The US Army has illegally occupied a cement plant to be used as an airfield in Syria’s northeast.

Satellite visuals recently taken of the “Lafarge” cement factory in northern Al-Raqqa province, shows a US military base containing a helipad.

The pad can be used for multiple kinds of war crafts and assault helicopters.


According to deep research in the satellite images, the airbase contains: military transport aircraft “Boeing CH-4 Chinook”, in addition to the transfer helicopters of “Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey” and assault aircraft “AH-64 Apache”.

The proximity of this base to the frontlines with ISIS makes it an important asset to the fight against the terrorist group.

Lafarge was handed over to Kurdish authorities in early 2016.

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    • Incorrect. The Kurds have their own army and “Rojava” Governance which is 20% of Syrian land. They have a government, an economy, and most importantly an army to back it. No need to drop one star because YOU are misinformed.

      • how will SAA will defend all of syria when some traitor within army soldier left and run away to fight for the militant and FSA. SAA lost almost 40% of army power when war created by saudi/turkey/qatar/us/israel. they dont have choice they have to rearrange army so they can back strong thanks to the support from Russia iran hezbollah and iraqi ressitance and local defence force otherwise syrian will be all gone in the hand of terriost. kurds also got weopeons from thier allies in turkey PKK AND kdp. but now they are cooperting both SAA and Kurds to fight turkey and thier US terriost. soon they will be out

        • You’re mixing really anything and in a non assembling puzzle.
          1. As unpleasing it is for your habitual racism, Israel highly considered intervening in Syria and NOT against SAA but against IS and Qaeda! It’s Obongo gigantic check of $33.8bln that prevented this. It’s not their interest to have some M.Brotherhood offshoot governing Syria, they’ve already got Hamas to piss’em off making women’s milk turn in their breast and everybody knows that Israel has high fecundity rates!
          2. Kurds have serious help from the EU. By Germany and France if you prefer which is the same thing as it’s these two who mae the weather in the EU, only idiots won’t understand this. They even get more help from EU than from the US
          3. US-ARMY, USAF etc AREN’T fighting against Syria. Would they, there’d be no more SAA now and for long! Even Israel is no match so the US, let me laugh! And I’m not criticising the courage and quality SAA has, I’ve even got a deep respect for them but we’re not talking about the same categories of power, if we except the navies, Israel is even more powerful than UK! If you did more serious researches, you’d see that Israel totally complied to international laws while you’ll find serious implications of UK!
          4. What we have is really a Qatar/KSA/Turkey shit! US+UK are implied only on a very secondary level at their “deep state” level, let’s be clear : none of parliaments voted any credit! What we have is a typical case of bribery from some GCC powers to western crooked politicians in order to have a green light, political+logistic+training+intelligence support. This is TOTALLY ILLEGAL under their own laws and are at serious risk of investigation and jail, thus, as these actions weren’t done home and not with their tax-payers’ money
          but well, it’s already very difficult to send a politician to jail in French system (where 95% of murderers end in jail) so with the US (25% of murderers get jailed, thus, sanctions are harsher for even small offences), don’t hope for too much results.

    • “There are no Kurdish authorities” is wishful propaganda. You’re neglecting the Federation of Northern Syria (Rojava), although it’s inaccurate to call it “Kurdish” since it’s polyethnic. It accounts for about 20% of Syria. Do more research.

  1. EE.UU. sigue manteniendo agresión a Siria, prueba de ello se reserva la opinión frente a la invasión Turca al territorio Sirio, SDF es usado como conejillo de indias.

    • Public opinion published by MSM? You may have better polls by talking to people while doing your errands!
      It’s not SDF that’s used as a Guinea pig but whole Syria and not only by the US : Russians tested 162 new types of weapons!
      Not counting an integrated command system which was the real reason for sending the Kuznetsov, in other terms, now they’re sure that it works the same way operation proved such system works for NATO.

    • Not really creative. Much infra structure available. I have seen 2 from inside because I worked there and some more as visitor. Cement factories with their silos and towers are like castles or little towns. You have control centers, storage facilities, halls, offices, workshops, WC and showers for many men. Big fields with concrete surface were normally the lorries stand or wait. Good access roads for supply. Much that can be used with little changes.

      Even if the plant is not producing any more. Often You have silos with old cement that still can be used to extend existing runways and roads.

  2. Sat pictures of the conversion of former Lafarge cement plant surfaced near a year ago, soon after US began to help Rojava.
    If we began to rebuild the good ‘ole Bréguet 941, i could take off and land on parking where you see the Ospreys with more payload than these and without costing near $80M/plane and with modern composites and engines, payload could could rise from 8 to 12 tons. As much the diagonal as the // part of the street on the left could perfectly operate Rafales. If flattened, the part on the right of the silos and transport band, without being made a hard runway, would even be enough to receive Airbus A-400M, actually, even the long field on the right of the facility. Actually, we should really reconsider how our airbases are made : now all our military aircraft being STOL, we simply could get rid of all huge bases that are expensive to maintain and well, there could be many facillities, recuperated from industrial or agricultural facilities that went out of business that would look like anything but a military base : Any portion of road with a warehouse could be used, even if the warehouse roof covers serious reinforced concrete, flights can be scheduled in order spy sats passing over don’t take pictures, the idea being that in case of aggressions, nobody knows where the assets are, moreover, due to the really gigantic land being military territory here while the number of militaries has shrank due to the professionalisation of the army, actually, even the number of state servants at the MoD has became disproportionate and is an economical burden.

