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US ‘attempted to coax Syrian air defenses’ to shoot down Iranian airliner: ambassador

Published 2020-07-25 22:38:16 by News Desk in Iran, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:20 P.M.) – The Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon, ‘Ali ‘Abdul-Karim, told Iran’s Al-Alam TV on Saturday that the U.S. attempted to coax the Syrian air defenses into shooting down the Iranian airliner in the Homs Governorate last Thursday, July 23rd. “This game failed to confuse the Syrian defensive and radar systems; thus, this dirty and dangerous game yielded negative results for its perpetrators,” ‘Abdul-Karim said in his accusation. “So far, it has been known that the fighter jets belonged to the U.S., but, it doesn’t matter since they both are in the same position,” he added. ‘Abdul-Karim did… Read on ->

Tags: Iran, Syria, US

Iran: Passengers can sue US for damages after interception over Syria

Published 2020-07-25 22:22:32 by News Desk in Iran, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:00 P.M.) – On Saturday, the Iranian judiciary announced that the passengers of the Mahan Air flight that had been intercepted by American fighters on Thursday, July 23rd, can prosecute the U.S. military in front of the Iranian courts for the damage caused to them. “All passengers of Mahan Air Flight 1152, both Iranians and non-Iranians, can sue the U.S. terrorist army, commanders, perpetrators, supervisors and aides, in Iranian courts,” the semi-official Labor News Agency quoted Ali Bagheri Knei, head of the Judicial Human Rights Committee, as saying in regards to physical damages.” He said that complainants could… Read on ->

Tags: Iran, Syria, US

Egypt, France carry out large-scale exercises in Mediterranean amid heightened tensions with Turkey

Published 2020-07-25 20:28:10 by News Desk in North-Africa, World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:15 P.M.) – On Saturday, the Egyptian and French naval forces carried out naval drills in the eastern Mediterranean, with the participation of the Egyptian Ghost frigate and French Ghost frigate (ACONIT). According to the Egyptian army statement, “The training included many training activities of a professional nature focused on methods of organizing cooperation in the implementation of combat missions in the sea against hostile marine formations with the actual use of weapons in engagement with surface and air targets in addition to the implementation of confrontational battles, with the use of aircraft.” The statement said, “The training… Read on ->

Tags: Egypt, France, Mediterranean, Turkey

Israel informs Hezbollah via UN that they did not intend to kill fighter in Syria: Mayadeen

Published 2020-07-25 19:55:08 by News Desk in Lebanon, Middleeast, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:40 P.M.) – Al-Mayadeen quoted private sources on Saturday as saying that the United Nations had communicated to Hezbollah a message from Israel about the killing of Ali Kamel Mohsen, a Hezbollah member in Syria. The Al-Mayadeen sources pointed out that the content of the message lies in the fact that Israel was not aware of the presence of Mohsen and did not intend to kill him. The report stated that Israel informed Hezbollah, through the letter, of what the sources described as a warning of the consequences of retaliatory military action, noting that the latter only reported… Read on ->

Tags: Hezbollah, Israel, Lebanon, Syria

Video footage shows aftermath of Israeli attack on Syrian Army posts

Published 2020-07-25 19:10:41 by News Desk in Middleeast, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:45 P.M.) – The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) attacked the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) positions in southwestern Syria on Friday, following allegations of artillery shells being fired into the occupied Golan Heights. According to the Israeli Army spokesperson, the IDF targeted several posts belonging to the Syrian Army in the Al-Quneitra Governorate, which they said was in response to the artillery shells that fell in the occupied Golan Heights earlier in the day. The Syrian Ministry of Defense said that the Israeli attack targeted the border town of Hader, resulting in the hospitalization of two SAA soldiers who… Read on ->

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Tags: Israel, Quneitra, Syria

Erdogan meets with Libya’s Sarraj in Ankara

Published 2020-07-25 18:47:27 by News Desk in Turkey

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:20 P.M.) – Ankara announced that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a meeting with the President of the Presidential Council of the Libyan Government of National Accord, Fayez al-Sarraj, on Saturday. The Turkish presidency said, in a brief statement, that the meeting took place in the Wahid al-Din Palace in Istanbul, without giving any details about the content of the talks. This meeting comes at a time when Libya is witnessing an escalation of the internal conflict that has continued since 2011 amid increasing tension between the external parties involved in the Libyan crisis. With the Government… Read on ->

Tags: Erdogan, Sarraj, Turkey

Massive column of Syrian Army reinforcements head to Idlib for new offensive: video

