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State of Palestine: 19 injured in clashes with IDF near Ramallah

Published 2019-02-01 23:41:07 by News Desk in Middleeast, Palestine

At least 19 Palestinians were reportedly injured in clashes with Israeli forces outside the village of al-Mughayyir near Ramallah in the West Bank on Friday. Locals protest weekly against alleged attacks by Israeli settlers on the village and reported plans to annex a piece of land nearby for them. Protesters… Read on ->

Tags: IDF, Israel, Palestine, Ramallah

Russian Corvette Stoikiy conducts missile launch during Baltic Sea drills (video)

Published 2019-02-01 22:03:37 by News Desk in World-News

Russian corvette ‘Stoikiy’ took part in a missile firing exercise in the Baltic Sea, footage released on Friday shows. According to the Russian Navy, the ship launched a Kh-35 missile which successfully hit a floating target located 30 kilometres (18,6 miles) away.

The corvette ‘Stoikiy’ entered… Read on ->

Tags: Baltic, Russia

Breaking: Scores of ISIS terrorists killed by Hashd Al-Shaabi during mass retreat in Syria

Published 2019-02-01 21:53:30 by News Desk in Iraq, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:30 P.M.) – The Iraqi-led Hashd Al-Sha’abi forces carried out a powerful attack against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) inside Syria, the group’s media wing announced this evening. According to Hashd Al-Sha’abi, their forces attacked a group of Islamic State militants that were trying to escape from the town… Read on ->

Tags: Iraq, ISIS, Syria

Jihadist special forces kill several Syrian soldiers in surprise attack in Aleppo

Published 2019-02-01 21:37:31 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:20 P.M.) – The jihadist special forces carried out a powerful attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) inside the southwestern part of Aleppo on Friday. Led by the Harred Al-Moumenen Operation Room, the jihadist rebels ambushed a group of Syrian Arab Army soldiers that were posted near the… Read on ->

Tags: Aleppo, Syria

USAID To Palestinians Is Completely Cut

Published 2019-02-01 21:11:34 by Robert Inlakesh in Middleeast, Palestine

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (9:00 P.M)- USAID to the West Bank and Gaza Strip has been completely cut. According to Reuters, a US official has confirmed the ending of all USAID to the Palestinian Territories. The cut also includes stopping 60million dollars of funds, meant to feed Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces…. Read on ->

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Tags: Palestinians, USAID

Russia, Turkey to potentially launch joint offensive in Idlib

Published 2019-02-01 21:08:51 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:45 P.M.) – Turkey and Russia may conduct a joint military operation in the Idlib Governorate in northwestern Syria to clear the remaining terrorists from the region, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said on Friday. “Russians are offering a joint operation, they say that we have to get… Read on ->

Tags: Idlib, Russia, Syria, Turkey

Syrian authorities seize over 1 million captagon pills in Homs

Published 2019-02-01 20:51:34 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:30 P.M.) – The Syrian authorities seized a large cache of pills on Friday that were being transported along one of Syria’s largest highways. According to the Syrian Arab News Agency, the local authorities seized over one million captagon pills from a truck that was traveling along the… Read on ->

Tags: Homs, Syria

Turkish-backed rebels score direct hit on Syrian Army post (video)

Published 2019-02-01 20:31:54 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:30 P.M.) – The Turkish-backed Jaysh Al-Izza faction carried out a new missile strike on a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) post in the northern countryside of the Hama Governorate. According to Jaysh Al-Izza, their fighters fired a 9K111 fagot anti-tank guided missile at a Syrian Army checkpoint in… Read on ->

Tags: Hama, Syria

Daesh could reclaim lost territory in Syria after US withdraws: Pentagon

Published 2019-02-01 20:13:59 by News Desk in Syria

Daesh could reclaim some of its territories within 6 to 12 months after the US concludes its presence in Syria, NBC News reported, citing an obtained draft Pentagon paper. The paper, which is scheduled to be released next week, reportedly says that without the US military pressure on the terrorist… Read on ->

Tags: Daesh, Syria

Baghdadi running for his life between Syria and Iraq: intel chief

Published 2019-02-01 19:03:09 by News Desk in Iraq, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:45 P.M.) – The Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) leader/founder is believed to be on the run these days as the last of his self-proclaimed ‘caliphate’ crumbles inside Syria and Iraq. According to the chief of the Intelligence Office of Iraq’s Interior Ministry, Abu ‘Ali, Al-Basri, Al-Baghdadi never stays in one… Read on ->

Tags: Baghdadi, Iraq, Syria

Colombian troops allegedly deploy to Venezuelan border (video)

Published 2019-02-01 18:43:05 by News Desk in World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:30 P.M.) – Colombian reinforcements were allegedly filmed moving towards the Venezuelan border as the turmoil in the neighboring country intensifies. This report of Colombian troops deploying to the border comes just a week after the Venezuelan Army was filmed moving to the same area.

