(HAARETZ) BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:58 P.M.) – Lebanese President Michel Aoun paid an official visit to Cairo a month ago, ahead of which he gave a number of interviews to the Egyptian media.

Hezbollah is a significant part of the Lebanese people, Aoun explained. “As long as Israel occupies land and covets the natural resources of Lebanon, and as long as the Lebanese military lacks the power to stand up to Israel, [Hezbollah’s] arms are essential, in that they complement the actions of the army and do not contradict them,” he said, adding, “They are a major part of Lebanon’s defense.”

Brig. Gen. Assaf Orion from the Institute for National Security Studies wrote recently that Aoun’s comments were a “lifting of the official veil and tearing off of the mask of the well-known Lebanese reality – which widely accepted Western diplomacy tends to blur. The Lebanese president abolishes the forced distinction between the ostensibly sovereign state and Hezbollah. Thus, the Lebanese president takes official responsibility for any actions by Hezbollah, including against Israel.”


Aoun’s declaration also tallies with the facts on the ground. At a meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee this past week, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that the Lebanese army is now “a subsidiary unit of Hezbollah.”

At this point, it’s interesting to listen to security cabinet member Naftali Bennett (Habayit Hayehudi), whose opinions the state comptroller accepted with regard to disagreements with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the Hamas attack tunnels in the Gaza Strip.

While in the political realm Bennett seems determined to create unilateral facts on the ground (i.e., settlements in the territories) even at the risk of a potential face-off with the Europeans and embarrassing the Trump administration, it seems his positions on military issues are more complex. More than once he has shown healthy skepticism over positions taken by top defense officials, and he refuses to accept their insights as indisputable conclusions.

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Hunting rocket launchers during a war is almost impossible, Bennett told Haaretz this week, adding that he says this “as someone who specialized in hunting rocket launchers.”

During the Second Lebanon War in 2006, when he served as a reserve officer, Bennett commanded an elite unit sent deep into southern Lebanon to find Hezbollah’s rocket-launching squads.

“When we worked in a particular area, we did reduce the teams of rocket launchers there – but they simply moved a little farther north,” Bennett related. Since then, he said, 11 years have passed and Hezbollah has learned to deploy in a more sophisticated manner. “They moved their launchers from the nature reserves, outposts in open areas, to dense urban areas. You can’t fight rockets with tweezers. If you can’t reach the house where the launcher is, you’re not effective, and the number of houses you have to get through is enormous,” he explained.

“After I was released from reserve duty, I read all of the books you wrote about the war,” Bennett told me. “I understood in retrospect that the fundamental event of the war took place on its first day, in a phone call between [former Prime Minister] Ehud Olmert and Condoleezza Rice.” President George W. Bush’s secretary of state had asked the prime minister not to hit Lebanon’s infrastructure, and was given a positive response. As a result, “there was no way that Israel could win the war,” Bennett said.

“Lebanon presented itself as a country that wants quiet, that has no influence over Hezbollah,” he continued. “Today, Hezbollah is embedded in sovereign Lebanon. It is part of the government and, according to the president, also part of its security forces. The organization has lost its ability to disguise itself as a rogue group.”

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Bennett believes this should be Israel’s official stance. “The Lebanese institutions, its infrastructure, airport, power stations, traffic junctions, Lebanese Army bases – they should all be legitimate targets if a war breaks out. That’s what we should already be saying to them and the world now. If Hezbollah fires missiles at the Israeli home front, this will mean sending Lebanon back to the Middle Ages,” he said. “Life in Lebanon today is not bad – certainly compared to what’s going on in Syria. Lebanon’s civilians, including the Shi’ite population, will understand that this is what lies in store for them if Hezbollah is entangling them for its own reasons, or even at the behest of Iran.”

At the same time, he notes that this is not necessarily the plan for a future war, but instead an attempt to avoid one: “If we declare and market this message aggressively enough now, we might be able to prevent the next war. After all, we have no intention of attacking Lebanon.”

According to Bennett, if war breaks out anyway, a massive attack on the civilian infrastructure – along with additional air and ground action by the IDF – will speed up international intervention and shorten the campaign. “That will lead them to stop it quickly – and we have an interest in the war being as short as possible,” he said. “I haven’t said these things publicly up until now. But it’s important that we convey the message and prepare to deal with the legal and diplomatic aspects. That is the best way to avoid a war.”

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          • So you think the Krauts gifted the Yehudim fully reliable Samson option submarines?

          • The subs have 650mm torpedo tubes. Western torpedoes are 533mm diameter… Popeye Turbo cruise missile perfectly fits a 650mm tube and could perfectly fit a 250kT neutron bomb which would joyously kill a much as a 2-3MT thermonuke without doing as much damage… Frankly, I’d prefer being blasted by a thermonuke : I know a LOT about radio-protection, I wouldn’t like to die by irradiation : it’s REALLY horrible.
            Had the Muricans sold Tomahawks, they probably had bought Scorpenes as Tomahawk fits a 533mm tube, the 650mm is usually seen on Russian subs, initially made for nuke torpedoes. Well, it wasn’t a great idea from the US : Turbo Popeye has biggest warhead and much more range than Tomahawk…
            Now, don’t forget about the silos with Jericho III. Hihi, Jericho I were built by Dassault, BTW. Dimona is exactly the replica of the French reactor that made all or nukes. If only 358 are active, we must have a good thousands in storage… The 1973 patent for separation of isotopes without centrifugals, thus allowing the processing in a small lab is an Israeli patent, the 1979 Vela incident was clearly a “cold” test for a neutron bomb : we did several like these in Mururoa, it allows to test the system without doing a full scale nuke test and very very few uranium is spent.
            You know what’s funny when you bath in Mururoa lagoon at night? When you get out of water, you glow at night and you get busted by sentinels ’cause, guess what? It was forbidden to bath here 😀

            Don’t worry, if some idiot ever manages to destroy Israel, which is somewhat dubious with the totally crazy A2/AD they built, he’ll soon follow and well, there’ll be a new gigantic parking lot named Middle East.
            Morality… Many around should better be careful what they wish for in fear it ends to happen…
            Well, the deluge of fire that may occurre could perfectly kill in minutes as much as 1400 years of jihad.
            The interesting point with the neutron bomb is the much lesser blast and fallouts, thus, real estates will mostly be kept intact but I’m ready to bet Mecca may get a serious and highly polluting thermo nuke… a really bad plutonium one in order to make the area unviable for at least 24,000 years.

          • Yes ThyssenKrupp fit better for the A warheads.

            Plus NATO maneuvers have proven their stealth technology effective.

            Both is good for Samson capabilities.

