BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:30 A.M.) – The Turkish regime boasted last month that their forces will push towards Raqqa City after they seize Al-Bab from the Islamic State (ISIS) forces in northeast Aleppo.

However this month, the Turkish regime’s battle plan changed from pushing towards Raqqa City to attacking the Kurdish forces in the strategic town of Menbeij, which is located northeast of Al-Bab.

In order to spite the Turkish regime, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces offered the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) the villages located west of Menbeij, along with a presence inside the town.


Furious over this act by the SDF, the Turkish Armed Forces and their rebel allies have repeatedly targeted Menbeij with artillery shells and missiles, despite the fact the two forces inside the town are currently fighting the Islamic State.

Luckily for the SAA and SDF, the Turkish Armed Forces cannot venture far from Al-Bab due to the large presence of Russian and American military personnel embedded in this area.

This large presence of American and Russian troops leaves the Turkish Armed Forces without any pathway to Raqqa City, meaning they are wedged between the SDF and SAA in northern Aleppo.




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      • personnel & material – maybe; but as for morale, where would a humiliated army – Kemal Pasha’s proud secular army taken hostage by infantile muslim brotherhood morons – get that from?
        as Alarich the goth would say: the denser the grass, the easier the mowing!

        • Army is still secular. Noone doctrinate Islamic shits in military. Only the head of the military (the president) is muslim-looking. And I got to admit that this person gave the most contribution to the army. Turkey now can produce its own battle tank. In 6-7 years they will build figher jets. Lots of frigates produced..

          • hmm – guess all those able to build tanks & fighter jets are either fired or jailed . their replacing qran school graduates couldn’t build a pussicat^^

          • Kardesh, Altay is Korean and TAI TFX UK tech.
            Both prototypes or earlier.

          • Kardesh – You need money to build all that.
            The Greeks went broke in their military buys.

        • Yep! Erdolf wants Ottoman Empire v2.0. He’ll end with Sèvres treaty v2.0 and no Atatürk to save the day, BTW, Mustafa Kemal was 200% anti-Islam 😉
          Better prepare to “balkanisation” of Turkey because, it’s not what is especially sought by international community, it’s just what Erdolf acts are about to provoke as a causality/domino theory effect.
          You already have all the actors in place, like in a Greek tragedy and the one Zeus has made become mad in order to better doom him : Erdolf! Frankly, the best invest this guy could do? A dual-seat Harrier and one being ready to fly any time, 24/7.
          Why? In order to be able to flee in minutes! When things will heathen, he’s very likely to end like Gaddafi with a bayonet in the ass.

      • Oğuz, you Turks should do well to remember that ‘ Pride comes before a fall ‘ . A fall that would instil much laughter with your friends and foes alike 🙂

        There is also the old adage of ‘Never trust a Turk’ that is very prescient today.

        • Floriangeyer, that old adage you just quoted should be changed to “Never trust a Brit or Imperialist westerners”. You have no room to talk about trust when westerners are the one created devastation in this world for the sake of natural resources.

          Also, pride comes before fall? Not sure what you mean by that…I am a major Erdogan opponent and I actually hate the guy. There is nothing would affirm Turkish strength and resolve more than, spew hate against Turks. You couldn’t conquer Turkey even if you come with the world Army…We were never ruled and we will never be ruled. Turks are the only eastern culture people were not occupied under western plots..You can continue to spew your hate and all I have to say in return, you wouldn’t dare…..Now, go and take your medicine…

          • Wrong : conquered by the Mongols 😉
            BTW, who, but Erdolf, cares about conquering nowadays? Resources you can get there, you can get somewhere else… But, if the area is seen as a problem, may it be wrong or not, no matter, just send it back to the stone age..

          • mr280zxt, the Brits/French Westerners came to Turkey’s support against Russia with the Crimean war. The reason that Turkey was not gobbled up by a colonial power was that they all wanted it and prevented each other from getting it.

            The slur not Trust a Turk comes from the Muslim custom of not making real peace. Turkey was on official war with almost all Europe until the 19th century. AFAIR that was changed after the Crimean war.

            Wrong: Ethiopia was also never colonized. Japan also etc.

            Wrong again. The Turks were mercenaries of the mongols and ruled by the Mongols.

            The Sultan currently risks the Balkanisation of Anatolia that Atatürk avoided by political cunning, great generalship, reforms, the revolutionary spirit of the Turkish soldiers and by the harsh treatment of minorities that amount to ethnic cleansing and genocide.

    • Any way, all the competent generals have been arrested, there are now less pilots than planes. Actually, there were armies bigger than the Turk one that were defeated simply by a purge of the same kind and there’s simply no better time, ESPECIALLY with the EU and UN furious at the Turkish Führer and his terrorist minions, to attack Turkey, actually, due to the serious violations, EU council is very likely to summon NATO. It has never been done but…
      It can also be a good opportunity for Turkish army to rebel against the Muslim Brotherhood=AKP=Qaeda and maintain Turkey in civilisation and at the same time, avoid to find itself becoming a Libya v2.0.
      There might be brasses to liquidate and jailed others to liberate but the role of the army is to defend constitution and Erdolf wants to make the country a caliphate instead of a republic.
      Anyway, we simply can’t let Erdolf achieve his goals, let’s not be new Chamberlain+Daladier.

  1. Incan see from the maps dated 09/3/2017 and 10/03/2017 that the Tirkish invading army is actually advancing against the Syrian Arab Army to the south of the the second bottle neck. It is obvious that they are trying to cut off the Syrian government liberated lands from its narrowr part to gain access onto ISIS controlled parts of Aleppo. It is essential that the Syrian Arab army and its allies address this threat by starting to aggressively defend itself from the Turkish invader and aggressor and invoke Russia to pit pressure on Ankara to stop its attacks or suffer the consequences of Russian attacks.