(Note: The following article was sent to us directly by the Houthi ( Ansarullah) Media Relations Department. We are just sharing it.)

Legal evidence & silence of international institutions


Third year is about to enter, since Saudi Arabia and its allies started the aggression on Yemen.

In the twenty-sixth of March 2015, under the pretext of bringing back legitimacy to Yemen, which is supposed to be represented by outgoing President Abd-Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who fled to Riyadh requesting military intervention; to “re-impose his authority and legitimacy”; and to protect Yemen and Yemenis from what he called the Houthi aggression.

All the above, was According to what was said by decision-making circles in Saudi Arabia, and published by the Saudi news agency, quoting Hadis which was addressed to the leaders of the Gulf cooperation Council, dated March 24, 2015. Hadi, demanded in his message to intervene quickly to save what he called a tragic situation that experienced by Yemen. Based on the principle of self-defense Stipulated in Article (51) of the UN Charter, and based on the Charter of the League of Arab States, & the Arab joint defense Treaty.

Exiled President also asked in the alleged message published by the Saudi news Agency to provide all necessary means and measures of support, including military intervention to protect Yemen and its people from the continued Houthi aggression, & deter expected attacks at any hour on the city of Aden and the rest of the southern regions.

While resigned President Hadi acknowledged during an interview with Abu Dhabi TV, dated January 6, 2016, that he never knew about the “Decisive Storm” operation, he was informed on what was happening in the city of Ghaida while heading to Oman.

All that, after being told by the Americans that no one would intervene militarily in Yemeni affairs, contradicting the announcement made by the Government of Saudi Arabia that the military operation was a response to Hadis request.

Since then and until this moment thousands of airstrikes are attacking different areas in different Yemeni governorates, not only military targets, but everything Yemeni whether they are innocent people or a livestock.

Constructors, government, health, education facilities, economic facilities and infrastructures, bridges, roads, airports, seaports, Power Stations, water systems, sanitation and stores for food, finishing off with direct targeting residential quarters and ordinary neighborhoods.

Committing hundreds of the most heinous crimes and massacres against innocents who were killed in their homes, markets, weddings, funeral, and IDP camps.

According to the latest statistics of the innocent victims by the Legal Centre of Rights and Development -member of the civilian alliance for observation and documenting aggression crimes in Sana’a – on January 1st 2016 the initial outcome of 560 days of aggression is 10562 victims, 2397 of them are children, 18508 injured, 2201 of them are children and 1809 women.

Regardless the deteriorating humanitarian situation Yemenis live because of the suffocating economic blockade, which caused a big lack in basic materials such as food, medicines and fuel. Despite all of that, it heavily struck justice and accountability due to the failure of the UN Human Rights Council in forming a committee to investigate into the abuses and crimes committed by the coalition against civilians in Yemen. Instead, the council adopted a poor decision provided by Saudi Arabia without mentioning what it and its allies have committed of crimes, massacres and abuses against civilians.

Aggression on Yemen from the international law perspective

 Through the study of justifications put forward by Saudi Arabia and its allies to wage their aggression on Yemen, based on the formal request of the fugitive, outgoing president Abd-Rabbo Mansour Hadi (as its expression), and dropping it on international law, this aggression is a clear violation of international law and contrary to evidence of texts, in particular paragraph ( 4) of Article (2) of the UN Charter, which prohibits the use of force in relations between states and reads as follows:

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“All Members shall refrain in their international relations from threatening or use of force against the territory integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations”.

 Add to that the Charter of the United Nations decided in paragraph (7) of the same article (2) that:

“Nothing in the present Charter shall authorize the (UN) to intervene in matters which are essentially within domestic jurisdiction of any a State, as there is nothing to require the Members to submit such matters to settlement under the present Charter; but this principle shall not prejudice the application of enforcement measures contained in Chapter VII”.

Meaning this chapter authorize only & only the Security Council to take repressive measures, While the Security Council has not issued any decision which requires a military campaign against Yemen or any direct military air strikes in Yemen. Since these military operations and air strikes came without UN approval, it is a flagrant aggression on the sovereignty of Yemeni territory and that gives the Yemeni people the right to exercise their legitimate right, which guaranteed under international law to defend themselves. In addition, all justifications claimed by US-backed Saudi-led coalition about supporting the legitimacy, or supporting the interests of the Yemeni people, or defending its own security, are a kind of nonsense.

Because, the people of Yemen had never threatened the security of their neighbors, besides, there is no reasonable person that would consider killing & destruction, displacement, and siege may bring any interests for Yemeni people.

