“Make America Great Again”

The United States, despite electing Donald Trump, a man who formerly said that “We [America] should stay the hell out of Syria”, that the rebels are “just as bad as the current regime”, and that America would receive “zero” for investing billions into the opposition to Assad, according to a 2013 tweet, have now doubled down on a policy to bring an end to the current Syrian government. According to Rex Tillerson at the ongoing G7 summit “the reign of the Assad family coming to an end.” Many had hoped that despite Donald Trump’s shortcomings on domestic issues, demonstrating a complete lack of understanding for many of the core issues important to most Americans, and even losing a majority of the popular vote, he would still launch a new paradigm in American foreign policy– one less concerned in “policing the world” and more concerned with putting America first. So the motto goes… Make America Great Again.

Even when Barack Obama had begun negotiations with the Russians to reach a political settlement in Syria, one that became the last viable attempt at amicable relations between the United States and Russia before things began to falter, the United States bombed Deir Ezzor and killed scores of Syrian soldiers and effectively ended peace talks. Many speculated even then that the airstrike was carried out intentionally to end the possibility of peace and artificially prolong the Syrian crisis, and that this was not necessarily the doing of Obama, but could have been ordered from within the “deep state”, many believing that a below-the-surface military industrial complex ultimately held the veto power over whether there could be peace in Syria or not. Obama referenced what he called the “Washington playbook” of foreign policy, something of a typical response to situations that is contrived not from the mind of the President, but from so-called experts and insiders.So then what has caused his sudden change of heart on the issue of Syria? During his campaign, Donald Trump was repeatedly criticized for being sympathetic to Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad who are seen as tyrannical psychopaths by Republicans and Democrats alike.

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A major piece of evidence for the liberal conspiracy theory of possible Russian influence into the 2016 Presidential election is the very fact that Trump promised to not pursue a regime change policy in Syria, much to the dismay of the political establishment, foreign policy aficionados, think tank shills, and a largely complacent American media. It may be the case that Donald Trump wanted to flex his muscles to once and for all destroy the headlines that he is a Russian puppet, or a possible Kremlin agent. But this narrative seems to focus too much on the personality of Donald Trump and not enough on the institution of the American Presidency as a whole.


Given the composition of Donald Trump’s cabinet, whether he is aware of it or not (and there is much reason to doubt his understanding of government), he has invited into his closest circle, and into the top echelons of government, a large sector of the military-industrial complex and their companions. His closest advisers and cabinet officials comprise the most wealthy administration in American history; people who stand to benefit greatly from the fruits of war and conquest. Trump’s budget has been entirely committed to domestic austerity and an expansion of military funds, much of which is given to the private sector through military contracts to companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, and others. No doubt Trump’s playbook will be filled with plays to benefit the very wealthiest Americans in foreign affairs, even if that means undermining national security, or putting soldiers in harm’s way. But again, this is not entirely unique as his predecessor Obama took Henry Kissinger to be one his greatest mentors in foreign policy; Obama expanded the role of the American military globally despite winning a Nobel Peace Prize.

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The media had virtually no criticism for Obama’s military pursuits, and as much as they have spent millions of dollars attacking Donald Trump, as much as the Democratic Party has organized a “Resistance” to everything Trump has done, they have come out in approval for Trump’s recent tomahawk missile barrage, including his November opponent Hillary Clinton who also called on the bombing of Syrian airfields. As she spent hundreds of millions attacking Trump in television ads all over America, she finds herself agreeing on the issue of foreign aggression. What is to be inferred from this?

What we can see quite clearly is that there is growing partisan unity on the issue of Syria, namely that there needs to be an escalation of intervention in Syria with America at the helm. In this colonialist mindset, Americans are being told that America has a moral responsibility to save Syria from itself. America believes that it has an a priori right to be the quintessential judge of political openings, human rights, and civil liberties despite quickly eroding on all of these accounts itself. If this is indeed the case, then a ground war in Syria is inevitable.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, claims to have evidence that the Americans plan to launch a false-flag chemical weapon attack on Damascus to frame Assad and pull America deeper into the Syrian conflict. While this may seem to be a dramatic conspiracy theory, it almost certainly could work considering how many times the Western public has been consistently fooled by alleged chemical weapon attacks emanating from the Syrian armed forces that were later revealed to have been carried out by opposition forces. This has proved to be an extremely successful means to prime the Western public for increasing interventionist policies and served as an emotional justification for increased involvement in Syria.

