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Watch: Russian MiG-31 intercept US military aircraft

Published 2020-07-12 23:49:01 by News Desk in World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:40 P.M.) – The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that its fighters intercepted a U.S. military aircraft over the Sea of ​​Japan on Saturday. According to the ministry, an American reconnaissance plane was heading towards the Russian border, when the military command made the decision to deploy its warplanes to intercept the American aircraft. The ministry said in a statement that the Su-35S and MiG 31BM fighter jets took off after an air target was flying over neutral waters towards the Russian border, and it was found that that target was a U.S. Boeing R C-125. The statement… Read on ->

Tags: Russia, US

Russian air defenses foiled jihadist attack on largest base in Syria

Published 2020-07-12 23:25:09 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:10 P.M.) – Admiral Alexander Shertbitsky, head of the Center for Reconciliation between the Warring Parties in Syria, said on Sunday that the Russian air defenses foiled a jihadist attack on the Hmeimim Airbase along the Syrian coast. Shertbitsky said this evening: “On July 11, at about 10:30 P.M.), Russian air defense systems identified two drones approaching the area around the Russian Hmeimim Air Force Base from the northeast, and Russian airplanes destroyed the two planes from five kilometers away from the air base”. The Russian Reconciliation Center commander added that no one was hurt at the base… Read on ->

Tags: Russia, Syria

Turkey demands Libyan Army withdraw from strategic city and base

Published 2020-07-12 22:18:23 by News Desk in North-Africa, Turkey

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:10 P.M.) – The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) does not accept a ceasefire in the country, unless the Libyan National Army (LNA), led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, withdraws from Sirte and Al-Jafra, and returns to the Skhirat agreement. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said, in an interview with the British newspaper, the Financial Times, that no ceasefire deal will be accepted until the LNA fully withdraws from Sirte and Al-Jafra. He said in the interview that the GNA is determined to continue its operations (against Haftar’s forces) unless Haftar… Read on ->

Tags: Egypt, Libya, Turkey

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Mahmoud Abbas sends message to Syrian President

Published 2020-07-12 22:04:26 by News Desk in Palestine

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:45 P.M.) – The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), sent a message to his Syrian counterpart, Bashar Al-Assad, on Sunday evening. According to the Sama News Agency, Faisal al-Miqdad, the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister and Expatriates, received on Sunday, Ziad Abu Amr, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Palestinian Council of Ministers. The Sama report said that Abu Amr conveyed to Miqdad a message from President Abbas, which includes an explanation of the overall situation regarding Palestine. Furthermore, the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that Abbas, though Abu Amr, expressed his pride to visit Syria,… Read on ->

Tags: Abbas, Assad, Palestine, Syria

Syrian commander threatens US soldiers: ‘If you return, I will burn your patrol’ – video

Published 2020-07-12 20:45:19 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:30 P.M.) – A video circulating on social media sites showed a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) officer, who halted a U.S. military convoy in Al-Hasakah, threatening to burn their patrol if they returned to the same checkpoint again. The video clip shows the Syrian officer telling the U.S. translator: “Do you understand what I told you? If they return tomorrow, I will burn the patrol, including them,” and there was no American vehicle but it returned its tracks without any objection.” The video was widely spread on social media, and received massive reactions from the people who shared… Read on ->

Tags: Hasakah, Syria, US

Azerbaijani, Armenian forces involved in clashes along bordr

Published 2020-07-12 20:30:49 by News Desk in World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:20 P.M.) – The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry accused the Armenian military of opening fire at the border on Sunday, provoking clashes that resulted in losses on both sides. “Starting from the afternoon on 12 July, units of the Armenian armed forces, grossly violating the ceasefire on the direction of the Tovuz region of the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border, subjected to fire … our positions using artillery mounts. There are losses on both sides”, the ministry said in a press release, published on its official website. Separately, the press service said that two Azerbaijani servicemen have been killed, and five… Read on ->

Tags: Armenia, Azerbaijan

Watch: Russian military choppers fly at low altitude over militant stronghold in east Aleppo

Published 2020-07-12 16:37:16 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:30 P.M.) – Russian military choppers were filmed this past week, flying over positions of the Turkish-backed militants in the eastern countryside of the Aleppo Governorate. According to reports, the Russian military choppers were seen flying over the city of Al-Bab, which is currently the main stronghold for the Turkish-backed militants in eastern Aleppo. While the reasoning for this overflight was not stated, it likely had to do with their ongoing patrols along the axes of the Al-Raqqa and Aleppo governorates.