Silence of the world escalates the US-Saudi aggressions brutality

The First US-Saudi air raid, which targeted the neighborhood of “bani Hawwat”, which is a residential neighborhood crowded with citizens, in the capital Sanaa, killed 29, including 15 children, 5 women, & injured 42 civilians, including 13 children and 4 women.

Those were the victims of the first US-Saudi air raid, now there are thousands of air strikes that targets innocent civilians deliberately. The world must be aware of the extent of the brutality and criminality of this US-UK backed Saudi-UEA led coalition.

The twenty most brutal massacres committed by coalition countries

We will mention the twenty most brutal massacres committed by the coalition countries using savage barbaric air raids against Yemeni people, which are only a part of a series of crimes and massacres crammed that the archives of the monitoring & documentation centers are crowded with :

  • (March 31, 2015) Around 40 Yemeni displaced were killed, & more than 200 others injured, in a massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets against gathering of displaced people in Al Mazrak camp, in the province of Hajjah, Harad District.
  •  (April 1, 2015) 38 workers killed & 80 others injured in a massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets against workers in Dairy factory, Hodeidah province.
  • (June 30, 2015) 92 civilians killed & about 300 others wounded in a horrific massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets using an international banned Thermobaric bomb on “fag-Attan area in the capital Sanaa.
  • (September 28, 2015) nearly 130 civilians killed & a lot more injured in a horrific massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets against celebrants in a wedding in Thobab directorate, Taiz province.
  • (September 21, 2015) 25 civilians from one family killed in a horrific massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets against Mr. “Al-Kokabani” family in AL-hasaba residential neighborhood, capital Sanaa.
  • (September 7, 2015) 18 civilians killed & about 40 others wounded in a massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets against civilians in Al-derm neighborhood, Yarim city, Ibb province.
  • (September 6, 2015) 27 civilians killed & 53 others wounded in a massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets against a funeral tent in AL-gayah area, AL-yatmah junction, Jawf province.
  • (October 8, 2015) 30 civilians killed & about more than 200 wounded in horrific massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets against civilians in a wedding held in Senban District, Dhamar province.
  • (October 22, 2015), More than 200 Yemeni fishermen killed & injured in shocking brutal massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets against fishermen in Okban island, Hodeida province.
  • (November 19, 2015) around 120 civilians killed & dozens injured in a shocking Barbaric massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets against electrical workers city in the city of Mokha, Taiz governorate.
  • (January 20, 2016) 12 students & their teacher killed in a massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets that targeted an orphan school in AL-Hrir neighborhood, Taiz province.
  • (January 21, 2016) 18 civilians killed & dozens more wounded in a brutal massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets against workers’ in the Ras-Isa oil facility, Hodeidah province.
  • (January 26, 2016) Judge Yahya robid killed alongside with his eight family members in a massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets in Yemeni capital, Sanaa.
  • (January 30, 2016) 13 civilians including women & children killed in a massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets, which targeted civilian houses in AL-Maghsl village, Haydan district, saada province.
  • (February 21, 2016) 30 citizens killed & injured, in a massacre committed by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets that targeted civilian homes in Ghfrh village Al Dhaher Directorate, Saada pronince.
  • (FEB 28, 2016) about 41 civilians killed, including nine children, and a dozens more injured in a massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets against civilians in Khalqh market, Nihm District, Sana’a province.
  • (March 1, 2016) 10 killed & about 20 people injured in a massacre carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets against civilians in Alehimh area, Sana’a province.
  • (March 15, 2016) 117 civilians killed, including 25 children, & more than 20 injured in one of the most brutal massacres ever, carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets, which Bombed a popular market in Mstba Directorate, Hajjah province.
  • (September 21, 2016) 26 civilians, including 4 women & 5 children killed, more than 54 injured, including 17 women & 7 children, in air raids carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets against Indian market district, Hodeidah province.
  • (October 8, 2016) 170 civilians killed & more than 500 injured in what was the most hideous, ugliest, most bloody & criminality war crime until now – although there were several crimes that have been committed after – carried out by US-Saudi aggression fighter jets, which bombed a funeral hall in the capital, Sanaa.
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These Barbaric, Brutal, Shocking massacres, and through a closer look at the places that have been targeted, which varied between popular neighborhoods heavily populated, markets, camps of displaced people, schools, factories, civilian facilities, and even reached weddings & funeral halls, confirms beyond any doubt, that the US-UK backed Saudi-UEA led coalition is practicing killing & genocide against the entire Yemeni people and in a premeditated & deliberate way.

