UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says Britain has changed its stance and now believes Syrian President Bashar Assad could potentially be allowed to run for president if there was a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

“It is our view that Bashar al-Assad should go, it’s been our longstanding position. But we are open-minded about how that happens and the timescale on which that happens,” Johnson told the Lords International Relations Committee on Thursday, according to The Guardian.

The statement came a day before British Prime Minister Theresa May meets with recently inaugurated US President Donald Trump in Washington, which means all sides interested in peaceful settlement of the long-lasting conflict in Syria could reconsider their views on the matter.

There is a need to be “realistic about the way the landscape has changed” and to take a fresh look at the situation, Johnson said.


“We are getting to the stage where some sort of democratic resolution has got to be introduced,” he added.

“I would hope it would be possible to have a plebiscite or an election which is properly supervised by the UN and in which all the 11 million displaced persons, including the 4 million who are outside Syria now, are fully entitled to vote,” he said.

Among most important points on today’s agenda, Johnson named a clear understanding of “where the White House is coming from.”

“We need to understand how they see the endgame here, and we need to help shape that conversation, and some of the reservations we have, particularly about Iran,” he said.

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Johnson stressed that cooperation with Russia would most certainly mean cooperation with Iran, Syria’s ally, which is likely to be “a good thing.”

Johnson has not excluded the possibility of cooperation with Moscow. “If there is a possibility of an arrangement with the Russians that simultaneously allows Assad to move towards the exit and diminishes Iranian influence in the region by getting rid of Assad and allows us to join with the Russians in attacking Daesh (IS) and wiping them off the face of the Earth… then that might be a way forward,” he said.

The UK has long stuck to a different position regarding Syria’s president, unambiguously stating that he “must go.” The same position has been repeated by the US and its allies which back the Syrian opposition and armed groups since the very beginning of the conflict.


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  1. The UK should stay out of any resolution regarding the future of Syria, the gas pipeline that they wanted so bad isn’t going to happen.

    Boris Johnson needs to crawl back under the rock he came from and just keep his mouth shut, his incompetence and stupidity is mind-boggling.

      • miltiades – “to that region.”
        => To that region only?
        “France made a nuisance there. Since 1918!”
        => Well, if you think about it, until Brits, muricans or PLO destabilised, the French mandate over Syria or Lebanon permitted to locals to build very stable states where life was much nicer than all the ME countries, add to this unless there were tremendous issues, both states’ institutions didn’t collapsed under pressure. It’s interesting when you look at French history as you will notice that unless there were invasions, probably more wars than any country in history and even name changes, the country’s unity managed to pass through and mostly all former French colonies seem to be in the same pattern of resilience. I don’t know if some academic studies were made on the subject but “le je ne sais quoi” de “l’exception française” seems to bring really reliable institutions that can survive the greatest calamities while mostly all other models ended in a collapse. There’s something to dig from it when it will come to future nation building.

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          • Camembert is not goat cheese. We have about what? +1200 varieties of cheese!!!! I like Brie, Roquefort, Bleu d’Auvergne a lot too. Camembert is rarely very smelling strong except if you wait too long and let it melt for 3 weeks, actually, very few like to do it. If you want something very smelly, buy a Munster! Although, well, let some Reblochon or Brie for a month in the fridge and it may smell really strong, same thing for a Roquefort after 2-3 months… If you want something directly smelling strong, go for Munster, Vieux Boulogne or Pont l’Eveque, all “AOC” (appellation d’origine contrôlée = not “copies”, the real thing! A little like Champagne it comes only from the Champagne Region, so is Bordeaux wine etc. ). The baguette is the ultra-basic bread, we probably produce about 20 millions per day, LOL, thus, enter a bakery and you’ll soon see that there are many other types, not only from wheat flour. Actually, the most of baguettes are industrially made, even in most of artisan bakeries : sales are too big in numbers while it’s the cheapest bread, an artisan would have to hire too much people to face the demand so will do most of his bread in a 2-men team and get the baguettes pre-baked from the industry. A fully artisan made one will cost you +1€ while at the supermarket (which bakes the pre-mades on site), it’s as cheap as 0.35€. If you want really great bread, don’t be surprise having to drive for +10km here, thus, the industry now does really correct bread while 30 years ago, you’d have puked! As surprising as it may seem, but maybe is it due to the typical critic “c’est de la merde”, even industrial food has turned quality food in the last 15 years! 15 years ago, I’d never had bought some ready-made meals, now some are really really good as they take quality ingredients and respect recipes. Well, there were a few scandals that forced them to improve processes and we have really powerful consumer associations and if they go after an industrial, he goes bankrupt or in serious legal troubles and better not hope any judge to cover your ass in any food scandal : you’re in France, baby!…

          • 1200 ok, but now, you have 1 taxe per day…
            French cheese is in danger 🙁

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        • => Well, if you think about it, until Brits, muricans or PLO destabilized, the French mandate over Syria or Lebanon => When You come to think about it – People in the ex-German colonies did not like their new British and French masters because they did not invest and only carried away. “Before they came there was one law for whites and black – no there are two.” Syrians are pleased that they defeated the French and threw them out. The maledi of Presidential system is begotten from France. Tongue out.

