BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:55 A.M.) – The Israeli regime has threatened to destroy Syria’s air defense systems if they choose to retaliate against their warplanes again.

“The next time the Syrians use their air defense systems against our planes we will destroy them without the slightest hesitation,” Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Israeli Public Radio on Sunday.

Lieberman’s comments came just 36 hours after his air force bombed the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the western outskirts of Palmyra (Tadmur).


Israel claimed they were targeting Hezbollah; however, the site they attacked belonged to the Syrian Arab Army and had no presence of the Lebanese organization.

In response to Israel’s aggression, the Syrian Air Defense fired an S-200 anti-aircraft missile towards the four planes that illegally crossed into Syrian airspace.

According to the Syrian Ministry of Defense, the anti-aircraft missile struck an Israeli warplane near the Al-Bureij area, causing it to crash before returning to its destination.

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  1. I think the lesson to Syria is clear: stop funneling missiles to Hezbollah! That’s a major cause for this war! They threaten Israel’s very existence daily, it’s completely understandable that Israel will do everything they can to undermine this network. Syria has tried to destroy Israel twice in wars, Hezbollah has also instigated two wars with Israel and yet every commenter here thinks that Israel is entirely unjustified in their actions of self defence, that their aggressors are just. They’re so desperate to survive, just look what they’ve had to do in these past 6 years, to lessen the existential threat Syria and Hezbollah are continuing to prove themselves to be. For the sole reason of Islamic solidarity. No wonder Westerners support Israel. It’s them versus everyone else, as it has been for 1400 years.

      • What do you prefer? Peace and prosperity through good neighbourhood relations or to have your ass kicked again and your country going back to the stone age this time as, if they get mad at your favourite group, as we all have fucking enough of the ME shit, we let Israel hammer you all down and, BTW, we will even help them. If you love your family, your country and even your life more than you hate Israel, there’s only way to go while, the other possibility? An advise to you : take a good life insurgence

    • No matter You do not attack an neighbor that is desperately fighting IS.

      67 was a preemptive strike of Israel after being threatened. AFAIR.

      While Israel has the right to exist she cannot behave like a woodcutter.

    • Need we remind you that is was the Israelites who butchered the tribes in the jordan valley on their way to the Holyland leaving few to no survivors. Who ransacked towns in Egypt on their way out. Seriously they looted those towns for the supplies for their journey. Then at the battle of Jericho where all the animals women children were killed and city leveled. Why did they let a prostitute live?
      Why did the Israelites jericho continue to threaten the other cannites people and cites with genocide. If they did not leave. The Romans raised the Jewish temple because the Jewish people would not pay tribute to the emperor. These are historic facts by the way.

      But enough about history let’s get to the modern Isreal. Did you know if Britain held onto that land for two more years it would be Palestine. Why because the Israelites were building weapons in underground hideouts to fight the british. But Britain left them and when the Arabs nations attacked Israelites they already had weapons and war plan. Now remember the tensions between the Arabs and jews in the area while it was under britains control was at boiling point and the Israelites were going to take things into their own hands.

      How about they try this completing to full annexation of Palestinian lands. So then all of the Palestinians will have voting rights as well as the same rights as the Israelites themselves. They can finally earn a minimal wage. Own houses that won’t get demolished by army dozers so a new settlement can go up. They can finally go to school to get an actual education. Palestinians will finally have people who represent them in parliament and no longer need to be searched at roadblocks/ checkpoints.

      So Isreal has the power to end the conflict but does not. The Arab Palestinians would outnumber them at polls and Isreal would no longer be a Jewish only state. So if they become a democracy then hezbollah/Hamas no longer see a need to liberate Palestinians from Isreal occupational forces. Isreal would also be less intent on expanding and longer at war with its neighbors.

      but they instead choose to escalate the situation. If they invade Syria, Iran would get involved. So here is the war Isreal/Saudis/exiled Yemeni government vs Hamas/Hezbollah/Syria/Iraq/Houthis, Yemen army/Iran/Lebanon. Turkey would be too busy fighting the PKK. The USA would not dare step into the conflict be if they outright Syria. The Baltics states and Ukraine go bye-bye while Poland is next on the list. Then you have china invading Taiwan and threatening Malaysia. The south Korea will be lucky if Kimmy does not push the red button.

      • More history. The old Jews mixed with the Canaanites, Hittites etc.. Only their priests wrote other things into the bible. Reminds me of Fascist pure blood theory. No idea where Hitler copied. Blink.
        Until the Roman’s drove them off the regional mongrels called Jews
        had the land. In the diaspora discrimination many were bankers.
        To flee discrimination and persecution they wanted to return home.

