On Monday, August 22nd, the United States government — which demands the overthrow of the internationally-recognized-as-legal government of Syria — officially announced that America’s military forces in Syria will continue to occupy Syrian land, no matter what the Syrian government says, and will shoot down any Syrian planes that fly over U.S. forces there and that attack them.

As reported on Monday by Al-Masdar News:

The Pentagon has announced that the USA is ready to down Syrian and Russian planes that they claim threaten American advisers who by international law are illegally operating in northern Syria.


On Friday, Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis claimed that US jets attempted to intercept Syrian planes to protect the American advisers operating illegally with Kurdish forces in Syria after Syrian government jets bombed areas of Hasakah when Kurdish police began an aggression against the National Defense Force.

On Monday, another Pentagon spokesman, Peter Cook, said, “We would continue to advise the Syrian regime to steer clear of those areas.”

“We are going to defend our people on the ground, and do what we need to defend them,” Cook told reporters.

This means that the U.S. government will not allow the Syrian government to expel or otherwise eliminate U.S. forces in Syria. The Syrian government never invited U.S. forces into Syria, but the U.S. now officially dares the Syrian government to assert its sovereignty over the areas where America’s troops are located.

Al-Masdar continued:

When pushed further about Russia, Cook made it clear that the US would make the same aggression against Russian jets who are operating legally with the Syrian government’s approval and coordination.

“If they threaten US forces, we always have the right to defend our forces,” Cook said.

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This means that the U.S. not only is at war against the legitimate government of Syria, but that the U.S. government will also be at war against Russia if Russian forces (which the Syrian government did invite into Syria) defends Syrian forces from attacks in Syria by U.S. forces — forces that are illegally there.

These U.S. forces number only 300, of whom 250 were sent to Syria on April 24th to serve as advisors to other illegal military forces in Syria.

The vast majority of the illegal military forces in Syria are jihadists who had been hired by the Saudi government and the Qatari government, and supplied with U.S. weapons, to overthrow the Syrian government. Most of the other illegal forces in Syria are Kurdish forces, supported by the U.S. government to break Syria apart so as to create a separate Kurdish state in the majority-Kurdish far north-eastern tip of Syria.

The primary U.S. goal in Syria is to overthrow the Syrian government, which is led by the Baath Party, Syria’s secular Party. Many Arabs insist upon Sharia, or Islamic law, but Syria’s Arabs are an exception; the Baath Party is and has always been supported by the majority of the Syrian people, including by most of Syria’s Arabs. Most Syrians are strongly opposed to Sharia law. Syria is the most secular nation in the Middle East.

For example, when Western-sponsored polls were taken in Syria, after the start in 2011 of the importation of jihadists into Syria, those polls showed that 55% of Syrians want Bashar al-Assad (the current leader of the Baath Party) to remain as Syria’s President, and “82% agree ‘IS [Islamic State] is US and foreign made group’.” Furthermore, only “22% agree ‘IS is a positive influence’,” and that 22% was the lowest level of support shown by Syrians for any of the presented statements, except for, “21% agree ‘Prefer life now than under Assad’” — meaning that Syrians believe that things were better before the U.S.-sponsored jihadists entered Syria to overthrow Assad.

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Clearly, when “82% agree ‘IS [Islamic State] is US and foreign made group’,” very few people in Syria support the 300 U.S. forces there. Not only is the U.S. an invader, but it (and especially the forces that the U.S. supports in Syria — most especially the jihadists, who are the vast majority of these forces) made life far worse (and far shorter) for virtually all Syrians.

Furthermore, that same poll found: “70% agree ‘Oppose pision of country’.” Consequently, the Kurdish separatists are likewise opposed by the vast majority of Syrians.

The Syrian government, from now on, is in the uncomfortable position of having invaders on its territory, and of being warned that one of them — the U.S. — will be fully at war against Syria if Syria tries to expel them.