  3. another US base to target middle east specially iran. soon there willbe zionist spy and create more problem between muslim and innocent people. kurds will get Automonuos but if kurds will not remove US base after war is over then war will come in another form either kurdish civil war or with turks and SAA. kurds have to look with thier nieghbours instead western zionist specially US and israael

    • Muhaha! Iran is the best western asset in the region as a big big scarecrow!
      US #1 business is armament. They need Iran to make all these emirs shit in their pants and buy huge stockpile of weapons they don’t need.
      Read well what I’m writing : you don’t need more than sending the small French aircraft-carrier with its full load of 36 Rafales (usually she carries 24 in casual mode) to do exactly the same thing in Iran that was made into Libya and French have just one carrier, a ‘small’ one and it’s not a few S-300 launchers that’d protect Iran from Rafales, they can fly just over such batteries while a F-22 gets locked at 240km (but has enough manoeuvrability to outmanoeuvre the huge missile, thus, these arrive damn fast) then… There is MUCH MUCH MUCH more in al-Udeir and they can suffer a few losses.
      Mark my words, if Iranian mullahs weren’t, as Lenin said, useful idiots, they’d be out for a while. You make me laugh speaking about Israel! Why? Without Israel, now Iran would be an Iraqi province and Saddam would have nuked Tehran! Iranian jetfighters wouldn’t even fly without Israel. Never asked yourself how Iran could manage to maintain western weaponry for 40 years while all western countries ban any export? Even Iranian arms industry based on reverse engineering of old western gear, well, it’s Israelis that gave ’em their blue prints. In 2014, there were two Heredis that were arrested after having smuggled for $35M of jetfighter parts to Iran, muhaha! Iran’s 1st weapon supplier is Mossad!
      Now what you have is Khamenei becoming senile and speaking too stupid threatening Israel all day long and, moreover, and it’s what is making them furious about him, trying to smuggle Fateh-110 ballistic missiles into Lebanon for Hezbo. Do you know what Ariel Sharon said when he was near death? “We created Hezbollah!”. Now look, what would happen if takfiris came to rule Syria? For sure they’d attack Israel! Who ousted PLO from Lebanon? SAA+Hezbo! In other terms, SAA, HB and IRGC are making Israel’s day! Israelis don’t give a fuck about all these bigotic craze, their thing is taking sunbath while smoking pot on their beaches, BTW, now they even build a car using cannabis fibers!
      Think well about it : Egypt and Jordan stopped totally to attack Israel. Are they into trouble? Israelis even helped to oust Muslim Brotherhood from power, you know, the same ones that tried to assassinate Nasser and succeeded with Anwar el-Sadat. Pre-PLO Palestinian leader assassinated king Abdallah I of Jordan, Arafat tried to kill king Hussein then once expelled tried to take over Lebanon, very likely having ordered prez. Gemayel assassination too. He began to do shit in Syria too.
      The problem for the ME is not Israel. It’s poverty as all regimes are corrupted from top to the bottom, it’s lack of real schools, thus making the bigots having madrassas so helping to brainwash kids, then you have the Muslim Brotherhood with its galaxy of offshoots more or less violent from AKP to ISIS, from al-Qaeda to Sheebabs incl. Hamas, al-Mourabitoun, etc and you have some apparently secular organisations linked to neo-nazis like PLO that anyway have links to the Brotherhood.
      Most of the casualties, death and destructions in the ME, for the last 70 years, come from internal conficts, not from westerners, even less from Israel! In 70 years, IDF and all Israeli agencies and this, counting the multiple wars of aggressions against them, killed about 75-85k persons. Road crashes in the MENA kill about 122k people a year, about 28-30k in Iran alone! 3 years of driving cars in Iran alone is more dangerous than 70 years of Israel for the whole MENA and, BTW, if you don’t attack them, risk falls to near zero!

      • talking nonsense please dont tell this to anyone else otherwise they will c u as retarded. one advice understand the Flag of israel. then talk. and yeah Areil sharone told right israel creted Hezbollah. bcuz there was no hezbollah before 1980s but when israel invaded south which is the land of mostly shite muslim. they were getting killed without reson there is when israel put thier finger in wrong place and created hezbollah ressitance. and in terms of weopen supply to iran by mossad you are talking about shah time. and iranina are smarter then israeli or french or US after having sanctioned they have built thier own weopen system etc. not what you are talking .get to the reality dont dream of zionist isreal and iranian are toghter. isreal will be gone bcuz it has built the country on inncocent blood. which will be washed soon into the sea.

  4. Larfarge is being sued for Financing ISIS and Complicity in War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Syria(cement factory- paid taxes to continue operating until 2013. After, US special forces moved in at some point.)
    HIllary Clinton provided legal services, served on board of directors, and accepted generous donations from LaFArge.