DEIR EZZOR (8:25 P.M.) – Al-Masdar News was just told by a senior officer in Deir Ezzor that the U.S. Anti-ISIS Coalition attacked the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the Thardeh Mountains.

The U.S.’ airstrikes on the Syrian Arab Army’s positions allowed the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) to capture the strategic Thardeh Mountains that were originally under government control.

According to local activists, the U.S. attacked the Syrian Arab Army’s positions with phosphorous bombs, killing several soldiers and paving the way for the Islamic State to  capture the whole area.


The attack was conducted by 4 U.S. warplanes that were flying west from the Iraqi border.

This is the second time this year that the U.S. Air Force has attacked the Syrian Arab Army in the Deir Ezzor Governorate.

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    • I near totally agree with M.Hoffman although I’m still dubious about israelis for the simple reason that if daddy Assad was a serious issue for them, Bashir has never been a problem for them and a thing someone observing israeli actions, it’s that they’re into a no-nonsense way of acting and it’d simply make no sense for them wanting to remove Assad, especially if they end with Muslim Brotherhood ruling the country as they can’t be anything else for them than a serious issue…

  1. Well USA government put together the ISIS fsa army so yes they will bomb for them ,,,,,,you can,t make this shit up…As russia said USA is at war with ISIS in words only or when the camera,s are rolling.

  2. usa terrorist air support at work.whatever they claim they bombed the specific positions of Syrian army. If there are not backup plans Russia making agreements with usa like recent ceasefire or allowing fsa to albab raqqa(which is outright unaccaptable with certain devastating results) behind the scenes without seeing usa intent is plain stupid or double faced both are detrimental for Syrians.

  3. “the U.S. Anti-ISIS Coalition”

    It is not anti-ISIS when it helps ISIS capture more territory. What is Lavrov going to say about this? This shows how foolish and wrong it is for Russia to deal with U.S., when U.S. backing of rebels and terrorists is the main driver of the war overall.

  4. Et en plus ils utilisent des bombes au phosphore. Tout comme un certain oetit Etat particulièrement agressif de la région qui utilisait, en 2009 le même type d’armes contre des populations civiles de Gaza. Une arme de lâche utilisée par une armée de lâches.

  5. Us army and US citizens should really be ashamed of such disgraceful decisions…. to bomb young Syrian people defending their families and homeland from ISis!? Shame on you USA!!!
    I hope Russia will have enough guts to respond in appropriate manner!

    • Man i hope to be wrong on this one but i think thar ww3 was on the planning book from the beginning of this. This is pure unfiltered madnes. We have been herded to armagedon with eyes wide open thanks to our leaders.

    • Fuck America and there new world order masters south sea is china’s they are making syria look bad just as they made china look bad in July with the south sea conflict
      Up ur ass Obama

      • South sea is China lol…where and what makes you think it belongs to China..can’t prove any evidence and they are miles away from hainan. It’s called stealing since you already polluted your seas and now want to steal from others. No one agrees white China on this one..keep believe China is right..empires rise and fall depending on their make China look bad, China is the only one that’s making herself look bad

  6. “In Syria, if the choice is between Iran and the Islamic State, I choose the Islamic State. They don’t have the capabilities that Iran has,” Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon told a conference held by the Institute of National Security Studies in Tel Aviv.

    “ISIL is currently the top dog with the most money in the jihadi universe. Siding with them would seem like a rational choice, at least temporarily,” said Bilal Saab, a senior fellow for Middle East Security at the Atlantic Council’s Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security.

    • Now, there’s no massive intervention from Iran and the Qaeda/FSA shit would put MB in power… In fact, israeli have better interest having secular Assad keeping hand over the country than any zealot…

  7. “If anyone slays a person, it would be as if he slew all people: and if any one saves a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all people.”

    Is universal nature an aspect of God? Is God not in all places? As a part of the fabric of all nature, is universal nature not an aspect of our nature as well? Universal nature is a reality. The differences between us may be fundamentally a matter of relative perspective.

    When we look at a leaf, or a person, or a cloud in the sky, are we not seeing God, from our perspective?

    When we look at a leaf, or a person, or a cloud in the sky, are we not seeing ourselves, from another perspective?

    With all due respect to Damascus and to the people of Syria, this context and this place, is the capital of the Illuminati. This context and this place is the center of the hydra. This context and this place is the crux of the lotus, the point at which the petals meet.

    The Illuminati are Satanists, and we are all Illuminati.

    Fundamental to Satanism is the dynamic of our self denial, self denial in regard to who we are, what we have done, our knowledge and our experiences, our nature and our awareness, in regard to that which we are in denial of.

    Self denial is the mechanism by which we all comprise the hydra, and the mechanism by which we all comprise the pyramid of control.

    Self denial, and multiple manifest aspects, are like a hall of mirrors in our mind, our own perception, our own nature, from relative perspectives, within our mind.

    We can destroy the pyramid of control with our honesty. Honesty, in regard to that which we are in denial of, is the antithesis of self denial.

    In my opinion, evil might best be defined as harmful, destructive and self destructive values. Evil is an aspect of our nature.

    We can defeat evil with our free will, with our understanding, with our wisdom, and with our choice.

    The center of the hydra is the point at which the tentacles meet. The crux of the lotus is the point at which the petals meet. We are the hydra, and we are the lotus.

    Babel was not about language. Babel was about conceptions, values and ideas. Our differences in these areas are what confound us.

    We must find a solution that can work for all of us. We must define a common objective that can unify us. We must share the common values that can unite us.

    We must find a solution that can effectively accommodate the reality of diversity, the reality of free will, and the realities of the world.

    In my opinion, the foundation stone of our strategy should be a universal call for a cease fire, and for a cooperative process of moving forward, inclusive of all people, for resolving our conflicts, and for moving forward cooperatively, as one people.

    Every life is precious. “If anyone slays a person, it would be as if he slew all people: and if any one saves a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all people.”

    Takbir Democracy!

  8. نداء الى الدوله السوريه

    مطالبة بالتعويض عن جريمة دير الزُّور

    اذا لم تقم الدولة السورية وأهالي الجنود الذين تم قتلهم في دير الزُّور بدم بارد ومع سبق الإصرار بتقديم مطالبات بالتعويض لدى المحاكم الدولية ، فان الجريمة سيتم طمسها وتكرارها ، الغرب لا يفهم الا لغة الخسارة ، طالبهم بالمليارات كتعويض فتسقط حكوماتهم ، لان دافع الضرائب الغربي التافه لن يتحرك لمحاسبة حكومته على إجرامها الا اذا دفع من جيبته

    اذا تم تسجيل سابقة عربيه في طلب التعويض عن جرائم اي دولة معتدية على سيادة الدولة السورية ، سيفكر اصحاب القرار في الغرب آلاف المرات قبل ان يستجيبوا لضغوط تجار السلاح وسماسرته في البنتاغون ، لسفك الدم السوري بلا أدنى اعتبار ، والحكم ينسحب على كافة الدول العربية التي تعرضت شعوبها للقتل والتدمير ، سياسة نشجب ونستنكر وندين احالت الأمة العربيه الى مستنقعات دم وجرت الويلات والدمار لبلادنا

    Murder is an injury gives a right of a victim claim compensation . the damage , both physical and moral lead to a right to prosecute offenders , failing to seek legal measures international wide against offenders will lead to underestimation of the the soul of the victims of the NATO massacre against the Syrian Army soldiers in Deir Al Zore