(TASS) The European Union is avoiding discussions on the problems of Christians in the Middle East under pretext of political correctness, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at the International Christmas Readings in Moscow.

“It is regrettable that the EU is avoiding the discussions of the problems of Christians in the Middle East hiding behind the notorious political correctness,” Lavrov said.

Lavrov voiced concerns over “cruel harassment and well-targeted killing of the Christian population in the Middle East and the destruction of the world heritage sites.”


Russia and its partners hold annual events devoted to protecting Christians in the framework of the UN Human Rights Council, he said.


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  1. The EU is anti Christian . The EU is anti family. The EU is anti democratic.The EU promotes homosexuality and deviancy . This along with the total loss of morals will be the death of EU. Prosperity , western style.

    • Do you actually live in the EU? It don’t seems to me. EU is really too calm! f you really want to experience decadence, you must go to St.Petersburg or even Tehran! You can’t imagine the orgies they organise! It will even shock the Netherlanders!
      EU promotes nothing, they’re not even a government in the way you may think a govt is and sorry dude, we elect Euro-MPs on a regular basis.
      Nevertheless, in case you wouldn’t know, there is homosexuality in ALL mammal species. Human being mammals, some are gays, it has ever been like this and will be as long there’ll be humans. If you want the kind of morals you tell about, you should consider moving to Saudi Arabia as here, we’re not that kind :
      Wahhabis feel very at unease in the EU :

      • Ahhh! You have resort to nudity to prove that your ‘really calm EU’ is undecadent. Wow.
        As usual you are full of contradiction.
        Infact, being ‘anti family’ and to promote ‘homosexuality and deviancy’ are new norms and morals in EU. You just proved it with your ‘intelligent post’.
        On many occasions, I stopped to respond to you but on this small matter I couldn’t.
        You really sux as do daeshbags. Same thing different versions.

        • Nobody promotes homosexuality. It is just that a certain percentage of mammals and birds are oriented like that. Giving equal rights includes this part of the population. p.s. Joke: I have nothing against homo sexual men – they reduce competition. But to be lesbian must be forbidden.

      • It is now confrmed,Daeshbag is 100 %zionist peddler,with a penchant for [email protected] Transgenda, it all makes sense, cherry on the cake is those Soros style lesbo b1tches he uses as argument. Colour revolution is next, hilarious

        • No libtard, ISBagSx is just no conservative. But that is IMHO no reason to vote him down. p.s. I hope EC is not going down. Only a united EC has the size to live relatively unmolested by the big players of empire like 5 eyes and Co. BTW. ISBagSx often nonsensical answers are normal. The French call it humor. ROFL.

      • @ISBagsSx Leave him alone he is probably a Brit. You French are always bashing the poor Brits. Have You frogs no morals? p.s. My slogan I love Brexit – I love to be a decadent EC citizen. My special thanks go to the UK Foreign Secretary Boris Jonson for promoting Brexit and thus sinking the European submarine of the 5 eyes.

  2. EU is s ruled by zionist puppets or zionist themselves so why would they care about Christian values or the plight of Christians in ME? you only have to see how israely thugs attack Christians in Jeruslem to know wht to expect from their minions in EU. Zionist controlled EU govt only care about advancin the transgenda agenda and the invasion of EU by wahaby terrorists disguised as refugees.