          • “Cheaper French constructions are sufficient to kill Arab ships”
            =>Barracuda atomic attack subs makes the ThyssenKrupp AG cheap 😉
            Actually, the interest is that Israelis aren’t bothered at building a new cruise missile as Popeye Turbo fits in 650mm torpedo tubes, it’s a modification of the aiborne Popeye. They’d need SCALP (Navy version) or Tomahawk to fit in classic 533mm. The 650mm diameter is for Russian very old torpedoes, it initially targets countries having bought Russian subs in the 50’s

          • I know that 650 is good for classic cruise missiles.
            Read Your own older post. You told me. LOL.

            =>Barracuda atomic attack subs makes the ThyssenKrupp AG cheap

            Any atomic attack subs will make ThyssenKrupp’s cheap and none will surpass the TK’s stealth. That is the market niche of these boats.

            TK’s can kill the loud a-subs or anything. These boats snug in on US careers and a-subs. US liaison officers on the boats reportedly turned yellow during NATO maneuvers.

            No idea about current affairs but probably it is still like that. It was last discussed because of the Australian deal. They chose AFAIK the cheaper French or Japanese non a-sub technology.

          • @ Rav G,

            The kind of subs sold to Israel are from the top stealth class by ThyssenKrupp AG. They make quality technology subs not as gifts but for sale.

            For what else do the Israeli need these subs?

            Spiegel and other German quality papers speculated what they are for.

            Cheaper French constructions are sufficient to kill Arab ships. so why pay for “ThyssenKrupp”?
            To sink US or Russian Atomic subs & ships? ROFL.

            p.s. Do mot call Germans Krauts else You will be slowly flamed by the Sauerkrauts.

            Germany paid Israel wergeld for the dead of the Holocaust. That was no gift. Germans make no such gifts. Are You a Zionist who claims all that money was a gift to get more?

          • If your manifesto is genocide, you plan a crime against humanity. HB is already designed as a terror org in MANY countries and for good reasons, hey, before 9/11, Mughniyah had killed more people than Osama!
            If HB really behaved in a very positive (and surprising way from a western POV) in Syria, if they resume with their old demons while Iran -and them so- were near to gain acceptance (nuclear deal, contracts with Boeing, Airbus, Sukhoi, Total), let’s be clear : don’t hope for Putin support! He even stressed SEVERAL times that Iran’s aggressivity toward Israel can’t be tolerated.
            There won’t be UN resolution to interpose forces, Bibi will be allowed to take care of it without using gloves and Aoun is putting Lebanon’s ass on the line.
            The day people like you will love life more than they hate Israel, there’ll be peace in the ME.

          • I don’t think any of us have an interest in being lectured on the evils of genocide by an apologist for French imperialism who personally took part in the defacto French enabling of the Rwandan genocide. Fuck off, and take your asinine military toy technobabble with you.

          • Stupid idiot, it’s UN that have let the shit go out of hand in Rwanda which BTW is Brit turf, as Sierra Leone! It’s our intervention that stopped the genocide, not triggered! French Imperialism? Let me laugh! How many foreign bases have we? Not a lot at all! Actually, we’ve been even very criticized locally when removing those and, in some ways, critics were right as these countries found themselves under attack by YOUR ‘friends’ and we had to send -again- a large scale operation to clean the mess! Why do you think our partners prefer to keep on relations “ON” with us? For sure we make profits, but we don’t abuse, don’t loot the country, respect cultures and if there’s a military deal, look at those who were under attack! Aggressors are kicked out and promptly. Look at how things went with African countries dealing with UK/US, China or even Russia! China is probably the worst partner. Now even the Brit speaking countries are promoting learning French and want to enter the CEDEAO and want the CFA. And frankly, we’re not hot for OpEx : it costs biiiig money and we’re not into Imperialism anymore since the 50’s, nevertheless, countries who inherited the French system may have issues, for sure, it’s not perfect but it works and when we contract, we may not be the cheaper but our dam, harbours, nuke plants, factories etc etc work great and look, even those who fell under Soviet or Brit influence after decolonisation go back to the French model. I don’t think I have to be lectured this way by s.o. who visibly doesn’t now a shit about what he’s talking about, better look at your system which has surely much more issues than ours.

    • The first thing i remembered that happened on the day of the first day of the war was that they hit the airport. And having only one airport in Lebanon, nobody was able to escape.

      The second thing they did was that they destroyed all bridges and tunnels that connect cities together. Thus in order to go to our house in northern Lebanon, we had to take routes through the mountains.

      And lastly they destroyed the entire suburb of Lebanon called al-Dahiye, and countless houses in south Lebanon. We would hear every day on the news 40 to 45 people getting rescued from under the rubble. Some days it would be 90+..

      The reason they didn’t win the war was because of their inability to maintain a long term warfare with Hezbollah. It was a complete and utter failure. The whole population witnessed a miracle that day the aircraft carrier was destroyed

      • Actually, they achieved their goal which wasn’t at all to win a war but to force HB into stopping their shelling against Israel.
        “The whole population witnessed a miracle that day the aircraft carrier was destroyed”
        => No aircraft carrier was destroyed since WW2. An Israeli ship was just hit by an anti-ship missile and not even sunk, she was even repaired since, BTW, it’s even the fault of the captain as the CIWS and anti-missile systems weren’t active : they simply didn’t thought that HB had coastal batteries delivered.

        Actually, the miracle is that Jews don’t think like Europeans : just begin to do the kinda little games HB but also Hamas or even previously PLO, play against Israel with countries like UK, Germany, France or even Italy, even Greece, etc, I can guarantee you that they won’t play the containment game : they won’t stop until annihilation of the threat. It may seem to be hardcore but if a DeGaulle had been Begin, Meir or Sharon, guys like Nasrallah, Mashall, Abbas, Arafat etc, would all have been offered “concrete shoes” and be at the bottom of the sea and for long, that’s what we call “Bigeard’s shrimps” in ‘honour’ of general Bigeard.

        “And lastly they destroyed the entire suburb of Lebanon called al-Dahiye, and countless houses in south Lebanon. We would hear every day on the news 40 to 45 people getting rescued from under the rubble. Some days it would be 90+..”
        => Yeep. It was a way to armbind Lebanese govt, so were the attacks against infrastructure, to push them into levering Nasrallah to stop the shit he was doing against Israel. Pretty nasty way of doing, I agree, thus, by letting a foreign backed militia do whatever they please, exactly like PLO used to do beginning in the mid 70’s, Lebanon is digging its grave.
        The political weight of HB is about 11% while they’re even more powerful than the legitimate army. This is really toxic for Lebanon, not to say dangerous as the militia is sectarian motivated and, although they abandoned goals to impose sharia etc, be sure they still have such middle-ages things like that planted in their brain and… It’s not really the interests of Christians like Aoun to let them achieve their goals in the end.

        Sincerely, I don’t see other solution than having HB integrated into regular armed forces in Lebanon and/or Syria and totally cut from the political branch and, BTW, better have religious political parties banned, this should even be done everywhere : politics is for adults, not for childs with imaginary friends. It’s already enough complicated and dirty to settle things right with politics without having some believing into supernatural parallel reality interfering with serious matters.

