BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:50 P.M.) – Hezbollah’s Media Relations released a statement on Sunday that offered condolences to the Egyptian people and to the families of the Coptic Christians killed in the Tanta terrorist attack.

“This continuous and escalating killings carried out by criminal gangs in the name of religion is one of the greatest catastrophes our Ummah (nation) has been witnessing,” the statement read.

The Lebanese organization accused major powers and regional countries for aiding terrorist groups specifically disrupting the peace between the heterogeneous religious entities in the Middle East.


Hezbollah stressed that targeting Christians in their place of worship is a savage act that deviates away from the teachings in the Quran.

“This crime is part of a large scheme to displace Christians from the Sinai Peninsula and other areas across Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, paving the way for sectarian and ethnic federalization in favor of the Zionist entity,” Hezbollah warned.

Hezbollah concluded by reaffirming its support for the Egyptian people and peace inside the country.

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    • While Surat 9 says that Christians, which are “kuffar” shall be killed if they don’t convert to Islam or pay the Jizya and they’re fucking not part of his “Ummah”
      If Nasrallah goes on like this, he’ll end criticizing the knife intifada and well, Christians are nothing else than “goys” who adopted the religion of the Zionists and, as we are :
      Quran 5.20-21, 17.104 : Allah is a Zionist!
      Now, HB renounced jihad except to destroy Israel in the name of Allah (except that their Allah so says it’s the land of the Jews and it’s for nobody else)…
      Now, while being now Christian-friendly?
      It’s easy : HB is based in Lebanon. With the serious boost o Sunni radicalism, knowing that Lebanon is around 27% Shia, 27% Sunni and 43% Christian and that UNSC has decided HB’s disarmament, either they manage to befriend Christians and show they protect other Christians in country they intervene and where those are a minority or, it’s simple : HB disappears…
      Now, when it becomes interesting is this :
      “ISIS fanboys are decrying condemnation of Palm Sunday church attacks by top Brotherhood mouthpiece, HAMAS spiritual guide Yusuf al-Qaradawi”
      And so does the (banned) Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood :
      Crocodiles’ tears : all modern jihad comes from the M.Brotherhood, they’re the link and the foundation of all the shit we have today, especially since al-Banna and al-Husseini allied themselves with the Nazis and “imported” Otto Skorzeny’s “tactics” in the ME, then it was transmitted to al-Husseini’s nephew Yasser Arafat who has many receiving the “teaching” in the training camps he organised who themselves transmitted it… And it’s how this cancer spread and the result is what we have now… It’s the MB creepy ideology that is spread by all salafshits, they are fucking kidding with their condolences and same for Hamas, hey, on 9-11, they distributed candies in the streets to celebrate. What a bunch of hypocrites!

      Well, there are 3 more (9 now) to go after the roaches in Sinai :
      Well, if they put the recon-pod under, it won’t be easy to escape if they patrol the desert, not counting that with the 3 tanks we often see, they fly for 3600km…

      • Stop spreading jew propaganda.
        All modern jihad came from CIA planned, sponsored jihad in Afghanistan. It all started when Cia created jihadi books in the islamic studies department of american universities and printed and distributed all over the world to get brain dead killers against Soviet Union. Before this, there was no such so called modern jihad. America, including your beloved France, and your allied Saudi Arabia are responsible for worldwide killings and spreading of this disease.

        Stop misinterpreting Quran.
        The ayats about killings are only DURING the war against military combatants not in peace time or against civilians.

        You love jews. No doubt about it.
        You said so on many time that jews are good and intelligent people. Why don’t you take Israel to France? There is vast land lying empty. Your people don’t make much children and immigrants are taking over. According to you Israel and jews are wonderful so in France they would open up your dead cell brains with their brilliance, make new inventions and France would be world power soon surpassing america. stop the twisted history about their origins. you, i mean, your neighbor and cousin hitler killed them. Palestinian are real Semitic people. Please take israel to europe. they came from there because you european had been killing jews and expelling them from one country to another for centuries and telling others how evil and uncivil others are. stop this hypocrisy.

        by the way, according to some people Umayyad’s killed every male in France. is that true?

          • Christians aren’t infidels in Islam. They are followers of an Abrahamic religion.

            Check your facts before spreading ideas.

          • OK. Then you show me the verse in Qur’an which says Christians who are infidels shall be killed if they don’t convert to Islam! Show me the verse which says Christians are infidels.

            Let’s see what the New Testament says about Qur’an:

            Qur’an (its name) in the New Testament.

            Book of Revelation 19:1

            “And after these things I heard a great voice of a crowd in heaven, saying, Glory to FURGHAN, the Praise and might belongs to ALLAH.”

            Luke 1:68

            “Blessed be He who is ALLAH the lord of Israel, who has visited his gentiles and has given FURGHAN to his servant.”

            One of the meaning of FURGHAN in Islam = Qur’an

            Qur’an 25:1

            “Blessed is He who sent down FURGHAN upon His Servant that he may be to the worlds a warner.”

        • can this be true? grown up men discussing the relevance of childish atavisms and quotes from so called “holy books”?

          comrades, there’s no time to waste with trifles like that, there’s enough real trouble around!

          and if anyone speaks in favour of threatened minorities, he’s welcome!

  1. His Eminence has pinpointed exactly the ultimate goal of the terrorist havoc. Once Jerusalem-Al Quds was home to 170.000 Palestinian Christians , mostly Orthodox. They were forced over the years in multifarious ways , with direct or indirect pressure applied on them by Israel’s occupation , to flee , migrate , escape , seek refuge , as the case may be. The Patriarchate is left without its flock. Their lands and homes , are claimed or confiscated by the occupation . The instigators have learned a lesson out of this, that terror applied wantonly disturbs the lives of peace-inclined people to the point of forfeiting their ancestral land. They think they are so clever , that they can replicate the expulsion tactics. If the Middle East , the cradle of Christianity Syria , and Iraq , are left bereft of Christians , it would be that much easier for them to market their usurpation goals in the Christian West , as the only state in the region ”confronting” swarms of ”infidel barbarians”.