Tags: Aleppo, Russia, Syria

Turkey stifled Haftar’s plans to capture Libyan capital: Erdogan

Published 2020-07-12 16:30:11 by News Desk in North-Africa, Turkey

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:20 P.M.) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday that Ankara’s stance in Libya foiled the plans of the Libyan National Army’s commander, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. According to Erdogan, Turkey’s intervention saved the city of Tripoli from falling to the Libyan National Army and their commander. Erdogan continued in his interview with the Turkish magazine that “the Government of National Accord managed to get the revolutionaries out of Tripoli in a short time and these field gains heralded peace and security in all Libyan lands. Turkey’s determined stance stifled the plans of Haftar and his… Read on ->

Tags: Erdogan, Haftar, Libya, Turkey

Unknown assailants attacked US military convoy in southern Iraq: report

Published 2020-07-12 14:12:02 by News Desk in Iraq

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:00 P.M.) – A supply convoy heading to a U.S. military base in Iraq came under attack last night, an Iraqi security source said. “Four trucks were attacked in the Najme region between Diwaniyah and As-Samawah”, the source said. According to the security source, the trucks were carrying supplies from Basra to one of the US bases in Iraq. Unknown assailants on pickup trucks attacked the supply convoy, forcing it to stop, got the drivers out of the vehicles, and set the convoy trucks on fire. All the convoy drivers were Iraqi citizens, the source said The unknown… Read on ->

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Tags: Iraq

Israeli warplanes, warships violated Lebanese sovereignty several times in past 24 hours: army

Published 2020-07-12 12:45:02 by News Desk in Lebanon, Middleeast

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:20 P.M.) – On Saturday, the Lebanese army announced that Israeli warplanes and warships violated Lebanon’s airspace and territorial waters several times. A statement issued by the Lebanese Army last night said that an Israeli reconnaissance plane violated at 8:30 A.M. on Saturday morning, “Lebanese airspace over the sea west of the town of Naqqoura, up to and including Adloun. The statement indicated that the Israeli plane “carried out a circular flight over the areas of the south, Beirut and its environs, Baabda and Aley, and then left the atmosphere at 14:35 from the sea, west of the… Read on ->

Tags: Israel, Lebanon

Senior Iranian military officer killed in Syria

Published 2020-07-12 12:21:36 by News Desk in Iran, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:00 P.M.) – On Saturday, the Iranian authorities announced the killing of a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards officer named Ibrahim Asmi in Syria. “Asmi was killed in the last few days in Syria,” according to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps commander, Rustam Ali Rafii . The Iranian Revolutionary Guards did not provide more details about the death of Asmi; however, there have been reports of new attacks by the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) in eastern Syria. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards recently commented on the news circulated about the “killing of the commander of the Air Force in the Revolutionary… Read on ->

Tags: Iran, Syria

Libyan Army sets important conditions for reopening ports and oil fields

Published 2020-07-12 12:06:32 by News Desk in North-Africa

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:30 A.M.) – On Saturday evening, the Libyan National Army, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, issued an important statement regarding the opening of ports and oil fields in the country. The Libyan National Army’s spokesman, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, said in the recorded statement: “Concerning its commitment to implement the orders of the Libyan people regarding ports and oil fields at a time when the General Command of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces values ​​the Libyan people’s great confidence in their armed forces, through their mandate to negotiate with the international community to reach the just demands… Read on ->