        • Are you denying me what I witnessed that day you fuc***g jew. We all heard the radio Announcement from Nasrallah that day.

          “Actually, they achieved their goal which wasn’t at all to win a war but to force HB into stopping their shelling against Israel.”

          And hezbollah never shelled Palastinien* territory before the war. I guess your mouth runs with lies, and your memory is filled with concuted and fabricated stories, that ambiguate reality to someone who is not very well news..

          The continuous shelling of 200 to 300 missiles a day during the war is what made the zionist scum think ten times before having a war with hezbollah.

          “The political weight of HB is about 11% while they’re even more powerful than the legitimate army. This is really toxic for Lebanon, not to say dangerous as the militia is sectarian motivated.

          Why does it fucking bother you that hezbollah are more powerful than the lebanese army. I as a Lebanese Sunni from the north, have never been threteaned by Hezbollah presence in my country. I actually feel safer, and yet here you are cooncerned about the Lebanese people. I’m telling you not to, because they are happy the way they are. And the only small minority that don’t like hezbollah are some sunnis that support al-nusra and the other terrorist groups instead in Syria.

          Gaza is an example of what Lebanon would have been have we now been under Israeli aggression. I know you’re gonna say hamas this and hamas that, and try and make whatever excuse you possibly can, but reality is clear about who is the aggressor and who in that region of the world.

          Lastly please don’t provide solutions for lebanon, we are living peacefully in this region. And the only thing that threatens our peaceful lives are the zionist scum at the south of our borders. And the US bacled terrorists in Syria.

          • I heard many announcements of Arab victory in 1967.

            If Israel feels seriously threatened there will be trouble.

            Never make an enemy desperate.

          • Exactly. Make him dead before he gets desperate.

            Give him Azazel to deal with.

          • Wow. Bravo Sunni brother. Bravo. So beautiful. I wish all Sunnis were like you.

          • “Are you denying me what I witnessed that day”
            => Nope, have you ever heard about some laws of the universe like… causality?

            “you fuc***g jew”
            => A don’t think that my woman who does her stupid prayer 5 times a day would be with me if I were a Jew 😀
            Sorry, I eat pork and I like blood in my meat 😀

            “We all heard the radio Announcement from Nasrallah that day”
            =>So, Nasrallah publicly vows to destroy an UN state member and, at the same time, do a little Shoah v2.0, has a highly fantasised militia vowing the same and stockpiling weapons more than your national army and… Well, have you searched what triggered the 2006 IDF operation? And although it was about PLO, the 1978 and 1982 ones? I’m far to agree with everything Israel does, actually, if they really did what Arabs allege they do, Arabs wouldn’t curse them like that : they’d shit in their pants instead. One of my ancestors had the same kind of troubles with protestants doing shit to our people. After a few years, he had fucking enough of both the shit they were doing and the false accusations they used to proffer… He ended thinking : “OK, I’m accused of doing massacres I never did, well, let’s give them what they want”… After having burnt a few towns, strangely, all the shit stopped… Note the protestants had nasty habits like burning churches during Sunday office, not without having blockaded doors before, well, exactly like takfiris do… Strangely, those who flee to America still curse the papists while I have records of all their ancestors crimes : all this was recorded and can be found at the national archives!

            “And hezbollah never shelled Palastinien* territory before the war. I guess your mouth runs with lies, and your memory is filled with concuted and fabricated stories, that ambiguate reality to someone who is not very well news..”
            Nope, they shelled into Israel, BTW, “Palestinian” is the romanisation of an Hebrew word meaning… Invader! Like sheitan means “enemy” and schmuck means… LOL.
            Hey, for sure, Nasrallah won’t brag about having triggered a war that made destructions in Lebanon : he’ll end lynched, LOL!

            “Why does it fucking bother you that hezbollah are more powerful than the lebanese army. I as a Lebanese Sunni from the north, have never been threteaned by Hezbollah presence in my country. I actually feel safer, and yet here you are cooncerned about the Lebanese people. I’m telling you not to, because they are happy the way they are. And the only small minority that don’t like hezbollah are some sunnis that support al-nusra and the other terrorist groups instead in Syria.”
            => I have NEVER said they treated badly the population, BTW, they renounced their will to enforce Sharia… Well, with 43% of Christians, this may be troublesome to enforce 😉 But…
            Let’s be clear : you just have a sectarian driven militia that is under the control of a minority party but more powerful than the army of the country so that is doing whatever they please here (including the money laundering of their little business with the Colombians. BTW, is Lebanese hashish still as good as it used to be 30y ago?) and what they please is plotting just about destroying the neighbouring state which, BTW, is in the top 10 of military powers and the top 5 of nuclear powers.
            Well, had we our infamous Front National building a militia that, although non nuclearised, ended beng more powerful than our army and was totally independently, let’s say vowing the destruction of Germany, UK and as we are, the US, even if they weren’t doing shit domestically, I’d be a bit concerned if they were constantly doing attacks in these countries… IMHO, I don’t think Brits and Muricans would be as patient as Israelis and we’d have USMC patrolling the streets for years, not without having had our infrastructures severely destroyed…

            “Gaza is an example of what Lebanon would have been have we now been under Israeli aggression. I know you’re gonna say hamas this and hamas that, and try and make whatever excuse you possibly can, but reality is clear about who is the aggressor and who in that region of the world.”
            => Hey, Sharon let Gaza under total “Palestinian” control. Sorry for the “” : the real Philistines were Greek, not Arabs.
            Soon, there were serious tensions between Hamas and PLO, nevertheless, Israelis let a flourishing greenhouse industrial system behind them, first thing that was done? Destroy/burn it all… After they end complaining there are no jobs etc… Nevertheless… You let all these nice people without IDF, instead telling themselves “cool, IDF is gone, let’s make life cool without their rule, OK, the exchange was land for peace, let’s build peace and good neighbourhood”… BUT NO! “Let’s build improvised rockets and mortar, we’re the best, we expelled the Jews from Gaza, tomorrow we’ll take al-Aqsa”.

