U.S. President Donald Trump agreed to setup safe-zones in both Syria and Yemen after he held a phone meeting with Saudi Arabia on Sunday, the White House media wing claimed.

While not many details were given regarding these safe-zones, it appears Trump is attempting to take a more active role in both Syria and Yemen, despite his inexperience in Middle Eastern affairs.

Unlike Yemen, setting up safe-zones in Syria will be difficult, given the Russian Air Force’s dominance over the country’s airspace.

Saudi Arabia and their Arab allies are the only countries bombing Yemen, so this agreement will likely not have much impact on the current conflict plaguing the country.
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      • Obama was the bad man, but you must be a real retard if you think that someone who support total destruction of Palestine, relocation of the US embassy from tel-awiw to zionist occupied Jerusalem(which even obama was opposed) and destruction of Iran, is better. And if you think that Trump is pro-Russia than I have no questions, he is just a zionist piece of…

        • 1. Jerusalem is not “occupied”

          2. It’s Hamas and the PA destroying “Palestine”. Make peace with and accept Israel, then it won’t be “destroyed”.

          3. Learn some history.

          • Yup : from an international law point of view, it’s Gaza and parts of Judea-Samaria that are occupied by Arab non-state actors! The legal map is this :
            Arab “Palestine” is east of Jordan river. Israelis have agreed to a project where they trade land for peace and there is no peace, thus, no treaty having been signed as the leaders of the artificially created “Palestinian People” have ALWAYS refused such treaty, this land stills absolutely belongs to Israel, including Golan Heights and Gaza. Like it or not, no other treaty than the 1922 one values until something else is signed.
            All Palestinians have actually for the most of them Jordan or Egyptian nationality, Israelis could simply expel these foreigners any day even more legally that all Arab-League countries expelled 800-900k Jews in 1948 while these Jews had the local nationality when these Arabs in the WB or Gaza ain’t Israelis at all!
            It may not please the habitual anti-semitic ones that are roaming but this are facts, like it or not. To be frank, with the shit PLO and Hamas are doing, Israelis are nicer than Russians, Europeans, Chinese or USAns : all would have totally terminated them for decades.

          • This is bullshit of course, but I understand you as a Jude (sorry I mean “French”, LOL) have to do this.

          • A mandate does not make You a legal owner. So the British mandate of the League of Nations did not include the permission to give any land to any non state entity or state. So what treaty was signed in 1922 with what legal permission. The ex-colonial Lords of Human Kind made a mess. p.s. The Sykes–Picot Agreement and the Balfour Declaration have killed millions during the last 100 years. BTW. There should have been a referendum in the 1920ties – not a war in 1948. Missed chances.

          • You realise that the UN gave every Arab nation their borders, that’s the only reason that Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Iraq etc. cover the land that they do. The same is true with Israel. You can’t complain about Israel unless you complain about the rest of them.

          • Sorry for the misunderstanding. The UN exists only since WW II. I talked about the time after WW I. OK? p.s. Even following Your argument. Not the colonial powers in this case French and British politicians but a referendum of the native population soon after WW I should have decided over the borders in the region: Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan maybe even Syria. BTW. KSA has no part of the Holy Land of the Bible?

          • OK, retard, ok. You learn some history, stupid english man. You invented the first concentration camps, for example. You killed tens of million people around the world. You created IsraHell ghetto. You are the biggest evil on the planet.

          • 1. Jerusalem is not “occupied” but conquered.
            2. Israelis and Palestinians work on destruction.
            3. Did You?

      • How convenient that Trump’s Jewish son in law is now Trump’s advisor on middle east trade. As if Trump’s business empire propped up by Saudi investment money is not already a conflict of interest, his son in law Jared Kushner appears to have negotiated this safe zone as a discreet trade deal with Saudi Arabia.


        For a US President to indulge his nation in a conflict for personal gain is an impeachable offence.

        • As Clinton’s pay-to-play or Bush links into Carlyle Group, Enron, Halliburton, etc… USA is not Europe. Even Fedbank is a conflict of interests, LOL! Thus, Fedbank should be put in charge of Saudi desert : soon there’d be no sand in!

          • LOL. Yes the sand would be there plus they would have issued bonds for 100 times its value and bought the US another fleet to patrol the desert.

  1. The US has made such a mess in the whole of M East , such amount of ”biblical” upheaval , such enormous disaster in lives and material damage through their proxies , that any more ”humanitarian” involvement , treading on such traces of destruction , is bound to create more of the same. The US Army and Air Force have neither the attitudes , nor the credibility for that , after the hurricane of upheavals they launched upon the region. Trump wishes to show activism on the world stage and keep his military-industrial complex dogs at bay by throwing them some bones. The risks of many things going astray are too great to ignore.

  2. Saudi Arabia one of the main financiers of all the de-stabilization in Syria to set up “”Safe Zones”” in Yemen for Syrians??? A country that Saudi Arabia and America is bombing the hell out of. Who is having a laugh here.???