          • Funny fact, France is much less a presidential system than you think : it’s in fact the PM who governs the country and is from the majority at the national assembly while the prez is the chief of the army and in some way, the sales man as he’s usually implied in big businesses like selling TGV high speed trains, Airbuses, etc…
            One of the rare colonies that switched from Germany to France was Cameroun, Germans were so nice that people were subjected to forced work. It helps to build infrastructure fore sure, while many of the Baka people were moved to Germany and studied like animals when they weren’t on display in zoos… Go figure why after independance Cameroun maintained strong relations with France and didn’t resumed with Germany 😉 Thus, let’s be clear, under Paul Biya rule, while maintaining French-like institutions, it has became nothing else than a dictatorship under disguise. Biya really sucks!

          • Togo and Kamerun. The natives liked the work levies better than the money taxes. Actually the system was common during that time. Even in the West. Alabama abolished it AFAIK in the 30es. They were German colonies from the 1880ies till 1914 when France and the UK broke the treaties not to make war in the colonies and severed all connections until their independence for more than 40 years. Actually they come here to study. Moors were also moved to France for the world exhibition in Paris – not only to Hagenbeck & co.

          • Only lasted for a few days, actually, they were paid as comedians to enact life in Africa, the woman even married the organiser, she was his girl friend! It’s very different from Mengele-style ‘scientific’ experiences 😉
            Now, I am clear with it : most of the colonial “experience” led to bad things. The biggest catastrophe was probably the poor way Belgians managed Congo… Such activities were often a magnet for adventurers, soldiers of fotune and the worst case scenario, nasty capitalists with political connections that used these to get away with things that would have led them straight to jail in metropolitan-France and were absolutely against the principles of the republic. But in the other way, there were also already many people in the french-doctors mindset and other with empathy who easily felt connected with local cultures and there weren’t only bad things, far from it. Was it the case, all would have cut any relations after the independence, it’s really far to be the case while clearly, Cameroun or Togo haven’t resumed ties with Germany as most of the former Brit colonies also have cut ties. Actually, even formerBrit colonies promote more and more the use of French as main trade language and want to join the CEDEAO and moreover, are looking for some defence treaty with the French, hey, why do you think we built the Mistral-Class ships? There is permanently one in the Guinea gulf. It’s a way to avoid on the ground military bases which might be seen as colonialism while, well, every time SHTF, you can be sure they call the Quai d’Orsay, Matignon or l’Elysée for help, not Berlin, Washington, Moscow or Beijing… My main regret is that we didn’t over-ruled the UN-turf in Rwanda sooner : the UN is not fit when a fast-reaction force is needed. They thought they could handle it when the politically correct fucked anything, it wasn’t far that the excellent Canadian colonel ended jailed while had he been listened too, hundreds of thousands lives would have been saved. I’ll just tell you a thing about mass graves : the worst ain’t to see it : you never forget the smell…

          • =>Belgian Congo=> read and seen pics. Disaster.
            I can imagine the smell – my deep freezer broke. Only worse.

    • Note that ex-Imperial losers “potentially allow” with due reservations. They call that style. p.s.The English lunies Brexited into the North Sea already. Thx to Boris for encouraging them. BTW. The Scotland and Northern Ireland hate England for the Brexit. Note that the Englanders make themselves enemies where they can. ROFL.

      • “BTW. The Scotland and Northern Ireland hate England for the Brexit.”
        => NOPE! They’re happy with it! ScotExit and IrishExit are coming! They were waiting for it for centuries!

          • VERY likely to split up! Scot remaining in UK won with very tight majority at the referendum!

            “Scotland had traditional ties to the continent especially France”
            => It’s due that in French Bretagne they play bagpipes too… Nope, this isn’t Scotland, this is traditional music in France :
            Moreover, Robert the Bruce came from Auvergne so with the 1st king and the guy that unified all the tribes being a French and fighting the Perfid Albion, it helps a lot to feel connected 😉 BTW, Bob the Bruce was from my… family! Yeeep!

          • => It’s due that in French Bretagne => No.
            I have been to to St. Michel last year. It is because the tourists from Scotland go there. Blink. p.s. The Scots exile court in the 18th century was in France. It has something to do with religion. Catholic Jacobites. Protestant Scots lived e.g. in Prussia, Marshall Keith. The Breton bagpipes are IMHO tuned different from Scots? I went to Frances for the vagances every year about 20 years ago. I know Breton music.

          • The question is : are bagpipes tuned? LOL! Do I hear a Scot or French one, I often tell myself that if tuned, it must not be in equal temperament, LOL!

          • Create a compressor driven version and found a rock band. And sure tune the compressor a la Formula 1.

        • West Scotland and the Highlands were always reserved to England and treated like a colony for centuries. The rest?
          Scotland had traditional ties to the continent especially France. Northern Ireland was and is pro British but has economical interests now that are similar to the Southern Ireland Republic.

