Syrian ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar Al-Ja’afari, made a statement after the UN Security Council had approved a new resolution on Aleppo.

Among other things, Al-Ja’afari explained the reason why certain UNSC members were pushing so hard to pass this resolution which provides for the access of UN monitoring group to the largest Syrian city.

According to him, Syrian government possess information about foreign military intelligence officers who are still inside the remaining jihadist-held pocket in the eastern part of Aleppo. And the main purpose of the resolution, as Syrian authorities believe, is to allow those foreign agents and advisers a safe passage out of the besieged area, along with the jihadists they were training.


The full list of those who were mentioned by Al-Ja’afari is as follows:

  • Murtaz Oglacan Oglu, a Turkish national;
  • David Scott Winner, an American national;
  • David Schlomo Aram, an Israeli national;
  • Muhammad Sheikh Al-Islam Al-Tamimi, a Qatari national;
  • Muhammad Ahmad Al-Sabyan, Abd Al-Monaem Fahd Al-Hrej, Ahmad bin Nawfal Al-Drej, Muhammad Hassan Al-Subay’i, Qassem Saad Al-Shummari, Ayman Qassem Al-Tha’libi – all Saudi nationals;
  • Amajd Qassem At-Tyrawi, a Jordanian national;
  • Muhammad Al-Sharifi Al-Idrissi, a Moroccan national.

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  1. Very different stance than the about 100 spies SouthFront claimed to be stuck in.
    Now, knowing about their exact function could also be interesting : between being a military adviser for an armed group or being here to spy on armed groups on the behalf of your intelligence services are two different things i.e. I’m certain we have sent spies into Daesh in order to find those who plotted the Paris attacks in Syria as let’s be clear : either they’ll end like Carlos the Jackal, either they’ll end like Black September. They shall not get away with it.

    • Yes interesting – but to find out more and capitalize on their presence Syria needs them alive and captive. Else all will be dismissed as fake and propganda.

      ps. Syria needs a Cuba style tribunal to disclose sponsors. Remember the Bahia de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs)?

      • I absolutely agree with you! Now, but some seem to not have well understood me : all govts have ‘spies’. There is a big difference between spying on terrorist groups and helping them. Now, yeah! I’m ABSOLUTELY for having these foreign agents arrested and exposed if… They are real! Frankly, I’m REALLY dubious about military advisors getting trapped in a siege especially with Russians bombers around and they had at least an opportunity to get out in august… Now, there are also mofos from a hundred nationalities that joined the cockroaches, including traitors to my country and one thing is sure : as we were able to locate those or part of those who were behind some attacks in France then dropping some love message marked on a bomb launched from a Rafale or Mirage-2000, it’s clear that we had some spies or ppl on payroll working on Daesh’s area to find these mofos. Frankly, who’s gonna complain these agents helped neutralise some freaking terrorists! I’m very dubious about Aleppo but I’m pretty sure that we must have operatives into Idlib : we need to know what they’re plotting, moreover we’re better placed than other EU nations as we have near 10% of our population originating from Maghreb so it’s easier to have Arab speaking spies than other EU nations. Only idiots can’t understand the interest we can have into placing assets and even as close as possible from leaders!

        “ps. Syria needs a Cuba style tribunal to disclose sponsors. Remember the Bahia de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs)?”
        => Hasta siempre! And a little thought for the Lider Maximo that left us alone a few days ago!

        • Maghrebin (Westerner) speak an Arabic very different from Horani and other dialects spoken in the Mashriq. And AFAIR they are usually conservative even by Muslim standards. Maybe France can send pieds noir instead; – ) Israel has citizen with almost any Arabic speaking background – half her Jewish citizen descend from refugees from Arabian countries. Some claim August offensive was to extract liaison officers. Guess more likely only documents or electronic evidence was found now – not a living soul / all gone. AFAIR Bahia de Cochinos was a military blunder – You do not land in an area that is too inaccessible to flee when things go wrong. El Lider Maximo made good propaganda use of those caught. That is an example to follow. Thought only for those imprisoned by him. From my side.

    • LOL!!! You are trying really hard, my sayani friend.

      David Schlomo Aram – this name doesn’t sound very Arabian. But he was surely a spy… :)))

      IsraHell is behind this ugly war. Well, they are still dreaming about Great Israhell between the rivers, right? They use their slave states to do the dirty job – USA, GB, France, KSA…

      • South Africa supported RENAMO in Mozambique and NFLA and UNITA in Angola, as well as the Smith government in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe so it’s no surprise that zionistic scum are involved in this.

      • It is a terrorist style nomme de guerre most likely. Schlommo is the German/Dutch/Yiddish spelling of Shlommo the new Hebrew form of Solomon. Aram = old name for an area around the Syrian capital. al-Sham now.

  2. With the exception of the Moroccan, all the others are waging aggressive war against the Syrian state. They are there to train, instruct, assist and supply with latest weaponery to their client terrorist gangs to identify and target Syrian Arab Army positions. Real-time tactical targeting intell (sat,drone,sigint) is provided from US and GB (Sovreign Base Areas in Cyprus) sources. To try and excuse their presence claiming they are looking for Da’ish individuals is ridiculous. All these foreign agents/advisors/liaison officers/”Special Forces” whether filthy French, American arseholes, British bastards are enemy combatants – shoot them.

    • Hey, Abu Qahwa al-Jahimi, do you see it in the sky? No? Wait! It’s coming for you and your friends in ISIL or Qaeda, it’s called a Rafale (this means gust of wind but also a burst/salvo from a machinegun), it’s from the filthy French with Love to send you to your master : Iblis. D’you know the last trend? Mixing bombs’ explosives with pork grease to make sure jihadis go to hell…

    • These ”intelligent” people provided the coordinates for bombing the UN humanitarian convoy on the 18th of September , and the Russian field hospital few days ago , with the tragic death of 2 nurses , Michailova and Dumatchenko from Bishkek.

  3. Words are cheap – and Syrian words are even cheaper than MSM fake reports. Syria can either parade them alive in front of a camera or forget it.

    p.s. The SAA must get them alive and then they must be taken to a tribunal where they have the choice: death penalty as terrorist or an US style deal to plead guilty and name the organizations that send them to do what.

    MSM will report on such a tribunal. Even bad news are good news for the media that thrive on all news.

    • Excellent idea! As long as they’re not showed publicly, proved to be who they are, etc, it has no value, moreover, I even find it strange to have names and nationalities of guys that weren’t caught, moreover, intelligence guys generally use faked-real passports etc, hey, if Jesus was born today in the west bank, he’d probably end lynched as a Jew before tonight so a Schlomo in the middle of Islamic extremists who are all armed, I have some doubts on his life expectancy… Although I’m very “hand off Syria” minded, I have a hard time to buy such story.
      Just think about it : Bilal Abdul Kareem took the green bus… If someone smells the spy, it’s really him, BTW, spies have often a journo job as cover and I doubt him to be legit in Syria…

    • Unfortunately it is not that simple. Just as they were snuck into Syria, they can also be extracted. That is why the “special forces” of the US, France, UK etc are there.

      They will extract them and call it’s “rescue operation”

      I do hope they are caught however.

  4. I thought the story was that they caught this batch of spies. Now it’s just a list of random names? Shit, why stop at 11, add Jacques Clouseau, France and Felix Leiter of the UK.