BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:50 P.M.) – The military operation rooms of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and other allies have just released a new joint statement. This joint statement was spurred on by US aggression that saw the country strike the Shayrat Airbase in rural Homs with Tomahawk missiles.

The statement released in Arabic states that the allied operations room recognizes that the US is supporting the separation of northern Syria and Iraq from their respective states.

Point seven of the statement details how all US military are legitimate targets as they have crossed every red line possible and operate illegally in Syria. It then emphasizes that the joint military operations room will respond strongly to any aggression and any violation made by the US in Syria.


They they go onto reiterate their full support of the Syrian Army to fully liberate every part of Syria occupied by terrorist forces.

It then goes onto state how they will not allow a unipolar world with the United States as the dominate power to continue to impose its will across the globe.

The statement then concludes by stating that they will only increase their support for the Syrian Army to continue its fight against terrorist forces plaguing Syria.

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  1. Excellent news. ‘ The US Fat Kid and his gang members on the street corner’ who have for too long intimidated all those who refuse to pledge fealty to the criminals are shouting and screaming.

    They should heed the advice of the Adults, seek a Safe Space or have a violent revolution on the streets of the US and EU, rather than in other peoples countries.

    • A civil war in the US is exactly what the Bilderbergers want to achieve their dirty goals. You should look at Kissinger’s quotes. They are pretty anti EU too, BTW, so are all globalists… Are you one of them?

      • hey why dont you shorten your avatar to Daesh only you filthy zionist worm, a revolution is long overdue and we dont need a zionist agent like you to tell us how to live by means of elaborate hasbara 3.0

        • Quran 5.20-21, 17.104 = Allah is zionist.
          And BTW, considering the area you’re from, as it was part of David’s and Solomon’s kingdoms and being a Jew comes from one’s mother, you can’t be anything else than a Jew! Go verify by a DNA test then ask to move to Israel, you hypocrite, that’s where you really want to live!

          • David probably fiddled with Solomon when he was a boy. This explains Solomons fascination with demons. MK ULTRA of 3 millenia ago.

          • Rav G : it’s only to piss him off that I’m teaching est338Lapua the reality about himself he stills doesn’t know : if I’m not Jew at all, he’s actually one! He’s a crypto-Jew, that’s all.
            Moreover, he’s a Hezbollah anboy and seem not even to know that Ariel Sharon once declared “WE have created Hezbollah”. Actually, thanks to both HB and Hamas : look, without Hamas raining rockets, no Iron Dome. The development of David’s Sling and Arrow air defences systems come from HB receiving Fateh-110… Now, how many square meters of Israel HB managed to take in 35 years? ZERO 😆 Actually, the more HB, PLO and Hamas thrive to destroy Israel, the more they become powerful and the more they re-take lands the 1948 Arab “liberation” army was able to conquer in Jewish Palestine. Instead of working at making their people happy and living in peace, all these idiots will end, well, exactly as the Arab spox at 1919 Peace Conference said : “Either we’ll push the Zionists into the sea or they’ll push us BACK into the desert”… It’s what is coming as they still do not understand that all the shit they make go on is nothing else than MB shit as even Q’ran says Israel belongs to the Jews, even the claims that Temple Mount is an Islamic holy place is a pure lie used for strategic purposes : Muhammad never went there, even during his ‘night journey’! Al-Aqsa, where he went on the Burak means the farthest place, in other terms, the Burak took him to heaven. In 638AD, when the 1st Jihad walked unto Jerusalem, their general simply told his shithadist it was al-Aqsa. Not a single time Q’ran tells about Jerusalem! Then they built the Dome of Rock over the Byzantine church then, as many troops were stationed around, waiting to conquer Egypt etc, they built a bigger mosque, al-Aqsa, in order to gather 5k ppl… All the rhetoric they have is total bullshit, BTW, most of them, telling about al-Aqsa, will show you the Dome of Rock instead 😆
            Lenin had two words about such groups : “useful idots”. Thus, they are double useful idiots : they are also exploited as cannon fodder by Islamists, are they Sunni and Shia as those also know that most in those groups are nothing else than Jews that had their ancestors converted by force to Islam, so they push Jews into killing other Jews.

          • yawn… you have written another long book, this is hasbara 4.0, when all other hasbara fails, zionists resort to the story that the whole world is being made up of jews, therefore anyone critical of the ghetto state of israel is harming himself ,hilarious

          • I always had a feeling that you were a Jewish Hasbara shill posting on here….pretending not be and trying to blend in!
            You always seem to get protective….once Jews, Zionist or Israel were ever mentioned!

