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Russian drug – five times lower death rate in severe Covid-19 cases

Published 2020-09-14 23:45:44 by Newsdesk in World-News

The Russian drug “Surfactant-BL” was developed for the treatment of severe lung lesions and has helped to reduce the death rate in severe cases of COVID-19 from 80 to 14.3 percent.  A new Russian drug for the treatment of severe lung lesions has shown great promise in preliminary clinical trials in COVID-19 patients. The new drug called “Surfactant-BL” protects the alveoli from collapsing and thus ensures a significantly better oxygen supply to the whole body even if the lungs are badly damaged. The so-called surfactant itself is a liquid that flushes the alveoli from the inside out. It is explained that the… Read on ->

Tags: Covid19, Russia, Sputnik V, Surfactant-BL

Velayati: Iran will stand against normalizing ties with Israel

Published 2020-09-14 23:21:47 by Newsdesk in Middleeast

The advisor to Iran’s leader of International Affairs, reaffirmed Iran’s position to never accept a normalization of ties with Israel and said that his country’s own security is a red line not to be crossed. Velayati said in a statement to Al Masirah TV that Iran will stand against the normalization that is currently taking place between Gulf Arab states and Israel, adding: “Our objection to normalization stems from the fact that Bahrain and the UAE have taken a step that differs from the aspirations of the Muslim people and the Palestinian people, and this step is an official recognition… Read on ->

Tags: Iran, Israel, Peace-Deal

Video: Exploding trees reason for extend of wildfires – Trump

Published 2020-09-14 23:00:06 by Newsdesk in World-News

While more than 2 million hectares of forest have been consumed by the most recent wildfires in the United States, US President Donald Trump gave some rather confusing statements to the press during his visit to the west coast. Since the beginning of this year, wildfires in California alone have consumed almost an area the size of Connecticut. There are currently more than 16,500 firefighters deployed across California and 28 major fires have been reported across the state. While US President Donald Trump made poor land management responsible for the wildfires, governor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Eric… Read on ->

Tags: California, Oregon, Trump, Wildfires

Countering US influence – Russia expands base in former US zone of influence in Syria

Published 2020-09-14 22:13:15 by Newsdesk in Middleeast, Syria

Russia has expanded its military base next to a local airfield near the city of Kobani in the north of Syria, according to newly released satellite images. The area was formerly occupied by the US military in the fight against the Islamic-State, before they were ordered to withdraw from the area on November 13, 2019. The area is now used by the Russian Military Police and Aerospace forces with several Mi-8 and Mi-35 helicopters stationed on the base. Thus, providing air cover for military patrols in the area.   The US zone of influence has significantly decreased before the Turkish… Read on ->

Tags: Kobani, Russia, Syria, United States

Russia’s Tu-160 missile carriers flew over Northern Seas, Atlantic – Russian Defense Ministry

Published 2020-09-14 21:38:00 by Newsdesk in World-News

Two Russian missile carriers Tu-160 flew over the Barents and the Norwegian Seas, as well as the Atlantic Ocean, escorted by Royal Norwegian Air Force planes, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday. “Two strategic missile carriers Tu-160 performed a planned flight in airspace over the neutral waters of the Barents, the Norwegian Seas and the Atlantic Ocean … At certain stages of the route, Russian aircraft were escorted by MiG-31 of the Russian Navy, as well as F-16 fighters of the Royal Norwegian Air Force,” the statement says. The flight lasted about 10 hours, the ministry said. “All flights… Read on ->

Tags: Russia, Tu-160

Video: Russian Fighter Jets intercept 3 US Air Force Bombers over the Black Sea

Published 2020-09-14 21:14:10 by Newsdesk in World-News

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that four Russian fighter jets had intercepted 3 US Air Force Bombers over the Black Sea on Monday. The strategic B-52H bombers of the US Air Force were tasked to patrol Ukrainian airspace, before the were intercepted by Russian fighter jets over the Black Sea. According to the Command of the Ukrainian Air Force similar patrols will be carried out on a regular basis. “The B-52 crews provide collective defense capabilities for the United States, NATO allies and partners, as well as strategic and operational capabilities to contain Russia,” the statement said. The US… Read on ->