Tags: Colombia, Venezuela

US not seeking immediate military intervention in Venezuela: Bolton

Published 2019-02-01 18:22:52 by News Desk in World-News

The United States has no plans for an imminent military intervention in Venezuela, but all options with regard to the situation in that county remain on the table, US National Security Advisor John Bolton said on Friday. “No, the President said all options are on the table,” Bolton said during… Read on ->

Tags: Venezuela

Russia: Military cathedral steps to be paved with Nazi WWII-era guns (video)

Published 2019-02-01 18:07:33 by News Desk in World-News

Weapons captured from Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht during World War II will be melted and utilized to build Russian Armed Forced Main Cathedral. Video released on January 25 by the Russian Defence Ministry shows a warehouse in Vladimir Region with crates full of the WWII guns. The weapons include MG-42 machine… Read on ->

Tags: Russia

Trump says US troops will be withdrawing from Syria, enough with costly wars

Published 2019-02-01 16:59:25 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:45 P.M.) – In a series of tweets on Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump reiterated that the American troops would be withdrawing from Syria and Afghanistan as they have cost Washington a great deal of money. “I inherited a total mess in Syria and Afghanistan, the “Endless Wars” of unlimited spending… Read on ->

Tags: Syria, Trump

Issue of Iran’s withdrawal from Syria is solely between Damascus and Tehran: Russia

Published 2019-02-01 14:45:34 by News Desk in Syria

The issue of Iran’s full disengagement from Syria should be discussed exclusively between Tehran and Damascus, Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan Dzhagaryan told Sputnik in an interview. “The issue [of Iran’s withdrawal] is the prerogative of the Syrian authorities. If it is raised, it will be discussed only between Damascus… Read on ->

Tags: Iran, Syria

Houthi forces fire 6 missiles at Saudi military camp along Yemeni border

Published 2019-02-01 14:20:54 by News Desk in Yemen

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:00 P.M.) – The Houthi forces rained several missiles this morning on a Saudi military camp that is located along the Yemeni border. According to the official media wing of the Houthi forces, their rocket battalion fired a half dozen Zilzal-1 missiles at a Saudi military camp that… Read on ->

Tags: Houthi, Najran, Saudi, Yemen

Russian Army blows up massive river jam in Russia’s Far East (video)

Published 2019-02-01 14:07:55 by News Desk in World-News

Russian army sappers carried out a series of explosions in Khabarovsk Region on Friday in an effort to blow up a massive boulder that was blocking the Bureya River. According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, more than ten tons of TNT were used to tackle the jam caused by… Read on ->

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Tags: Russia

Unknown group carries out deadly attack against Syrian Army in Daraa

Published 2019-02-01 13:46:24 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:30 P.M.) – A group of unknown assailants carried out a deadly attack on a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) checkpoint in the eastern countryside of the Daraa Governorate last night. According to a military source in Damascus, the unknown assailants stormed a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint near the… Read on ->

Tags: Daraa, Syria

Syrian Army seizes large cache of weapons, Israeli-made medical supplies in Quneitra

Published 2019-02-01 13:02:03 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:45 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) seized a large cache of weapons in the southwestern province of Al-Quneitra this week, a military source told Al-Masdar News. According to the source, the Syrian Arab Army seized the weapons while combing through the formerly jihadist-held areas in both… Read on ->

Tags: Quneitra, Syria

US spy plane spotted over Colombia amid turmoil in Venezuela

Published 2019-02-01 12:40:47 by News Desk in World-News

For the second time in two consecutive days, US reconnaissance aircraft has been spotted over Colombia, and as reported by Aircraft Spots, it is an EO-5C N177RA PLOMO27 spy plane. A journalist who retweeted the photo assumed that the military aircraft was likely used to intercept communications from neighbouring Venezuela, which has plunged into a political… Read on ->