          • I always had a gut feeling that your were kike…and a hasbara shill pretending to blend in

          • Jews initially made up their religion which actually was first nazi ideology for their only prosperity. Jewish mindset was formed by their ideology which is called religion while none religion on the globe is based on genesis. This is nonsense. You jews are not the religion not ethnics. You are conspired nazi state in state organization.

          • hey…there are no more jews living on this planet…the jews you talk about are khazirains…fake jews…period

      • Good God, you can’t be that stupid and ignorant. The EU is an anti-democratic technocracy that crushes local rule at every opportunity. It’s a large part of the neo-liberal, transnational corporate globalism project. You’re literally attempting to turn reality on its head here.

      • I’m tired of this bull shit that the Bilderbergers want inside revolutions…Someone will stand up to this tyranny sooner or later and there will not be a place to hide for the despots…

    • China is the next US they dont give a fck about other people,They only restrict themselveto someveto at UN because circumstances dictate it is the best, but I have yet to see any meaningful support for SAA. Chinese values are not the Same as Russia, when China rises we will be working for a bowlof rice and that is if you are lucky

      • That’s why we are selling Rafales to India and why they’re also get the PAK/FA while China receives only Su-35. Malaysia is now in exclusive talks too. We should also consider selling Rafales to Taiwan. Nothing else can approach S-300/S-400 into JDAM/LGB range. Chinese are very concerned : their J-20 and J-31 have been created through their hacks into Lockheed servers and they know that Rafale has fucked F-22 during all drills while in comparative tests, it was no match for Su-30MkI/Su-35.
        And their J-10 is nothing else than the definitive version of IAI Lavi, in other terms a mix between F-16 and Kfir. Visibly, India is already wanting to order a 2nd batch of 36 and their Navy clearly want Rafale-M. Well, India has grown conscious that it’ll take time to build the Dassault factory and have qualified personnel, nevertheless, as the HAL Tejas had serious Dassault input and seems to me to be nothing else than the single engined Rafale Dassault had as a wildcard if govt cancelled the program, well, as SNECMA/Safran are also developing in India, I think Tejas will end by having the M88-9 engine in a non-stretched MkII version with Rafale’s active-stealth systems in and built in baked-in radar absorbent materials. I think we’ll end with a collaboration between Dassault and HAL for both. If done the way I foresee it, Tejas will be an affordable way for all our common friends and many countries to replace old Mig-21/23, old Mirages, F-16 etc and so being able to resist both US and Chinese pushes.

        Now Chinese influence is likely to lose ground, as much as the Saudi one, if you consider Africa, both help is more and more rejected : what was done by KSA in Somalia or Sudan has been taken into account and well, Chinese ‘help’ in several countries is more and more badly seen as simply being much worst than any form of colonisation. All these countries are simply rushing to access CEDEAO at the point they even push their kids into learning the French language, especially Ghana and Nigeria and it’s clear that our help at efficiently liquidating jihadists in the region was highly appreciated.
        Anyway, the thing to do is definitively an alliance Russia/EU DoS thrives to avoids at great expenses especially as it’d cascade countries/entities like India, Brazil, CEDEAO…
        Why do you think more and more Europeans like Stern Daler and me want an EU-army instead of NATO (or an Europeanisation of NATO), an alliance with Russia (or why not Russia joining the EU, especially now UK is pulling out). We simply have the same roots, values and moreover geopolitical and security issues. Once UK out, the only problem that will prevent such an alliance is the paranoia about Russians in Poland and in Baltic states, that’s even why DoS did the coup in Ukraine. Hey, France selling LHDs to Russia! Washington has gone bonkers about it! Russian were even very near to buy our FELIN cyber-riffle system. Guess why DoS and LockMart even proposed to rebuild Forth-Worth F-16 factory in India if they didn’t bought Rafales and why the Yankee Poodle AKA UK managed to push Dassault out from the Eurofighter program at the same time DoS pushed the German govt to cancel the Lampyridae supersonic stealth fighter program. The reasons are the same why Soros wants to fuck up Russia and disband the EU : a Russia+EU alliance is the worst nightmare all these rats have while US, GCC and China play their game 😀 It wont jump to your eyes as long as you’ll stay with your minimalist blindness. Now, it’s a very subtle game that may be long to put in place and we have to be careful by even seem to back some foreign politics we don’t agree too but it worth the effort.

    • China doesnt officialy involve in this war. And i think they have bigger interests in Lybia and Sudan since they are buying most of their oil. China is supporting by money not by fighting this war.They are the player in the shadows.