Published 2020-07-25 17:58:40 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:40 P.M.) – A massive column of reinforcements from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was filmed this week, heading towards the southern countryside of the Idlib Governorate, amid reports of a new offensive in the Jabal Al-Zawiya region. According to a field source near the front-lines in Idlib, reinforcements from the Syrian Arab Army’s elite 25th Special Mission Forces Division arrived in the Jabal Al-Zawiya region, following orders to mass deploy to this part of the country. As shown in the video below, the Syrian Army reinforcements can be seen heading to the Idlib Governorate in several vehicles…. Read on ->

Tags: Idlib, Syria

Eyewitness details frightening moments inside Iranian airliner during US interception

Published 2020-07-25 17:34:27 by News Desk in Iran, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:20 P.M.) – A passenger on the Mahan Air flight that was intercepted by the U.S. military on Thursday detailed the incident in an interview with Russia’s Sputnik News Agency on Saturday. The passenger, Fatima Hamdan, told Sputnik that “at seven o’clock, we were over Syria, and suddenly a warplane approached us, to the point that it approached close and not as they claim it was a kilometer away. This is not true. It approached close and when I turned to get the camera to film the plane, suddenly a sound appeared and our plane dropped sharply in… Read on ->

Tags: Iran, Syria, US

China improves new J-20 stealth fighter with Russia’s help

Published 2020-07-25 17:10:04 by News Desk in World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:00 P.M.) – The Chinese stealth fighter J-20 entered service with the Air Force of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and numerous reports emerged indicating that the United States had lost its edge in the stealth field of the aircraft. According to the National Interest website, although the J-20 makes China one of the first countries to develop their own stealth fighters, the aircraft still needs a lot of modifications. One of the more prominent features of the J-20 is the canards, which are small wing-like control surfaces near the cockpit. Although the candard does not necessarily correspond… Read on ->

Tags: China, Russia

US Coalition hands over 7th base to Iraqi military

Published 2020-07-25 16:54:46 by News Desk in Iraq

The day before, the Iraqi military stated that the Besmayah military base used by Spanish troops as part of the US-led coalitions’ efforts in the fight against Daesh had been attacked by four short-range rockets. The US-led international coalition has handed control of the Besmayah military base to the Iraqi forces. Thus, this is the seventh base transferred to the Iraqis, according to the country’s Joint Command. “The transfer of the Besmaya military base, where the Spanish troops were deployed as part of the coalition, took place within the schedule developed by the Iraqi government and the leadership of the… Read on ->

Tags: Iraq

Libyan Army releases video of Syrian mercenaries heading to Libya from Turkey

Published 2020-07-25 16:09:26 by News Desk in North-Africa, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:00 P.M.) – On Friday evening, the Libyan National Army (LNA) spokesperson, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, released a video clip that he said documents “new batches of Syrian mercenaries to Libya.” Mismari said that Turkey is transferring new batches of “Syrian mercenaries to the Libyan city of Misrata in a blatant challenge to the international demands for calm and a ceasefire.” He considered that what Ankara is doing is “a violation of Arab and international laws that prevent the transfer of mercenaries and foreign fighters to Libya.” He stated in a post on Facebook that “Turkey supports terrorism… Read on ->

Tags: Libya, Syria

Israeli minister warns enemies not to ‘test our strength’

Published 2020-07-25 15:48:15 by News Desk in Middleeast

BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:40 P.M.) – Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz stressed that the security services and the army are fully prepared to deal with any scenario and address any threat, warning enemies against testing the strength of the Israeli army. According to the website of the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, Gantz said during his meeting on Friday with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Army, General Mark Miley, who is currently visiting Tel Aviv, that “Israel is not concerned with escalating the situation, but it will do everything necessary to protect its citizens.” Gantz pointed out… Read on ->

Tags: Israel

‘Not the first time’ the US threatened an Iranian airliner, ‘they killed 290 people in 1988’: Jaafari

Published 2020-07-25 15:38:48 by News Desk in Iran, Syria

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BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:30 P.M.) – Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar Al-Ja’afari, has condemned the U.S.’ interception of the Iranian airliner on Thursday, calling it a “double criminal act.” Al-Jaafari said in statements to Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Friday, that “they not only violated Syrian sovereignty, but also violated the Chicago International Civil Aviation Agreement and international laws.” He noted that “the American military presence in Syria is completely illegal and its violation of international laws.” The Syrian diplomat delved into past events as well, noting the 1988 incident in which the U.S. shot… Read on ->