Tags: Colombia, US, Venezuela

Breaking: Key Houthi commander killed by Saudi airstrike in northern Yemen

Published 2019-02-01 12:25:23 by News Desk in Yemen

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:10 P.M.) – A key commander of the Houthi forces was reportedly killed by a Saudi airstrike in northern Yemen last night. According to local reports, the commander of the Houthi forces, ‘Abdullah Jahaf, was killed when a Saudi Coalition airstrike hit his position in the Hajjah Governorate… Read on ->

Tags: Houthi, Saudi, Yemen

Video footage of Hashd Al-Shaabi blocking US forces from Syrian border

Published 2019-02-01 12:12:11 by News Desk in Iraq, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:00 P.M.) – On January 15th, Hashd Al-Sha’abi’s Al-Anbar division blocked a U.S. military patrol from conducting a survey of the Iraqi troops along the Syrian border. According to the reports, the commander of Hashd Al-Sha’abi’s forces in the Al-Anbar Governorate said that the U.S. troops were asking… Read on ->

Tags: Iraq, Syria

Syrian Army hammers Turkish-backed rebels in northern Hama

Published 2019-02-01 11:42:55 by Leith Aboufadel in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:30 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) carried out a heavy attack against a group of Turkish-backed rebels in the northern countryside of the Hama Governorate on Friday morning. Led by their 4th Division, the Syrian Arab Army unleashed a barrage of missiles and artillery shells towards… Read on ->

Tags: Hama, Syria

Saudi Arabia meets with allies in Jordan after heated debate about Syria’s return to Arab League

Published 2019-02-01 11:25:27 by News Desk in Syria

Top diplomats from Saudi Arabia and its allies wrapped up two days of talks in Jordan’s Dead Sea resort on Thursday, aimed at coordinating policy on conflicts gripping the region. The closed-door meetings were a “consultation between brothers and friends,” Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said. The six ministers exchanged views “on our… Read on ->

Tags: Jordan, Saudi, Syria

Russia denies flying Venezuela’s gold to Moscow

Published 2019-02-01 11:16:21 by News Desk in World-News

Reports claiming that Russian jets are extracting gold out of Venezuela are aimed to discredit the country, Russian Ambassador to Venezuela Vladimir Zaemsky stated during Thursday’s press conference. “All these propagandistic red herrings, which, in my opinion, are released with one goal only – to simply hurt Russia’s image in… Read on ->

Tags: Russia, Venezuela

Large US military convoy enters Syria from Iraq (video)

Published 2019-02-01 11:07:43 by News Desk in Iraq, Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:00 A.M.) – A large U.S. military convoy entered Syria this week from neighboring Iraq, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on Friday morning. According to the SOHR report, the U.S. military convoy entered Syria through the Semalka Crossing that links Iraqi Kurdistan with Syria’s Al-Hasakah… Read on ->

Tags: Iraq, Syria

Russia claims Chechen woman passes away at age 129

Published 2019-02-01 10:19:50 by News Desk in World-News

Russia’s oldest woman, Koka Istambulova, who was born in 1889, has died in the North Caucasian republic of Chechnya, he grandson, Ilyas Abubakarov, told TASS on Thursday. The woman had a passport carrying only the year of her birth. The date and month of birth were not indicated. “Basically, she… Read on ->

Tags: Chechnya, Russia

Israeli fighter jet nearly crossed into Syria last night

Published 2019-02-01 10:11:12 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:50 A.M.) – At approximately 10:00 A.M. (local time) last night, an Israeli fighter jet was spotted over the Mount Hermon-Golan Heights axis near the southwestern border of Syria. According to a source in Damascus, the Israeli warplane nearly crossed into Syria last night, raising the alert levels… Read on ->

Tags: Israel, Syria

Bulgarian President confirms good relations with Syria

Published 2019-02-01 09:20:02 by News Desk in Syria, World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:00 A.M.) – President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev stated on Thursday that his nation enjoys friendly relations with Syria. Receiving the heads of diplomatic missions accredited to Sofia to congratulate them and their countries on the new year, Radev said: ” We have a deep… Read on ->

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Tags: Bulgaria, Syria

US Senators urge Trump to protect Syrian Kurds from Turkey after troop pullout

Published 2019-02-01 08:40:47 by News Desk in Syria, Turkey

President Donald Trump must produce a comprehensive plan to guarantee the protection of Kurdish allies in Syria from massacre by Turkish troops once US forces leave the region, two senators wrote in a letter to the White House on Thursday. “Senators Tammy Duckworth and Marsha Blackburn wrote to President Trump today… Read on ->

