BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:20 A.M.) – A media source told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on Friday that Syria has not restored relations with Hamas, despite the claims by the Palestinian group’s leader, Ismail Haniyah, earlier this month.

“The stance of Syria on this issue is principled,” the SANA source said, adding “this stance, in the past, was built on the fact that Hamas was a resistance movement against ‘Israel’, but, later it became clear that it is the blood of Muslim Brotherhood that dominates this movement when it supported the terrorists in Syria and engaged in the scheme that ‘Israel’ wanted.”

The SANA source said that all the news circulated will never change Syria’s attitude towards those who have been rejected by the Syrian people since the beginning of the war.

Haniyah told Sputnik News in an exclusive interview that Hamas had accepted Syria’s view on the opposition groups.

Hamas, who is allied with Iran, cut off relations with Syria in 2012 after their then leader, Khaled Mesha’al, abruptly left Damascus for Qatar.

Upon his arrival in Qatar, Mesha’al heavily criticized Damascus and adopted Doha’s narrative on the Syrian conflict.

Since then, Syria and Hamas have had strained relations, with the former shifting their primary support for the Palestinian people to groups like the PFLP, PFLP-GC, PIJ, DFLP, and Fatah Al-Intifada.

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  1. As its manifesto CLEARLY stipulates, Hamas is FULLY part of the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood), so is Turkish AKP or Tunisian Ennahda (which is a serious issue in Libya). Ikhwan is not “just” anti Israel : they’re into global caliphate. Ikhwan is the backbone and the 5th column of pan-islamism and the cradle for nearly ALL jihadist groups around…
    Ikhwan is banned in Syria since 1982 or 1983, in fact, Hafez al-Assad was one of the firsts to do so, maybe with Nasser (?) who simply hung the infamous Ikhwan “thinker” Sayeed Qutb after they tried a coup in Egypt.

    Hamas has OPENLY backed/supported al-Nusra/HTS in Syria. IMHO, Syria will never forget, no matter if Iran supports Hamas
    In fact, Iranian support to a Muslim Brotherhood local branch that made me investigate Iran’s ties with them and the result was compelling :

    – Ali Khamenei is the Farsi translator of Sayeed Qutb

    – Many al-Qaeda brasses hid in Iran, including the one who founded ISIS, the infamous Zarqawi, who was smuggled in Iraq by IRGC, then used by Khamenei to tell the Yankees that Saddam was associated with al-Qaeda! When CIA told the Bush admin. they saw no association, the Bush admin dismissed it saying they had other sources proving the contrary… These sources were in Iran!
    Hamza bin-Laden and al-Zawahiri hid in Iran for a while before it was considered that considering US were in serious rampage on Qaeda, going on sheltering them was too hot, so they were moved to Yemen.

    – Ossama bin-Laden used al-Bashir’s Sudan as a rear base for a while. Actually, him and his close aides were really poor fighters… Guess who was sent to train them? Imad Mugniyeh, the late “legendary” founder of Hezbollah’s “military” branch, formerly know as OIJ (Organisation of Islamic Jihad). Mugniyeh was previously a sniper in Force 17, Yasser Arafat’s personal “guard”.

    => Syria shall not be surprised having created itself some enemies in the west by supporting some anti-Israeli groups : Hezbollah did terrorist attacks in about 40 countries while PFLP/PFLP-GC (the PFLP-GC is just the Syrian branch), oh, yeah, their specialities are either hijacking planes or placing bombs into airliners! They even bombed a Swissair Convair 900, thus killing all passengers and crew… DFLP is best known is the 1974 Ma’alot massacre in which 25 schoolchildren and teachers were killed. In 1985-88, Fatah al-Intifada took part in the Lebanese “War of the camps”, a Syrian attempt to root out the PLO from its refugee camp strongholds backed by the Shiite Amal militia, PFLP-GC, as-Sa’iqa, the Syrian PLA and parts of the PLF, the PLO was gradually expelled from Lebanon in the mid-to late 1980s.
    This SANA source implicitly acknowledged that Syria is supporting terrorist groups!

