DAMASCUS, SYRIA (10:38 A.M)- The end of the state of Israel could be close as the United States moves to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of ‘the Jewish state’.

Israelis as well as zionists, the world over, currently rejoice in the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of their state, but at what cost will such a move come to them?

Israel are currently in perhaps the weakest position they have ever found themselves in, within the region.

Israel’s current position in the Middle-East (briefly):

Israel’s position, perhaps for the first time since its inception, is one of weakness and true desperation in the Middle-East. A strong alliance formed between Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and other resistance factions has left the Israeli state on the back foot.

The possibility of an Israeli attack upon Lebanon – although they threaten carrying it out – would at this point be a suicide mission for the state. Lebanon’s Hezbollah has developed into a fully capable army, gaining newly acquired fighting experience in Syria as well as having the experience of fighting Israel itself.

The group (Hezbollah), which successfully crushed the IDF invasion back in 2006 is now much more capable of taking the fight to Israel and would more than likely be fighting inside of Israeli occupied territory in a new confrontation, rather than simply defending Lebanese territory.

Syria’s forces have all but cleansed Daesh (IS) from their territory and have gained the much needed fighting experience, necessary to confront Israel, as well as forming a strong alliance with Russia, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon.

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The Iraqi army has also undergone a massive recovery and has proven strength through its latest victory against Kurdish forces in Kirkuk. Notably, in the process of defeating Kurdish forces and taking back their oil fields, they knocked out roughly around 77% of Israel’s cheaply imported oil.

Iran also has proved its military capabilities and is a supporter of all the mentioned Arab governments and resistance organizations. If Israel was to indeed launch an attack upon Iran – as it has alluded to doing – this would surely be a suicide mission.

Israel has a strong air-force, but this would not prevent any sort of counter attack upon the state. Often Israeli officials brag about the US granted Iron Dome defense system, unfortunately for these officials, in practice the overly hyped air defense system hasn’t lived up to the challenges it faced. Another note on Iron Dome is that it only operates in major Israeli cities.

The zionist entity could not even win in any onslaught upon Hamas in Gaza, in fact they ended ‘operation protective edge’ back in 2014 out of fear. The sheer amount of casualties it would’ve inevitably taken, fighting Hamas forces in a ground invasion scared the state enough to end the fighting. Hamas are now notably receiving most of their support from Iran.

The Israeli state is surrounded by tough opponents, that for the first time in history, have a real chance at inflicting significant damage upon them. This is largely their own doing, creating the environments in which such resistance organizations and strong Arab armies could form.

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Israel’s domestic position (briefly):

The Likud party have come under fire from both the left and right in Israel. Many right wing Israeli’s are turning to other political parties who they see as much more fit for the role of commanding the state. Netanyahu’s government has attempted to restore his image amongst the Israeli right, through offering much support to illegal settler organizations and groups who seek to expand illegal colonies, also destroying Palestinian villages in area C of the West Bank.

The left wing also seem to have had enough with Netanyahu and Likud. The recent corruption investigations have even fueled sizable protests. Historically the descent in Israeli society has been present but at a very minimal level, with the current demonstrations proving to be foreign to the government. Israelis, in general, are not angry at the oppressive policies of their government against the Palestinians, but still non-the-less are fighting amongst themselves and seem lost in terms of their political approach to their states direction. Such a toxic environment, which can be very vividly illustrated by simply observing the state of Israeli Knesset meetings, is one of real unrest.

Possible national suicide?

With the recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of the Israeli state, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has basically been given an ultimatum, resist or completely submit to Israeli land theft and oppression. Recognition by the United States of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital means that the international consensus, which calls for a two state settlement of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, will be completely nullified.

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Donald Trump will have openly accepted Israel’s illegal annexation of East Jerusalem and effectively sided with Israel in their endeavors to take all land belonging to Palestinians for themselves.

A unity deal between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA), which was struck back in September of this year, means that both major Palestinian governmental parties are united in their struggle against their occupier. Unity between Palestinians is very key, as now the only option left for the PA is resistance.

Three days of rage have been called upon by the PA, the al-Aqsa brigades have begun talks of reforming/reacting, Hamas have also issued a warning and along with this, Fatah have threatened an intifada.

With Israel in such a weak position in the region and falling apart internally, it has desperately been attempting to form open alliances with similar states to itself – namely Saudi Arabia – but is not seeming to help itself greatly in doing so.

What comes next is something incredibly difficult to predict, but as it stands, Israel may be facing its final days.

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Notable Replies

  1. The biggest lie in the world is: 'Israel wants peace" Israel is a warmonger country built and centered around violent and racist thoughts of their neighbors. Israel doesn’t want peace just wants power and land. Israel doesn’t care for human life. I am ashamed of that pig Trump and his Illuminati Rothchild family. U.S.A cannot be a role model for anyone if it is a biased cruel and unjust nation. I curse the U.S and the people who support Donald Trump also Israel. These businessmen in Congress think they alone could decide how the world works and if that ain’t fascism then what is?

  2. Well, you know, Mahmoud Abbas will soon celebrate the 14th year of his 4 years mandate, and as illuminatis, him, Khalid Mashal (Hamas) or Yasser ‘Arafat’ Husseini are absolutely in the gang too : Mashal weights $2.1bln, Abbas? $1.5bln but Arafat let just $11bln to his wife and daughter on his personnal bank accounts.
    When living their lavish 5 stars hotel life in Paris, wife and daughter used to spend €70k a day until IRS drew interest on their expenses, then they moved to Tunisia then Malta…
    Amusing, the only Rotschild still being a billionaire weights less than $5bln. The 1964-created Palestinian people is one of the biggest scams in history. Arafat inherited Fatah from his infamous uncle Amin al-Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Muslim Brotherhood leader and Waffen SS general. These criminals are full part of the elites making blood-money.

    This is not news, the country was built on genocide and slavery… And they bought the slaves from the Arabs…

    Black magic doesn’t exists, only money talks while bullshit walks.

    Businessmen aren’t in congress, these are only their lackeys… And they also back the Palestinians, and Saudi Barbaria, and Iran too, because armament is the #1 business.and they need crooked politicians to maintain conflicts.
    The definition of fascism, according to its inventor Benito Mussolini, is capitalism pushed to the extreme. Add racism and you get Nazism. For sure USA are fascist and… The PLO/Palestinian Authority, Hamas, ISIS etc are actually Nazis, but, hey, nothing personal, it’s just business!
    How you are naive! By taking sides, you’re making their game, a bloody one!
    Never heard of an expression penned by Lenin about “useful idiots”?

  3. The al-Husseini clan was one of the leading Jerusalem families. They lost their place in life with the Ottoman defeat and the Entente selling out to the Zionists. They fared well with their new occupation as Arab leaders. It was up to the UN Security counsel. They gave Israel to the Jews and the Syrians that lived in the area were renamed Palestinians and got a stipend. So why do You alll complain?

    p.s. Amin al-Husseini: SS-Gruppenführer is not only the NATO OF-7 (Generalleutnant) but could be also the leaders Abschnitte of non military units. AFAIK He was in charge of training Imams of the SS.

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