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With Russia and Iran refusing to back down on their commitments in Syria, it is unclear at this point how the G7 conference will turn out, and how the Israeli meeting to discuss the Syrian conflict will conclude. If America achieves significant backing in these talks, then a multinational coalition with America at the helm could very well stand up to the current Axis of Resistance in Syria and engage in a war of untold destruction. Eventually, as was the case in Iraq and Vietnam, there is no way that such a war could maintain its popularity, especially given the mountains of evidence to prove that the conflict is less a civil war and more a hegemonic war. If America does not achieve significant backing from its allies, it could very well launch a unilateral, suicidal war that it can never win. There is no way that the American hegemony could survive a war in Syria, but even this fact cannot quell the suicidal tendencies of America’s post-war foreign policy.

As American troops find their way in Manbijj to fight ISIS alongside Kurdish forces, and no doubt emboldening their positions in Syria to prepare for what’s next, President Assad had this to say:

“What are they [foreign troops] going to do? To fight ISIS ? The Americans lost nearly every war. They lost in Iraq, they had to withdraw at the end. Even in Somalia, let alone Vietnam in the past and Afghanistan.”

According to Bashar al-Assad in late march, the US “didn’t succeed anywhere they sent troops, they only create a mess; they are very good in creating problems and destroying, but they are very bad in finding solutions.”

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  1. I think that what we have, and it’s not only the case for Syria, is not so American imperialism.
    We have an Arab imperialism, mostly from some wealthy Gulf states, that, through bribes, investments, etc, manage to curve US foreign policy then by cascade, their allies foreign policy.
    If we want this shit to stop, they are the ones that shall be levered. These ones are as toxic for Syria, Iraq, Libya and many other countries as they are for Russia, EU or America.

    • If the will was there it would be vary easy to neuter the Saudi axis of tyrannical states.
      Sequester ALL their assets in the western World, private and commercial. Expel all the Perfumed Princes from the West, Stop selling them weapons and any security equipment,Stop selling fast cars to the scum. Prevent the hiring of mercenaries that subdue their populations.

      Or , just bomb all their palaces and rid the world of the terror paymasters.

      • Yeah, and so Airbus, Boeing, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, LockMart, BAe, MBDA, Raytheon, etc etc etc ALL go out of business.

        “Or , just bomb all their palaces and rid the world of the terror paymasters.”
        => More interesting but… Whatabout the results of power vacuum we’ve already seen in Libya and other places too… Unless we imply again in… Colonialism?
        Now, an interesting way to try, as it wasn’t made, would be, but it goes against all law, having those who pull the strings in the shadows having “accidents”. Just think about what happened to all the Chechen jihadist leaders. Thus, this may imply taking care of some heads of state which may lead to serious diplomatic troubles. There’s a loudmouthed one that, if I had my way, would had received a special delivery for a while in the form of a SCALP-EG landing in his office.
        Also levering some leaders of countries that, even if not directly implied, let things happen in the form of well, as you said, levering their palace or well, a little strike against their 747/A380 flying palace or a torpedo to their 150-200m yacht in order to make them feel that if they don’t stop their shit, next time, it won’t be their palace, plane or yacht but their asses.
        I don’t think the kind of ‘sanctions’ you consider is the most interesting way to explore as, in the end, it will hurt the economies of both the sanctionned country but also those who enforce the sanctions and in the end, it’s the people who pay the prise…
        But the problem is that the way to go… violates all laws, thus, the shit they are doing too and I’m not the one in the posture to decide such actions being taken, was I in this posture, I’d even have serious moral problems as I’d have to sit on my principles and if any of such action were to go public, ouch, it’d backfire the hard way. Hey, a cruise missile landing in the office of a head of state, it’s a serious diplomatic problem… Thus, well, waybe would I have a better idea, i.e. our Rafales can launch small satellites… What about a secret weapon launching tungsten rods from orbit… No official existence, no serial number… tss tss, a dozen of 10-20kg rods with just a very tiny system to guide trajectory falling from a 250km orbit would have a freaking kinetic energy and as nobody is supposed to have such gear…

    • “We have an Arab imperialism, mostly from some wealthy Gulf states, that, through bribes, investments, etc, manage to curve US foreign policy then by cascade, their allies foreign policy.”

      LOL, yeah right, Arab states of the Persian Gulf powerful, they stronk! So much so that they even control US policy, did you not know? Noooo, the US administration can not go against the wishes of Riyad, even in a region strategically primordial for Washington, i.e the Mideast. Riiiiiiiight. LOL !!!

