A Syrian Member of Parliament announced on his Twitter account that Syria would back Iran in any possible war it would have with Turkey.

“In any conflict between Iran & Turkey, we will definitely stand with Iran against Erdogan who destroyed & looted our country!,” Fares Shehabi, the member of the Syrian parliament for Aleppo and Chairman of the Syrian Federation of Industry, announced on his twitter.


Since the outbreak of the Syrian war in 2011, Turkey has consistently harbored and supported anti-government forces, bought looted machinery from factories and warehouses in Aleppo from terrorist forces, and engaged in oil and antiquities trade with ISIS.

Iran has vehemently supported the Syrian government in its struggle against militant forces.

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    • ROFL. You are as radical as DaeshbagsSX. Yes You are right, that Erdogan forgets that he has lots of old skeletons in the closet when he issues territorial demands that contradict the Peace Treaty of Lausanne.

      • I’m not radical, Stern. I’m practical!
        Let’s be clear : Erdolf simply reclaims something that isn’t Turkey but the Ottoman Empire. The creation of modern Turkey by Ataturk was acceptable, surely not the Ottoman Empire v2.00. If it’s what he wants, no problem, the Sèvres treaty applies and as some populations grew, especially the Kurds, well, Thrace including Constantinople goes to Greece. Actually, it’s be reasonable to merge some countries around in Greece especially as… We don’t want Greece to become a Muslim majority country, do we? Constantinople alone has more population than Greece (!)
        Merging Bulgaria, Albania, Thrace and Greene could be interesting.
        Moreover, we also can’t tolerate Turkey illegally occupying the 3rd of an EU country (Cyprus), we even have to seek compensations to the HUGE damages they did to Cyprus’ historical heritage.
        Isn’t Erdolf playing stupid with the EU? Isn’t Turkish AF violatin Greek airspace an average 4-7 times a day?
        Erdolf, by the shit he’s doing, is looking for rebuilding the Ottoman Empire, be careful what you wish for, you may get it and thus meaning Turkey shrinking about half its size 😉

        • The Sultan of Ankara will not be amused if his rejection of Lausanne leads to a return to the Sèvres Treaty.

          p.s. Some Turkish acts are intolerable. EC army instead of NATO. EC 2.0 including all Sacra Ligua. France is with us this time. Karlowitz 2.0 about Cyprus.

        • Daeshbag, sorry but u dont know a bit for whats going on on the Balkans. Albania is muslim country. Merging Bulgaria with Greece is hilarious. Thrace? Thrace is a land shared between Bulgaria and Greece so i dont understand why you use it as a country or state. Macedonians and bulgarians are speaking the same language, the serbs is almost the same. So they can understand each other, but greek is nothing like them. And on the other hand are the historical issues and feelings between those nations that is making merging between Greece and the other countries there impossible. If somehow Greece take back Constantinopol they will become dominant on the Balkans and the other countries- Serbia, Macedonia, and Bulgaria may made some alliances between them merging in to a federation. If u ask me if something so radical happens to Turkey, more possible is Instambul becoming an independent state, so the balance scales in the region wont be so harm.

  1. Any war against Turkey that is not defensive will invoke the NATO.

    p.s. Erdogan is banking on NATO protection when he pursues his aggressive neo-Ottman policies of provocation and territorial demands.

    To avoid NATO help for Turkey You can only support the Kurdish and other ethnic groups fight for the dissolution of of the Turkish Anatolian colonial possessions.

  2. A major issue that would arise IF Russian forces engaged the Turks would be that in a Russian/Turkish war , Turkey could legally attempt to close the Bosphorus to Russian sea traffic. This would likely lead to a Russian attack on Turkish soil and that could lead to a full NATO engagement and WW3.

    • “A major issue that would arise IF Russian forces engaged the Turks would be that in a Russian/Turkish war”
      => What is pointed is a case between Turkey and Iran.
      Would Turkey blockade Bosphorus, there’d so be a casus belli nonetheless for Russia but also with Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine but this would end charged on Turkey as it’d be in violation of international treaties so, exactly like for the invasions in Syria but also Iraq, it wouldn’t fall under Chapter V of the NATO manifesto.
      It’s not without reason that Erdolf is seeking closer links with BRICS, let’s be clear, being NATO doesn’t means you have an umbrella against your own shit and it wasn’t so far NATO dumping Turkey.
      Note also that the very existence of NATO is compromised in the long term : if Federica Mogherini reassured the US that no EU-Army is on the way, merging the French and German ones is… Just face reality : these 2 nationsare the EU locomotives and thanks to Brexit, there’s no more a 3rd locomotive to apply force in the opposite direction…
      Now things might get hot for Turkey if dumped by NATO.

    • Turquía planea comprar armas Rusas, en negocio de guerra todo se vale, dejé confiar en Rusia por que no hace respetar el alto al fuego, Erdogan se atrevió a invadir país que no le pertenece y sus mercenarios patrocinados no respetan el alto al fuego.

  3. Urgent Waring
    1 I’m available 24/7 Re Any info about what I’ll be telling you below
    In a nutshell. Throughout the day. My frame of reference for date & hours is EST =Eastern Standard time in the US
    Now the story. I detected an ominous plot. Plot: Surprising but something we all know could happen I decked to be in War gaming or perhaps in the stage maneuvering the players. Strategic aspects not difficult to see. At tactical level I don’t have data to somewhat narrow the stage. It is both easy and complicated simultaneously What else. Just about the that’s not involved in some form and shape, Martian have yet to get involved. And Syrian people are bearing the sin of humanity . the most unjust suffering as could be. More later. We have more urgent stuff. , it’s Syria, the victim and the underdog. This is clarity that I am not a neutral party about Syria. From lots of dimension, more later, I am fully 100 % on the side of the heroic people and territorial integraty and their absolute right to choose whatever system they wish. My position clarified .
    This is what I detect First, I see US and Rus with high probability are working out a deal to destroy the 2 “troublesome” that’s not life any easier for them
    So, they’re mauve ring to get Iran and Turkey a war. So both US and Rus get rid of 2 regionals that don’t submit easily to them.
    Should they ever succeed in such Satanic conspiracy, the whole ME will be in divided .a la British French monstrosity.
    I am working to gain more clarity with modeling, optimization, reverse war gaming, etc More scientific side.
    I’m asking 2 things
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    2. Whatever data you gather, please send me the fullest and most reliable and of course, latest. But in case the story has been updated, send all
    That’s for now
    I pray regularly for victims. We all the know Entire population are the victims one way or another.

  4. Forgot some stuff
    This plan between US and Rus is accurate with 75% probability. Don’t have enough data yet. 2 Inference is based on less than 8,9 data points. 3 Didn’t have time to do objective analytical stuff. So I went to backup. Defined as 54 years watching the whole area and every thing outside the ME but related to the story happening in ME
    If remember something important post it
    Else I’ll on refining propabitity towards the upside