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Palestinian special forces release new training video from Aleppo

Published 2019-02-05 22:41:30 by News Desk in Palestine, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:30 P.M.) – The special forces division of Liwaa Al-Quds released a new video this week of their training in the Aleppo Governorate. Monitored by the Russian military, the Palestinian paramilitary group’s special forces division was filmed conducting a number of training exercises in an undisclosed part of… Read on ->

Tags: Aleppo, Palestine, Syria

Iraqi PM says Iraq will not be used to spy on or attack its neighbors

Published 2019-02-05 22:24:57 by News Desk in Iran, Iraq, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:00 P.M.) – During his weekly press conference, the Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdel-Mahdi said that Iraq will not be used by any nation to spy on its neighbors. “Th Iraqi government categorically rejects the use of its territory to attack or spy on the neighbors of Iraq,”… Read on ->

Tags: Iran, Iraq, US

Breaking: Saudi Coalition forces capture several sites in northern Yemen

Published 2019-02-05 22:04:48 by News Desk in Yemen

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:50 P.M.) – The Saudi Coalition scored a big advance this evening after they launched a big assault inside the northern region of the Al-Sa’ada Governorate. Backed by heavy airstrikes, the Saudi Coalition and their allies from the pro-government Yemeni Army managed to seize several sites at the… Read on ->

Tags: Houthi, Saada, Saudi, Yemen

Several Saudi soldiers killed in new Houthi missile attack (video)

Published 2019-02-05 21:51:32 by News Desk in Yemen

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:40 P.M.) – The battle for the strategic Al-Doud Mountain has recently intensified in southern Saudi Arabia as both the Houthi forces and Arab Coalition trade attacks in this imperative border region. On Tuesday, the Houthi forces released a video of their rocket battalion firing an anti-tank guided missile… Read on ->

Tags: Houthi, Saudi, Yemen

US increases military presence in Syria despite Trump’s withdrawal announcement

Published 2019-02-05 21:21:00 by News Desk in Syria

The United States has shored up its presence in Syria, transferring about 150 trucks and armoured vehicles and mobile generators to northeast Syria from neighbouring Iraq, Turkey’s Anadolu Agency has reported, citing local sources. According to Anadolu’s sources, the vehicles made their way into Kurdish-controlled areas of northeast Syria on Monday night, crossing the Simelka checkpoint along the Syrian-Iraqi border,… Read on ->

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Tags: Deir_Ezzor, Syria

‘Is Venezuela your state?’ Erdogan slams US, EU states for Guaido endorsement

Published 2019-02-05 20:58:50 by News Desk in Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan slammed the United States and a number of European Union countries for their endorsement of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president of the country, during a parliamentary address in Ankara on Tuesday. “Is Venezuela your state? How can you tell someone to leave… Read on ->

Tags: Erdogan, EU, Guaido, Maduro, Turkey

US military commander was not consulted prior to Trump’s withdrawal decision

Published 2019-02-05 20:40:51 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:30 P.M.) -The U.S. military commander overseeing American troops in the Middle East told a Senate hearing on Tuesday that he was not consulted ahead of President Donald Trump’s surprise decision in December to pull U.S. troops out of Syria. “I was not consulted,” said U.S. General Joseph… Read on ->

Tags: Syria

Russia’s Iskander-M tactical missiles to carry various types of warheads

Published 2019-02-05 20:07:48 by News Desk in World-News

Russia’s Iskander-M tactical missile systems will be upgraded to get new missiles with various warheads and will be capable of operating as part of the reconnaissance and fire network, says an article published in the thematic bulletin, “2018 Missile and Artillery Technical Provision for the Russian Armed Forces,” on Tuesday…. Read on ->

Tags: Russia

New satellite image shows Syria’s S-300 system ready for service

Published 2019-02-05 19:47:04 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:20 P.M.) – A new satellite image that was released by Image Sat International revealed on Tuesday that Syria’s S-300 system was ready for service. According to the image, at least three of the four S-300 batteries were visible Satellites of via the satellite, but the picture did… Read on ->

Tags: Syria

Maduro blasts Guaido as ‘opposition tool’ in new interview (video)

Published 2019-02-05 18:39:01 by News Desk in World-News

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that opposition leader Juan Guaido serves as “random tool” for change in the country, speaking in an exclusive interview with RT in the Venezuelan capital on Monday. “I am ready for negotiations, I have always been ready for it. I called for more than 300… Read on ->

