(TASS) The US Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed that it had used depleted uranium (DU) ammunition in Syria in strikes against the Islamic State radical group (outlawed in Russia).

“I can confirm the use of depleted uranium,” US Central Command (CENTCOM) spokesman Maj. Josh Jacques told TASS. “The combination of Armored Piercing Incendiary (DU) rounds mixed with High Explosive Incendiary rounds was used to ensure a higher probability of destruction of the truck fleet ISIS was using to transport its illicit oil.”

The report runs contrary to earlier US claims that it had never used depleted uranium in its operation against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.


The spokesman said that a total of 5,265 rounds of Armored Piercing Incendiary (DU) using the 5:1 combat mix ratio were used in two operations on November 16 and November 22, 2015.

On November 16, a total of 1,490 out of 1,790 rounds fired in total contained depleted uranium. On November 22, US warplanes fired 3,775 shells with depleted uranium out of 4,530 in total.

Each of the two operations involved four A-10 Thunderbolt attack aircraft. A total of 46 enemy vehicles were destroyed during the first operation, and 293 during the second.

Russia’s stance confirmed

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said last year that according to independent experts, the United States has used depleted uranium (DU) shells in Syria and Iraq at least twice.

She urged focus on the joint report by the Dutch non-governmental Peace Organization PAX and the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons concerning the use of outlawed weapons by the United States during its campaign in Iraq.

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“It is a rather telling sign the ICBUW has exposed at least two instances of the United States using DU weapons in air strikes against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq,” Zakharova said.

The report addresses the issue of the indiscriminate use of DU weapons during the US-British intervention in Iraq in 2003.

“The report’s authors have arrived at the conclusion that the US military violated its own rules for the use of such ammunition, because they fired it against non-armored targets, including enemy manpower, and within communities, thus posing risks to the civilian population,” the spokeswoman said.

“Amid the anti-Syrian and anti-Russian propaganda campaign and in the context of successful operations by the Syrian armed forces with support from Russia’s aerospace group against terrorists and militants in Aleppo such facts of recent history are ignored by Western mass media,” she added.


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  1. It is now clear the combination of Armored Piercing Incendiary (Depleted Uranium) rounds mixed with High Explosive Incendiary rounds were not used for any ‘Mechanical Purpose’. It was an ‘Analogical Method’ against ISIS Brutality & their possession. No theory was there to inflict Crops Damage or Water Poisoning or even human distortion. #US #DU #ISIS #Syria

  2. Pentagon is the worlds best known terrorist base that is not accountable to anybody. They can do genocides no problem with a press that will look the other way and blame the innocent. Shame on USA

  3. DU must not be used because it contaminates and is a possible hazard. Forces preparing to defend their own soil have developed substitutes for good reasons. p.s. I doubt that the US would ever use DU in their own country to pollute their own soil? What more can I say?

    • Yes and no. well, tungsten can be considered as hard but on impact, tungsten deforms as a mushroom, DU has the advantage to be pyrophoric, on the point of impact, it burns in vapour, making the shell auto-sharpening then once the armour is pierced, then when it breaks through, the burning DU turns the inside of a vehicle into an inferno of white-hot gas and sparks, although it’s mostly in the path of the exhaust that things may really suck. The incendiary mixture that follows is likely to be muchworst but the max-damages are likely to come from ammos on board.
      Well, DU ain’t as hard as tungsten but some classified technique allows it to become as hard, likely by alloying with titanium.
      Nevertheless, as DU is obtained through burn uranium from nuke plants
      Thus, it’s not as deadly as many may think and a A-10 shell or even several are not likely to pierce a MBT hull in most of the cases.
      Now, the problem about DU hs nothing to see with radioactivity, actually, the combustible is exhausted and if there are remains, they’re likely to be even less active than the very little radium on a watch. Radiology containers for portable sources are made of DU, there are no problems at manipulating them, you’re likely to have more natural radioactivity in an area with sandstone than with DU.
      Now, once vapourised and breathed, it’s likely to be toxic but… ALL HEAVY METALS ARE TOXIC! Lead bullets are toxic, tungten ones are even worst and what about the tantalum used as EFPs in Sadarm OR PBK-500 parachuted antitank weapons with seeker shooting an EFP…
      You will see 2 types. the one that launches rockets is ODAB-500, it’s seen as a bunker buster but the main use it a case of classic war is destroying the runways of airbases : rockets pierce the runway then explode under, it’s much much harder to repair than craters. The principle is a French invention, at the beginning, the aircraft flew low and full throttle over the runway, dropped grapes of bombs each opening their parachute, the rocket then ignited. That was the Durandall bombs. The PKB-500 is the strange system you see in the video :
      Now, what the A-10 use are only 30mm shells and the goal isn’t to pierce MBTs, for this, you may prefer missiles or PKB-500/SADARM stile stuff, what the A-10 will bust with its gun is more IFVs, APCs, technicals, well, any vehicles but also boots (I should say sandals), combat posts, artillery posts etc. It’s goal is doing CAS (close air support) and well, you might have to shoot less than 50m from your buddy-boots. It’s not without reasons that boots want the A-10 or the AC-130 : each 30 or 40 mm shell has the effect of an offensive grenade, drop even a 100kg SDB and your troops are likely to be killed too, now, some may say, “well, the Vyper Strike has only 1k warhead”, well, have thousands of Toyota pickups and 200k jihadists as targets, you’ll lose the war by attrition like this!
      For now, the cheapest guided projectile you can have in the west is a $10k mortar shell. The LOGIR kit for hydra70 rockets created by US-Navy labs should have been mass produced in Korea at a $5k cost and was fire and forget, just needed to target once with a laser, then it locked. A H-70 rocket being $2k3, would be better to make it for the CRV-7 as the Canadian rocket pierces a T-72 easily. But Raytheon, MBDA+Rocketsan, Thales, BAe came on market with their own kits, less interesting as you have to keep laser on target like a Kornet at… $30k per kit, with the promise to lower prices once mass produced… Russia presented a single kit for S-5, S-8 and S-13 + Grad rockets in 1999. There seem not to be mass production. There is a guided CRV-7PG, in the 2 last cases, no idea of price.
      Well, suppose you produce the LOGIR, put 6 pods of 19 under even a Cessna, your 114 targets will cost $832.2k, thus, it’s cheaper than 8 Hellfires…

