Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu answers a question during an interview with Reuters in Ankara, Turkey, August 24, 2015. Turkey and the United States will soon launch "comprehensive" air operations to flush Islamic State fighters from a zone in northern Syria bordering Turkey, Cavusoglu told Reuters on Monday. To match Interview MIDEAST-CRISIS/TURKEY REUTERS/Umit Bektas - RTX1PFIV

(The Independent) BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:03 A.M.) – A Turkish minister has claimed “holy wars will soon begin” in Europe, in spite of the defeat of far-right leader Geert Wilders in the Netherlands elections.

Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkey’s foreign minister, did not welcome the victory for Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s centre-right People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD).

“Now the election is over in the Netherlands…when you look at the many parties you see there is no difference between the social democrats and fascist Wilders,” he said according to a translation by Hurriyet.


“All have the same mentality. Where will you go? Where are you taking Europe? You have begun to collapse Europe. You are dragging Europe into the abyss. Holy wars will soon begin in Europe.”

Mr Wilders attempted to capitalise on an ongoing diplomatic row between the Netherlands and Turkey during his election campaign, leading a small protest outside the country’s embassy and calling Mr Erdogan a “dictator”.

His anti-Islam Party for Freedom came second in the Dutch election with 20 seats, compared to 33 for Mr Rutte’s VVD, and is likely to be excluded from coalition talks.

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron hailed the result as a victory for “progressives”, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Mr Rutte to congratulate him overnight.

The dispute over political campaigning for a constitutional referendum in Turkey has intensified since a rally to be held by Mr Cavusoglu in Rotterdam was cancelled on Saturday.

Dutch authorities withdrew permission for the foreign minister’s plane to land when he vowed to visit the country regardless, sparking a series of tit-for-tat sanctions.

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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and prominent ministers have called the Dutch government “fascists” and “Nazis”, while EU leaders have called the allegations offensive and “detached from reality”.

Turkish hackers spread the Nazi accusations across high profile Twitter accounts on Wednesday morning, posting pro-Erdogan messages and a link to the President speaking from accounts including Unicef USA, Amnesty International, BBC North America, Forbes and Justin Bieber’s Japanese account.

“A little bit of an Ottoman Slap to you, see you on 16 April,” read the identical tweets, using the hashtags #NaziGermany and #NaziHolland.

The dispute has sparked protests in Turkey and across Europe, while Turkish-backed rebels in Syria put out a video accusing the Dutch government of being swayed by the ideology of Mr Wilders’ “xenophobic and racist” Party for Freedom (PVV).

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    • Well, I am completely against Turkish policy in Syria and against the muslim brotherhood.
      However, in this conflict between Turkey and the Netherlands, Erdogan is right. The dutch started this mess

      • not at all, comrade, the turdish morons tried to get their way by threats & violence, tried to force themselves in by absurd trickery – they had been told they were not welcome – and in the aftermath started a violent mob threatening the countries inner peace – no bro, the provocat8on is with the aggressors!
        this is europe, after all!

  1. Obviously the guy thinks of “holy war” along the lines of Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocide. Perhaps plans another?

    But the guy knows no history. The inter religious warfare during the Balkan wars in regions were Christians were the majority did not end with the Turks slaughtering all but running to Anatolia.

  2. ““All have the same mentality. Where will you go? Where are you taking Europe?””
    => Very strange pseudo-rhetoric he has, and shared with Erdolf. Sounds completely retarded

    “You have begun to collapse Europe. You are dragging Europe into the abyss.”
    => Well, we have the #1 economy on Earth… I’d be curious to know what happened of Turkish’s 1st revenue, tourism.

    “Holy wars will soon begin in Europe.”
    => It may be difficult with mostly everybody not giving a fuck about religion, but, it seems not to be the case in Turkey so, has it to be considered as a… threat?

    They ALWAYS accuse others of being what themselves are or intend to be/do…
    Be it about Dr.Assad yesterday, be it about Germany or NL in this case or the habitual scapegoat to all their problems, Israel.
    Erdolf caught in his sayings :