Tags: Iran, Syria, US

7,000-year-old artifact returned to Iraq from Italy

Published 2020-07-25 13:57:22 by News Desk in Iraq

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:45 P.M.) – The Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, announced on Friday, that his country has received the statue of the “Mother Goddess” from Italy. He said in a press statement, “The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Rome received the statue (the Mother Goddess) from the Italian government within an official ceremony that took place in the Italian Ministry of Property and Cultural Activities.” He added, “The Iraqi ambassador to Rome, Safia Al-Suhail, attended the ceremony in addition to the Italian Minister of Culture.” The statue of the Mother Goddess is an Iraqi artifact that… Read on ->

Tags: Iraq

New images surface of alleged Egyptian Su-35 jets: photos

Published 2020-07-25 12:53:34 by News Desk in North-Africa

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:30 P.M.) – A number of new photos have circulated on social media this week, showing what was said to be the new Egyptian Sukhoi-35 jets that were manufactured in Russia. Social media activists said the photos were taken at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Plant, which is where the Egyptian Su-35 jets are being tested. Pictures of the first five Su-35m fighters appeared, as the planes made a trip to the European part of Russia, and the photos showed that the fighters carried numbers from 9210 to 9214. The fourth-generation Su-35 jet is considered to be one of the most-advanced… Read on ->

Tags: Egypt, Russia

Israeli military strengthens security along Lebanese border: IDF

Published 2020-07-25 12:27:39 by News Desk in Lebanon, Middleeast

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:45 P.M.) – The Israeli-Lebanese border has recently witnessed a military buildup by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), who were monitored recently carrying out drills in the Upper Galilee region. According to the Israeli army spokesperson, Adraee Avichay, the IDF has reduced the movement of its forces to prevent them from possibly being targeted by Hezbollah, who is potentially seeking a retaliatory attack for the loss of one of its members in the Israeli airstrike earlier this week. “Following the assessment of the situation from the IDF, and according to the defense plan for the Northern Command, the… Read on ->

Tags: IDF, Israel, Lebanon

Nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier group to enter eastern Mediterrean

Published 2020-07-25 11:46:45 by News Desk in World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:30 P.M.) – The nuclear aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower, and 12 other warships have arrived in the Mediterranean. The planes on board the aircraft carrier will conduct exercises with the Greek Air Force, according to the news portal According to news portal, the aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower with a group of escort ships will enter the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal on Saturday. The aircraft carrier will go to the area south of the Greek island of Crete, where it will hold joint exercises with the Greek Air Force. Pairs of F-16s, which will… Read on ->

Tags: Mediterranean, US

Iran slams US interception of airliner as ‘act of terrorism’

Published 2020-07-25 11:27:22 by News Desk in Iran, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:00 P.M.) – Tehran confirmed that it had submitted a formal complaint to the International Civil Aviation Organization, describing the American fighter’s interception of an Iranian civilian plane over Syrian territory as “terrorist and aggressive behavior”. On Friday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif accused the United States of risking a civil plane disaster. “The United States has intercepted a civilian passenger plane on a regular flight, endangering innocent civilian passengers by claiming to protect its occupying forces … These illegal acts must be ended before a disaster occurs,” Zarif tweeted The Iranian Foreign Ministry said that this… Read on ->

Tags: Iran, Mahan, Syria, US

Yemeni Army captures important sites in Al-Bayda after heavy battle with Ansarallah forces

Published 2020-07-25 11:17:44 by News Desk in Yemen

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:00 P.M.) – The Yemeni Army, loyal to the government, scored a big advance in the Al-Bayda Governorate on Friday after clashing with the Ansarallah forces at the Qaniyah front. According to pro-government reports, the Yemeni Army captured several areas inside the Qaniyah District, including a number of points that were heavily protected by the Ansarallah forces. Pro-government media claimed that several members of the Ansarallah forces were killed and wounded as a result of this battle. However, the Ansarallah forces have contrasted these claims, stating that they repelled the Yemeni Army’s attempts to advance in the Al-Bayda… Read on ->

Tags: Bayda, Yemen

Syrian Army’s elite 25th Division deploys to southern Idlib with heavy weapons

Published 2020-07-25 11:05:00 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:45 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) elite 25th Special Mission Forces Division (formerly Tiger Forces) have deployed to the southern countryside of the Idlib Governorate this week after taking a long-hiatus following the conclusion of the Ma’arat Al-Nu’man operation. According to reports from the southern Idlib front, the 25th Division deployed several soldiers to the Jabal Al-Zawiya region amid reports of a new offensive against the Turkish-backed militants and their jihadist allies. The reports said the Syrian Army’s 25th Division deployed to this front with heavy weapons, indicating a new operation against the militants in Jabal… Read on ->

