State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement on Wednesday that relations between Russia and the USA still continue along a number of issues.

The statement was in response to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskovwho said mutual ties with Washington strained because of “an extreme degree of distrust.”

“With the United States, nearly all levels of dialogue are in a frozen state. We do not communicate with each other or do it minimally,” Peskov told the MIR television network, adding, “President [Vladimir] Putin has consistently advocated for a way out of this state.”


“It’s difficult to know exactly what is meant by this comment, but diplomatic engagement with Russia continues across a wide range of issues,”  Kirby said in response to Peskov’s statement..

“That we have significant differences with Moscow on some of these issues is well known, but there hasn’t been a break in dialogue,” he added.



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  1. Here is a bet for you:
    What do you think is going to happen to Johanes Kirby when President Trump is inaugurated? Will he be
    a) instantly relieved of his duty as a SD spokesperson
    b) promoted to the head of SD
    c) retired to a lucrative state pension, never to be heard of again
    d) resigning himself since he is very righteous and moral man who cannot work for someone he was openly against

    • What will happen is already known as he himself said that he won’t go on.
      You may notice that the SD SPOX usually don’t last too long : 2-3 years.
      Due to the form it takes with near daily presses conferences where you are clearly put on the grill by bad-ass journos, I think it’s pretty exhausting.

  2. Peskov ominously refers to the really close to conclusion eventuality , that US circles were directly involved in ordering the murder of the ambassador. Kirby pretends to ignore the dire consequences this extremely unfriendly act would cause.

    • Errrr, you may have not noticed that since they don’t need oil anymore, in other terms, since the 2011 pull out from Iraq, they’re mostly trying to pull out from the ME and it’s mostly the GCC countries that ask them to stay. Don’t mislead yourself : al-Abadi would be more than pleased to have 50,000 Marines than 30,000 Peshmergas, PMU and Iraqi army to retake Mosul and he must be cursing al-Maliki that didn’t wanted 10 or 20k to stay in Iraq, oh, I agree it might be unpleasing to have the Marines but the takfiris are much much much more unpleasing : between two evils, better chose the lesser.

      • It’s not only a question of oil. It’s a question of controling Arabs, controlling the arab diplomacy, controlling trade routes, ….

        If Russia replaces USA, USA is doomed.

        • “It’s a question of controling Arabs, controlling the arab diplomacy”
          => You seem not to have understood what shale gas fracking is. Just look at a map of reserves and everything is far to have been scouted!
          Now look at such a map : Do you understand what happens if all these countries begin fracking?
          US ain’t doomed at all but… GCC, Iran, even Russia may have a hard time @15$ per barrel.

          “controlling trade routes” :
          +90% of world trades move by sea… Who has about 20 aircraft carriers? Guess why the biggest of US military budget goes in the Navy… Land routes may compete? Well, take a map again!
          So… Afghanistan, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, shit in Libya, Egypt, Kashmir, all Sahara sucks and other troubled points in Africa…
          It’s not so a problem if you want to cut land trade routes and aircraft carriers are very good for old school gun-boat politics…

          ‘If Russia replaces USA”
          => Visibly they’re far to be hot to have boots around… The so-called “Greater Israel” Osama accusing they were cooking made everyone ROFL in Tel-Aviv, hey, they already don’t want to contol Gaza so 100 millions of Arabs… Well, the only one seeming motivated seems to be… Erdogan (????) : well, sending total loonies kiiling everybody then coming to crush them and be seen as a saviour, it was Alexander the Great’s preferred tactics wasn’t it?

          • You are speculating and using the wrong facts, there is no future for you DS. It was well publicized that murrikan shale gas is only profitable at around $60 per barrel but the real cost of it is in the environment. As it is, fracking totally destroys the environment and no one knows how bad it will get as that technology’s impact on environment has only started to be scientifically analysed.
            Oklahoma has become the earthquake capital of the United States, surpassing even tremor-prone California. Oklahoma has averaged less than two earthquakes of a magnitude 3.0 or greater over the last 30 years. Shockingly, however, that rate has skyrocketed in recent years. In 2013, the state experienced 585 earthquakes with at least a 3.0 magnitude. And if the current rate of earthquakes continues, Oklahoma could have 875 by the end of 2015.

            Read more:

            Wasn’t it a great plan of USA to ship such a gas to EU and liberate them from dependance on Russia? Well they failed miserably at just producing the gas and probably sparing themselves from failing again in the transport phase.
            All the massive loans to start shale gas exploitation (
            are currently causing bankruptcy of numerous companies, and if the current trend of oil prices continue, it won’t be long till all of them have filed for bankruptcy…

          • Actually, the profitability threshold for fracking is at 50$/barrel : extraction technology has improved and it’s just the beginning.
            I don’t think you can charge fracking for sure in the case of OK. seismic activity : there are serious fault lines here, actually, the area being subject to major eathquake potential is even bigger than the one in California but the California ‘shaking’ area is bigger, I agree for this.
            Thus, it’s clear that if you push up fracking in “red” zones, I totally agree that it may not be very good. Nevertheless, shale is plentiful everywhere, thus making shale gas so, just avoid the fracking where there are fault lines.
            Now considering the oil prices at the pump in the EU where states take about 80-85% of sales prices, they just got to calm down their appetite on oil coming from fracking to make it competitive, so creating jobs and minimising dependence.
            In other terms, it’s really NOT a problem as long as you do things cleverly 😀
            Note that Japan shakes a lot more, think about building OK houses like Japanese traditional ones?
            Now, what they do in the US ain’t my problem : I don’t live the American Dream and do not intend to resettle here any time…
            EU has to go back to some of its good ole ways with state-held companies, fuck ultra-liberalism!
            And just remember that with all the money implied, you can be sure that there will be serious attempts to torpedo fracking, including by tooling ecology activists, etc 😉
            Just think about that there is serious backing from some oil companies to the “White Helmets” and the “Syrian Campaign”

          • “even Russia may have a hard time @15$ per barrel. ”

            Now back around 60$. OPEP is laughing again.

  3. Putin says Russia is stronger than any aggressor ‘but no time to relax’
    US replies to Putin: our armed forces stronger than yours
    As both have about 1350 (active) nukes (and many more in storage), this is irrelevant : both can just blow the planet 😀