Russia too is now under warning from the United States, that, if Russia, an ally of Syria, takes any action to expel or kill any of the U.S. invaders in Syria, then the U.S. will also be at war against Russia.

The U.S. government is now also daring the Russian government. Perhaps the U.S. strategy here is to force Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, either to back down, and abandon its Syrian ally, or else to launch a nuclear strike against the United States. If Putin backs down, that would greatly diminish his support from the Russian people, which is above 80% in all polls, including Western-sponsored ones. Perhaps this is the strategy of U.S. President Barack Obama, to drive Vladimir Putin out of office — something that might occur if the U.S. drives Bashar al-Assad out of office.

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As Seymour Hersh reported, on 7 January 2016, “the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, then [in the summer of 2013] led by General Martin Dempsey, forecast that the fall of the Assad regime would lead to chaos and, potentially, to Syria’s takeover by jihadi extremists, much as was then happening in Libya,” and so Dempsey quit, and Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, director of the DIA between 2012 and 2014, was fired over the matter. “The DIA’s reporting, he [Flynn] said, ‘got enormous pushback’ from the Obama administration. ‘I felt that they did not want to hear the truth.’”

Flynn is now a foreign-affairs advisor to the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, who is being criticized by the Democratic Presidential candidate, for being soft on Russia and insufficiently devoted to the U.S. goal of overthrowing Assad.

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  1. sure they will do it with syrian,but i doubt they dare do it with RMOHussian ,may be Putin pardoned turkey ,for thousands strategic reason,but will do with just because Russian dignity

    • As long there is hate there’ll be no peace.
      You’re illogical : if you’re considering they’re about to fuck all the population up and you hate everyone in the country, you should be happy.
      Now you don’t seem to understand that there are 52 states (if you count UK) and each one has it’s own laws and police, the FBI being there only for federal crimes.
      Many EU country have militarized police and how funny, you may prefer be in contact with Gendarmerie in France or Carabinieris in Italy than with the cops, although, it depends for what and here cops have seriously improved their behaviours in the 40 last years…
      Now, US fed-gov have been too accustomed to be able to do wathever they want since 1991 and, globally, I really despise US foreign politics but sometimes, they can do good things too. In fact, DoS didn’t wanted AT ALL to help the kurds in Syria, it came from a DoD initiative. Pentagon REALLY wants to destroy Qaeda and Da’ish and there’s a clear US public opinion pressure in this direction. Now there are CLEARLY much twisted plans at the DoS level, they deal with geopolitical issues and in a very unpleasant way but if you think the agenda of countries like Iran, China, KSA, Qatar, UAE, Turkey and even Assad are much better, you are fucking dreaming! There are NO GOOD GUYS in this sad story! And the worst of all are sectarian motivated!

    • “and everyone in it”? Then you hate the person who wrote this article, and you hate many other decent people. Don’t you know?: the U.S. is a dictatorship, run by its aristocracy, the billionaires and centi-millionaires who own the controlling blocs of stock in all of the major U.S.-based international corporations, and also in virtually all of the U.S.-based ‘news’ media. Do you hate all Russians because of Stalin and Beria? Do you hate all Germans because of Hitler and Himmler? Do you hate all Americans because of the Bushes, and the Clintons, and Obama? Do you hate all Jews because of Soros and the Rothschilds? Get a brain — and a heart. With a statement like that, you lack both.

      • Eric I have read you articles at Global Research website and the level of your anti-religious sentiment is appalling. Most likely that has been part of your parental upbringing. Do you realize that right to worship is the fundamental human right? And this website has been under heavy censorship too which proves its biased approach.

      • @ Eric Zuesse “Do you hate all Germans because of Hitler and Himmler?”
        They killed millions of Jews and the WHOLE country had to pay for it. The parents, their children and their grandchildren.
        Did they all Germans kill? – no.
        Did they all want the war? – no
        Did they all wanted Hitler? – no
        Did the children do anything wrong?
        Did the grandchildren do anything wrong?
        Yet, they ALL had to pay for it – indiscriminately.

