BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:30 P.M.) – The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launched a new attack in the western Al-Raqqa , targeting the southeastern countryside of Tabaqa.

The Syrian Democratic Forces managed to capture the Bitani District, Sunday, after a short battle with the Islamic State (ISIL).

According to a military source, if the Syrian Democratic Forces continue to push south towards the strategic town of Resafa, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will open fire on them because this would be a clear attempt by the US-backed forces to cut them off from the road to Deir Ezzor.


By cutting off the Syrian Army from the road to Deir Ezzor, the US-backed forces will have access to several oil fields that are desperately wanted by the Syrian government.

Since the US-backed rebels failed to slow the Syrian Army down in southern Syria, the US is now relying on the Kurdish forces to obstruct Damascus’ expansion eastward.

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    • According to maps, it seems pretty dubious for me them doing so : they’re not even trying to besiege Raqqa, seems to me that they simply saw a soft town to oust IS from while there is still serious potential for SAA advancing and help to besiege Raqqa, moreover, they’re +20km from the crossroad to Raqqa in this area while SAA is only 5km.
      We have more and more trolls around, saying SDF teams with IS (ROFL!) and other crap smelling bullshit big league, then, every time, an undisclosed allegedly military source is told having said this. It was said in the last days that even SDF and SAA were fighting each other in some town of the area while strangely, not a single confirmation came from both part and, usually, you can count on YPG to honour their dead, tell about their lives, how and where they were martyred, etc.
      Nonetheless, each other are allowed to pass through their territory but they even co-own areas, i.e. west Manbij, where it avoids a clash zone with the Turkish-backed roaches as if these attack SAA, Erdolf will end in trouble with Putin…
      These stupid trolls are losing their time : it won’t work. Only idiots will buy it then ridicule themselves telling about.

      • Before Trump’s meeting in Saudi Arabia when ISIS was still the main focus the official line towed by the US mecenary proxies of SDF YPG and FSA was that ISIS were the terrorists. But with Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia the term terrorist groups was shifted from ISIS to Iran and Hezbollah. Soon after both the SDF and FSA chief commanders issued identical statements delaring that their main objective had become to quote: “Prevent the regime forces and their Iranian allies from controlling the Iraq/Syria border and from linking together.” They mad it clear that they would not allow the Iranian militia (who are in Syria legally following a request by the sole legitimate and democratically elected Syrian government) from linking to the SAA in Deir Ezzur. So this is the declared and official objective of the US controlled SDF etc. and not assumptions or provocations. Those who are ignorant about the facts should not judge those who expose facts as they really are. The so called SDF/YPG has already tried to block the Syrian Army from advancing on Raqqa by invading and occupying the Aleppo-Raqqa highway and they are trying to do the same here. The fact is that the ISIS terrorists who were in Raqqa have been handed large quantities of TOW missiles , tanks and armourded veihicles by the US and the Kurds and have been sent to contrast the Syrian Army round Palmyra and Deir Ezzur. The war which is being waged in Raqqa by the SDF/YPG now is against unarmed civilians for ethnic cleansing purposes since ISIS has long left the city.

        • These are #FakeNews to have morons have a hard-on.
          Stop smoking crack.
          YPG are not mercenaries, they are locals.
          BTW, you should read Bookchin’s book about social ecology. This is part of green-anarchism. This is the common philosophy feeding PYD, PUK and PKK.
          You’ll be mindblown.
          Ethnic cleansing, my ass! Only wankers would believe this!

          • Only some YPG factions are locals from the Syria/Iraq border. The rest are mercenaries either from Iraq or elsewhere. As proof of ethnic cleansing, see the UN report of how many local Arabs were forcefully displaces by the Kurdish Peshmerga invaders. In Raqqa alone more than 150,000, that’s almost the entirety of the civilian population. But ethnic cleansing has been going on in all the Arab Syrian land invaded and occupied by these US proxies and mercenaries.

        • Deo Cass you are 100% right , the ethnic cleansing in Raqqah is real & documented in numerous interviews of civilians fleeing the city. The Kurds did the same in Hasakah province , documented by a German human rights group interviewing Arab refugees not allowed to return to their villages. The green ”anarchosocialists” of YPG , lured by Saudi money and brand new American hardware , intend to have presumably Raqqah ”Arabfree” , for the benefit of ”cleaner” air. And indeed , some ISIS from Raqqah have managed to avoid the RuAF and reached Deir ez Zour . It is not a coincidence that somewhere in-between they were resupplied with TOW missiles — the dirty games the US plays are nonetheless dead-end tactics & signs of desperation.

      • Hope You are right. I expect the same. Even if they compete for oil wells.
        Both SAA and YPG have & will let each other pass to supply outlying districts.

        p.s. They have no other choice. IMHO all else is speculation. At least 4 now.


  2. This info was spead by BasNews in Erbil.
    As everyone knows, between Barzani and YPD and all komrads in the Kurdish green-anarchos, this is not love story at all.
    This is a total HOAX!

  3. Let us cool down. We will see on which side the Kurds are in a short amount of time. Anyway, Syria/Russia/Iran/Iraq/Turkey won’t allow the Kurds to steal the Syrian land. Let’s hope the Kurds know this before they will feel it.

    • Actually, it’s the Kurdish land. It has just not been enforced as Mustapha Kemal managed to avoid the Sèvres treaty to be put in place… Actually he only took profit that the power that be at the time weren’t hot to start another war after the WW1 bloodbath followed by the Spanish-Flu.
      Nevertheless, there wouldn’t be so much problems now, had the treaty been enforced.

      • And BTW, Rojava doesn’t reclaims to cut ties with Syria. It’s pretty different in KRG as the referendum is coming and you can be sure they’ll separate from Iraq, any way, it’s already the case for near 3 decades, after Saddam’s Sarin attacks, when the area was declared no fly zone.
        The Russian ways to consider international politics may not think what you think it is. Anyone with understanding of geopolitics, and Putin has a great understanding of it, can figure out what is the best thing to do for both Russia and EU: a strong alliance between both entities.
        Wanna bet Iran won’t interfere with KRG independence?
        Turkey will be furious but… who cares? Didn’t Gollum ended in the lava lake of the Mountain of Doom? So ErdoGollum…

  4. @Daeshbag
    SDF are illegal rat forces that know no dignity and honor. Why are they such big US controlled traitors? Didn´t the army protect them from the Erdogan forces? Every member of the SDF, who is not an asshole, must now join the NDF.

      • Not true. The Kurds have one frontier against ISIS and one against the “rebels”. They profit from the fact that all the war parties focus on fighting the Syrian government. And when ISIS attacked Hasakah, the Kurds would have been unable to repel them without the SAA. It was the other way round. The SAA repelled ISIS with some YPG involvement. In response the YPG attacked the SAA inside the city later that, you remember?

        The SAA fights on multiple frontiers. That because the western media refuse to report doesn´t mean the war in Syria´s northeast comes anywhere near the dimensions of the war that the SAA and allies are fighting. The SDF could have become an ally but they prefer to crawl before the US. The US has no right to create a colony in Syria.