            “Lastly please don’t provide solutions for lebanon, we are living peacefully in this region. And the only thing that threatens our peaceful lives are the zionist scum at the south of our borders. And the US bacled terrorists in Syria.”
            => And I SINCERELY HOPE YOU TO HAVE PEACE FOREVER, but… have you red the article? Let me remind you :
            “The Lebanese president abolishes the forced distinction between the ostensibly sovereign state and Hezbollah. Thus, the Lebanese president takes official responsibility for any actions by Hezbollah, including against Israel.””
            => Why do you think they try to smuggle Fateh-110 ballistic missiles into Lebanon? Aren’t you concerned that this militia which is nothing else than an Iranian proxy and again, vows the destruction of the neighbouring state, so does Ian, that BTW threatened this again just a few days ago, will do with such gear? Hey, they rocketed a lot from S-Lebanon, even if you weren’t here and now it has became too hot, they’re seeking long range stuff, Fateh-110 ain’t really toothpicks, you know… Now, you know, under the influence of infamous mufti al-Husseini, Nasser began a program to build 400 V2 missiles with the idea of using bacteriologic and chemical weapons .
            Now, Fateh-110 has a 650kg warhead with a range about 300km.
            Let me show you a Honest John 680kg warhead :
            Nope, these are not cluster bombs : these are Sarin bulbs! I can’t tell for the effect with Sarin but with VX, it’s enough to kill 80k ppl in a high populated area…
            When you shoot something like this, nobody knows what’s in and, with Iranian threats…
            Do you understand what the Israeli answer might be? They are not a pussy country, they’re a nuclear power and as a French, I’m well placed to explain you that Dimona is NOTHING ELSE than the replica of the reactor where all our warheads were produced and that Gerboise Bleue test in 1960 didn’t made 1 nuke power but 2…
            Shoot a single ballistic missile against ANY nuke power you’re taking serious risk, with a little luck, they’ll take the risk it’s just a test or a provocation. Shoot several at once, they won’t look further, theirs are flying too.

            Now, if you’re still unconscious of the problem you have with HB and also Iran, well, “beati pauperes spiritu”, in Tehran, they don’t care, the risk of nuke retaliations is for YOUR ass, not their!

            “And the only thing that threatens our peaceful lives are the zionist scum at the south of our borders. And the US bacled terrorists in Syria.”
            => Israelis want to live is peace as much as you, probably even more, they’re no more “scum” than you and me! You know, we had serious fights between Germany and France for very long, more than a century and guess what ended being the main founding factor of the EU? The German-French friendship! Now we can’t do without the other, we even speak about merging our armies as a single one!!!! In fact, until some mofos like al-Bana, al-Husseini etc did their shit and the Arab league funding and fuelling hatred, there were very little issues. Then this was even more exacerbated by Arab nationalism which in some way copied the nazis using jews as scapegoats for their own failures and as an unifying focus for a somewhat dubious Arab nation : let’s be clear, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt + all Maghreb are not ETHNIC Arabs! Was I Egyptian, I’d probably learn to read/write hieroglyphs then go tagging mosques and public places with messages like “this place belongs to Osiris, fuck the Brotherhood” and strongly work at resurrecting the cultural roots of the country over imported/forced Bedouin “culture”.
            By doing some research, you may end to consider the US backing these roaches are not so implied as what you may think. The legit USA is on the good side, fighting Daesh and helping the Kurds, what you had on the side of the roaches were mostly crooked politicians on KSA/Qatar payroll that abused their power and used the deep/dark state in a totally illegal way doing totally illegal operations : just verify by yourself how the congress voted when they tried to pass funding! And if there are real monsters like McCain, there are also really wonderful people like Tulsi Gabbard or Bernie Sanders… Sanders strongly opposed all this shit in the ME for decades and guess what? He’s a Jew! And Gabbard’s an Hindu (and a military, BTW!)… What, they defended Syria, Iraq, Libya in the US? YES!

            Now, maybe you begin to better understand my point : I’m as much with Lebanon or Syria that I’m with Israel and even with the fabricated “Palestinian” people that we both know is nothing else than a fraud created for the sole purpose to destroy the Jewish state. But there’s NO WAY I’ll support the rats in Hamas and PLO which are the same mofos AKP, Qaedans and Daesh are. They’re the plaque of “Palestinians”.
            Now, the way I perceive HB (well, the military branch) which is nothing else than an Iranian proxy and well, the way I perceive Iranian state are a bit different and it’d be very long to discuss. Both can become GREAT assets for the region and act in very constructive way, now the millstones are bigots full of sectarianism and hatred like Khamenei or Nasrallah but well, some Sunni equivalents are of the same vein as, to every action, then comes a reaction and their actions or the actions they say they’re working at, will simply be a magnet for further destructions and further hatred I’m already sure will be charged upon Israel. Moreover, it wont help as, well, just dig it, before 9/11, HB was the terrorist group that killed the biggest number of USAns and Mughniyah was head of the US kill list for near 30 years! And for very good reasons! He was on Argentinian and French ones also. Let’s be clear, him and his all buddy Badreddine : 241 US and 58 French Blue Helmets assassinated in 2 minutes. 85 Argentinians in a few seconds…
            If you thought HB was on terror list of many countries unustly, you had it all wrong! But… Not everywhere : in Colombia, it’s for drug trafficking that Nasrallah would get arrested…

          • I wonder about any woman who would tolerate being with such an obvious douchebag, who mocks and belittles her beliefs with such regularity. Your wife being Muslim does not give you special insight into Islam, or license to regularly insult over a billion people. It just makes you an asshole.

          • She’s converting to Christianism. Frankly, I’d prefer to Atheism. Religions are interesting for cultural things or some traditions etc but past being 7-8 years old, having an imaginary friend is somewhat ridiculous. More than 1 billion from Islamic culture. Let’s be clear, as in all of religions, most of people don’t give a fuck about it and, BTW, religions are imposed by parent : all children are born Atheists! Unless you brainwash them into beliefs, they don’t give a fuck about it and, usually, more advanced children, those who managed to lean to read alone, ALL reject the religious brainwashing. Science has already proved all religions to be lies and for long, not our fault if some still have problems to face a reality for what it is and which, BTW, is much more beautiful and complex than any book of religion. Anyway, you can’t run a country on religion until you want to return to be an animal.

      • Few nations are wealthy enough to own an “aircraft carrier”. Israel is not among them.

        p.s. Italy and bigger have small ones. You probably refer to a ship that can carry a helicopter or two.

        • who cares , the point is Hzb made that ship lit like a candle, and toasted some zionist sailors , together with the charred bodies of the zionists invaders inside their “indestructibl” Merkava, we have all happy memories from 2006 and look forward to the next time the zios make another stupid move

          • @est338lapua I know that some do not care of reality. And vote You down when You point to it. So obviously they care.

            The Merkava were destroyed fighting among houses and ruins.

            All terrorists hide behind human shields among houses and ruins. You can clear the area – when You fight without or with little regard to the civilians. The towns taken from the Tahkfir terrorists in Syria and Iraq show that.

            Or how do You think the Turks took al-Bab?
            They did not have the experience of the SAA.

          • And now Merkavas got Trophy protection system… Have fun to hit them with any ATGM, RPG, shell or rocket.
            We should really consider buying it for our tanks. Actually, we should go for it and consider a 18t tank with a huge 120mm gun, so we could airdrop 2 from a single A-400M and, with Trophy, nothing could hit. Moreover, even if the system is expensive, we may built 2-3 tanks for the price of a single MBT

          • Mon frère, I always thought arms and electronics make MBtanks expensive?

            p.s. But yes. You could build them easier and robotise (Uran 9) and use together with more protected manned command systems.