        There is no such thing as “I don’t get involved in politics”. If you do not, you allow the current government to do whatever they want to. When they go down, you will be guilty for your inaction. As well as your children, grandchildren and so on.

        • Well, the whole country hadn’t to pay because nazis killed millions of jews but because they attacked everybody and, as nazis were armed to the teeth and had as fanatical fighters as shithadists, even knewing they were finished, they fought till the end, so there were freaking collateral damages especially that there were nearly no ‘smart weapons’ (and these very scarce ones and not so effective at this time where held by the fuckin nazis, not the allies!)

  2. I have posted requests for people to pray to God to severely discipline and punish – to even take the lives of those who will not positively respond to His discipline/punishment –  every political figure of each country who is responsible for their country’s ongoing involvement in destroying innocent Syrian lives by funding, training, arming, giving intelligence to the terrorists operating in Syria. One said such a prayer was “hate-filled” and like the Takfiris. I disagree 100 PERCENT. It is LOVE FILLED. They are prayers for God to do whatever it takes to STOP the ongoing HORRIFIC MAIMING AND TAKING of INNOCENT SYRIAN LIVES. These political figures have caused the taking of 100’S of 1000’s of INNOCENT SYRIAN LIVES! This prayer is for GOD to act and act in every way needed to PREVENT the ONGOING of the TAKING and MAIMING of 1000’S and 1,000’s of INNOCENT SYRIAN LIVES. These political figures are murderers of these many 1000’s of innocent Syrians by the proxy terrrorists they have funded and armed. Is it HATE to pray to and ask GOD to STOP THEM from continuing to be able to KILL and MAIM 1000’s of Syrians through their proxy soldiers? —– NO!!!! —- It is a loving prayer! It is a prayer to prevent innocent Syrians from being murdered and maimed. —- In past weeks the powers that be – the globalists (who work hand in hand with the Muslim Brotherhood) have been attacking Crimea and even Russia itself – blowing up power lines, water facilities, etc. Russia has had to send 40,000 soldiers to its border. So at this time where Russia is feeling intense pressure from the globalists acting through Ukraine (who’ve been committing many terrorists acts even on Russian soil), the U.S. announces what in essence is a no-fly zone. It has said if you attack our forces in Hasakah, we will attack you! (and told Russia the same). —- GOD LOVES SYRIA! Got it? He has no favorites. He loves Syrians as much as Americans, Canadians, Israelis. HE DOES NOT WANT THEM TO SUFFER. Got it?? The Bible clearly says that GOD moves in response to prayer. If people do not pray, HE DOES NOT MOVE. He set it iup that way. Got it? So there is NOTHING UNLOVING, but everything LOVING to pray that God will speak to and discipline those political figures responsible for what their countries have been illegally, cruelly and inhumanely doing in Syria – to even take their lives should they not respond to his correction and discipline (IN ORDER TO KEEP THEM FROM THEIR ONGOING TAKING OF INNOCENT LIVES IN SYRIA. In the Old Testament, it is recorded that in one night GOD sent an angel who destroyed 185,000 soldiers. GOD is NOT AVERSE to acting to protect the innocent! …to STOP SUFFERING! DO YOU THINK HE FEELS NOTHING WHEN HE SEES SCATTERED BODY PARTS OF CHILDREN from terrorists’ car bombs? or missiles sent into residential areas? If He didn’t feel great pain, I’d want NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM! BUT HE DOES. —- I pray daily for God to speak to the terrorists, to reveal to them and convict them of the horrific wrong they are doing – to cause them to desist and if they will, to allow them to get amnesty in Syria or leave the country safely. BUT IF THAT DAY, they are going to go and take the lives or maim innocent Syrian lives, I ask Him to cause their lives to be taken. The MOTIVE is LOVE! – to protect the innocent lives that they would take or maim! I have and will continue to pray for the total malfunction of every plane that is illegally in Syrian air space. I will pray that GOD take the life of any soldier/fighter/pilot who is going to take an innocent Syrian’s life! THAT IS A LOVING THING TO DO IN ORDER FOR INNOCENT SYRIAN LIVES TO NOT BE TAKEN! IT IS NOT HATE-FILLED, but LOVE FILLED. To not pray that way is to just ALLOW the horrendous slaughter of innocent Syrian lives.