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Tags: B-52, Black Sea, Russia, Ukraine

Video: Car-bomb attack in Afrin kills at least seven people

Published 2020-09-14 20:55:14 by Newsdesk in Middleeast, Syria

A car-bomb explosion in Afrin, Syria has killed at least 7 people and injured many others. The area is currently under control of Turkish-backed forces and has seen a series of such attacks. The Afrin region was captured by the Turkish-backed militants in March 2018 after a two-month-long operation against the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

Tags: Afrin, Syria

Venezuela charges US citizen in planned attack on Amuay refinery

Published 2020-09-14 20:30:17 by Newsdesk in World-News

The Prosecutor General of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, has announced that one US citizen and four Venezuelans have been charged with crimes of terrorism, illicit arms trafficking and association in an alleged planned attack on the amuay oil refinery. The arrest warrant was issued last Friday against the citizens Marcos Antonio Garcés Carapaica, Darwin Andreizo Urdaneta Pardo, Reinaldo Enrique Finol, as well as US citizen Matthew Jhon Heath. The Prosecutor General announced that the DGCIM arrested the suspects, while discovering an 84 mm caliber AT4 grenade launcher, a 9mm caliber UZI sub machine gun and four rectangular pieces of suspected… Read on ->

Tags: Tarek William Saab, USA, Venezuela

Greece looks to Russia to strengthen their air defenses: newspaper

Published 2020-09-14 19:53:04 by News Desk in World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:30 P.M.) – Greece is allegedly in talks with Russia to upgrade the S-300 missile system, the Greek publication reported this week. According to the online publication, Greece is in talks with Russia about upgrading their current S-300 PMU-1 to the S-300 PMU-2, which, the electronic newspaper said, would not violate NATO’s weapons ban against the Russian Federation. “The PMU-2 version of the S-300 brings the system quite close to performance with the Turkish S-400: It includes the 54K6E2 command and control station, the 30N6E2 Tomb Stone trapping radar (evolution of the already operating 30N6E radar) and… Read on ->

Tags: Greece, Russia

Video: Russian Army circles in on US led forces in northeastern Syria

Published 2020-09-14 19:40:35 by Newsdesk in Middleeast, Syria

Russian armored vehicles, under the air-cover of helicopters, have moved towards territory  currently occupied by the International Anti-Terrorist Coalition led by the United States in northeastern Syria. The Russian forces are tasked to monitor the illegal presence of the forces led by the United States military. During their patrol, the Russian servicemen have inspected ten illegal settlements in the territory. Earlier last month, the Russian government criticized the United States and accused the administration under President Donald Trump of stealing Syrian oil, following a deal with the Syrian Kurds to revamp the country’s oil fields in northeastern Syria.

Tags: Kurds, Russian Military, Syria, US Forces

Greece and US hold military exercise near Turkish border

Published 2020-09-14 19:27:12 by News Desk in Turkey, World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:45 P.M.) – Greece, in conjunction with the United States, will begin a five-day military exercise using tanks on Monday near the land border with Turkey. According to the Greek newspaper Ethnos, the joint Greek-American tank exercises will be held from September 14th to September 18th at the Xanthi Training Center. According to the information, the ABRAMS tank modified for the M1A2 will participate in the exercises. The newspaper said there will be a competition between the tank crews participating in the maneuvers in the art of driving and accuracy of shooting (Tank Challenge 2020), organized by the… Read on ->