          • Idiotic comment, according to your logic all city battles in WWII involved terrorist armies because they fought on the cities hiding in houses and ruins ???

          • Yes. The cities are the last resort of the losers. Did not You know? So why idiotic?

            Militarily it can make sense. You swap many little trained forces with little modern, cheap arms plus civilian lives (if not evacuated) against fewer elite forces with expensive equipment.

            Stalin did this in Stalingrad. 1 million dead Russians – swapped against the elite 6
            German army and all their equipment.

            BTW. The problem today is isobaric ammo. If the attacker does not care – Your forces plus the remaining civilians are dead.

            Aleppo! The MSM claimed the SAA did that.
            The SAA did it without isobaric bombardment.

            History: Hitler tried to do the Stalingrad trick.

            The German generals still held the Paris underground (extensive labyrinth bigger than under Aleppo), had explosives from torpedoes to blow up all in revenge, enough soldiers and the German generals disobeyed and decided not to fight in the city till all was ruins.

            The German generals spared the French civilians.
            For a future were the German and French nations became friends.

            During the battle of Berlin some German generals also decided to spare civilian lives and not go into the city with their forces – as ordered by Hitler.

            Other generals obeyed. Result: 3 Russian plus rich equipment for any one defender plus civilian deaths. AFAIK.

          • Ha Ha Isobaric amo????? another wikipedia expert? “iso” equal ,” baric” Pressure or you meant THERMOBARIC?????????????
            The ghetto state invaded Lebanon, Hezbollah defended Lebanon from the invader vermin, it defended it wherever it saw fit and the Lebanese ppl are grateful for that, any other version is hasbara, it is great that a small millitia could defeat an expensive invading army The whole state of israel is an invasion proped up by its own creation by US, UK and EU lapdogs the obliteration of the ghetto state and all its supporters is the only hope for justice and peace on ME, What happens you dont like to see that money just can’t buy victory???Aaaahahahahah

          • My friend, I use the corrector function of the browser. It does not know THERMOBARIC.

            PPL with Your attitude will choke on their own blood the first moment when Israel is not on the public opinion leach of the MSM anymore. Face it. You only have a chance against their military machine while they fight not intending civilian, collateral casualties.

            Aleppo was no protection for the defenders – no town is anymore. The victorious Russians bought graves in the Berlin battle at a 3/1 ratio. Times changed since then – not only for Syrian terrorists!

            You can buy victory. The Zionist bought it for the Entente in WW I and themselves the Holy Land from them.

          • Ha Ha you u gly zionist Trophy can be defeated, it will be another Merkava experience… it can be done with a kinetic -inertial system which is already waiting for the next zionist stupid move, I am going to ask you you delusional zio clown, can you shot down a 152 mm art shell with a shotgun??? A new system is already implemented by a country who supports HZB… you will end up with your Tropy up your a..se

          • ROFL!
            The 1st KE rounds of this type were used by the IDF 421st Brigade, the one that crossed the Suez Canal in the Yom-Kippur War of 1973! It’s Israel that invented these weapons…
            Do you think the guys at IWI ignored these?
            Bad news for your deluded warmongering dreams, Trophy won’t make these blow in the air, just make them tilt a little, enough to have them deviate, hit on their flat-zone, at worst, the armour will be dented…
            I forgot that Trophy also locate from where the shot came. Your Zio-created system won’t work twice against the Zios 😀

            BTW, we don’t have Merkava MBT but the Leclerc. Trophy ain’t my system but I hope we equip our tanks with it.
            As some candidates want to scrap the HK 416 as replacement to our FAMAS, Nexter may build the IWI X95 under license, I’m absolutely into this as I want us to retain a bullpup, X95 is very light and can be adapted for the unified caliber I consider the EU shall adopt and only a bullpup will stay enugh compact with a 25.5″ barrel, thus, the assault riffle will do also a 1km sniper and light+medium machine-gun at the same time without more recoil than AK-47. I like their drones too and well, as Knesset ended rejecting the F-35, we have a much better product named Rafale. As now it’s unclassified, if F-22 is a Gen.5 fighter, Rafale is Gen 5.5 and there are +2 tons of payload more than F-16, moreover, the Israeli and Russians are already integratd, thanks to Indian contract! I’m sure Israel may become our best customer again 😀 IMHO, we could surely sell them 100-150 Rafales, especially as they’re the only one having proven they can fly over a S-300/400 battery without being spotted or locked… We should also propose them our Nostradamus radar while their Iron Dome and Iron Beam would be cool for us… We should also propose a replacement for Dimona

            Now, you may not know but backing a militia that attacks a country is legally nothing else than a declaration of war.
            I think you will thank your hatred ideology which I already see the results coming : there won’t be a single country that’ll go back to the stone age but two and everybody will only have to say thank you to Nasrallah and Khamenei! And to people like you too!
            While, at the same time, frankly, I know Jews, they’re more easy-living than my people! Never thought about giving a try to friendship? Look, Egypt or Jordan didn’t had troubles since they renounced this kind of stupid aggressivity! And, BTW, if it’s a book of religion or politics that pushes you in such sterile and destructive useless hatred, I advise you to burn it before YOU get burnt!

          • Trophy won’t make these blow in the air, just make them tilt a little, enough to have them deviate, hit on their flat-zone, at worst, the armour will be dented…?????POOR LITTLE IGNORANT WIKIPEDIA ARMS EXPERT you are Daeshbag Next war go join the JDF tank brigade and keep shouting, israel, Trophy, Trophy…Maybe that will make your Trophy able to tilt a 120 kg Missile launched from 10 km when it comes at 300m/s to blow you kosher tank turret into an expensive pile of scrap metal…

          • ROFL.
            In 35 years, HB didn’t managed to conquer a square meter from Israel.
            They have what? 2000-2500 fighters and with reserve, a 10k max and all you point is 40-50y Soviet or Murican crap gear!
            Israel has a +100k army with 800k reserve and is at the spearhead of hi tech weaponry even with gear US don’t have!
            You’re totally blinded by bigotry and a totally useless hatred.
            Aoun did a TREMENDOUS error backing Nasrallah.
            If he starts a war, bein also backed by Khamenei, Bibi has a DOUBLE casus belli now!
            Israel is mostly on par with France except the navy and the fact we have a team of professional butchers named Foreign Legion. They’re ALSO a nuke power and very likely the 4th biggest, maybe they even have more warheads than us.
            Mark well my words : if this sectarian loonie launches a war against Israel, both Lebanon and Iran will go back to the stone age and do not hope Putin moving the little finger : he already told Iranians they had to stop with their aggressivity. He may even lease them some active-stealth pods so S-300 will be useless.
            You and your likes shall cease your stupid hatred until it’s too late!