    => Question : why does Syria interferes with others’ domestic affairs and now seems surprised not being alone at playing dirty?
    Main Muslim Brotherhood’s source of revenues is Qatar-Charity, the Bani-Thani charity organisation and the Bani-Thani friendship with the Iranian regime is more than well known at the point Qatari special forces teamed with IRGC/Quds-Force to destabilise Libya while al-Jazeera hammered that Gaddafi was slaughtering his people… Libyan GNA, which was initially supported by UN, ended rigged by the Muslim Brotherhood and oh surprise, a few days ago, a LNA Mirage-F1 shot down a Turkish combat drone that was landing in Tripoli while a blacklisted Iranian cargo recently delivered arms to GNA.

    The goal to widespread chaos and sectarian violence in order to demolish secular governments is now CLEAR to anyone and the recent very ecumenical Khamenei positions on Twitter are more than clear.

    +++ “SANA source said, adding “this stance, in the past, was built on the fact that Hamas was a resistance movement against ‘Israel’, but, later it became clear that it is the blood of Muslim Brotherhood that dominates this movement when it supported the terrorists in Syria and engaged in the scheme that ‘Israel’ wanted.””
    => C’mon, was it the “scheme that ‘Israel’ wanted”, Assad’s government would have felt for LONG! Israel would just have had to demolish Syrian air-force in 2012 or even 2013, and frankly, they do strikes at will even on the T4 airport, in Aleppo, on Damascus airport, they even demolished the Deir-Ezzor secret nuke plant in 2007-2008 at will. Let me be clear : they have total air superiority over Syria and obvious intelligence on barely anything happening being a threat for them…
    If Israel’s goal was Bashar’s fall, he’d have felt for a while!
    Hamas rains rockets, incendiary and mortar shells on Israel since they are in control of Gaza, before the walls, the bombings and suicide attacks happened near daily.
    Hamas/Muslim-Brotherhood is as much an enemy for Syria it is one for Israel, Egypt and… the rest of the world.

    It’s high time for Syria to understand what both Egypt and Jordan have understood for long : If you don’t fück with Israel, they won’t fück with you!
    Moreover, let us laugh about the “Palestinian cause” : Hafez al-Assad himself several times repeated that the Palestinian people didn’t existed and purely and simply expelled PLO from Lebanon while Arafat was persona non grata in Syria…
    Syria should be much more concerned about one of its “friends” which at the same time seeks to “help” Syria and at the same time indirectly helped al-Nusra by backing Hamas, while you have both Salami and Nasrallah publicly saying they’re into invading Israel from Golan… I don’t think that Syria’s interest is letting foreigners using Syria as a future battle ground in a war they moreover can’t win when half the country has already been destroyed by the war that Qatar and Turkey = Muslim Brotherhood are waging here for 8 years!

    I absolutely agree with president Putin who considers that Syria’s NEUTRALITY is necessary. The fantasy of destroying the state of Israel is going nowhere, BTW, if NATO dropping of Turkey is on the table, having both Israel and even Egypt entering the alliance is on the table too…
    Now, it’s clear that don’t dream about recuperating Golan Heights, it’s too strategic for Israel and Syria went too far for too long to have any hope getting it back, but it’s only 1,200km² while Israeli water technologies can make the 120,000km² of Syrian desert becoming green. When one considers serious manpower that will be needed to achieve this and also to rebuild the country, the best way is to consider solving the Palestinian issue by making the Palis already living in refugee camps in Syria becoming Syrians and consider doing so with those in the West-Bank which, any way, are either Syrians or Jordans, while those in Gaza who are either Egyptians or Saudis would be absorbed into Egypt. It’s high time for the Palestinian farce to stop : the Pali “people” has been invented when it became clear that confronting Israel militarily was impossible, so it was cooked as an ethnic/political weapon and it also failed. When there is no solution, it’s because there is no problem.
    Syria should be concerned with its own future and opt for the best solutions and take errors done in the past to NOT repeat them over and over again.