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Tags: Idlib, Syria

First prayer and service held at Hagia Sophia in 86 years

Published 2020-07-25 10:26:30 by News Desk in Turkey

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:10 A.M.) – The Imam of the Hagia Sophia began the prayer in the presence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the worshipers on Friday Earlier on Friday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived at the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul, where the first prayer for the mosque began after 86 years. The mayor of Istanbul, Ali Yirlikaya, announced the closure of the roads surrounding the Hagia Sophia mosque, due to the heavy traffic caused by the large attendance. On July 10, Turkey’s Supreme Administrative Court overturned the decision of the Council of Ministers of November 24,… Read on ->

Tags: Hagia_Sophia, Turkey

Russian Navy showcases its military might in large-scale drills off Syrian coast: video

Published 2020-07-25 10:11:04 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:50 A.M.) – The Russian Navy carried out large-scale drills off the coast of Syria’s Tartous Governorate this week, showcasing their military capabilities in the eastern Mediterranean region amid increased tensions between several nations. According to Sputnik Arabic, the Syrian coastal region witnessed the qualitative training of the Russian Navy, as they used their warships, military choppers and combat aircraft to simulate the effectiveness of their forces in battle. Sputnik filmed the naval drills from the coastal governorate of Tartous this week, which is where the Russian Navy is currently based in the eastern Mediterranean. The publication… Read on ->

Tags: Russia, Syria

First Arab country acquires new Chinese missile system

Published 2020-07-25 09:50:52 by News Desk in World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:30 A.M.) – China has started exporting the third generation of their Red Arrow-12 anti-tank systems, also known as the HJ-12. According to the China Defense website, Algeria has become the first Arab country to obtain the upgraded Chinese anti-tank system. Not surprisingly, the Algerian military has long-standing relationships with the Chinese military-industrial complex. It has bought from China self-propelled howitzers, mortars, and multiple missile launch systems, as well as reconnaissance and attack drones and marine equipment. According to military experts, HJ-12 will replace the old Soviet complexes that were developed in the first half of the 1970s…. Read on ->

Tags: Algeria, China

Watch: Moment Russian Su-27 jet intercepts US military aircraft over Black Sea

Published 2020-07-25 09:29:42 by News Desk in World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:20 A.M.) – The Russian Ministry of Defense released a video of an American reconnaissance aircraft that appeared on July 23 over the neutral waters of the Black Sea. The plane was approaching the Russian border, so the Russian military began to track the U.S. aircraft. The footage shows how the Russian fighter crew approached the American plane, and identified its type as an American reconnaissance plane, the U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon. After some time, the American reconnaissance aircraft moved away from the borders of Russia and flew in the opposite direction, and the Russian fighter safely… Read on ->

Tags: Russia, US

Four rockets hit military base hosting US-led Coalition forces

Published 2020-07-25 09:03:25 by News Desk in Iraq

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:50 A.M.) – At least four rockets hit a military base hosting U.S.-led Coalition troops south of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, causing a number of explosions in the process. According to reports, four Katyusha rockets targeted the Besmaya base south of Baghdad, which hosts the Spanish forces of the Coalition. The rocket attack reportedly caused some material damage to the base, but no one was harmed. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. Previously, on July 12th, a convoy heading to a base hosting the U.S. forces was targeted by an unknown group. The convoy… Read on ->

Tags: Iraq

Israeli helicopters strike Syrian Army posts in Quneitra

Published 2020-07-25 08:43:13 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:30 A.M.) – The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched a new attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) after allegations of munitions being fired towards the occupied Golan Heights region. In a statement released on Twitter, the Israeli Defense Forces said they targeted the Syrian Arab Army’s positions in the southern part of the country, hitting the latter’s posts near the border region. “Earlier today, munitions were fired from Syria toward Israel,” the statement began, pointing out that “in response, our aircraft struck military targets in southern Syria belonging to the Syrian Armed Forces. We hold the Syrian… Read on ->

Tags: Quneitra, Syria

Greece, Egypt strengthen ties amid Mediterranean tension with Turkey

Published 2020-07-25 08:25:38 by News Desk in North-Africa, World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:20 A.M.) – Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi receivedg on Thursday evening, a phone call from Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to discuss several issues, including the ongoing conflict with Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean According to a statement of the official spokesperson for the Egyptian presidency , published on Facebook, the contact dealt with some regional files, particularly the developments of the Libyan issue and Turkish drilling in the eastern Mediterranean. The statement said: “The president reviewed the constants and limitations of the Egyptian position towards the crisis in Libya, especially with regard to undermining illegal foreign interventions… Read on ->

Tags: Egypt, Greece, Turkey

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