Tags: Greece, Turkey

Germany: Police searches homes of soldier suspected of planning terrorist attack

Published 2020-09-14 19:02:54 by Newsdesk in World-News

Around 70 special forces of the German police (LKA)  have searched the apartment and workplace of a soldier suspected of planning to carry out a terrorist attack in the country, according to Der Spiegel. The suspected is a 40-year-old man living in the town of Neubrandenburg and has connections to extreme right-wing circles.  The Public prosecutor’s office in Rostock stated that the on-going investigation is not about explosives, but about electronic media following threats made against an individual.  The accused has been cooperative with local authorities and is said to be acting by himself.  According to reports, German Intelligence (BND)… Read on ->

Tags: Germany, Terrorism

Mike Pompeo visit in Guyana raises alarm bells in Venezuela

Published 2020-09-14 18:32:08 by Newsdesk in World-News

The Guyana visit of US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is raising alarm bells in neighboring country Venezuela, given the timing of the trip.  Pompeo who is expected to visit the South American country on September 17 and 18 is expected to sign a series of agreements with President Irfaan Ali.  However, the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) has warned about the timing of the trip, describing the intention of the United States as “ominous” due to upcoming general elections in Venezuela in November.  “It is being reported that the US Secretary of State is scheduled to visit Guyana between… Read on ->

Tags: Guyana, Pompeo, Venezuela

Ecuador to negotiate temporary fishing ban near Galapagos Islands with China

Published 2020-09-14 17:58:21 by Newsdesk in World-News

Ecuador is going to offer China alternatives to the Beijing-proposed 3-month moratorium on fishing in the vicinity of Galapagos Islands marine reserve following controversy around excessive Chinese fishing there, the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry told Sputnik on Monday. In late July, Ecuador sounded alarm over the presence of hundreds of aggressively behaving Chinese-flagged fishing vessels in the continental shelf near its Galapagos Islands. Ecuadorian authorities informed Beijing that fishing was restricted in the Galapagos maritime reserve, which accommodates many rare species of flora and fauna. Chinese authorities responded by issuing a temporary ban on fishing there for the period from September… Read on ->

Tags: China, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands

Hamas: ‘We found a valuable treasure in the Gaza Sea’

Published 2020-09-14 17:56:38 by News Desk in Palestine

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:45 P.M.) – The Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed arm of the Hamas Movement, announced that it had found a “valuable” military treasure deep in the sea of ​​Gaza. The group cclarified that hundreds of shells were found on board of two British warships sunk off the coast of Gaza and that the brigades had re-manufactured these shells as part of their missiles. The commander in the engineering corps of the brigades, Abu Salman, said: “We examined the British shells that we found in the depths of the sea after being recycled by the Al-Qassam Brigades.” He added, “We… Read on ->

Tags: Gaza, Hamas, Palestine

South Africa denies any knowledge of alleged Iranian plot to assassinate US envoy

Published 2020-09-14 17:36:25 by News Desk in Iran

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:20 P.M.) – The South African authorities have confirmed that they are not aware that Iran is preparing a plot to assassinate the U.S. ambassador to the country, Lana Marks. A spokesman for the South African Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lunga Ngqengelele, described in a statement by telephone, according to Bloomberg Agency, the American reports on this matter as “surprising” for his country, and the official said: “We learned about this report only this morning.” Nggengele added that South Africa’s Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Naledi Pandor, may issue a statement later.” On Sunday, the American Politico… Read on ->

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Tags: Iran

Russia, Belarus should prepare armies to fight possible external aggression – Lukashenko

Published 2020-09-14 17:25:54 by Newsdesk in World-News

Russia and Belarus should prepare their armies in order to resist possible external aggression, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Monday. “I believe that in no case should we look back at what they will tell us. They disregard us, they do not look at our wariness, they conduct exercises when they want. Therefore, we also, if you support this thesis, without straining the overall situation, we will prepare our armies so that, God forbid, we could resist it,” he said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi. Russia and Belarus conducted exercises, they will continue to… Read on ->