      Now, an A-10 normal load is 1140 shells, thus the magazine can contain 1350. So the number told about are nothing impressive. Well, if s.o breathes pulverised DU against some armour and due to the 4000 RPM rate of fire, it might be difficult to know the long term effect as yoou’re not really supposed to survive a 30mm shell and as a civillian, you’re not supposed to be in the area…
      So well, those who campaign to ban this or that, the day they’ll have jihadist blowing their doors, drag ’em into the street and behead them with a hunting knife, they’re likely to regret having campaigned against DU shells, cluster bombs, mine fields, napalm, phosphorus, dum-dum/hollow-point bullets, etc etc etc. Now, OK, some stuff may have to be improved in a way to minimise issues but hey, a minefield around Palmyra would have given a hard time to Daesh and twice.. BTW, the roaches don’t give a fuck about using banned mustard gas and even used Sarin… Well, many praise Kalibr missile, for sure it’s great @ $2-3M…
      Well, I can point cases where 4 Jaguars annihilated an armoured column of 200-250 vehicles with Napalm which was launched in the invasion of Chad… The leader who sent them didn’t tried it a 2nd time… there was a small mountain plateau with roaches entrenched over a village, it took SAA 3 weeks to take it… Napalm would have took it in a few seconds…
      Well, the politically correct is a bit laughable : these idiots seem to think as some moronic Freudian psychiatrists, that you can heal a schizo-paranoid just by talking with him…
      Well, let’s be clear : it has now lasted as long as WW2, if we consider that about as many Syrians died as the number of French in WW2 while France had double population, let’s be clear, it sucks and if appropriate means has been used or if some having these means had decided to move these in, it’d be finished for a while…
      So yeah, let’s be clear : if A-10 had shot 1000x this against Daesh, dozens of thousands of lives would have been spared.
      Another point is these are not regular armies and moreover, they respect not any war convention so there are no reason to take gloves, even more, if really devastating means were used, if they all begin to shit in their pants whenever they hear an aircraft, they won’t take long to flee, it’s terrible to say but take the case of human shields, if you napalm it all, first you leave no traces and after a few of such strikes, they see that using human shields is useless, they give up! It’s exactly what was done in Russia when Chechens took a school and a theater as hostages, moreover, it motivated Russian militaries to retake Chechnya all the shitlamist leaders ended liquidated.
      The longer the conflict lasts, the worst it is! And the more efficient systems end banned, the longer it takes, thanks to the hypocrites doing their politically correct shit!

      • Thanks for Your explanation. As I said. For example Wolfram carbide is used in armor-piercing ammunition where depleted uranium is politically unacceptable. The real reason why it is not used at home is explained by You – its “limited” amount of radiation is in the “vapors” which are spread and enters humans via the lungs. Yes hypocrites often prevent weapons that can save the lives of our men. But in this case You do not want the poisonous vapors and salts of a heavy metal around. I can understand why the Syrian government does not like the use.

