Government certification of the new air defense system S-350 Vityaz are about to be completed successfully and the first batch has begun to be manufactured, Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said on Friday.

“The successful launches carried out on March 26 completed the government certification tests of the new air defense system S-350 Vityaz, expected to replace the S-300PS. Simultaneously the manufacturing of the first serial set has begun. It will be provided in 2019,” Krivoruchko said.

The air defense system S-350 Vityaz developed by the concern Almaz-Antey for battlefield air defense has a maximum range of 60 kilometers and an altitude of 30 kilometers.

It is meant for hitting aerodynamic and ballistic targets. One system is armed with twelve air defense missiles.


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    An EuroSAM MAMBA battery (6x launchers of 8 missiles, etc) costs the quarter of S-400, the half of S-300 and ranges 120km. Can be networked with anything compatible Link-16 (all NATO, EU, JP, SK, Taiwan, Israel made systems) network, including AWACS (E-2, E-3), navy-vessels, other air defence systems, fighter jets, etc etc etc.
    Its Aster-30 missile already equips many countries (usually on navy vessels) : Algeria, Egypt, France, Italy, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, UK. Aster-30 is extremely efficient against ballistic missiles like Scud/Toshka or Mach3 cruise missiles (interceptions even at only 2m altitude) like P-800 Oniks, BrahMos, Kalibr : 98.5% of kills, including under heavy jamming/ECM.

    For a serious multilayer air defence, I’d recommand to procure the
    – Thales GS-1000
    w. 1000km range anti-stealth radar (can directly connect to MAMBA or connect through Link-16), I’d highly consider stuffing it into the upcoming Flying Whales LCA60T blimp (Flying Whales = ONERA + Safran + AVIC. French/Chinese joint venture)×860.jpg

    – ONERA Nostradamus trans-horizon radar which detects B-2 from 3,000km :

    – IAI Arrow-3 (2,400km range. Raytheon RIM-161D block IIA ranges 2,500km but costs 10x more per missile : more than $20M! Ouch! At $2-3M/interceptor, you have 6x S-400’s 40N6’s range for the same price per shot)

    • While for close range :
      1.) NBS MANTIS (Modular, Automatic and Network capable Targeting and Interception System), FKA SkyShield :
      The Oerlikon 35mm Millenium gun shoots 1000RPM, each shell divides into 152 pellets when entering the interception area = 152,000RPM… This is a “Thou shall not pass” from Gandalf…

      2.) Then OTO Melara Draco 76/62 :
      Nothing else than the famous “76/62 Super Rapid”, the bestseller of navy-guns. 120RPM
      The DART ammo is a 8-9km range anti-air guided shell
      The Vulcano ammo is a 40km artillery shell
      So Draco can both protect against aerial and ground threats.

      1.) & 2.) are point defence system set to protect high value assets/infrastructures : airbases, HQs, communication centres, radar installations, powerplants, etc etc

      3.) Rafael Iron-Dome :
      70km range, $50M/battery w. 4 launchers (4x 20 Tamir interceptors at $50k each = as cheap as an Igla-S ManPADS), etc. 97% of kills, discriminates projectiles which will fall into unpopulated areas, can intercept aircraft too

      The very interest of proceeding this way, unlike the Russian systems, is that you don’t face a closed proprietary IADS : you can cherry-pick anything fitting your needs from many suppliers and network it all with a huge diversity of sensors, active+passive radars, add data from many types of AWACS, ships, etc etc.

      e.g. IDK the price of a David’s Sling battery compared to MAMBA, but the interceptors range 160km, have dual radar+IR/EO seeker and are very cheap : $350k/missile, moreover, let’s suppose some former DM was “lobbied” into buying pretty irrelevant Patriot PAC-3, David’s Sling’s “Stunner” interceptor fits in PAC-3 batteries and cannisters.
      In the case of MANTIS and Draco, since there are many tactical lasers in R&D now, as an Arrow-4 designed to intercept ICBMs in mid-course, this can be added later, when Arrow-4 will be introduced.

      Note : I haven’t pointed many elements, I don’t publicly discuss classified stuff as I’ve never told about Rafale’s stealth features before the fact it’s a 5th gen aircraft was un-classified despite I knew about it since the early 00’s, I’m nither as dumb as Assange, nor a traitor…

      Nevertheless, what is made available to the public is more than enough to get that those praying 5 times a day for our demise will all go underground. It’s not without reason that we cleansed the African jihadists from an area as big as the USA within a year, thus, Yankees also have stuff like that, they just have too much media exposure while our militaries are very secretive. If they cleansed Afgha or Iraq/NE-Syria the way we did in Africa, everybody would end knowing about the means used and soon counter-measures/tactics may appear.
      At our levell, we don’t need to develop something like Arrow-3 or RIM-161D since all NATO Aegis ships have already RIM-161D and there are Aegis-Ashore complexes that have been built in eastern Europe. MAMBA was dev’d so we have something between Patriot PAC-3 and THAAD which is more efficient for 7-12x cheaper, it’s even 4x cheaper than S-400.
      It may range only the half of THAAD or S-400’s 48N6 but since it costs the quarter of S-400 w. 48 missiles instead of 32 per battery, you can go after much more targets and deal with a swarm-attack. If ever we want more serious range, all that we’d need would be adding Arrow-3 to the network and all that would be needed would be the launchers and the command posts, all targetting data being already provided by GS-1000+Nostradamus, Link-16, AWACS and other sensors…

  2. Japanese F-35 fighter crashed ,and the UK just brought 35 at a cost of a hundred million dollars each fighter of the F-35 for each aircraft carrier , what a waste of money .