Tags: Belarus, Lukashenko, Russia

Putin and Macron discuss Libyan conflict during phone conversation

Published 2020-09-14 17:01:04 by Newsdesk in Middleeast

The Kremlin’s Press office announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his french counterpart Emmanuel Macron discussed the Libyan conflict at length during a phone conversation on Monday. The Statesmen discussed the importance of greater cooperation to implement the decisions made during the Berlin Conference (January 2020), which was passed as Security Council Resolution 2510. French President Macron also reiterated his country’s position to find a political solution to the on-going conflict and to respect the arms embargo imposed by the United Nations. Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire in Libya, pointing out… Read on ->

Tags: France, Libya, Macron, Putin, Russia

Senior IS finance provider killed during Anti-Terrorist Operation in Western Iraq

Published 2020-09-14 16:33:48 by Newsdesk in Iraq, Middleeast

The Iraqi military, in cooperation with the US-led international coalition, has eliminated a senior leader of the Islamic State terrorist group (IS, outlawed in Russia), who was responsible for financing IS camps, in the western Al Anbar province, Iraq’s Security Media Cell, an official outlet providing information on the country’s security, said on Monday. “The air forces of the international coalition in cooperation with the Iraqi forces’ counter-terrorism service made a landing in the town of Rutba in the Al Anbar province. [As a result of the operation,] a terrorist, who has been the major provider of finance for IS… Read on ->

Tags: Daesh, Iraq, ISIS, Islamic State

Powerful explosions reported along Israeli-Lebanese border

Published 2020-09-14 16:21:15 by News Desk in Lebanon

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:00 P.M.) – The sound of heavy artillery was heard along the Lebanese-Israeli border on Monday, a source told Al-Masdar News this afternoon. According to the source, artillery fire was heard inside the occupied Sheba’a Farms region, which was accompanied by machine gun fire as well. The source added that the artillery fire was likely from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), as they are in control of those border villages in the occupied Sheba’a Farms region. The Israeli Defense Forces have yet comment on the reports.

Tags: Israel, Lebanon

Sounds of artillery fire heard in Lebanon-Israel border area – Reports

Published 2020-09-14 16:19:40 by Newsdesk in Middleeast

Sounds of tube artillery are heard in the vicinity of the Shebaa farms area on the Israeli-Lebanese border, Lebanon’s official NNA news agency reported on Monday. Earlier in the day, the NNA reported an explosion in the area of the Golan Heights at the intersection of the Lebanese-Syrian-Israeli borders. The blast origin and a source of smoke in the area have yet to be identified. The sounds reached the settlements of El Aarqoub and Hasbaiyya, located not far from the farmlands, the news outlet reported. Alongside with the artillery fire, sub-machine gun bursts also take place near the Israeli border,… Read on ->

Tags: Israel, Lebanon

Turkey accuses Greece of arming 18 Aegean Sea islands

Published 2020-09-14 14:49:03 by News Desk in Turkey, World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:30 P.M.) – On Sunday, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar accused Greece of arming 18 islands in the Aegean Sea in contravention of international law, indicating that this increases tension and undermines dialogue. According to Anadolu Agency, the Turkish Defense Minister called on Greece to abandon the provocative actions that could escalate the tension. Akar said that “from Turkey’s point of view, tension and provocative movements will not benefit whatever it is, especially Greece.” “We support dialogue and we wish to solve the problems in the region through peaceful and political means,” he added. On the decision to… Read on ->

Tags: Greece, Turkey

Hezbollah establishing ties with Ireland’s IRA: newspaper

Published 2020-09-14 13:24:18 by News Desk in Lebanon, Palestine

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:00 P.M.) – On Sunday, a British newspaper claimed that there is coordination and a relationship between Lebanon’s Hezbollah and a banned European military organization. The British newspaper, Sunday Times, stated in its report that “British intelligence has reached, after updating my assessment, that an alliance may have emerged between Hezbollah and the new Irish Republican Army,” according to which the Lebanese party would supply its Irish counterpart with money and weapons. The newspaper pointed out that “the assessment was based on evidence gathered by an agent in the British MI-5 intelligence service, and included the army active… Read on ->