Aggression Crimes from the perspective of international humanitarian law

Yemen has taken part on state level in the main treaties and conventions related to international humanitarian law, specifically the fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 & its additional protocol about protecting victims of non-international armed conflict. Where international humanitarian law contains rules & principles, which aim to provide protection mainly for people who do not participate in hostilities (civilians in particular), This law applies only in situations of armed conflict, & its rules are mandatory on all parties in the conflict, whether they were states or non-umbrella under the banner of states armed groups.

According to a study by the International Committee of  Red Cross about the customary international humanitarian law in (rule 1):

“One of the basic rules of international humanitarian law is required & must be keen by all parties, is to always “distinguish between civilians & combatants,” especially at the level of “directing attacks only against combatants”, and the inadmissibility directed towards civilians ever”.

In addition to a similar distinction rule between “civilian objects” & “military targets”, where these rules constitute an integral part of one of the basic principles, that is, (the principle of distinction).

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Moreover, intentionally directed attacks on civilians who are not taking part in hostilities, either it was directly or against civilian objects, a War Crime. It also prohibited to wage disproportionate attacks, which are attacks that could cause loss in life, injury to civilians, damage to civilian objects accidentally, or causing both things at the same time, as the damage is excessive comparing to the concrete and direct military advantage that may be achieved by it, So launching a disproportionate attack is a War Crime.

If we compare what is being committed by US-UK backed Saudi-UEA-led aggression with legal characterization mentioned in the rules and articles of international humanitarian law, In light of the fact that the coalition is Bombing & Waging air strikes without any regard for principle of distinction between civilian targets and military targets, they are committing war crimes & should be tried in international trial as stipulated in the laws and articles of international humanitarian law.

Mass death by internationally banned bombs and explosives

 At the time the US-UK backed Saudi-UEA-Led aggression coalition on Yemen did not satisfied with, targeting civilians intentionally with heavy-weight missiles & bombs, and even reached a level of savagery and criminality somewhat overwhelming desired in making greatest destruction possible, in addition to trying to Harvest the largest number of victims, The US-Saudi coalition & their allies used the worst & most deadly internationally banned weapons, starting with Thermobaric bombs, which are equivalent in the destruction it make the nuclear weapons, reaching to phosphorous, gas, & fissile cluster Bombs.

Yemenis had become in many areas surrounded by fields of cluster bombs, and drowning in swamp of flames, Yemeni airspace is now choked with the smoke of chemical death. In its report, issued on December 19, 2016, Amnesty International has confirmed the US-Saudi use of many forbidden weapons, including cluster bombs in Yemen. James Lynch, head of limiting the spread of weapons in the Organization’s program said: “Of course, we knew this for months”.

Amnesty International and other HR organizations,  has compiled compelling evidence & showed that these weapons have killed civilians & caused deformities, including children in farming villages in northern Yemen, in the wake of using such weapons earlier this year”.

Lynch added “This development highlights the urgent need for an international & independent investigation to look at the mounting evidence of violations of international law in Yemen, and to ensure the accountability of those responsible for such violations. At the conclusion of its report, Amnesty International pointed out that “there is an urgent need for international assistance in order to clear areas contaminated by cluster munitions, and that the influential countries in the Saudi-led coalition are urged to stop using cluster munitions, which are internationally banned and are random by nature”.

Despite the issuance of many reports from international organizations about the extent of war crimes and genocide committed by Saudi Arabia and the countries participating with it against Yemeni people, the international community represented by the United Nations did not lift a finger to stop the killing and destruction machines.

Yemenis now considers the UN as a license given to the US-Saudi coalition to kill them, And it is conclusive proof of the falsity of the allegations by international system that alleged seeking towards world peace, and disseminating democracy

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2017-02-02 20:36

America has no other plan than the current plan of regime destabilization, the installation of puppet governments, and the exercise of military power to facilitate resource extraction by the corporate entities that finance American government. Any deviation from this course would admit the bankruptcy of American foreign policy from the official end of WWII.

Daeshbags Sux
Rookie Mentor
Daeshbags Sux
2017-02-06 06:39

“US-Saudi aggression fighter jets”
=> Sorry, these are just Saudi or some of their allies jets.
Never heard of any US strikes except against al-Qaeda or in the case Houthis shot several anti-ship missiles against US vessels. I don’t think UK did strikes too…

2017-02-07 00:28
Reply to  Daeshbags Sux

The US is logistically supporting the Saudi aggression, so is Tel Aviv. The US is continuing weapons supplies for the Sauds to murder the people of Yemen Also, the US is in control of Saudi Arabia: if Washington wished the aggression to stop, one phone call would suffice. Puppets murdering people at the behest of their masters does not absolve the latter of responsavility.

The war on Yemen is a 100% USraeli war of aggression / extermination.