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Damascus, Syria – (9:38 P.M.) Militants from a range of Islamist groups, including the newly-formed Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) group, and the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) launched a wide-scale offensive on the 21st of March in the Hama countryside. Although the offensive did initially yield significant territorial gains, pro-government have managed to retake ground throughout the offensive, and maintain composure.

For example, forces from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) successfully liberated the village of Kawkab. Since the deployment of units from the 5th Corps and Tiger Forces to Hama, opposition militants have struggled to advance, and their offensive has lost much of its momentum.

It seems that they aimed to capture areas lost to the Syrian Army in 2016, and potentially seize the provincial capital, Hama city. According to a senior official in the Russian military, more than 10,000 terrorists have been involved in the recent offensive.

“A number of militant formations attempted to seize the city of Hama since March 21. In the area under opposition control a group was formed numbering more than 10,000, with the foundation of Jabhat al-Nusra and bandit formations that joined them,” Sergei Rudskoy, the Chief of the Russian General Staff Main Operational Directorate said.


Although fighting in the province is ongoing, with neither side possessing a definitive edge, it is abundantly clear that anti-government, Islamist militants have lost their ability to launch large-scale, successful offensives against areas under the sanctuary of the Syrian government, as they did in the 2015 Idlib offensive.

A key difference between the two offensives is the presence of warplanes & attack helicopters from the Russian Air Force (RUAF.) This has certainly helped the SAA keep the militants at bay; the Russian Air Force (RUAF) & Syrian Arab Air Force (SYAAF) destroyed terrorist reinforcements in Hama, preventing pro-government forces from being overwhelmed.

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On a separate note, over the past year or so, there has been regular in-fighting between Islamist groups in Syria, killing hundreds, or even thousands of terrorists. It is unclear if this has significantly deteriorated the militants’ strength, but it certainly bodes well for their opponents.

With Russian assistance and expertise, new pro-government units have been created, and entered the battlefields. For example, the 5th Corps was created and developed with help from Russia. As already mentioned, the 5th Corps has played a key role in defending Hama, and shortly after they were dispatched to the area, the attacking militants lost momentum. The 5th Corps, and other relatively new, elite units have also demonstrated their ability to spearhead offensives in a variety of different scenarios and conditions, ranging from Aleppo city, to Palmyra.

As it stands, militant groups, such as HTS, have gained from their recent Hama offensive, but their decline in Hama, and other areas in Syria is inevitable, provided they don’t receive significant external support.

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  1. Pro rebel accounts on twitter and elsewhere are clearly discouraged . They’re even criticizing the lack of clear strategy and cooperation between the numerous groups .
    Since Aleppo , the rebels in Idlibstan had time to prepare a new offensive . If the Hama offensive is all they could throw at Assas , it’s clearly a sign of their decline .

    Unless it was just a diversion, but each day passing makes it less likely .

    Clearly Assad has already politically won the war , and the military part is going good as well

    • Una de las prioridades para el gobierno Sirio debe ser cortar la frontera Idlib, Las armas, municiones y mercenarios entran libremente desde Turquía a través de esta frontera.

    • This is pleasing.
      Thus, now Jihadi-Julian criticizes when USAF bombs ISIS as they bomb for #Assad, #Iran and #Hezbollah… Well, and when some ISIS loonie rams a truck at X-Mas market in Berlin, for sure, the police acts for #Assad, #Iran and #Hezbollah when they go after the cockroach!
      Now, where Abu Charles Lister al-Qatari begins to notice that “AlQaeda Is Starting to Swallow #Syria’s Opposition”!
      Wooow! He understands fast but you have to explain him for a long time, i.e. 4-5 years
      Now, the few others I know of are not giving up so easily : Lina Shamy is still bullshitting while the WH are still lying :
      “3 airstrikes with thermobaric bombs hit Maaret AlNuman Hospital , leaving some injured and puts hospital out of Service”
      >>>> Errrrrrr… 3 thermobarics leaves some injured???
      This is the effect of a 900kg (2000lbs) thermobaric :
      Now consider 3 and guess how many people will get out alive from a hospital 😀 The thing that made me laugh about Aleppo a few months ago was about the Earthuake bombs… Well, you need at least a Tu-22M, Tu-95 or Tu-160 to drop 5 tons or 9 tons bombs. I just don’t remember any picture of bomber coming from the siege…
      They tell so much lies that, even if they say smth true, you doon’t beieve this.
      Now the last disturbing fact : MSF says a SAA choper attacked them with a chemical weapon… I’m ready to bet it was a Mi-8 and… You can find pics of a Mi-8 captured by FSA!!! Near every time there was talks about barrel bombs then chemical barrel bombs, you saw pics of a Mi-8. Isn’t it strange especially as, any time you see some SAA choppers in action dropping bombs, these are classic ones dropped from the pylons? Moreover, a thermobaric would be much more efficient than a barrel of chlorine which is unlikely to kill anybody or to do damages… Would it be cluster bombs filled with sarin or VX, OK, this may be “interesting” (and absolutely horrible but some WW1 incapacitating gas to attack MSF smells the false flag big league and has really no tactical purpose.

      • I wonder whether Lina Shamy & co are bleeding heart “good mind” falling for for terrorist propaganda or are outright evil.

        If the first they are plain resistant to any advice in military matters.

  2. В последно време виждаме малко по-голяма координация между сирийската армия. Опитват се да прилагат нещо като огневи вал или по-скро стройна арт. подготовка. Нужно е пряко командване на място. Не виждам нито един полковник, да не говорим за генерал на бойната линия. Там трябва да се разпореждат не само смели, но тактически грамотни и най-вече дисциплинирани командири.
    Трябва по-ефективно прегрупиране, замаскиране на собственото си придвижване и пренасяне на огъня върху новите цели.
    Факт е, че при настъпление не виждаме съпортинг вертолети ,а да не говорим за самолети.
    От клиповете най-лесно се вижда, как и кога трябва да се унищожават терористите – най-лесния и ефективен метод е заградителен огън в края на населения пункт, откъде те се изнасят на тълпи, с пикапи или други транспортни средства. Нужна е по-голяма координация – трябва да има на место КЩМ – някакви БТР-60ПУ , ако щеш , които да управляват огъня-но, няма. Няма и една сто и петица , дето ги гледаме из Дамаск.
    А колко малко е нужно. Двама радиста, двама командира .
    Още по-осезаема е липсата на скрито подхождане към вражеските позиции – виждаме, че всички клипове с ударени 62-ки са след непредвидени прегрупирания на танковете, които попадат под флангови ракетен огън. Това можеше напълно да се избегне, ако към всеки сирийски батальон се придадеше по една минохвъргачна рота с димни гранати. Въобще не се използват никакви замаскировъчни средства.
    Войната , колкото и диванно да се обсъжда се води крайно небрежно, неорганизирано и некомпетентно.
    Така и не докараха някакво средство , което поне да открива наличието на ПТРК в някакъв радиус , а средства подобни има –

    А руснаците си имат цели организирани пунктове в бронирани машини – МТ-ЛБ, БТР-80 и т.н.
    Или руснаците напълно са се отказали от пряка поддръжка ???