BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:20 P.M.) – A leaked audio of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s meeting with Syrian Opposition members at the Dutch Mission of the United Nations was released by Wikileaks this week, exposing a 35 minute conversation that was omitted by CNN.

During the conversation with the Syrian Opposition members, John Kerry admitted that he pushed for intervention in Syria, but eventually lost the argument.

‘”I lost the argument for use of force in Syria,” John Kerry told the members of the Syrian Opposition.


According to Wikileaks, “the audio gives a glimpse into what goes on outside official meetings. Note that it represents the US narrative and not necessarily the entire true narrative.”

In addition to admitting that he pushed for intervention in Syria, John Kerry admitted that the U.S. watched ISIS grow from afar in order to force Assad to negotiate with them; however, it would later backfire, as he welcomed Russian intervention against the terrorist group.

The audio was originally leaked to NY Times in late September. CNN, which is the source ((…)) for the audio posted here, has since chosen to remove it.

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  1. That info is quite old. Plus the US, UK, France, Turkey, Jordan and their Gulf allies broke A/RES/2625(XXV). When the hawks felt they had lost the war that they had started – they pressed the US president for an escalation. At this point Obama had the guts to decline to command an open war of aggression. Knowing that that would lose the “new type” Syrian war. While Kerry is a just a coward that could not stand too lose.

    • Yes. The woman in the tape never ceases to amaze me. SHE want’s a forciible removal of Assad by the Americans and she sees no problem wth that despite adopting the cloak of moderate opposition. She openly admits that she does not want internationally supervised elections and Kerry has the gall to claim it is Assad and Russia who are scared of internationally supervised elections.

      • Yes. But they all do not want fair elections. Nobody is sure to win. Not even president Assad who seems to have gained some popularity in Syria during the war. p.s. Kerry should have told the “amazing” lady to go forth and multiply – instead he discloses state secrets to the public by claiming he has advocated an open war. BTW. What amazes me personally is how coy all were at the beginning in 2012 with their narrative of non lethal aid and how callous they openly admitted in 2016/17 breaking A/RES/2625(XXV). The cabal was about planing and engaging in a war of aggression. That is one of the worst crimes against humanity. I would at least have kept my mouth shut.

          • No. p.s. I do not know how their election system works. If their system is like France. Maybe someone popular from the army or the smaller parties can collect all voters that do not like president Assad in the second or third round of voting. In some other electoral systems he can probably win. Even if the majority does not like him. The Syrian refugees that I know here will not vote for him. But as I said nobody is sure. BTW. IMHO there is only democracy with basic human rights – it is even more essential than the one man one vote principle – I do not think the SAA will allow a militant “Calif” winning the poles. Smile.

          • No 3rd round in France. Just two can go 2nd round, well, maybe 3 if they are really close but I don’t remember it ever happening.

          • Ok. I meant after elimination to two candidates. But did not know exactly which round.

          • I read it in the news then. Did not know the Wikipedia article. But from afar You cannot tell whether ballots are rigged.

          • “..from afar You cannot tell whether ballots are rigged.”
            That is true. It is why Assad encouraged the widest range of freign observers to take part in monitoring the election. Predictably they refused. This is a standard tactic. They refuse involvement for some specious excuse and then afterwards claim the election wasn’t fair. They did it with rimea and East Ukraine as well. In the event, Assad organsied a wide range of foreign observers for the election.

          • I read the news then and know. But I also know how ballots can be rigged and influenced by fear.
            = > with Crimea and East Ukraine = > They should have changed the borders and split the land to give the majority what the people in the specific areas wanted. And let the regions have association to both EC and Russia. Far better then the current mess. Plus cheaper too – war costs money. That is my humble opinion anyway. p.s. And that should have have been done years ago – right after/at the dissolution of the UdSSR.
            Now all sides play the power game… Drive people away which also can rig elections…

        • “But they all do not want fair elections.”
          => Hey, they want a caliphate! Don’t look further! Well, maybe an Ottoman Empire II… Hard to say, but smth like this for sure.

          • The Muslim militants consider democracy a farce. The successors of the prophet must rule Sharia no human rights.

  2. Can’t say I am not surprised….it was quite obvious that the US, Turkey, and the Gulf nations were using ISIS and Al Qaeda to overthrow the Syrian government and install their puppets….now due to their ignorance and callous disregard for humanity & public safety, Islamic extremism has exploded throughout the Middle East & Europe leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands….Thanks Obama!!

  3. No, no, no, what you are hearing has to have some other deep, almost mystical peaceful meaning which most people like us can not understand, because Syrian and miltary technology expert Daeshbag Sux keeps telling us that the US is not responsible for the invasion of Syria by “moderate” and non moderate terrorists…Hahahahaha