    • Agreed! I have been praying for the protection of the syrian people and the defeat of the Takfiris and their supporters too. And for the Syrians turning to the love of Jesus and His words in the Gospels. GBY brother!

    • It’s not by praying that you move the US to stop acting bad but by public opinion pressure… If Jesus could help ‘t would be cool but for now, he’s more likely wandering in a celestial city near the size of the dwarf planet Pluto…
      And well, for once the US are on the good side of history helping the kurds…

      • And I sincerely hope’n’wish all the syrian, kurdish, iraqi, libyan and yemeni people to stay safe and that all these religious fanatics, warmongers, spin doctors and nasty politicians with dirty geopolitical goals either realise how wrong they are but they shall be stopped… And they’re far to be only US…

  3. well only yesterday russia left hamdan air base. it shows russia has no guts while usa /uk combo do all illegal things and dare others to challenge ge them. was this not russia who asked for collboration with illegal americans while russia herself was invited by syrians toe vict the illegal anglo terrorists?

    • US made European nations kill each other twice in modern history. And now they are readying them for the last one according to Albert Pike’s Moral and Dogma. Your assessment of Swedish leadership is correct..

  4. Well, I consider the title a little exaggerated : 300 military advisors is not what I’d call an invasion or we should say that Europe is invaded by Syrians as they’re about 135000 just in my country 😉 Now, they are polite : they say that if they are threatened, they would respond to the threat… Some other wouldn’t issue such warning, they’d just have shot down syrian Su-24, ask Erdogan about it!
    Now, other point : Kurdish people gained their autonomy when Syrian govt let them down as easy prey for Da’ish. Rojava is already a de facto country and as only westerners helped them -US are not doing so for long, BTW, but consider that Frenchs and Germans help them since day one so let it be clear : either Assad choses to consider a federal state with an autonomous Rojava, or he chooses the clash and even if the kurds simply become neutral to Da’ish, Assad will have to figh both the qaedans’n’Co AND Da’ish AND Rojava will chose independance and probably to merge with Iraqi Kurdistan. In other terms, by not considering the kurdish claims, even if the hardline Ba’athists are clearly against it, Assad simply commits suicide.
    Now a good point is that the US DoD and the DIA are realistic but the DoS has become nuts or has been bribed and/or deceived by KSA, Turkey, Qatar.
    Now, Russia is not into the problem of abandoning Assad and they are clearly positive to the autonomy of Rojava so why would they attack SDF?
    Now replace the things in context : there were clashes between Asayish and NDF, Assad sent SyAAF to, I quote “send a message” and now we have the Trump’s foreign advisor who uses big words for just a little sabre rattling.

