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AMN is staffed and contributed to by a diverse range of journalists and contributors from all over the world who in turn come from equally diverse religious, ethnic and political backgrounds. This gives AMN a broader and fairer perspective in its reporting of the news, especially in the case of Middle East related news, which represents the media group’s most prominent feature.

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Board of Directors


Izat Charkatli : Journalist

Izat Charkatli


Biomedical engineering student and a Canadian of Syrian origin, Izat finds himself absorbed by the chaotic realm of Middle East politics. He tends to cover primarily battlefield reports from Syria.

You can follow him at: @IzatCharkatli
Henri Feyerabend : Journalist

Henri Feyerabend


Henri Feyerabend is a student of philosophy from Germany. Besides daily developements in Syria, he covers geo-political dimensions of the Syrian conflict.

Arabic Team

Milad Daher : Translator, Social Media Assistant

Milad Daher

Translator, Social Media Assistant

Graduated student of Civil Engineering from Tishreen University in Latakia. Contributes to the Arabic section, and helps with social media management. Also distant cousin of Leith Abou Fadel.

Balkan Team

Stefan Agatonovic : Department Manager

Stefan Agatonovic

Department Manager

Stefan is the Balkan Department Manager, covering the languages of Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Montenegrin. History student based in Leskovac, Serbia. Highly interested in geopolitical developments and the conflict in Syria.
Daniel Horvat : Translator

Daniel Horvat


Based in the Croatian city of Pula, Daniel holds several years of experience in NGO's and helping various websites. Although primarily interested in vjing, 3D mapping and visual arts, he works as a librarian to pay the bills.
Davor M. : Translator

Davor M.


Based in Slovenia, Davor is interested in conflicts on the global geopolitical arena and specifically Syria. He speaks several languages and heads a firm of his own.
Ziggy Stardust : Translator

Ziggy Stardust


Ziggy is based in Zagreb, Croatia and graduated from the Faculty of Economics. He currently works in the oil sector and is the happy father of three children.
Petar Marković : Translator

Petar Marković


Petar is one of the main Balkan translators. He holds a college degree in geopolitics and is based in Koper, Slovenia.
Tiso Cvetković : Translator

Tiso Cvetković


Tiso is based in Slovenia. He works in the field of law and speaks multiple languages, making him a multilingual translator.

German Team

Russian Team

Nikita Chugonov : Department Manager, Translator

Nikita Chugonov

Department Manager, Translator

Nikita Chugonov spearheads the Russian section. He is also an Arabic and Russian translator, often helping the English AMN team. Student on International Relations at MGIMO University.

Spanish Team

Elena De Mingo Garcia : Translator

Elena De Mingo Garcia


Based in Madrid, Elena is the newest addition to the Spanish team. She is a graduate of political science.

Turkish Team

Haber Merkezi : Department Manager

Haber Merkezi

Department Manager

Boss of the Turkish Al-Masdar News section. Based inside Turkish mainland but especially focused on frontlines of Syria.
Emre Köse : Translator

Emre Köse


Based in Ankara, Emre operates as a translator and journalist for Al-Masdar News. Focused on foreign policy and the MENA region.
Hasan Sincari : Translator

Hasan Sincari


Based in Hatay, Hasan is a lawyer of Arabic origin. Contributor and Arabic translator for the Turkish section. In daily contact with many sources in Syria.
Umut Õzil : Translator

Umut Õzil


Based in Izmir, Umut works as a Turkish translator for Al-Masdar News. He is also a student with special focus on Syria and Iraq.

Regular Contributors

Technical Team