NOT opinion! Use a neutral language no matter the subject matter!

To start a new article:

Open a new window with the admin interface, so you have the article and this new window next to each other.

Click Posts -> Add New

You should now see the Add a New Post screen;

Start by translating the title in the “Enter Title” box and then the article body in the larger box. You can Save Draft and Preview as many time as you need to;
But you really do not want to hit publish at this point.

First, you need to select your categories, to do that find the Categories box on your right-hand side, click All Categories if not already selected, find YOUR Language and check it, then you find your localized English equivalent of the Article category you’re translating and check that too. As an extra safety check, ensure that “Uncategorized” is unchecked!

This category selection ensures that your article will end up in the right place and on the right social media accounts, so be very very careful in ensuring that you do this EVERY time!

Now you need to coordinate with your teammates that you are using the same tags, and if someone already translated a tag, use that one, if someone hasn’t yet, find consensus on what tags should be translated into.

Never use more than 5 tags, and 5 tags is a lot! Try using words that appear in the headline.

Some notes on Tags: Do not use – (Dash) or _ (Underscore) in tags as that will break them and render them useless on Twitter. Space is fine as that will be compacted like; Syrian Army becomes #SyrianArmy.

Also; If you use a tag that’s already in the title like Title: “Syria invited to join NATO exercises” and you use the tags; Syria, NATO. The twitter title will become “#Syria invited to join #NATO exercises” this is to maximize the usable 140 character room and is done automagically.

Before you can publish anything you need to set a “Featured Image”, this is the article’s intro image and is the one people see on the website next to the article in lists or on top of the article in article view, it’s also used to illustrate the article on social media, always select the largest version of the image you can find in the Media Library.

Check through everything a few times and make modifications you deem necessary, ask your teammates to review if you’re unsure or just because you can!!!.

*WARNING*: Once you hit Publish your article will instantly be sent to the Social Media accounts associated with your language group and once it’s there it’s for everyone to see if you screwed up. Note that title changes and first paragraph changes will not be visible on social media networks due to caching by these services, so make sure everything is correct!

Now you can hit Publish and eagerly away the acclaim of the public 🙂

Welcome Back!

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