      • Sorry Eric, but a bait saying “hey, I’m a bait, eat me and the fisher will have you on his hook” is a bad bait as its purpose is to lure the fish to bite…
        And, to be frank, Assad has poor strategy in this case : I’m pointing the facts : Rojava has ALREADY gained its own autonomy and even without the US, Rojava will have air superiority over SyAAF, in other terms, maintaining the enclaves in Rojava is a multiple strategy error for him :
        1. They will raise tensions with SDF which can put in jeopardy both Rojava and Syrian states if they enter a struggle as it woulld be good for the affairs of all the shithadists, BTW, Da’ish launched an offensive in southern Hasakah
        2. SAA/NDF troops here would be much more useful on other fronts
        3. It’s a lost cause
        4. It’d be much better for him that Syrian becoming a federal state with an autonomous Rojava than Rojava becoming totally independant and BTW, entering a war with Rojava even once the shithadists terminated has it all to be lost for him : Russia is very likely to stay neutral as they are on the same wavelenght as EU about Kurdistan.
        5. In fact, Rojava may even be useful for Assad : once the border secured, I clearly doubt that “reds” will help shithadists to cross from Turkey. It creates an interesting buffer zone for him, in fact, the best thing would be all the south-east Turkey and to mediterranean sea taken by the kurds : Syria wouldn’t have a NATO country leaded my a very erratic president with very nauseous connections on its border.

        In fact, I’m even sometimes asking myself if, in such affair, the US ain’t acting like sometimes they cops do by tempting potential criminals in doing smth illegal to then arrest them… Making criminals to then being able to punish them is so protestant-sects style… So in such a (twisted) logics, why not make all those fanatics willing to gather in let’s say a country that is not really US friendly and using it as a fly-trap… This would be absolutely cynical as the human en even material cost of damages would be tremendous but, as you considered the concept of baits in strategy, ruling both Iraq and Syria is a marvellous bait for religious fanatics, especially if their playbook tells them to destroy the jews and as Israel is neighbouring… ‘t wouldn’t be the 1st time they’d had implied themselves in such nasty trap but to be frank, I’d consider another strategy to win over terrorism, the kinda thing no one seems willing to dare and… Indian intelligence service may help a lot and would be probably delighted to the idea… Let’s say the al-Thanis would have to run fast…

  5. While I will agree that US foreign policy under Obama is a mess, Syria complaining about international law is to rich. They ran Lebanon like a private fiefdom, killing anyone who was a threat, helped support Hezbollah there which prevents the legal government there from running the country. Not to mention funneling Islamic Jihadist into Iraq during the US occupation, Attacking Israel, murdering it’s own people. Now all that being said, we need the regime to hold on to prevent a massacre of the Alwaite by the Jihadists, hopefully the regime accepts a “Federalized Syrian Kurdish regime” which really means no fighting between the two. While ISIS will be defeated, the large number of Sunni’s in Syria and Iraq will need to be accommodated somehow.

    • You are actually right for some aspects. In the past Syrian government had its guilts, but since 2011 it ran a series of reforms to share the Power with all minorities. It even gave amnesty to the first jihadis fighters in 2012 and assad presidency was confirmed with two elections in the range of 3 ysars

    • Your correct, the irony is that he was easing up to prevent the Arab spring fever from taking off. The problem is that that what happens is that the moderates are rarely properly organized and suffer the most during the government backlash, whereas the Muslim extremists generally have a robust organization built into or around the Mosques and Islamic organization. So they survive and eventually the moderates get crushed between the regime and the extremists. Really he needed to build the political infrastructure a decade ago at the municipal level and then provincial and then allow some federal opposition. This would avoid the vacuum that allows the extremist to flourish. The US intervened to late where most of the moderate groups had already collapsed and existed in name only.

      • The moderates were not crushed between : they found themselves unemployed so they either joined SAA or SDF except if they were really money addicts then they joined shithadists as Qaedans are fuelled with saudi/qatari money and the daeshbags with oil smuggling although it has seriously shrank but for a while, they could grow in numbers simply by paying mercenaries more than the others… Yeeep, you forgot a BIG point : there are a HUGE number of mercenaries!

    • Colin, the view of sectarianism in Syria you have is totally wrong! Most of the SAA militaries and especially generals are sunnis! The only ones in Syria considering sectarian issues are the shithadists! It’s a secular state!