          • Mon frère: Talking to Arabs from the Mashreq You would find they will accept that kill ration and count on their numbers.

            p.s. Whether that ratio holds true when Israel feels threatened and gives no damn about reputation remains to be seen.

          • est338lapua : “the point is Hzb made that ship lit like a candle, and toasted some zionist sailors , together with the charred bodies of the zionists invaders inside their “indestructibl” Merkava, we have all happy memories from 2006 and look forward to the next time the zios make another stupid move”
            => And I bet you distributed candies in the streets to celebrate, like Hamas does any time an Israeli is killed, even when the Fogel family was stabbed, including the 2 young kids and the 3 month baby…
            But, hey, wait…
            120 IDF soldiers and 44 civilians (incl. 18 Arab-Israelis) killed makes you happy?
            Now… 700-1000 Hezbollah+allies so between 1/3 and 1/2 of HB, add to this 50 Lebanese soldiers or cops and 1200 civilians, major damages too ($2 billion for buildings and US $1.5 billion for infrastructure)
            1M IDPs
            Well, you can fucking rejoice of what HB attack against Israel provoked!!! Bravo! You can celebrate!

            The United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701, which was approved by both the Lebanese and Israeli governments, called for disarmament of Hezbollah, for withdrawal of the IDF from Lebanon, and for the deployment of the Lebanese Armed Forces and an enlarged United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) in the south. UNIFIL was given an expanded mandate, including the ability to use force to ensure that their area of operations was not used for hostile activities, and to resist attempts by force to prevent them from discharging their duties.[68] The Lebanese Army began deploying in Southern Lebanon on 17 August 2006. The blockade (on the country) was lifted on 8 September 2006.

            => So, what we have now? Iran replenished HB stockpile and now with long range rockets…
            So as soon they’ll estimate their stockpile enough big, let’s do it again, this time long range and, for Lebaneses it’ll be BOHICA!
            Actually, Jews don’t understand the masochistic way of the Arab mindset : to be respected, they have to be really feared, thus, they should really devastate their enemies, the fact they didn’t transformed the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa into synagogues or blown it makes they are seen as pussies and same thing as they don’t do serious massacres.
            They show mercy to people that are merciless. Look, my woman’s a Muslim, well, she’s against death penalty, she’s for life-long torture instead and she likes to get spanked and vigorously… And she’s not the 1st Muslim girl in my life. Act nice, they make your life a mess, they want to be dominated, Islam means submission. Actually, when Osama showed this stupid ‘Greater Israel’ map, that’s not what the Jews want, it’s what -unconsciously- the Muslims want the Jews to do and so they permanently curse the Jews as Jews don’t treat them like shit.

        • “Few nations are wealthy enough to own an “aircraft carrier”. Israel is not among them.”
          => Well, I can advise them on how to get a nuclear aircraft carrier for about €1.3bln! And, although only 245.5m long, it would have the same kind of air group an US super-carrier has (75-80 aircraft max).
          Well, you’ll have to operate Rafale-M, Mig-29K and/or Su-25K.
          The only thing is that, to make it really relevant, Dassault should have to revive the Bréguet 941 in a folding wing version
          Anythin you need to do a carrier AWACS, cargo onboard delivery, ASM, MarPat, Gunship, refueller, ELINT, SLAR/JSTARS…
          Take-off/Landing : 185/120m @50kt. With modern composites, payload should increase to 12t easily, even a non folding version could become a great success now while it has been totally overlooked during the 60’s/70’s : we just bought a very few, MDD was supposed to build/sell them in the US, nobody asked for a single one. When you consider how much was spent in R&D in Osprey and its price, even hourly, pffff, add JATOs and retro rockets, maybe gearbox to give angle to propellers and you’re near a VTOL!

          • Get is not the only problem. Operating it is. Plus You need a strategic reason to spend that much.

            IMHO they are obsolete anyway. Saturate with rockets.

            p.s. Yes. There is a potential for saving but …

          • “Get is not the only problem. Operating it is”
            => Not so. You may need 2000-2600 sailors for a Nimitz or Ford, 1350 for the DeGaulle, only 200 for a Mistral (I’m not counting air-wing personnel)

            “Plus You need a strategic reason to spend that much. ”
            => For sure, now, it depends of your implication in international affairs. Now, it can be used dirty, like some do, it can be also very positive, just think we permanently have a carrier in the Guinea gulf, usually a Mistral but the Clem’ and the Foch were often here when still in service. They did much much more humanitarian job and the armed job mostly prevented numerous massacres or genocides. Some idiots will talk about neo-colonialism but every time some country of the aea can’t handle situation, they call the Quai d’Orsay, many didn’t wanted us to close the land bases, BTW, believing France was pulling out, why do you think the bearded roaches launched their attempt to seize the whole region?

            “IMHO they are obsolete anyway. Saturate with rockets.”
            => It would be long to explain you why you’re totally wrong about it. Now, if you think a fleet concept and strategy like 40 years ago, yeah, it’s obsolete! But not at all if done cleverly. Your rocket saturation will just make the day of the fishing boats as the explosions will make the fishes surface 😀 To shoot missiles against a ship, you need to know where your target is and it to be on range, moreover, just consider 8 CIWS like Kashtan-M added with systems like Iron Dome and Iron Beam, reduction of RCS, active stealth, projection of ghost radar images+holograms as decoys, escort ships filled with VLS cells and now, if you use Rafale-M, as it can launch sats up to a 800km orbit, ASATs are technically speaking available. How do you know where the ship is while your spy-sats get blown? (BTW, you can conceive -forbidden due to international treaties- space weapons for the platform so, if future necessity, it may evolve) With 2x1050L CFTs and 2x2000L drop tanks, you can fly +3600km with payload, it can be doubled by buddy refuelling and as you can fly just over a S-300/400, well, you can strike from +3000km with very limited risks. A P-800 Oniks only ranges 600km. The biggest danger now is submarines but well, how I’ve considered features on some Mistral-CV, 40-45kts is feasible, faster than torpedoes, now escorts can also be re-thought, something like an armoured HSC Francisco with a small nuke reactor could easily carry 96-128 blocks of 8 VLS cells while sailing @60kts and carry a bunch of torpedoes between the 2 hulls… With up to 4 Crotale-NG per sell, you can field 3-4k missiles to intercept your rocket saturation aboard a single militarised ferry while it can carry up to 768-1024 anti-ballistic missiles and as much Naval-SCALPs or Tomahawks. Have 2 ships like these as “frigates/destroyers” for an escort and a full US fleet looks pussy for the fraction of the price

            “p.s. Yes. There is a potential for saving but …”
            => Actually, it’s the same shit for ALL military procurement! Be it aircraft, ships, armoured vehicles for as low as riffles! Why needing marksman riffle+mid machine gun in .308 then LMG and assault riffle in 5.56 while a bullpup AR in .243WSSM with a 64-65cm barrel will do better than all and simplify logistics? Look how Rafale has proven itself better than anything on market, even F-22 or Flanker and ends now even cheaper than Super-Hornet and even Gripen-E and it’s less than the 5th of F-22 price and you really can do the ob of the USS G.Ford for the 10th of its price, even if you fit catapults! Scrap the $573M for 4 EMALS, just use the C-14 : $25-30M the first, $5M each added and 4x more powerful than EMALS! Cpt of G.Ford wanted at least one, it was refused to him! No steam too : 4gln kerosene per launch to compress air, that’s all, 95% of part can be bought off the shelves on civilian market… Look how the $5k LOGIR was dismissed for $30k APKWS which isn’t fire’n’forget, etc etc etc. Now, just dig it : an Iron Dome interceptor cost even less than a M-PADS missile while its range is 10x better. You know what? Some parts come from a Toys’R’Us radio-commanded truck!