Tags: Libya

Iranian Air Force: Soon our missiles will reach a range of 100km

Published 2020-07-12 11:35:43 by News Desk in Iran

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:20 A.M.) – The Iranian Air Force announced on Sunday, that the range of its missiles has reached 8 kilometers, indicating that it will reach 100 kilometers in the future. The official Fars News Agency of Iran quoted the commander of the Air Force, Brigadier Pilot Yusef Qurbani, as saying that “the range of (fired and missed) missiles has been delivered to the helicopters to more than 8 km and will reach 20 km as well as 100 km in the future.” Qurbani said that when the U.S. left Iran in 1979, they believed that the Iranian military… Read on ->

Tags: Iran

Christian icons in the Hagia Sophia will be covered using optical technology: Hurriyet

Published 2020-07-12 11:24:09 by News Desk in Turkey

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:10 A.M.) – The Turkish newspaper, Hurriyet Daily, said on Saturday that at the Hagia Sophia icons and paintings of Christian mosaics will be covered with light-based technology. They explained that special curtains will be used during Islamic prayers, while carpets will be placed on the floor of the mosque, which will be lit in a certain way in order to darken the icons in the ceilings and walls. Icons and mosaic panels are scattered in the walls and ceiling of Hagia Sophia, most of which carry Christian symbols such as the image of Jesus Christ and the… Read on ->

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Tags: Hagia_Sophia, Turkey

Egypt displays naval strength by destroying enemy target with single missile strike: video

Published 2020-07-12 11:13:05 by News Desk in North-Africa

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:00 A.M.) – Screenshots posted in a video published by the Egyptian Armed Forces on Saturday showed the moment their Navy sank an enemy landing ship in the Mediterranean with one blow. During the “Decisive 2020” exercise, a frigate launched an anti-ship missile, which has a range of 124 km to 140 km. The Egyptian forces fired a Harpoon missile at the target, destroying the ship with only one projectile. The Egyptian Army announced on Saturday that the military maneuver “Decisive 2020” in the western strategic border comes in light of the sharp and rapid changes the… Read on ->

Tags: Egypt, Mediterranea

Video emerges showing alleged US military convoy ablaze in southern Iraq

Published 2020-07-12 10:57:52 by News Desk in Iraq

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:45 A.M.) – A logistics supply convoy including four trucks came under attack by unknown assailants on Saturday night on the Samawah-Diwaniya highway in the south of the Middle Eastern country. Videos and photos emerged online showing flames consuming three vehicles from the attacked US military convoy. According to a security source, militants on pickup trucks reached the column, forced it to stop, took Iraqi drivers out of the vehicles, and set the trucks on fire. The attack on the military convoy, which was heading from Basra to a US base, lasted about six minutes. The militants… Read on ->

Tags: Iraq, US

Jihadist attack ends in disaster along southern Idlib front-lines

Published 2020-07-12 10:36:57 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:20 A.M.) – The jihadist rebels launched a surprise attack in the southern countryside of the Idlib Governorate last night, targeting the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) positions from the north. According to the Russian Reconciliation Center, the jihadists launched the attack with more than 250 fighters, resulting in the death of eight of the militants. They added that the Syrian forces repelled the attack without suffering any casualties of their own. A source from the Syrian Army said the attack by the jihadist rebels was short-lived, as they abandoned the assault after sustaining a number of casualties along… Read on ->

Tags: Idlib, Syria

Jihadists launch new attack on largest Russian airbase in Syria

Published 2020-07-12 01:05:38 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:45 A.M.) – For the second time in the last 40 days, the jihadist rebels have attempted to attack the largest Russian airbase in Syria. According to a field report from the city of Jableh, the jihadist rebels fired several missile drones that took off from the Latakia-Idlib axis this evening. The report said the joint Russian-Syrian air defenses were able to intercept all of the jihadist missiles before they could the Hmeimim Airbase and coastal city of Jableh in the Latakia Governorate. A source from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) said the jihadist drones were also destroyed… Read on ->

Tags: Hmeimim, Latakia, Syria

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