  6. Now, to REALLY MEASURE the US commitment in Iraq/Syria and even Libya, compared to real serious cases :
    It’s the contrary of the Lincoln doctrine with is to talking slowly and having a big stick, it’s more talking loud and acting in ultra low intensity : would they imply themselves against Da’ish as was the aerial campaign in Iraq in 2003 and I don’t give 2 weeks of survival to Da’ish…

  7. syria needs to issue a direct warning that the US and there cohorts have 24 hrs to vacate syrian soil and air space or be shot down, and russia needs to fully back them on this,,enough is enough

  8. “55% of Syrians want Bashar al-Assad (the current leader of the Baath Party) to remain as Syria’s President” -> HAHAHAHA what a joke if where so many people in syria liking bashar why 10 000 000 people quit syria,

    • Not 10M but 3 to 3.5M.
      And it’s simply because there is a war and if there’s a war in a country and you can flea, what d’ya think you’ll do?
      Now, let’s be practical : the internally displaced persons all flee to government held areas : 85% of the remaining 20M Syrians moved to these zones OR to Kurdistan, which BTW if held by the govt of Rojava so it seems that except the families of the shithadists, nobody seems very delighted to be under Quaeda’s rule! Don’t be misled : FSA, al-Zinki, and even white-helmets are qaedans.
      A very interesting talk by a prominent nun living in Syria :
      You may reconsider your US biased view after hearing all she has to say!

  9. Eric’s analysis is 100% correct. However he has nothing to say about persecution of christian minorities in Syria and Assad role in protecting them because of his open hatred for any form of religion irrespective of what it stands for. His anti-religious sentiment is very dangerous because it denies the most basic human right.

  10. America is beginning to show its true face. Supporting jihadists and arming terrorists.
    Entering Syria illegally with no legal right whatsoever to do so,
    They continue to repeat their irresponsible deeds year after year, leaving death and destruction as track record.

  11. Soon Turkey will be partitioned as well and the Kurds will have reclaimed their homeland. Armenian borders will expand west to incorporate their land in Turkey.
    Peace will reign in the middle east as Israel departs the Golan Heights and recognizes Palestine.
    Those yankees are such clever people and they never put a foot wrong.
    Will China send a military and air force contingent to assist Assad to be rid of ISIS?

    • I agree with you about what is likely to happen, but it’s not a yankee plan at all, it’s the french plan from near one century ago, the Sèvres treaty! (the Sikes/Picot one was supposed to be temporary, the Sèvres one was blocked due to Ataturk actions!)
      Now it was NOT AT ALL the DoS or White House will to back such plan but, hopefully, the DIA and the DoD have their feet on the ground, they’ve already warned the govt that Libya would be a failure and they’ve clearly came to the same conclusion the EU has (and the Russians probably too) : Turkey is a BIG problem ’cause AKP=Muslim Brotherhood and well, Erdogan has clear symptoms of mental sickness…
      And again sorry, but if the yankees had been clever, they’d had listened to Chirac, this would have saved hundred of thousands of lives in Iraq : Chirac could have driven Saddam out then replaced him by Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf who was for long Iraq’s ambassador at the UN and very western-friendly. France had serious lever means in Iraq before the US destroyed the country and the state apparatus. I bet Bush’s saudi friends clearly opposed this : they fucking don’t want a single democracy in the middle-east, especially an arab democracy! And with the saudis as main funders of Clinton Fundation, errrr…
      Now, better stop thinking there is goodwill to make a better world when it comes to DoS actions : it’s all about money in their world of milk and honey… In some way, we could even ask ourselves if USA wouldn’t be better if the fed govt was ruled by their militaries or the CIA was replaced by the DIA : DIA had it right on ALL the US foreign politics for at least 15 years and more than one of their chiefs had been dismissed after having considered the DoS had it all wrong! DoS is clearly led by ideology and this ideology SUCKS!

  12. What you all fail to address is the criminal federal reserve who is funding all this with trillions in fiat money funding the war machine and the whores that run it who are all Americans and are nothing but a bunch of murdering psychopaths!