          • Yes submarines are a bigger thread. No. The regional powers can saturate carrier fleets. Yes. Current procurement policy is mostly idiotic and expensive.

            p.s. It was already idiotic in WW II. Ok with the rest.

      • Euro-cucks especially those losing every major war against other neigbouring European tribes obviously excluded. They love their Yehudim too, just like they love all other good looking boys.

        • I’d shag Bar Rafaeli or Natalie Portman any day and night 😉
          Without Israelis, we wouldn’t have THE bomb, thus, without us, they wouldn’t too. As visibly, they scrapped the F-35 massive purchase, let’s hope they order at least a hundred Rafales 😀 Anyway, US haven’t any serious aircraft for sales.

          • Ooops, I’ve forgotten : I’d WILLINGLY shag Natalie AND Bar at the same time. Well two at once is exhausting but at least, you know why you’re exhausted (and you like it! Threesome are really great, especially with bombas like ’em)

          • The scientists that worked on the Manhattan Project were mostly German or had studied in Germany. So much about YOUR bomb. Tongue out.

          • Actually, most flew Germany as they were also… Jews, Einstein first, even if he wasn’t directly implied, thus he stressed to build it. Oppenheimer was Jew, so was Rosenberg. I’m not saying all at Los Alamos were and for sure, there were some ‘Goths’ in the project 😉
            Note : I’m mostly a mix of a Celt and of a Goth 😉

          • Not most – and even the Jews had been most of all Germans – until the GröFaZ had them persecuted. Even the scientists from other countries had studied here. It was like studying in the US today.

            Maybe look into new genetic research what Germans are. And that was known even before. Except to the GröFaZ and his brown exceptionalist cult.

      • Sure, it has nothing to do with recognizing behaviour patterns, they got expelled from 109 places throughout history, but somehow it was always the evil Goyims fault. Give me a break.

        • Question : what have they done? They took serious hits by pseudo-Christians accusing ’em having killed Christ but… Pilate was a Roman and Cruxifiction’s a Roman torture… Let’s be clear : JC philosophy was a real threat to the Empire and… Ended fucking the Empire! And JC was fucking Jew, you won’t find a single time he didn’t acted by the Torah 😉

          • Oh wow, you accept the long discredited idea that Christianity caused the Western Roman Empire to collapse? And how about the Christian Eastern Empire lasting another thousand years? You’re just an endless source of bad history, aren’t you?

          • You haven’t understood, visibly. Christianity fucked the WHOLE Empire by taking over it. You push up events that came up much later.
            And better stop your attempts of attacks ad Nominem or I switch to speaking about the old colonial era and our common ancestors and, If I know the names of mines, you don’t know the names of yours but be sure they had a foreskin…

          • “Christianity fucked the WHOLE Empire by taking over it.”

            Nope. Also your English continues to be atrocious. I’ll ad hominem you as long as you keep being a dumbass.

  1. Hiding launch sites among civilians, how humane! Exactly as Hamas did! Terrorists use civilians as human shields, whereas Israel uses their weapons (Iron Dome) to defend civilians.

    • With the two that thumbdowned you, you see the double standards some have! For them, anywhere, they’ll call it terrorism but if it’s against Israel, they’ll justify it! It’s not only like Hamas : PLO did it before, ISIS and Qaeda do the same.
      Thus, it’s about the 2006 conflict in South Lebanon. HB in Syria acts like a regular army, respecting Hague/Geneva conventions but they are clearly trying to smuggle ballistic missiles into Lebanon and there are serious risks to re-ignite a conflict with Israel and again, as it happened in 2006 and previously in 1978 and 1982, thank to PLO for these 2 Israeli interventions, Lebaneses will be taken between the hammer and the anvil… But many seem to only see the hammer (Israel), while the anvil was PLO and now is HB and the anvil calls the hammer’s its!
      Actually, without all these idiots who, due to either bigotry or in the name of Arab nationalism (or a mix of both), who just try to destroy Israel even before the state was created (mostly since the Balfour declaration or the San Remo treaty), well, 85k non-Israeli lives would have been spared and many destructions too.
      Note that all our friends tend to forget that PLO alone is directly responsible of about 150k dead in Lebanon and 25k dead in Jordan, in other terms : PLO has double “toxicity” than Israel, at the point SAA expelled them from Lebanon as king Hussein did in Jordan.
      Lebanese will charge a lot on Israel for the 1978 and 1982 actions but tend to forget it was triggered by the fact they let Arafat warring Israel from south Lebanon. So, what we have, and same thing for the 2006 intervention : Israel is under attack but if they defend themselves, they’re the bad guys 😀 Seems that many are thinking that Jews are to be led like lambs to the slaughter. They should learn about history : even if Adolf managed to kill a lot, it’s not their style, just consider that even if Wermacht had been beating the Soviets and the Allies, the Jews would have terminated Adolf through… Dr.Oppenheimer who quoted Bhagavad Gita (about Siva) on the Trinity test, saying : “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”. Well, another scientist also said : “Now we’re all son of a bitch”.

        • Mon frère, but I hope that You must admit that the Fascist greeting only looks good if they wear riding trousers and field green, brown or black uniforms. Plus they need a red, white and black flag. Blink

        • The Levant

          The Roman salute appears to be in common use in the Levant. It is used by supporters and fighters of Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah,[87] pro-Assad NDF[88][89] and Assad supporters,[90] the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, and the Kataeb Party.[91] Opposition fighters in Syria have also been filmed and documenting using it on multiple occasions.[92] From its use, a connection between Nazism and these groups is often alleged. Often these allegations are raised at the expense of the opposing groups, pro-Assad sympathizers alleging Nazi sympathies of the Opposition and vice versa.[92] However, the oath of allegiance by the Lebanese army, and the salute to the flag utilizes the Roman salute – possibly influenced by Vichy France shortly before independence was officially gained in 1944 – still continues to be used by the state today. [93]

          Yet another pathetic fact fail from the fake anarchist. What a surprise.

