Over the last 72 hours, the militants of Jaysh Al-Islam (Army of Islam) have suffered a significant amount of casualties in Douma due to the Syrian Arab Air Force’s (SAAF) bombing campaigns and the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) present siege of this rebel stronghold.

Yesterday, the 105th Brigade of the Syrian Arab Army’s Republican Guard (Harss Al-Jamhouri) broke-through Jaysh Al-Islam defenses at Aliyyah Farms and took control over a large area of territory in northern Douma.

East of Douma, the 105th Brigade continued to press Jaysh Al-Islam forces at Ar-Rayhan Farms, while advancing toward the city. The Republican Guard was able to capture the Ar-Rayhan Orchard (Bastan Ar-Rayhan), following a fierce firefight with Jaysh Al-Islam over this rugged area.

The total casualty count for the 105th Brigade was recorded at 31 soldiers over the last 3 days; meanwhile, the total number of militants lost from Jaysh Al-Islam was unknown. However, sources close to Al-Masdar News were able to report the names of 53 identified rebel fighters that were killed over the course of 3 days in Douma:

  1. Hisham Al-Sheikh Bakri
  2. Imad ‘Abdel-Majeed
  3. Mohammad Al-Ajawa
  4. Raghad Al-Najjar
  5. Kamaal ‘Arbas
  6. ‘Abdel-Nasser Saami Barkhash
  7. Ahmad Mohammad Al-Bajour
  8. Mounir Al-Mardeeni
  9. Rasheed ‘Umar Khayti
  10. Hassan Shahada Al-Faraa
  11. Aymen Waleed Nasser
  12. Haani ‘Abdullah Al-Kalas
  13. Mohammad Salaam
  14. Basheer ‘Aybour
  15. Nader Rajib Al-Fawaz
  16. Nouress Anwar Al-Mardeeni
  17. Mohammad Al-‘Ayaani
  18. Khaled Al-Haybaani
  19. Iyad Al-Nahass
  20. Farouq Mawfaq Khabyat
  21. Ratib Aywan
  22. Mohammad Al-Deen Dalyaan
  23. Mohammad Nazeer Sayyid Mahmoud
  24. Mohmmad Ibrahim
  25. ‘Ali Fayeez Fawaz
  26. Mustafa Ahmad Al-Daraa
  27. Ahmad Khaled Al-Barghouth
  28. Ibrahim Al-Ahmad
  29. Mohammad ‘Umar Al-Shaker
  30. Mohammad Mounir Al-Barzaawi
  31. Anas Ghaazi
  32. Mohammad Yasseen Al-Ajaawi
  33. Rawaan Khabyat
  34. Mohammad Al-Khanshour
  35. ‘Umar Hamid, Hamza Badraan (AKA “Abu ‘Umar”)
  36. Yahya Al-Namil
  37. Mohammad Al-Masha’awat
  38. Mazen Al-Sheikh Bakri
  39. Younis Al-Sheikh Bakri
  40. ‘Issam ‘Uthman Al-Shamaali
  41. Ghassan Ghaazi Al-Waqaaf
  42. ‘Adnan Yousif Al-Saa’our
  43. Mohannad Al-Hazim (Military defector from Aleppo)
  44. Nidal ‘Abdel-Nafa’a
  45. Nazeer Ghaazi Al-Waqaaf
  46. Majid Al-Manisi
  47. Sameer Al-Sabeeha
  48. Faadiyya Al-Hajaat
  49. Hassan Khirbaash
  50. ‘Abdel-Kareem Al-Ja’ouss
  51. Lu’ayy Al-Toukhi
  52. Fouad ‘Abdel-Malik
  53. Tameem Khabyat
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