Tags: Guaido, Maduro, Venezuela

If Israel continues to attack Syria, Iran will respond: defense council head

Published 2019-02-05 17:52:06 by News Desk in Iran, Middleeast, Syria

Secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said on Tuesday at a meeting with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem that Israel will receive a decisive response if it continues attacks in Syria. “In case of continuation of such actions, specific measures will be taken to contain it… Read on ->

Tags: Iran, Israel, Syria

Update: Turkish-backed rebel groups use heavy weapons to attack one another in Afrin

Published 2019-02-05 17:33:13 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:20 P.M.) – Earlier this afternoon, two Turkish-backed rebel groups began to clash inside the Afrin region of the Aleppo Governorate. According to pro-opposition activists, the clashes broke out between Harakat Nouriddeen Al-Zinki and Ahrar Sharqiyah inside the Jandaris District of Afrin. The reason for the clashes is… Read on ->

Tags: Afrin, Syria

Russian Defense Ministry to extend range of land-based missile systems by 2020-end

Published 2019-02-05 17:14:11 by News Desk in World-News

Russia’s Defence Ministry is to develop a land-based version of the Kalibr naval missile system and increase the range of land-based missile systems currently in development. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shouigu made the announcement during a meeting in the Defence Ministry in Moscow on Tuesday. The announcement comes in response… Read on ->

Tags: Russia

Breaking: Fierce clashes breakout between Turkish-backed rebels in Afrin

Published 2019-02-05 16:50:57 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:30 P.M.) – Fierce clashes broke out this afternoon between two rival rebel factions inside the Afrin region of Aleppo, opposition activists reported via social media. According to the reports, intense clashes broke out inside the Jandaris District of Afrin for unknown reasons. Over the last two months,… Read on ->

Tags: Afrin, Aleppo

Unknown group attacks Syrian Army in northwestern Daraa

Published 2019-02-05 16:24:20 by Leith Aboufadel in Syria

BERIUT, LEBANON (4:10 P.M.) – An unknown group carried out a deadly attack at a Syrian military checkpoint in the northwestern countryside of the Daraa Governorate this morning. According to a military communique from the Daraa Governorate, a group of unknown assailants attacked a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) checkpoint using… Read on ->

Tags: Daraa, Syria

Syrian Army foils ISIS infiltration attempt near Iraqi border city

Published 2019-02-05 16:07:00 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:00 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) foiled an Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) infiltration attempt along the Iraqi border last night, a field source told Al-Masdar News this afternoon. According to the source, the Islamic State managed to sneak past the Syrian Arab Army’s lines towards the northern… Read on ->

Tags: ISIS, Syria

Nasrallah says new Lebanese gov’t not controlled by Hezbollah

Published 2019-02-05 15:17:14 by News Desk in Lebanon

Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on Monday confirmed in a televised speech aired via Al-Manar TV channel that the new Lebanese Government was not controlled by Hezbollah. He also affirmed that the new Lebanese Health Minister was close to Hezbollah, but not a member of the party. In his speech,… Read on ->

Tags: Hezbollah, Nasrallah

Russia’s campaign in Syria prompts need for military satellites

Published 2019-02-05 14:52:58 by News Desk in Syria, World-News

The Syrian combat experience of using precision weapons prompts the need to re-equip the orbital grouping of military satellites, Russian Defense Minister Army General Sergey Shoigu said at the ministry’s conference call on Tuesday. “The Syrian experience shows that detailed reconnaissance and cartographic information is needed for the effective use… Read on ->

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Tags: Russia, Syria

Breaking: Erdogan threatens to invade Manbij in ‘few weeks’ if terrorists don’t leave

Published 2019-02-05 14:35:34 by News Desk in Syria, Turkey

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:15 P.M.) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to invade the Syrian city of Manbij if the ‘terrorists’ to do not leave soon. “There is no satisfactory plan that is put before us concretely yet,” Erdogan told a parliamentary meeting of his AK Party. “Of course we… Read on ->

Tags: Erdogan, Syria, Turkey

Saudi Arabia and Arab allies armed Al-Qaeda in Yemen: CNN

Published 2019-02-05 14:18:12 by News Desk in Yemen

According to CNN’s exclusive report, Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners allegedly gave militants linked to al-Qaeda terrorist group, Salafi militias and other factions in Yemen weapons that were manufactured by the United States, in breach of its arms agreements with Washington. An investigation, carried out by CNN, has found… Read on ->