  3. Can someone reading Arab can verify the Saudi version? Some say there’s nothing about safe zones.
    Sounds more like a meaningless announcement than anything else.
    Now, Trump should take good care : he barred entry to the US mostly for ctizens of Shia countries while be it Qaeda or ISIL, these are Sunni extremists…
    Now, one thing is clear : either Bibi makes a fuss about Iran for domestic policy purposes or as a tit-for-tat to Khamenei heathen rhetoric which is mostly a treason when you know how much Israel helped Iran or he has came out of his mind : military speaking, if we compare Iran to Israel, Iran’s a paper tiger while KSA is growing more and more dangerous as all the Gulf states entered a very concerning arms race.
    Hey, a TOW shipping has been intercepted again yesterday and the previous one wasn’t long ago, so they’re clearly still fuelling the war in Syria.
    The last thing on Earth I’d have is any form of trust for those snakes.

  4. It was done as a business deal, the Wahhabi rats must have said we accept safety zones in Yemen if ALSO in Syria..this makes no sens Trump wanted stop US interfearing in Syria.

    • These are no-fly safety zones in the ISIS caliphate covering the oil producing regions of Syria. They amount to US legitimization of Saudi backed ISIS terrorism.

      Trump is the biggest liar and now the biggest backer of ISIS after Saudi Arabia itself.

      Do Americans actually support this or are they just ignorant of the implications?

  5. What KSA has to do with internal affairs of the sovereign state of Syria? Donald Trump seems to be demonizing Iran which has been one of the main allies of Syria and Iraq in their struggle against Saudi-Turkey sponsored terrorism. Whether it will happen or not is far less relevant than a fact that Donald Trump thinks it’s viable solution to ME crises. US policy of zero regard for sovereignty of other countries which are not allies of US has seem its continuation in Trump’s presidency.

  6. This will be an annexation of eastern Syria by Saudi Arabia with a no fly zone enforced by the US Air Force and de facto legitimization of ISIS. Convenient that this annexation shall include oil production areas.

    I say no safe zones. No Saudi or US intervention. The United States is declaring war on Syria with an invasion by stealth. All US forces inside Syria are now enemy insurgents.

    • For now, the only no fly zone being in force is the Russian one. Seems that Saudi version isn’t talking of safety zones, it may totally be a joint US+Russia effort with Saudis telling their proxies to not touch these zones for any reason. We’ll see soon : Saudis are actually even fearing a coup in their country, as many princes are taking prolonged holidays on their yachts. They seem to fear their own clergy : if they played Dr.Frankenstein creating the Mudjahideen in Afghanistan which ended under the Brotherhood’s control thus becoming Qaeda, things got out of hand and IS was initially the Iraqi branch of Qaeda that got also out of hand for Zawahiri+Bin Laden and then allied to former Iraqi elites that Bremer ruined. For both groups, the al-Saouds are corrupted and illegitimate. Now we got Qatar’s emir+Turkish AKP being MB while MB is banned in KSA.
      KSA backs Ahrar and JaI, not IS or Qaeda. Well, these ain’t better, no hope about this, but you’re more likely to have Turkey and Qatar behind MB offshoots (Turkey also backs Hamas and backed Morsi).
      Actually, the al-Saouds putted themselves in a very bad posture, most of the time by excess of paranoia as, if you look at history, most of their actions in foreign politics are very irrational. They’d much better had take profit from the oil mana and made their people happy while not messing with international politics. They also should have thought about liquidating their wahhabist clergy.
      With all the petrodollars they made, now a good third of the desert, if not the half, could be green now! just think about Neguev desert, how it has shrank! Princes have gigantic yachts, private jets, sportscars, last trend is customising Airbus A380 as a 500M€ hi-tech flying palace! Gosh, with 500M€ you built a desalination plant for 2M people, then treat waste water for irrigation, thus allowing feeding the people, etc! Moreover, nowhere else could solar panels have better rendering. One of the 1st thing I’d have done, was I KSA king, is having built a solar panels factory with 1st goal having energy for desalination plants!
      Instead, they live a lavish life and let 25% of their population in absolute poverty with no education and those who know how to read have learnt in madrassas held by the Wahhabist clergy!
      You have to understand the KSA structure and history : the al-Saouds couldn’t have taken the power without the wahhabists, these one, in oder to keep power, let the wahhabists in charge of schooling and religion, in other terms, either they fund these or they face a revolution… Now, it would be too long to explain you how the Saudi ‘society’ is structured but it’s well, totally nuts, there is even serious infights on velvet to know who will be the next king, it’s somethin like a mix of intrigues at Versailles or Nero’s court with tribal Bedouin system… Just think how they assassinated King Faysal who was seen as too progressive…

      What you are doing here is drawing conclusions about a very vague and irrelevant communiqué. My guess is that Trump intents to bring humanitarian help in Yemen into Houthi zones while Saudis not bombing these. For Syria, coordinting efforts together with Russia is already decided.