    • Can you stop being stupid Mr. pro-terrorism?
      Where have you seen I dismissed the US of responsibility? Fucking nowhere! I just consider that there is much more responsibility on the KSA/Qatar/Turkish side. And I knew about this leaked talk as soon as it was on Wikileaks. Yes Kerry wanted to really imply the US at this level, so did Cameron, but it was also refused by their parliament.
      There is another leaked talk with several “rebels” representatives where he says they’re implied in smth totally illegal and since the Russian came in, he wasn’t optimistic at all…
      Had Kerry and likes had managed to have this goal fulfilled, I absolutely agree : US would have been REALLY fucking implied and much more that these 3 countries BUT face the fucking reality :
      Now, if Kerry says the truth he really wanted the US implied, hey, US aren’t at a single false flag level to have a casus belli! It wouldn’t have been a big problem : USAF has two Flankers and 21 Fulcrums, fourteen being Mig-29Ss nuke-compatible (thus some might have been scraped)… Let’s sink an US boat! How to not be detected? Old pilot trick : Use a huge airliner as decoy! Stick just under as if you were under a refueller, radars will only see one spot! On a night flight, no way you’ll be noticed, even by the passengers! Look here (not CGI!!!) :
      Old tactic for nuclear attack, they already used to do it in the 60’s with Mirage IV nuke bomber! (BTW, look for “crazy french pilots” on YT and have phun! You won’t see it from any other AF)
      So you see, it’d had been more than easy to drop 4 or 6 Russian-made anti-ship missiles and charge it on evil-Assad’s SyAAF, had the US REALLY wanted it!!!!
      Now, think again! Who would take profit from the crime? Who has injected billions in this dirty business? Who launched an invasion?
      Let’s be clear, even if they had went implied full scales, US militaries would have been used as mercenaries for the interest of who? Syria is far to have as much oil as Iraq! Moreover, US don’t even really needs to import foreign oil if they want to!
      And don’t worry, Russia’s ALSO on a pipeline project and from the same area Qatar pumps natural gas : it’s under the Persian Gulf, half’s in Qatar EEZ, half’s in Iran’s!!!! Moreover, Crimean naval base could be blockaded any day @ Bosphorus! So having military facilities in Syria. Add to this that they tested 162 new weapons here and… What a freaking advert for Rosoboronexport! 56.8bln$ in orders in 1 year!
      BTW, I hadn’t even denied that France had responsabilities as infamous Sarkozy followed Killary in 2011, so did Merkel! Thus, as soon in power, Hollande hopefully understood the fact that near all this rebels were into a jihad trip and pulled us out. Visibly, Germans did the same and the fact full EU wasn’t helping at all to oust Assad infuriated who? Both Erdogan and al-Jubeir! Not Kerry or Obama!
      Let me explain you something : when you gather OSINT, if you want to find the truth, you gather from multiple source, including contradictory ones, sometimes, there are subtle but significant clues.
      Consider it as a puzzle. When all parts stick together, you’re IN, bravo, you’ve got the truth! The only motivation for US implication would be crooked politicians receiving baksheesh. There wasn’t a SINGLE war in +200y that wasn’t made on ECONOMICAL interests. The US interests are fucking low in Syria! Who has serious interests? And who dreams to rebuid Ottoman Empire and being Sultan?
      With the infernal trio Erdogan/al-Saoud/al-Thani leading, the puzzle sticks together. With the US/UK, you have holes. It’s as simple as this!

      • wasn’t UK who made possible for the House of Saud to be in power? Not being for US UK France Saudis will be reduced to buying luxury things and riding camels,you would better learn about the role of UK on the 1st Crimean war, and the role of UK on facilitating the Armenian genocide by article 16 Treaty of San Stefano, all US wars from Vietnam onward never benefited the US population, it was only benefit for the elite and a power game to prove the world that the Yanktards are the empire, nothing changed from then, only now US have more debt and world resources are less , Your beloved Kurds which you want to give a state was the main force involved in marching Armenians to death through the Syrian desert, ISRAEL UK FRANCE denies Armenian genocide by Enverdogan pasha ancestry, what they F.UK.US clan done before they r doing now, end of story, no technicalities, no ifs, no buts, you are plain ignorant, with a twisted logic or evil.

        • .338, you’re looking at the man behind the curtain; remember, it takes self-awareness to recognize that the wizard’s power to deceive/obscure comes only from one’s own naivete, willful ignorance, or denial, any of which could be overcome with conscious, self-aware effort.

          Additionally, I was not aware of Turkish Kurds’ complicity in the Armenian genocide. However, should Syrian, Iraqi, and Iranian Kurds also be held to account?

          • Sunni Turk state officials were the masterminds. It is the political responsibility of Turkey. The Armenian genocides were already started by the last Sultan. p.s. Note that You will always have people that facilitate genocide and ethnic cleansing for a share in the plunder. AFAIR Kurds had been recruited into a Turk militia that was used for all sorts of jobs.

          • I will always remenber in one of the 1rst interviews at the peak of the Kurdish warrior propgaganda by western media, the journo asked a commander if he considered Daesh to be the main enemy, he clearly stated ALL ARABS ARE OUR ENEMY. I reckon and dont deny some kurdish has been misstreated, but Kurdish state is the new Israel 2.0 project,serving as buffer to the 1st Israel, it will be carved by violence, and once they are in power they will behave the same as before, but of course the will be no White Helmets and no news about it.

        • As Wilson put it the US needs new markets. And he found them in war. Kurd mounted militia plus some Kurd Sunni tribes were helping the genocide. Some Sunni tribes later wanted to create a religious state. p.s. Note that You will always have people that facilitate genocide and ethnic cleansing for a share in the plunder.