        The Zionist’s bankers floated the bonds that won the Entente the WW I. Many of the bonds were sold in the US. US president Wilson wanted new markets and extend the Monroe doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary beyond the Americas. He had to enter WW I to save the bonds. And to facilitate the later he issued his 14 points promising all nation self rule and democracy.

        The Zionist’s price for their help was the Balfour declaration promising the Holy Land to the Jews. The Brit Empire had also promised others rewards for their support in WW I. Their Hashemite allies were to get Arabia. And in the Sykes–Picot Agreement they secured sharing land, oil and influence with France.

        The US pulled out in disgust, they saw Wilson’s plan in danger.

        The the Entente exempted defeated nations and the colonies from the burden of self rule and democracy. No referendum in Palestine or elsewhere about what the people wanted as state or borders.
        ROFL. Wilson 14 points had been a war ruse anyway.

        Obviously the land had to be split up to pay all the promised.
        The vehicle to discard the blame was the League of Nations.

        The colonial powers set up colonies in Arabia and the Levant and opened the borders to some Jew and Arab settlement. Then came WW II. the old colonial countries were in big shit again and the US reached out a helping hand – for a price. Breton Woods to finance US world police aka the extension of Monroe doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary plus the desolation of the colonial empires.

        Break up of the empires 1945 ff. You told us already what the Brits halfheartedly did for the Jews. Their service to the Arabs was just as shoddy.

        Instead of a referendum the Brits arranged a fight. Israel won much of the land where Jews settlers were the majority. The Muslim Arab settlers and countries of origin got the rest.

        The original Arab Christian inhabitants are marginalized.

        There were several retests of God’s decision.

        Why complain?

    • Brother, Are You sure the IDF hit what You claim and taught Syria a clear lesson? DEBKA is a Israeli publication and says something else.

      Moscow gave a polite warning to Israel.

      Moscow asks Israel to explain air strike on Syrian base used by Russians

      DEBKA March 18, 2017, 9:59 AM (IDT)

      Israeli Ambassador Cary Koren was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry Friday for clarifications on Israel’s air strikes over Syria that night.

      He had a conversation with Russian Dep. Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov on recent developments in Syria, a ministry statement said….

      This time was different because the Israeli air strikes near Palmyra appear for the first time to have targeted the northern T-4 air base, which is used by the Russian military. It also serves Iranian military movements in Syria…..

    • “I think the lesson to Syria is clear: stop funneling missiles to Hezbollah!”
      => I really ask myself if ME leaders have ever put their noses in UN charter, international laws, etc etc!
      Such actions by Iran, Syria and Lebanon are called a ‘casus belli’; literally : a case of war! Israel, under international law, has absolutely the right to launch a full scale war against these countries. And they really seem to not understand that Israel is no pussy : they just could send these 3 countries to the stone age!

      “That’s a major cause for this war!”
      => Nope, nothing to do! Actually, they’re basicly pretty happy having Bashar ruling Syria! He’s not looking for troubles as he loves more his people and his children & wife than he hates Israel, actually, they even had less troubles with Syria since he’s here than they had with Egypt or Jordan! They even understand he called Iran and Hezbo for help and normally, unless they try to smuggle serious weapons or if they locate some Hezbo loonie that has either some Israeli blood on his hands or plotting a terror attack, they let go, moreover, but he’ll surely never do this by fear ending assassinated, Bashar could really call them for help and he’d get much more powerful air support Putin is giving as simply, if Putin is allowed to act by the Douma, no budget was affected, in other terms, Russians are on drill budget. Israel would be pleased to totally hammer IS and Qaeda at will, in fact, Eshell, their air marshall, openly vowed to launch a massive operation for a few days and Putin -and me too!- considered it a great idea, thus, it’s also easy to understand, Bibi considered it’d become a magnet that would make come 2-3x more shithadists in the region just to fight Israel.
      The real cause, like ANY war, is much less on philosophic grounds : it’s just that Qatar is seeking fucking ways to export their gas for cheaper than by LNG-carrier ship and KSA+Turkey would take benefits on the pipeline while Bashar considers a Russian-backed Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline, note that Russia is already connectd to Turkey/EU via an undersea pipeline but due to developments, as there is very near to be an Israel/Cyprus/Greece undersea one and Jordan+Egypt will be connected but hey, with the Brotherhood Erdolf+emir in Qatar : “what! Connect to zioooonist pipeline!!! Never! Better destroy Syria! Moreover, they did the pay to play with HRC, they received DC’s green light and even help

      “They threaten Israel’s very existence daily, it’s completely understandable that Israel will do everything they can to undermine this network. ”
      => Nope, they’re not an existential threat, actually, the hottest has been the war led on the Day 2 of their independence from UK (and not from ANY Arab country, and land some had from some Palestinians, they bought it for 30 to sometimes 70 times its value!), the Kippur war was hot too, thus, hadn’t they managed to regain momentum, well, Golda Meir was VERY NEAR from nuking!