          • The Roman Empire was absolutely fascist. Hopefully, exactly as the Ummeyads and the Nazis, they never took our mountains. Everybody knows how Arab nationalism and the Brotherhood are tightly linked to Nazis, LMAO! BTW, those who use the Nazi salute do this on purpose… And they like to read the Arab translation of Mein Kampf al-Banna edited, thus, al-Banna strangely forgot where Adolf was expressing his thoughts about Arabs which he used as useful idiots against allies but they were also on the line for Zyklon-B.
            There was no Vichy France, this was Puppet state, BTW, they were far to control the whole territory, even in metropolitan France.
            Anyway, what is needed is Jews becoming anti-Zionists and Arabs becoming Zionists.
            An Anarchist system would be the solution for all but we need populations to be much more educated than they are to achieve this and only such systems would allow us to begin te great spread. You have very limited view, people like us see much further than this planet and the capitalism (and fascism is the most extreme form of capitalism) doesn’t allows this, even communism can’t economically sustain such effort. Gene Rodenberry understood it by applying an Anarchist society into Star Trek, BTW.

  2. Even as GOD Himself kicked and punished Israel’s butt bigtime for its wrongful behavior (using the Assyrians in 722 b.c. and the Babylonians in 597 bc and then in 587-86 bc) – He may use the Lebanese and other military forces to do so again! Pray that evangelical Christians in the U.S. wake up to the truth that they are not doing Israel or the Jewish people any favor by blindly supporting them when they do that which is totally vile and wrong. Instead, they are contributing to God’s judgement and discipline of them for immoral and wrong actions. Z

    • So you agree that Gen. Aoun supports HB whch is a designated terror organisation in YOUR cuntry. Their former military chief, Imad Mughniyah was even the #1 USAn killer in all the terrorist world before OBL did the 9/11. Take care baby, Dept of Homeland Security is watching you 😉

      You should also point what happens to all those who dare to attack Israel in YOUR book 😉 And BTW, who are you to dare to judge in his name. Never heard about the “Mote and the Beam”. Your book call people who dare to judge others as hypocrites! When it comes to immoral and wrong actions, does your evangelical Christians in the U.S. lecture the forein politics of your country when they operate illegal regime changes, attack country that didn’t even threatened yours, arm-bind and spy on their own allies, not even talking of operation Gladio 1 & 2, when your politians decide to give the green light and even illegally help groups linked to Qaeda to destroy Syria on the behalf of some pay-to-play from KSA and Qatar in which’s school teach their children that your nice evangelical Christians are idiots that shall be called pigs and monkeys and that they must either convert (to Islam), pay the dhimmi (racket with humiliation) or be beheaded.

    • Precisely. You cannot annihilate Israel without killing a few hundred thousand Palestinians too, laterally. The Zio-bois haven’t killed them all themselves yet, despite much effort.

      • Actually, there were 600k “Palestinians” in 1948, now they are 6 millions… I doubt there were efforts to kill them…
        Frankly, Israelis are boring if you compare to USAns : they only killed 75-85k Arabs in 69 years! MENA roads kill 122k per year, they also totalise 0.3% of war-linked deaths in the ME since 1948…
        PLO alone was responsible of the double number of death in Lebanon and Jordan only and only since 1964…
        Morality, PLO is MUCH more toxic than Israel 😀 When I say Arafat and Abbas are SOBs, I’m not joking!
        And you forgot one thing : there is not only these 4.5 millions so-called Palestinians in Judea-Samaria and Gaza but also 1.8 million Arab Israelis! Yup! Notice : have you EVER heard about some Arab-Israeli asking for a refugee or political-refugee status anywhere?

  3. Israel is the only one to blame for the wars it entangles itself into.They should stop occupying land that does not belong to them and every one will treat them as friends,including Iran.

    • Actually, until 1948, Jordan and Israel belonged to UK. They separated it into Arab-Palestine AKA Transjordan as near all Arabs lived here and Jewish Palestine as 70% population was Jew, 20% Christian and 10% Arab.
      As NO LAND TREATY was made since the San Remo treaty in 1922, the ONLY legal map is THIS :
      They don’t occupy a land that doesn’t belong to them.

      “every one will treat them as friends,including Iran.”
      => Nope! Look : Israel let “Palestinians” full control of Gaza as a test… What happened? They began to rain rockets all day long! Look at the PLO logo : they want to take the whole country, they don’t want peace, be it Hamas or PLO, they’re linked to Muslim Brotherhood and MB was linked to Nazis! The truth is they just want to kill all the Jews!
      They use the 4D Approach: Dismiss, Distract, Distort and Dismay, in order to make people like you and me believe they are the victims while they are the aggressor since day 2!
      BTW, The origin of the word Palestine its from the Hebrew word Peleshet that referring to the Greek invaders from Crete and the meaning of the word is invader!

      Read this : it’s ALL quotes from their camp :
      “If the Jewish state becomes a fact, (the Arabs) will drive the Jews who live in their midst into the sea” – Hassan al-Banna, founder of Muslim Brotherhood, 1948

      General Giap advise to Arafat :
      “Stop talking about annihilating Israel and instead turn your terror war into a struggle for human rights.Then you will have the American people eating out of your hand.”

      Muhammad Yazid (Algerian former minister of information) to Arafat, 1967
      “Wipe out the argument that Israel is a small state whose existence is threatened by the Arab states, or the reduction of the Palestinian problem to a question of refugees; instead, present the Palestinian struggle as a struggle for liberation like the others. Wipe out the impression . . . that in the struggle between the Palestinians and the Zionists, the Zionist is the underdog. Now it is the Arab who is oppressed and victimized in his existence because he is not only facing the Zionists but also world imperialism.”

      “The Palestinian people have no national identity. I, Yasser Arafat, man of destiny, will give them that identity through conflict with Israel.”-Yasser Arafat

      “Do not forget one thing : there is no Palestinian people, no Palestinian entity, there is only Syria” – Hafez al-Assad, 1976

      “The ‘palestinian’ people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a “Palestinian” people since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism. For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa while as a “Palestinian”, I can undoubtely demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.”
      – Zahir Muhsein, PLO Executive Committee, March 1977, in an interview given to a swedish newspaper

      “There is no such thing as Palestine in [Arab] history, absolutely not.”-Philip Hitti, Arab historian, 1946

      “There is no such thing as Palestine! Palestine is a term the Zionists invented! There is no Palestine in the Bible. Our country was for centuries, part of Syria.”Awni Bey Abdul-Hadi, “Palestnian” local leader, 1937, before the Peel Commission

      “It is common knowledge that Palestine is southern Syria.”-Saudi rep. @UN, 1956

      Article 24 of the PLO’s original founding document-1964-, the PLO Covenant, states: “This Organization (the PLO) does not exercise any regional sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in the Gaza Strip or the Himmah area.”

      Disturbing, isn’t it?