    • So EU (and the US) are both ruled by ZOG!
      So, can you explain me how it possible that the Zionist “entity”, with the 2 biggest world’s economical powers under its thumb, ends, with mostly the same number of inhabitants as Swiss, ends with half of Swiss GDP but also the half of Swiss’ GDP per capita and i.e. only 75% of France’s GDP per capita and same thing for average salaries (US salaries are a little under Swiss, theus, the top of the crop is Luxemburg, that’s even why I advocate Luxemburgers becoming imperialistic and invade my area!)… Swiss’ the world’s 19th economy while Israel’s only 34th…
      Seems economically not so interesting to be the real economical real economical leader of the world as if you rule both the EU and the US, logically, you’re the boss… Moreover, Swiss has much more infrastructures to maintain and a harder climate, thus, much more spendings
      You’ll have to explain me how they do to perform so badly and even under the Arab states in the OPEC…
      I’d really like to see you counter argumenting, especially as in such cases, as it is well known, money talks and bullshit walks.
      And now, whatabout the extraterrestrial bases under Antartica and on the dak side of the Moon?
      Cassini probe even managed filming them around Saturn!
      Now the refugees seem actually very calm here. Well, maybe is it that our integrationism works better than the brit communautarism that creates ghettos… Well, maybe is it the food as here, it’s really Dar-el-Kufr : there’s pork in everything and well, do not repeat as it’s illegal to do so but we stuff a pig dick in the ass of every terrorist we kill 😉

      • Hey, who cares about your ghetto state statistics, any money they have is for free given that they dont work, they live on stolen land and they steal money from US taxpayers, reparation money, and the world banking system. And what are you spluttering about inhabitans, the ghetto state of israel is just a platform for continuous stealing, is the face of “for ever victim” that you thieves like to portray each time you get caught doing somehing wrong,which is most of the time , like supporting terrorist in Syria remember?

        • I hope You all know that about 50 % of the Israeli population are refugees from Muslim especially Arab countries. The decedents of the East European and Western Zionist immigrants are a minority.

      • Israel has to invest too much of its revenue in defense. That is unproductive. Switzerland has accumulated much capital that is invested in means of production. That makes high surplus returns. The more socialist France raised taxes and distributed more of the surplus. The US look well because they print money. ok? p.s. The UN feeds only Palestinian not Jewish extremists. So the ultra orthodox are a big burden to Israel and the secular part of the Israeli.

    • Not only the Israeli discriminate Christians. The Palestinians do that too. p.s. Most European countries are secular like Syria. Means they are neutral towards religion. BTW. Capital rules – the Zionist do not own all.

  3. OK, let’s launch a crusade to please Mr.Lavrov?
    Maybe should he update a little his knowlede : EU ain’t a country and has no army, it’s an economical conglomerate.
    Now, I’ve got a little question to Mr. Lavrov : hom many Christian refugees Russia took from the Middle East? And BTW from other religions too…
    You don’t know? The same number as Saudi Arabia : ZERO!
    The average number of daily airstrikes Russia is doing in Syria could be made by a single Su-34, OK?
    They say they sent 6 Tu-22M3 and what have we seen? Each one dropping 10x250kg bombs… Let’s be clear : a Tu-22M3 can carry ‘just’ about 24 tons payload over 7000km, thus, with 250kg bombs, you’ll have to carry some stacked on two underwing racks adding to those in the bomb-bay.
    So doing, Tu-22M3 is knownt to be able to carry 69x250kg bombs and not even flying with its maximum payload…
    So, when VKS sends 6 Heavy bombers, each one with less payload a stupid Su-25 can carry, I have serious doubt on their real commitment to, i.e., having avoided Palmyra to fall again in the hands of ISIS, thus, let’s be clear Mr.Lavrov, if you’re not even able to protect the world heritage on your turf and when you send 6 aircraft on mission with less payload a single one can carry, when you have an airbase with a good 20-40 strike aircraft but their average number of strikes is the number a single one can do, I have severe doubts on the Russian will to protect Syrian Christians too. So, let it be clear : Russia is much more securing its airbase and Navy-base and is taking her time to have i.e. tested 162 new types of weapons over a year and advertising it at the point of, on the 9 first months of Russian engagement in Syria, the operational cost was about 820M$ while Rosoboronexport registred 56.8 billion $ in orders, in other terms, Mr. Lavrov, you’re very poorly placed to lecture anyone while your country is simply protecting its assets and advertising its weaponry while not so attacking Daesh, most of the territory they lost over 24 months was lost to the Kurds, so your actions are far to be that great, including when it came to give air-support to SAA in Palmyra when 4-5k daeshbags launched an offensive against your turf.