Tags: Hezbollah, Ira

UAE sends Israeli experts to Yemen to establish military base: Ansarallah-aligned governor

Published 2020-09-14 12:30:41 by News Desk in Yemen

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:00 P.M.) – The Ansarallah aligned governor of Socotra Island said on Saturday, that “the United Arab Emirates has sent Israeli experts to the strategic island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean.” The Ansarallah-aligned governor of the Socotra Archipelago, Hashem Saad Al-Soqtari, confirmed, in a statement to the Saba News Agency, that “the ambitions of the countries of the aggression coalition, and behind them America and Israel, will fall on the land of Socotra, which has not accepted the invaders throughout history.” Al-Soqtari considered “the normalization of the UAE with the Zionist entity is a result of the… Read on ->

Tags: Socotra, Yemen

Egypt intervened to stabilize Libya, Turkey seeks expansionary policies: Shoukry

Published 2020-09-14 11:48:47 by News Desk in North-Africa, Turkey

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:30 A.M.) – On Sunday, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry expressed his country’s absolute support for all efforts aimed at settling the conflict in Libya, including the Libyan consultations in Morocco. During a press conference with his Armenian counterpart, Zahrab Mnatsakanyan, Shoukry stated that Egypt supports all efforts aimed at reaching a solution to the crisis in Libya and has no reservations about any Libyan party participating in the political process. The minister affirmed Egypt’s adherence to finding a Libyan-to-Libyan political solution under the umbrella of the United Nations, stressing the need to ensure the country’s territorial integrity… Read on ->

Tags: Egypt, Libya, Turkey

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Lebanon prevent Turkish aircraft from entering country after flight over Israel

Published 2020-09-14 11:19:28 by News Desk in Lebanon

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:00 A.M.) – On Friday, the Lebanese media reported that Lebanon refused to grant permission for a Turkish cargo plane to land inside the country after flying through Israeli airspace. The Al-Nashra News Agency quoting Beirut Airport President Fadi Al-Hassan, stated that “the airport administration prevented a Turkish cargo plane from landing at Beirut airport because it was passing through Israeli airspace.” Hassan explained that “the cargo plane was supposed to come from Amman to Beirut directly, but it seems that something wrong with the Turkish side led to its passage in the occupied lands,” stressing that “there… Read on ->

Tags: Israel, Lebanon, Turkey

Russia’s Avangard hypersonic missiles are ‘more frightening than a nuclear bomb’: Sina

Published 2020-09-14 10:52:15 by News Desk in World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:20 A.M.) – The China-based Sina News Agency said that the Russian “Sarmat”, “Avangard” and “Yaris” missile systems have distinct combat characteristics and are very dangerous to any enemy forces. The site said that the re-arming of the Russian missile forces and equipping them with these missile models, which have a range of more than 10,000 kilometers, “puts America in an endless quandary.” The author of the article focused on the particular interest of Avangard hypersonic missiles. He said that the U.S. air defense is unable to intercept these missiles because of their ability to disappear and thanks… Read on ->

Tags: Russia

Greece to buy 18 Rafale jets and 4 new French frigates

Published 2020-09-14 10:21:25 by News Desk in World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:00 A.M.) – Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis confirmed on Saturday, that his country will buy 18 Rafale fighters from France and four new frigates. At the height of the tension between his country and Turkey, the Greek Prime Minister, speaking in the city of Thessaloniki, announced Athens’s intention to acquire Romeo SH-60 naval helicopters, torpedoes, anti-tank and guided missiles, recruiting an additional 15,000 military personnel, and increasing funding for the national war industries sector. Tensions have escalated between Greece and Turkey since Ankara launched a gas exploration campaign last August in a disputed area between the two… Read on ->