        • It’s more psychological due to the fact it comes from nuke waste. But again, mostly all ammos are are heavy metals and DU is not toxic by radiation : you must understand that we live through radiations and cosmic rays all the time! Toxicity comes from the heavy metal! Now, if you’re in an area that ends with DU vapours, you’re not an angel to be targetted by an A-10 😉 Nevertheless, lead in bullets? Heavy Metal! Tantalum in EFP? Heavy Metal! Iron Maiden? Heavy Metal!
          Wolfram carbide = Tungsten Carbide. Bravo : Tungsten is more toxic than lead and is also a heavy metal 😉 Well, except using maybe diamond (????), I doubt you’ll find anything ecological to kill efficiently 😀 Well, if bullets were in diamond, it’d had an advantage : few could pay for many… But they’d cook their owns with lead oranything so you close the circle… Well, for riffles, NATO has switched to copper… But not for AP stuff…

          • No. DU is used because it is a waste product and cheaper. DU’s fine particles and salts can enter the body. DU contains about half as much of U-235 as the natural ore. Uranium ores and mining is dangerous. All heavy metal salts are more or less toxic. If the expended ammos create a soluble salt they are dangerous. But only then. Keyword: solubility or solubility product of whatever. From what I remember Uranium salts are soluble, one of the problems of the atomic industry. You described the working of DU ammo. From its working You can deduce that a fine fume like substance is created. It reacts with oxygen more easily than bigger fragments. The presence of water enhances its oxidation. Uranium dioxide is known to be absorbed by phagocytosis in the lungs. IMHO. Lead is also problematic. Led poising is a problem where men hunt much for water fowl. Great Lakes – America! And Copper? You can switch to sintered ground iron wires for many ammo uses like Germany did in WW II. But that production probably is only competitive if You need ersatz on a war time scale. p.s. Which proves the Fascists created ammo without much poisonous waste. Tongue out.

    • The real truth is here! :
      First, Netanyahu wasn’t PM in 2003! From 2001 to 2006 it was Ariel Sharon 😉
      And you have Bernie Sanders which is a Jew who was totally against. Actually, you’ll find a lot of Jews -which in great majority vote DEM and not GOP and strongly opposed. The Obongo administration was infested by Muslim Brotherhood, BTW and at the Israeli level, they knew as well that Saddam’s capabilities to threaten even the Kurds were near nihil. Let’s be clear : the real POTUS was Chenney, If you begin to search, you will also see that Osama used to ride horses in the Bush ranch when teen! That the Bush Family was associated with the Bin Laden in Carlyle group, building the Bradley IFV, Howitzers etc. You may see more Arab names around than Jews and even much much much more “born again christians” (which are usually very far right while Jesus was mostly very leftist, LOL). Search for KKK in Bush admin, you will have fun counting the number of ‘great dragons’ and grand’pa Prescott Bush had very tight links with the nazis!
      Collin Powell and Condoleeza aren’t Jews to my knowledge.
      Thing to point : there is Jordan as a buffer zone, so the direct danger, LMAO!
      1 trillion was soaked from US tax payers? Well, it ended on Halliburton, Bechtel, Enron, Blackwater, Triple Canopy, etc etc accounts…
      The truth is that this speaker is simply antisemite and looks to charge Israel while this bunch of neo-cons are simply multi-ethnic and neither serve Israel nor the USA but their own agenda(s). The peanut farmer Carter was a so-called good Christian and triggered the 1979 Chaos in Afghanistan, Reagan sold weapons to both Iraq and Iran in the 80’s, Bushx2, Clintonx2, Obongo, all are freaking criminals, so Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz etc. And well, Saddam was FAR to be a saint, so his bros Chemical-Ali… And who voted th Bush admin again in 2004?
      Let’s be clear : no matter one can say about politics, ANY WAR is ONLY about ECONOMICS. Even ISIS is about it and don’t worry about those who made millions out of it, they won’t be in the middle of the carcasses!
      One must also understand that THE business of the USA is WAR and such talk makes the day of the neo-cons who want permanent war.
      This woman is a perfect useful idiot in their game and so are PLO, Hamas, GIs, USMC and any actor. If it’s not about Israel, tomorrow it’ll be North Korea or Portugal if necessary.
      When she made me laugh was about “it was a war for the elites”! Why? Because so are ALL WARS!
      And BTW… Where are the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Free-Masons, Skull’n’Bones, Rosicrucians? Triads? Yakuzas? Cosa-Nostra? And… THE MOST IMPORTANT! The little greys with their embassy in Roswell and their secret base in Antarctica as all the actors were under their mind control!