    Now, let’s be clear about Russian Aerospace Forces capabilities.
    The average number of daily Russian strikes is about 71 from the numbers you published, Mr.Lavrov
    It’s not a problem for a Su-34 to operate 3 sorties a day.
    In a single sortie, it can carry 32 KAB-100 guided bombs at once.
    Now, consider 10 Su-34 on a 3 sorties a day with 32 KAB-100 = 960 strikes!
    But MUCH BETTER can be done!
    Russia presented the Ugroza kit at MAKS 1999. This kit makes the dumb aerial rockets like S-5, S-8 and S-13 laser guided rockets and was said to be “affordable”. Russia has hundreds of thousands if not millions of these rockets stockpiled, these are built for 50-60 years now.
    Su-34 can carry 6 pods of 20xS-8 at the same time as 18xKAB-100 bombs. A S-8 is enough to fuck up a T-72 tank as it’s as powerful as a Milan missile. Thus, on a single fly, a Su-34 can carry 120 guided S-8 and 18 guided 100kg bombs… 138 strikes. Again, on 3 missions per day for 10 Su-34 = 4140 STRIKES!
    Thus, Su-25 has already been seen with 10 20xS-8 pods more than once… 200 guided rockets onboard… 10 planes doing 3 sorties a day = 6000 strikes…
    So numbers talk a lot! In your advice, Mr.Lavrov, knowing that the numbers of Daesh’s cockroaches is estimated about 18k, how long would they be able to cope with 6000 air strikes a day????
    And don’t worry, the same critics value for the coalition which is doing even less!
    A few month ago, the Israeli air-marshall declared : “we can terminate Daesh in 48 hours”
    Their actual strike capability is 83 F-15, 246 F-16, 30 M-346 Master, 45 AH-64 and maybe the 19 T-6A Texan II can be armed too…
    I let anyone imagine that if only 10 aircraft can do 960 to 6000 strikes a day, the capacity of +400 armed ones!

    I’m considering to create an university doctorate course in westerner hypocrisy. I highly consider two main teachers for this course :
    Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry…
    Famous French poet and singer Serge Gainsbourg once wrote a song : “Jeunes femmes et vieux messieurs”. This means “Young women and old gentlemen”…

    Now, one may notice that Russian state owned banks, in the last years, have leased money to several European far-right parties in orde to found their electoral campaign, so, Mr.Lavrov, don’t be too surprised if EU leaders seem so hermetic to your calls and not so eager to lift economic sanctions against Russia.

    • Your comment is massively ignorant. First Lavrov is himself descendant of Armenian Christians fleeing the ME. There is over hundred of thousands ME Christians in Russia and connecting states as they have been on our side for over 100 years. There is no greater force that is helping us right now.

      Second, your use of word crusade puts you alongside the barbarians Isis, AQ and other retards. Lavrov is calling for a halt to the biggest oppression in the ME as we the Christians have been murdered and chased out by the millions and have had lands stolen and heritage destroyed on a shameful level in front of the eyes of the so called civilized society that you probably claim to be part of.

      Thirdly, your comment that a single military aircraft could conduct all of Russia’s airstrikes confirms that you really should consider something else to waste your time on as you are constantly on Al Masdar claiming to be a military expert. They have conducted over 68 K strikes and you would have to have the mental maturity of a 4 year old child to claim that it could be done with one plane.

      • Yes. Countries that have in the past accepted refugees continue to do. France is full of Maghrebin – secular and economically more depressed than e.g. Scandinavia or Germany. No help from there. Britain is worse they have no tradition to accept anything but the top refugees. After Brexit they are going down. IMHO. p.s. Even after WW I when they were strong the old colonial powers did nothing against the Sunni genocides. Turkey was a colonial power too – and one crow does not bite the other crows eye.

    • Why do the men on the picture bear the German form of the cross – do You want to discriminate us again? BTW. The crusades were to a large part a reaction to Muslim Jihads. Many of the fighting families had fought the Muslims in Europe before.