Tags: Kurds, Syria, Trump, Turkey

First woman named head of neighborhood in Syria (video)

Published 2019-02-01 08:21:26 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:00 A.M.) – A Syrian woman became the female to be named the mukhtar (var. head or mayor of a neighborhood) in Syria this week. According to the Syrian Arab News Agency, Carol Janji was named as the mukhtar of the Al-Hamidiyah Neighborhood of Aleppo City this week, becoming… Read on ->

Tags: Aleppo, Syria

Saudi Arabia, allies wrap up talks on regional policy

Published 2019-02-01 08:07:11 by News Desk in Gulf, Middleeast

Foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait and Jordan concluded two days of talks, in Jordan’s Dead Sea resort on Thursday, where they discussed policy approaches to regional conflicts. Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that the talks took place “to exchange views on… Read on ->

Tags: Jordan, Saudi

Syrian condemns US ‘intervention’ in Venezuela

Published 2019-02-01 07:54:00 by News Desk in Syria, World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:40 A.M.) – Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Ambassador Hussam El-Din Ala’a, strongly condemned the U.S. administration’s intervention in Venezuela’s domestic affairs, stressing that these interventions are a flagrant violation of the international law principles and U.N. Charter. “The Syrian Arab Republic strongly supports… Read on ->

Tags: Syria, Venezuela

Iranian general threatens ‘termination’ of Israel in new war

Published 2019-02-01 07:35:11 by News Desk in Iran, Middleeast

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:20 A.M.) – An Iranian general said on Thursday evening that if a war were to break out between the Islamic Republic and Israel, it would result in the latter’s ‘termination’. “We warn them [Zionists] that if a new war breaks out, it will result in their termination,”… Read on ->

Tags: Iran, Israel

Syrian Army discharges all conscripted soldiers over age 42

Published 2019-02-01 07:13:52 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:00 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) battlefield successes have paved the way for their high command to honorably discharge all conscripted soldiers and reserve officers aged 42 and above. According to a statement from their high command, this decree will become effective immediately and will include all… Read on ->

Tags: Syria

Hariri announces formation of new government after 9-month deadlock (video)

Published 2019-02-01 06:51:36 by News Desk in Lebanon

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri announced the formation of a new government, breaking a nine-month deadlock that followed the country’s May 2018 parliamentary elections. He made the statement at a press briefing at Baabda Presidential Palace in Beirut on Thursday. The new government will be headed by Hariri. During the… Read on ->

Tags: Hariri, Lebanon

US Senate votes to block Trump’s withdrawal of US forces from Syria, Afghanistan

Published 2019-02-01 06:40:45 by News Desk in Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:20 P.M.) – The U.S. Senate voted on a new amendment on Thursday that would oppose President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from both Syria and Afghanistan. According to a press release from the meeting, the Senate voted 68-23 in favor of keeping the U.S. military inside… Read on ->

Tags: Senate, Syria

Russian jets scrambled 4 times to intercept foreign warplanes: MoD

Published 2019-02-01 06:16:33 by News Desk in World-News

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:00 A.M.) – The Russian Air Force scrambled four times in the past week to intercept foreign jets that were flying near their country’s borders, the Krasnaya Zvezda daily reported on Friday, citing a source in the Defense Ministry. According to the data provided by the daily (translated… Read on ->

Tags: Russia

Israeli forces conclude massive military drill along Lebanese border

Published 2019-02-01 05:58:19 by News Desk in Lebanon, Middleeast, Palestine

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:30 A.M.) – The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have concluded their large-scale military drill along the Lebanese border this week, the Jerusalem Post reported last night. According to the Jerusalem Post, the drill was led by the 450th Battalion of the IDF’s School for Infantry Corps Professions &… Read on ->

Tags: IDF, Israel, Lebanon

Kalashnikov releases updated RPK-16 light machine gun (video)

Published 2019-02-01 05:28:49 by News Desk in World-News

Arms manufacturer Kalashnikov has released an updated version of the RPK-74 Soviet light machine gun, the RPK-16, as shown in footage from Izhevsk released on 24 January. The updated design boasts an interchangeable barrel for close quarter and long-range combat. The 4-kilogram, 5.45-calibre weapon has a rate of fire of… Read on ->

Tags: Russia

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