Tags: Saudi, Yemen

At least 8 Arab League members support Syria’s return: report

Published 2019-02-05 14:07:30 by News Desk in Middleeast, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:00 P.M.) – At least eight Arab states are backing Syria’s return to the Arab League, a source told Sputnik News Agency from Brussels on Tuesday. “At least eight members of the Arab League: Lebanon, Algeria, Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, are positively… Read on ->

Tags: Syria

US wants allies to repatriate captured ISIS terrorists

Published 2019-02-05 13:56:25 by News Desk in Iraq, Syria

US State Department deputy spokesman Robert Palladino has called for the repatriation of foreign citizens who came to Syria to join Daesh ranks and were captured by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). “The United States calls upon other nations to repatriate and prosecute their citizens detained by the SDF and commends the continued efforts of the SDF to return these foreign… Read on ->

Tags: Iraq, SDF, Syria, US

Syrian Army deploys reinforcements to front-lines to block Turkish troops from Manbij (video)

Published 2019-02-05 13:44:22 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:30 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army deployed several reinforcements to the front-lines in the northern countryside of Manbij this week, Rusvesna.SU reported. According to the report, the Syrian Arab Army’s 1st Armored Division was deployed to the front-line areas with the Turkish Army and their allied rebel… Read on ->

Tags: Aleppo, Manbij, Syria, Turkey

Guaido accuses Maduro government of trying to move public funds to Uruguay

Published 2019-02-05 13:26:19 by News Desk in World-News

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido said Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro’s government was attempting to move roughly $1.2 billion from state-owned development bank BANDES into an account in Uruguay, while speaking to the press in Caracas on Monday. “As a result of the decisions of Europe and the United States, they… Read on ->

Tags: Guaido, Maduro, Venezuela

Syrian Army steps up attacks in southern Idlib as new operation appears imminent

Published 2019-02-05 13:02:19 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:45 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has recently stepped up their attacks in the Idlib Governorate as the date for their new operation approaches. Led by their 4th Division on Tuesday, the Syrian Arab Army launched several attacks along the southern part of the Idlib province,… Read on ->

Tags: Idlib, Syria

Several Saudi soldiers killed in heavy attack by the Houthi forces along Yemeni border

Published 2019-02-05 12:47:58 by News Desk in Yemen

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:45 P.M.) – Several Saudi soldiers and their allied fighters were killed during a heavy attack that was launched by the Houthi forces in the Najran province of southern Saudi Arabia on Monday. According to the official media wing of the Houthi forces, their troops fired two direct… Read on ->

Tags: Houthi, Saudi, Yemen

Two US spy planes approached Russian military bases in western Syria: report

Published 2019-02-05 12:36:10 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:35 P.M.) – On Monday morning, the Avia-Pro publication reported that two U.S. warplanes were spotted off the coast of western Syria. According to the publication, the U.S. spy planes approached the Syrian shores near the Russian Hmeimim Airbase in order to collect information during their surveillance mission…. Read on ->

Tags: Hmeimim, Russia, Syria

US Coalition planned to bomb Syrian portable toilet in 2017: report

Published 2019-02-05 12:22:30 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:00 P.M.) – The U.S. Coalition had planned to bomb a portable toilet that belonged to the Syrian government near the Al-Tanf region, the Foreign Policy reported on Monday. According to the Foreign Policy article, the U.S. Coalition called an airstrike on the Syrian government but made the… Read on ->

Tags: Syria, US

British ISIS suspects call on UK to bring them home from Syria

Published 2019-02-05 11:58:59 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:50 A.M.) – On Tuesday, the Sky News Agency released an exclusive interview with three suspected Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) members that are currently being held in a prison belonging to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northern Syria. Among the three interviewed by Sky News was Mohammed Anwar… Read on ->

Tags: Syria, UK

Houthi forces capture several sites inside southern Saudi Arabia

Published 2019-02-05 11:30:17 by News Desk in Yemen

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:10 A.M.) – The Houthi forces scored a big advance in southern Saudi Arabia on Monday after launching a counter-offensive against the Saudi Coalition in the Jizan province. According to the official media wing of the Houthi forces, their troops managed to seize several sites inside the Al-Qais… Read on ->

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Tags: Houthi, Saudi, Yemen

Ukrainian electronic warfare system helped Israel destroy Syrian air defenses: report

Published 2019-02-05 11:15:59 by News Desk in Middleeast, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:10 A.M.) – Ukraine’s electronic warfare systems helped the Israeli military spot the positions of the Syrian air defense around Damascus, Avia-Pro reported on Monday. According to the publication, the success of the Israeli attack in Syria was due to the fact that Ukraine had provided the electronic… Read on ->

