BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:18 A.M.) – Russian and French Foreign Ministers Sergei Lavrov and Jean-Marc Ayrault have agreed to cooperate in preparing the intra-Syrian talks in Geneva, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday according to TASS.

“The ministers have agreed that Russian and French representatives will be cooperating to prepare and hold a next round of intra-Syrian talks, due to begin in Geneva on March 23, 2017,” the ministry said in a statement.

Although Lavrov expressed his satisfaction with negotiations in Astana, he did highlight that some militant groups refusing to negotiator only hampered a peaceful solution.


The armed Syrian opposition had refused to attend the talks, “preferring to make speculations about its participation in this event,” Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.


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  1. I have great respect for the long suffering French people. They also have the Libtard Slime Balls in control of government. Governments past and present who have encouraged migration to the extent that it has altered for the worst the ethnic makeup of France.

    Zionism is the ruin of all nation states where this cancer takes hold.

    I just hope that Marine La Pen can bring sanity back to this once great nation.

    • Muhahaha.
      “for the long suffering French people”
      => Suffering of what? We are healthy, we have a working healthcare service which is 100% free for the poorest and affordable for others, we live an average 10 years longer than USAns, there are minima revenues for unemployed that guarantee you a roof and to eat for anyone and if you see a few tramps from time to time, either they want it or are illegals in the country.
      Although a little too much unemployment due to the fact industrial production is highly automatised as, with 4000 employees, a car factory produces as much as 50000 workers did 40y ago, it’s far to be a shithole, you can believe me…

      “They also have the Libtard Slime Balls in control of government”
      => Muhahaha. Libtards are US DEMs, these are right-wingers, we have now center-left and mark my words, they’ll stay in at next election!
      I don’t think the US libtards banned niqab and burka, wearing hijab in schools and administrations is banned for 25 years and, IMHO, next series of attacks, hijab will be banned from the streets too, it wasn’t far to be after the Paris attacks…
      These libtards as you say, did better job at destroying global jihad than any medium or super power!
      Who moved a finger for Mali, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon etc etc etc?
      So let me laugh! 19 months of Russian intervention in Syria and it’s not finished! And coalitions don’t work better!
      Mali is 4-5x as big as Syria and was cleansed in less than a month. By ust teaming with local governments which, except Nigeria, are usually very poor, what has became of jihad in central/western Africa? A few dozen of loonies are left, hiding in the jungle, chasing monkeys to eat. Population hunts them like rabid dogs, 4 tried to hide in Guinea, 15,000 people from all towns around came to help the police and militaries with hunting rifles, machetes and bows!
      It works the same way in all Francophonia, it’s a mindset you can’t understand without French culture, we all have “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” in our DNA

      “Governments past and present who have encouraged migration to the extent that it has altered for the worst the ethnic makeup of France.”
      => All French are mixed since the beginning, even from the time of the Gauls, this is our main power and why we’re still here! BTW, in French, you call the initial country “La Gaulle” and the Gauls “Gaulois” but saying having “la gaulle” also means having a hard on! We shag any ethnicity, including yours and we’re not very faithful when in couples, hehe! You’re likely to have a French father without even knowing it. This is VERY important as it avoids consanguinity, resulting in very few retards while those who stay stupidly mono-ethnic are much less healthy, look where they inbred between 1st degree cousins!

      “Zionism is the ruin of all nation states where this cancer takes hold.”
      => This is stupid : with your logics, zionism would be positive as the principle of zionism is the return of Jews to Israel!
      It would have been terrible for us if Marcel Dassault had been a zionist : he’d had moved to Israel in 1948 but they couldn’t have had enough money for R&D, just think about the IAI Lavi that now the Chinese build under the name J-10, it comes 25-30y late… Without him, no Mystère, no Ouragan, no Mirage, no Rafale, big troubles to get ballistic missiles too. Without his son Serge (which isn’t Jew as Marcel married a goy wife), no Catia CAD, THE tool to conceive aircraft that EVERYBODY uses!
      It’s more difficult to integrate Arabs in our society due to too much bigotry, thus, 80% do great, 5-10% have the bigot ghetto mind and contaminate their children and we end with about a little less than 1% that end in the brainwashing grip of the Brotherhood, this means -0.1% of French population.

      “I just hope that Marine La Pen can bring sanity back to this once great nation.”
      => Marine LePen and her family symbolises EXACTLY the contrary of what being French means! They are absolutely AGAINST the value of the Republic… Let’s be clear : when you settle your family in a former Kommandantür, it’s more than clear. FN is nothing else than the extension of pré-WW2 “Action Française”, always talking patriotism and then the 1st to collaborate with Nazis. Let’s be clear : these are to France the same scum Muslim Brotherhood is for the Arab world.
      Any way, if the LePen scum ended winning the election, which is dubious as they’re anti-republican so even if leading the 1st run, all republican votes will go to the best placed candidate for the second run and usual abstentionists will move to vote, well, it’ll end like in 2002 with daddy LePen, Chirac winning by +80%…
      A thing to understand with the FN vote in France is that’s used by many as a provocation to classic politicians, hey, even by doing their biggest score ever at the MP elections’ 1st run, they end with just one MP! And BTW, they can thank Putin as Russian state-held banks lease money to FN but Putin plays stupid on it : does he really wants neo-nazis having access to the button, I mean the big red one, of the 3rd nuclear power? Do YOU want it? We don’t! Anyway, with the Russian funding, it’s easy : if ever MLP won, we cancel the election for irregularity of campaign funding and there is more than enough for long to ban the FN as a party. Why hasn’t it it already done? Too long to explain. Let’s say for the same reason the Mullahs in Iran haven’t been liquidated : useful idiots!

      I can only be sure that this once great nation can only be greater than yours and it’s nowhere near to change!
      Now, we need a Concorde 2.
      Well, maybe should we consider a cooperation with Russia, after all, Concorde and Tu-144, you know… And Concorde’s DNA is clearly into Tu-160… A sweep wings Concorde2 derivated from Tu-160, miaaaam!
      We can’t go on like this! French prez must move supersonic, question of prestige!

  2. It’s high time to resume the old Russo-French alliance and BTW, we shall get over the degraded EU/Russia relations that have been tainted due to the Kerry/Nuland shit in Ukraine.
    Actually, both entities deal great together as long as the US do not interfere. We shall not allow such interferences from the DoS “Eurasian affairs dept” again.
    BTW, it’s interesting that the DoS sees matters in a way many seem to have troubles to conceive due to stupid nationalism.
    We shall please them : Europe stands between Atlantic ocean and Ural, further it’s Asia and Russia too but at the population level,most of Russians are in Europe.
    Now that the US submarine that used to torpedo EU construction, well, there’ll be soon one place left at the table and anyone understanding geopolitics will have it easy to get how it’s THE way to go for both entities.
    Let’s be clear : we are complementaries and have the same strategic issues and we’d be much more powerful than Warsaw Pact and the classical Russian buffer-zone would extend to the Atlantic with the double population USA has…