      Let’s try and conceal who really wields decisive influence in Washington, i.e the zionist lobby, and let’s shift all the blame on our Arab stooges. Astonishing how ungrateful supporters of US/zionist imperialism can be. Spitting on their own henchmen, who have been doing their dirty work for decades.

      Nope, Persian Gulf sheikhdoms have no economic power whatsoever, compared to globalist banksters, arms traders and oil mafias. The Rotschild’s, Rockefeller’s or Soros’s financial leverage and influence upon US authorities is infinitely superior to whatever the Saudis could possibly muster.

      Also, it is a fact that the zionist lobby exerts far greater influence on US foreign policy than the PGCC states ever will. All wars of aggression waged by US proxies in the Mideast were planned, systematically pushed for and executed by the zionist lobby.

      The Saudi Arabian or Qatari regimes would not exist if it wasn’t for the unbelievable amount of weapons that Washington has kept selling them. Their existence depends on the US, not the other way around.

      Moreover, these PGCC regimes, by accepting to sell their oil in US dollars only, are actually serving US imperialism worldwide, because US power relies first and foremost on the reserve currency status of the US dollar. A status made possible by the subservient attitude of the US’s Arab lackey regimes.

      The relationship between the US and the PGCC regimes is absolutely evident: the latter are the former’s colonial puppets, not the other way around.

      In conclusion, the war of genocide against the people of Syria and Iraq is primarily a project of US and zionist imperialism. Arab regimes of the Persian Gulf are nothing but NATO-zionist henchmen, surrogates carrying out the dirty work, and hence subject to having all the blame put on them by their US and zionist masters whenever public opinion turns against US/zionist warmongering.

    • Since the most democratic nation in the world ‘attacked’ the AlMasdar News site for opinions that the US does not agree with, soon after the illegal US attack on the SAA the site has had a lot of problems that their staff are repairing.

      I think the US is upset that true facts are in the public domain and not just the dross that emanates from the US State Dept .

    • Weapons is the #1 business. #2 is oil/gas/energy, #3 is illegal drugs.
      You forget also that USA is the #1 producer for marijuana and crystal-meth 😆 They’re also the #1 producer of CO2 and pollution 😆
      Now, you exaggerate a bit : they’re a serious car (cars help a lot for CO2, especially SUVs) and aircraft builder and although some industries moved to Mexico or China, they are still a very powerful industrial nation.
      Actually, would they care a little more about environment, would they get rid of death penalty and from jailing people for stupid reasons with their unjust justice (hey, a guy took 17 years for a stolen pizza! He was an ex-convict, had no job, no money and was hungry!) and use their military power in a Blue-Helmet way, in other terms, to stop wars instead of creating them, I think everybody would love USA.
      Ike already warned about the US military industrial complex long ago. There is a real need to drain the swamp there : if the acts of the last days became an habit, well, according to what a WW3 would be, even McCain would end very sorry by the results because, as Einstein pointed, it wouldn’t be good for LockMart, Boeing and Raytheon’s shares at NYSE as WW4 would be fought with sticks and stones 😆
      Note that it’s their MIC that ruined the Soviets and moreover, many of the gear produced was crappy, thus, it was done in huge numbers… Just look at last weapons programs : F-35, USS G.Ford, USS Zumwalt-class, the Litoral Combat Ship, etc… All are technical fiascos which even if they end useful, are way over their effective value! Gosh, give the price of the G.Ford+R&D to DCNS and they build you 8-10 aircraft carriers! For the price of 1 F-35, you get near2 Rafales and they are much better and add they are 4-5x cheaper to use while capable to generate 2-3x more sorties… MIC is simply destroying the USA even without war in the homeland by soaking federal budgets in overcosts while the neo-con/hawks push into foreign intervention that end being crazy expensive as corps soak even more money, so, they end with one of the shittiest healthcare on Earth that make ’em die 10 years younger than in the EU and they end in debts if they want college graduation and so, a lesser clever population less able to succeed in… anything…
      Ike was right about the dangers of MIC.

  2. I see a lot of petty jealousy here. Thanks for the laugh!

    If you pissants in other countries want to do better, get off your butts and do it. But no, it’s easier to mock the US for doing what you wouldn’t.

    Hate the US and live in Europe? Post in German or Russian, because they would own your butts right now if the US hadn’t kept you free.