Tags: France, Greece, Turkey

Second Russian officer reported dead in Syria after ISIS attack

Published 2020-09-14 09:52:45 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:40 A.M.) – Russian Army Sergeant Mikhail Milchin has reportedly died after being seriously wounded in eastern Syria on August 18. Sgt. Milchin was part of the Russian convoy that was traveling through the Deir Ezzor Governorate, when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. The TASS news agency quoted a medical source as saying on Sunday, that Milchin died in a Moscow military hospital. On August 18, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the killing of a Russian officer and the wounding of two soldiers, following a roadside bombing attack in eastern Syria. The ministry added that… Read on ->

Tags: Russia, Syria

Hezbollah ‘considering’ withdrawal from Syria: Bassil

Published 2020-09-14 09:31:40 by News Desk in Lebanon, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:10 A.M.) – Former Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil announced that Hezbollah had begun to consider returning from Syria, stressing the need for the Lebanese to support this decision. Bassil, the deputy and head of the Free Patriotic Movement, said during a press conference held on Sunday, “Hezbollah has begun to think about returning from Syria and securing its conditions, and we as Lebanese must embrace and support such a decision.” Bassil emphasized that the initiative that his movement presented to the Lebanese President Michel Aoun and the French leader Emmanuel Macron included in its political aspect the… Read on ->

Tags: Bassil, Hezbollah, Lebanon, Syria

China to US: You are the ones who destroy international peace, and Syria, Libya and Iraq are witnesses

Published 2020-09-14 09:13:51 by News Desk in Middleeast, North-Africa, Syria, World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:00 A.M.) – Beijing has expressed its strong opposition to a report published recently by the U.S. Department of Defense under the title, “Military and Security Developments Related to the People’s Republic of China for 2020”. In a statement issued on Sunday, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian stressed that this report represents evidence of the U.S. intention to discredit China and its military. The spokesman pointed out that the Pentagon report contains wrong information about the relations between the ruling Communist Party in China and its armed forces, in addition to the wrong interpretation of Chinese defense… Read on ->

Tags: China, Iraq, Libya, Syria, US

Armenia accuses Turkey of transferring foreign fighters to Azerbaijan

Published 2020-09-14 08:52:18 by News Desk in Turkey, World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:30 A.M.) – Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan accused Turkish authorities of transporting foreign fighters to neighboring Azerbaijan. This came in a press conference held by Mnatsakanyan with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry, within the framework of his current visit to Cairo. Mnatsakanyan’s accusation against Ankara came in response to a statement by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last July, in which he said: “We will never hesitate to confront any attack on the rights and lands of Azerbaijan.” Armenia considers this statement an implicit threat to Turkey to use force in the conflict with Azerbaijan over the… Read on ->

Tags: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey

New satellite image reveals aftermath of Israeli attack on southern Aleppo: photo

Published 2020-09-14 08:26:12 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:10 A.M.) – A private Israeli firm, which provides satellite imagery and analysis from around the world, stated that the latest round of Israeli raids on Syria targeted a missile production plant on the outskirts of Aleppo. Image Satellite International released a new photo that showed the aftermath of the Israeli attack on the key town of Al-Safira, which is where the Iranian military has been based for several years in northern Syria. In the image, the ISI report showed the destruction of two sites, claiming that “these structures played a significant part in the missile production at… Read on ->

Tags: Aleppo, Israel, Syria

US welcomes Serbia’s intention to recognize Hezbollah as terrorist organization: Pompeo

Published 2020-09-14 07:28:14 by News Desk in Lebanon

The United States has welcomed Serbia’s intention to recognize the Lebanese-based Hezbollah movement as a terrorist organization, calling on other countries to follow the lead, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement on Sunday. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic signed an agreement committing Belgrade to recognizing Hezbollah as a terrorist organization during his visit to Washington last week, where he attended talks with US President Donald Trump and Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti. Kosovo already designated Hezbollah’s military wing last year and extended the designation upon its political wing in June. “Serbia’s announcement that it will designate Hizballah… Read on ->

Tags: Hezbollah, Lebanon, Pompeo, Serbia

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