      “and yet every commenter here thinks that Israel is entirely unjustified in their actions of self defence, that their aggressors are just.”
      => Well, things are simple : Israel declared independence from UK (and not from any Arab country) on May 14th 1948. On May 15th, the armies of 5 Arab countries + mercenaries and shithadists from the whole Arab league attacked Israel and it never had ceased since in a way or another.

      “For the sole reason of Islamic solidarity”
      => Their “UMMAH” is not HUMANE. Anyway, a religion which says to its public to kill the infidels and BTW, to kill for any reason doesn’t prays for the one above but for the one below…

      “No wonder Westerners support Israel. It’s them versus everyone else, as it has been for 1400 years.”
      => And what we see is the typical middle-eastern hypocrisy of the same kind al-Nusra did in Aleppo : posing as the victims while they’re the aggressor!
      BTW, remember the 2006 war IDF vs. Hezbollah… Hezbo claimed a victory… well, Hezbo had between 1/3 and 1/2 of their troops killed and a so fucking huge number of wounded that they transferred them to Syria to avoid this from getting public but you know, Nasrallah said they won… Hezbollocks! Well, I think Israel’s gonna wait SAA being able to cope with the cockroaches alone, IMHO, on 1st provocation with any blood and Tsahal will go in but there won’t be UNSC to put a ceasefire…
      The only possibility, as, due to their past and as its clear that HB has really behaved like a regular army and proved itself very efficient against takfiris, well, having them integrated as regular units in SAA or Lebanese (or both) armies could be very interesting and surely promising great achievements, moreover, those with which we had serious grief are now gone but, let’s be clear, no more bigotic haters like Khamenei and Nasrallah around and both Nazi salutes and stopping threatening countries. Well, I think we can get lever with Basha and Aoun to sign a serious peace treaty with Israel. I also think that if just some loonies out in Iran,i.e. Khamenei, Rouhani is not interested in all those follies. Aoun’s a Christian, Bashar’s secular and well, Visibly, all love more their people and their families than they hate Israel and Abadi doesn’t seem anti-West. Now, if the fanatical leaders can be maintained out of the game, Israel’s peripheral politic may be revived, Shias are usually more open to discuss, having an alliance Shia-Cescent+Israel+Egypt, maybe even Yemen could be positive, especially if there is support from all big entities.
      A simple fatwa from all major Shia clerics saying that if the concept of Jihad etc, had value, it was only from the times of the Prophet, blah blah blah, hatred of the kuffar and jews have no more value, so is sharia, etc etc, as there is no future in violence, blah blah blah, case closed, shias are allied with a medium power and gain international support, those who support terrorism in countries around have one of their major projects fucked and all these countries are very likely to have peace, at last! Moreover, having the Jews siding with you is really a guarantee of development.
      Now, I even have some ideas to solve the Palestinian issues, thus, it’d need serious help from Egypt, at least for having some areas I think of to settle all these not wanting to become Israelis and let’s be clear : no more refugee status, fuck the Arab League depriving them of nationality, those who are already staying in other countries become nationals, transition goes to HCR, UNRWA has to be dismantled. Anyway, with all the hatred Abbas and Mashall have pushed up, with how they brainwashed the kids, they can’t be left in WB/Gaza and it will be difficult to explain them how they have been deceived by, let’s say the truth : crooks like Abbas, Arafat, al-Husseini, al-Banna, etc, how they were linked to Nazis at the basis.

    • what fucken bullshit planet are you what israel dirt bag of earth did to a Palestinian village in 1948..fucken terrorism at its best.slained a whole village young and old and still continue..till today

  2. I think the best way to stop Israeli criminal activities inside Syria is to shoot down several Israeli F16s. If they think tough actions can solve all problems, treat them tough!

  3. Siria tiene derecho a defenderse, de acuerdo a la amenaza dada, Netanyahu considero que es terrorista porque apoya a terroristas.
    Netanyahu es el demonio del Cristianismo.

  4. does the Syrian army not also have s-300’s as well cause. downing a few Israel would deal a heavy blow. The to replace them would enormous and not even the US would be willing to just hand over 20 or 35 jets. If they use ground forces then I hope that I will die the Nuclear fires of WW3