Tags: Israel, Syria

US Coalition says they bombed Syrian Army in self-defense

Published 2019-02-05 10:49:56 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:35 A.M.) – The U.S. Coalition told the Reuters News Agency on Monday that their attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was in “self-defense” and not ‘unexpected’ as the latter said. According to an email to Reuters, Coalition spokesman Col. Sean Ryan said: “our partner forces were… Read on ->

Tags: Syria, US

Sanctions against Iran have had limited effects on their operations in Syria: Pentagon

Published 2019-02-05 10:34:05 by News Desk in Iran, Syria

US sanctions reinstated on Tehran have had a limited impact on Iranian operations in Syria, the US Defense Department’s Inspector General said in a report on Monday. “US sanctions re-imposed on Iran in August and November 2018 have had limited effect on Iran’s ability to operate in Syria,” the report… Read on ->

Tags: Iran, Syria

Turkey does not recognize ‘legitimacy of the Assad regime’

Published 2019-02-05 10:21:25 by News Desk in Syria, Turkey

BEIRUT LEBANON (10:10 A.M.) – The Spokesperson for the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin said on Monday that Ankara does maintain low-level ties with the Syrian government, but they do not recognize the legitimacy of President Bashar Al-Assad, the Daily Sabah reported. “Turkish intelligence departments may sometimes have contacts with various… Read on ->

Tags: Assad, Syria, Turkey

SDF captures 3 foreign ISIS fighters in eastern Syria, including German national

Published 2019-02-05 10:03:18 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:50 A.M.) – The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) captured another group of foreign jihadists from the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) after advancing through the eastern Euphrates region. According to the Syrian Democratic Forces, their troops captured three Islamic State terrorists while advancing inside the town of Murashida in the… Read on ->

Tags: Germany, Syria

Pope Francis denounces war in Yemen and Syria during first-ever Gulf visit (video)

Published 2019-02-05 09:42:44 by News Desk in Gulf, Syria, Yemen

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:20 A.M.) – In his speech, the Pope advocated for the end of war and violence and mentioned the role religions must play during turbulent times. “Human fraternity requires of us as representatives of the world’s religions the duty to reject every nuance of approval from the word… Read on ->

Tags: Pope, Syria, UAE, Yemen

Qatar donates $2 million to White Helmets in Syria

Published 2019-02-05 09:15:39 by News Desk in Gulf, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:05 A.M.) – The Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) donated a two-million-dollar grant to the Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets) in Syria, the QFFD’s press service told Russia’s Sputnik News Agency. The fund’s deputy director-general, Misfer Hamad Al-Shahwani, and the head of the White Helmets, Raed Al Saleh… Read on ->

Tags: Qatar, Syria

War against ISIS is not over, they must not be allowed to regroup: Russian FM

Published 2019-02-05 09:00:08 by News Desk in Syria, World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:45 A.M.) – The fight against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) terror organization is not over yet, despite the recent successes in both Syria and Iraq, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University on Monday on Monday. “All who are dealing with the issue admit that… Read on ->

Tags: ISIS, Syria

New drones and missiles unveiled at military exhibit in Iran (video)

Published 2019-02-05 08:37:03 by News Desk in Iran

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:20 A.M.) – An exhibition opened last Wednesday at Tehran’s Grand Mosalla and includes 560 pieces of military hardware, including several drones and missiles. The display will run through until February 11 and it is part of the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution. The… Read on ->

Tags: Iran

Senate goes against Trump, votes to keep troops in Syria, Afghanistan

Published 2019-02-05 08:14:55 by News Desk in Middleeast, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:00 A.M.) – The U.S. Senate voted 70-26 in favor of a non-binding amendment, drafted by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, saying that terrorist groups in both Syria and Afghanistan still pose a serious threat. As reported by the Reuters News Agency, the new amendment acknowledged the U.S.’ progress… Read on ->

Tags: Afghanistan, Senate, Syria

Russian military expands presence along Turkish border (video)

Published 2019-02-05 07:53:08 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:30 A.M.) – The Russian military police have expanded their presence around the Manbij countryside after conducting several patrols alongside the U.S.-backed Manbij Military Council (MMC). According to the latest reports from the northern countryside of Aleppo, the Russian military police have recently expanded their patrols to the… Read on ->

Tags: Aleppo, Russia, Syria

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