    • Yes, the Chinese don’t tend to do anything or support anyone unless it’s in their direct interests. Maybe they think a world completely controlled by the US is in their interests. I would suggest they need new strategists.

  2. Great News. USA must be Dismantles with Israel and the European states NATO.
    The world must follow its own self determination. Each country must follow its self determination. Al Saud land must be given to the Kurds. We can start from this.

    • An europeanisation of NATO (thus without UK, USA and Turkey, well, we can consider keeping Canada in) and alliance with Russia is the way to go.
      Well, Israel is already dismantled as Gaza and West-Bank are occupied by Muslim Brotherhood (hey, Arafat entred MB in 1948, his uncle being the MB leader for both Arab and Jewish Palestine since 1935). Well, as Mecca and Medina and most of western Arabia were populated by Jews while northern Arabia was populated by Christians before 1st jihad, maybe these should go back to their legitimate owners (LOL, I bet some will get mad reading this, note I write this just to piss them off, LOL), BTW, the real mount Sinai isn’t in Sinai, it’s Jebel al-Lawz in KSA. No surprise Wahhabist fund all anti-Zionist campaigns : they fear Israel reclaiming west-KSA. BTW, was I in their place, I’d launch a campaign to reclaim these lands as long there are anti-Zionist campaigns which BTW go against Q’ran as even their religion says Israel is the land of the Jews 😆
      Now they also could piss off more by asking for DNA tests on Lebanese and west Syria people : as these areas were Solomon and David’s kingdoms, it’s estimated that most of the people are actually Jews that were forced into Islam by Arab invaders and I’m not even joking about all these points : Israelis have serious balls for counter propaganda, actually, I’m even surprised they don’t use it, as I’m surprised they don’t push up the fact that when Arafat replaced his uncle as Palestinian leader -while both were Egyptians!-, the uncle was also a former Waffen SS general and both wee linked to the Brotherhood… Actually, they simply can debunk and discredit any propaganda against them! I don’t get why the don’t except that… They simply don’t need all these lands. Frankly, Israel, including West-Bank and Gaza is a less than 30k km² pustule on a map, it’s what? 3/4 the size of Swiss! Who cares? Just leave them alone living in peace in the area the 1922 San Remo treaty gave to them and they’ll simply stop being a problem to… all those vowing their destruction! Franly, Arabs even HATE Palestinians, they perfectly know all real ones are ethnic Jews anyway!
      Kurdistan has no roots in KSA. Actually, it’s SE Turkey, N Syria, N Iraq ans NW Iran. The Sèvres treaty had the building of the Kurdistan in. As there was serious population growth, it’s clear that a greater Kurdistan has to be considered.
      Actually, had the al-Saouds’ took real profit from oil’s “mana” at making the desert green exatly as Israelis do with a ridiculous fraction of the money these enturbanned have and have spent leading a totally unproductive lavish life, KSA may have interest… As soon as the oil rigs are dry and it’ll be soon the case, well, it’s not without reason they’re arming themselves like crazies : they’ll have to invade neighbours to simply survive. We have to take GREAT care at limiting what is sold to them. Be sure that the asymmetric warfare that is led now is some kind of rehearsal about what may come in about 20 years.
      All North African countries and so for the full Shia crescent (but maybe not Yemen?) should also simply pull-out from Arab league : they’re NOT Arabs, they’re Persian, Assyrians, Arameans, Egyptians or Berberians! It’d simply be much more healthy for all these people to stick to their own roots instead of going on with the Invaders’ religion and culture…

      USA is a different case : “America is not a young land: it is old and dirty and evil before the settlers, before the Indians. The evil is there waiting”-William S.Burroughs. 😆 BTW, the real location of R’lyeh, the infamous Cthulhu’s undersea city has been detected, thanks to the 1997 “Bloop”, it’s much closer than Argentina’s coast than Lovecraft used to think and everybody knows that Arkham is Essex, MA, that Innsmouth is Great Neck, MA. It’s common knowledge America belongs to Great Cthulhu 😆

      • you really have a deficient brain unable to summarize your thoughts in a few lines, alternatively you do it on purpose to write ever increasing amounts of junk just to distract the people and or make the history ignorants follow your tales

      • Sometimes you post stuff that are true and I complete agree with them. Other times you copy and paste shit from your hashbara site.
        Nothing you said here made sense and 99% of it is false.

  3. one must destroy israel first…these as*holes started this and help made ISIS…….if you don;t get israel off the map…then your territories will be lost to the jews..this is war…..start thinking like war….period