  2. Boris Johnson is intoxicated by the exuberance of his own verbosity. Since when does the UK potentially allow or forbid Syrian presidents’ rule? p.s. UK lost its empire. Syria was never part of it. Brexit sunk the US submarine in the EC. Mashallah! & Thx for Your part in this, my dear UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. Tongue out.

        • Well, gin smells too like in a pharmacy for me 😀
          I was more thinking about cocaine about Johnson…
          He has all ‘symptoms’ as he’s obviously taking “cocaine decisions”, like in Frank Zappa’s song.
          Well, I just verified, he actually recognises having been high on CC… No surprise he’s so dumb! One thing is powerful about CC : you hear those under influence, they will convince people they are experts on subject they don’t know a shit about and very often more easily than real experts would but… They still don’t know what they’re talking about!

          • Gin to me smells like certain terpenoids commonly associated xms-trees or kif. For it is flavored with juniper berries and coriander. Typically English like queen mom. p.s. CC lover? explains his hair cut. Blink.

          • Well, it seems he know a lot about pot and CC. Thus, everybody knows pot, not an issue… CC, mhhh, never tried but those I know or knew having been into, clearly : parano, megalo and they can speak for hours of things they don’t know a shit about believing they are what they aren’t… Gosh, I know an idiot like this, you listen to him, he’s Tony Montana, has fast car, guns etc while actually he’s a staff in a restaurant, has neither car nor driving license and lives with his mum @35 old, mum driving him to job and back! ROFL! Well, he knows a lot about guns, thanks to FPS Russia… LOL, once I asked him how to open an AK to cleanse it, gosh, always finds a way to circumvent, he answered that you didn’t needed to cleanse an AK, they never fail, ROFL! It’s the coke-head I encounter the most often but they’re all like that so if they enter politics or big corps, don’t be surprised if everything ends as a failure!

  3. Boris Johnson is an idiot. One minute he’s calling Erdogan out as the snivelling genocidal dictator that he is, the next minute he’s selling him missiles. He’s an embarrassment to the UK.

  4. Only Syrian people has a say about Assad going or not on next elections at a time where B.Johnson will surely not be FM any more and if he stills at this moment, it’s likely to not be FM of UK but just of Britain+Wales, even Londonistan may go. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Londonistan becomes some tax haven soon as they’re already a fuckin money laundry…

    • yepp the brutish upperclass perverts (pinstripes & suspenders) have blocked Europe long enough – let them be trumped, and the farce be with them – once we Good Europeans (as Nietzsche would say) got rid of this pest, we are free to live up to our possibilities.

      • DeGaulle was wrong on some points, but never about the US and UK, BTW, he vetoed their entry into the EU as long he could.
        Definitively, they pushed into the privatisation of all state owned society, thus making unemployment growing and more poverty, torpedoed European construction, acted as a Trojan horse for the US. I’m not saying this about the Brit people, in fact I pity them and still do not understand why they didn’t built a guillotine for their upper-class which is probably one of the most despicable on Earth with the Saudi.
        “perverts (pinstripes & suspenders)”
        =>Well, not only : in French, Education Anglaise (Brit Education) points school system running on BDSM and by extension BDSM… No surprise they befriended so well Saudis : in both cases, it’s not educational system but ‘dressage’. Pavlov used the same techniques with his dog…

        • => DeGaulle was wrong on some points, but never about the US and UK => because he met them enough during the war to fully understand them. That is why he joined forces with Adenauer to bet on a pan European alliance. Then came the anglophile generations of politicians. And these anglophiliacs thought they can integrate a nation with a maritime geo-strategic outlook.

  5. “Diminish the influence of Iran…”? Is he a Israeli FM or British? What the world needs is to diminish British influence everywhere, the failed Empire now days a Money-laundering enterprise, has its nose in way too many butts around the world. I believe this is an attempt to salvage NATO, failing that they have a safe fallback: the five eyes…

  6. How could you even consider anything else, shame on you Boris and Shame on you Cameron. Shame on you both you can go to hell if you think anyone will ever vote for you two again

  7. Orang gila ini. As a reward I hereby declare that his feudal fossile, although never being elected to anything by nobody, could potentielly be allowed to remain as dragqueen of England even after the liberation and reunification of Ulster with Eire and the declaration of independence from anglo-saxon occupation by Scotland and Wales.

  8. Saint Trump, News papers here are full reel back declarations from Teresa May, taking a godd bye from Tony bairs interventionist policies, and o coincdence it happened after Trump taking office,lets see how things pile up ? you necer know,one thing is for sure, for good or for bad Britain is a complete lapdog of US, no ferign policy of their own

    • England joined the EC so poor that the Iron Lady asked for rebates – England specialized to fill a niche in the EC economy and grew rich.
      Now IMHO there is no future for England but to become poor again. p.s. Scotland that was fleeced like a colonial possession for centuries grew rich on oil and does not want to subsidize England’s games of imperial greatness any longer. North Ireland build a economic block with the South now. They intend to profit from the business lost to London as non EC member.