The head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Director of John Brennan said in an interview with National Public Radio (NPR) the the bloodshed in Syria was partially because of their role in the war.

“I think we always like to say that we wish that we would have been able to make a difference, in a way that would have prevented the slide and the situation there,” Director of John Brennan said in an interview with National Public Radio (NPR).

“There’s no way you can divorce yourself, emotionally or mentally, from these situations that you play a role in,” Brennan said, adding that he “felt some responsibility for the horrific bloodshed” in the Syria war.


He then went onto predict that the terrorist forces loss in Aleppo will not end the war in Syria.

“This insurgency is not going to go away until there is some type of viable and genuine political process that will bring to power in Damascus a government that is representative of the Syrian people,” he further stated.

He then went onto admit that the USA has had little influence in being able to shape events in Syria.

“As great a country — as powerful a country — as the United States is, we have, in many areas, limited ability to influence the course of events,” Brennan said.


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  1. Much as the admission is welcomed, he cannot absolve the CIA from responsibility. CIA operated training camps in Konya province, Turkey since 2011. They undoubtedly stirred the so called Spring revolt directly.

    To then stand back and suggest the United States was a powerless bystander smacks insincerity.

    One cannot start a fire, throw petrol on it and then innocently proclaim it is not ones’ fault because it is a runaway fire. The CIA chose its actions carefully in full knowledge of the blood bath that would ensue. Their shock now is that Assad has not been toppled and that two superpowers plus Iran have come to Syria’s aid.

    The CIA should be very afraid that the fire which they started will not spread to Turkey, Israel, Jordan & Saudi Arabia

        • Not counting there is also an Iran-Syria pipeline project 😉 Very likely to connect to Russia and maybe Israel-Cyprus as they intend to connect directly to Greece (and on the other side to Jordan and Egypt). Northern Gazprom fields will be connected to EU OPAL pipeline, the southern may likely to be connected to this system. The Iranian field will be exploited by Total (and pumping from the same field Qatar does as it’s at the border of their EEZ). Iraqi and Syrian gaz are on the way.
          And there are some idiots that go on thinking all westerners are against Syria, LOL… Talk like US interests, act for EU interests! 😉

        • Sy : do you really think that Saudis can’t have own projects, initiative or agenda and can’t pay crooked politicians to support the shit they are doing? You should learn a little about Arabian history! If it was an US project, Dr.Assad wouldn’t be there for +5 years now!
          How long Gaddafi made it? And Saddam either died B4 2003 or during the bombings! The judged guy was an doppelgänger! Just look at his teeth when speaking! Real Saddam had them perfectly ranked! You can’t cheat such thing!

          • You clearly only pay attention to information that reconciles your own beliefs called confirmation bias. Inside east Aleppo as it fell were captured 14 military Intelligence officers from the UK, USA, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & Israel. In fact senior Israeli officers have been captured fighting embedded in ISIS units inside Iraq. From 2011-2014 the US was openly training so called moderate rebels at CIA run training camps in Konya province. News media stories have shown US air drops of munitions to rebels inside Syria prior to Russian deployment in late 2015. Western & Turkish media captured images of American supplied TOW missiles being used by rebels inside Syria. This was not a democratic popular uprising. This was an armed insurgency by an American backed proxy army. The Obama administration was too double faced to ever own up to backing this conflict. It had to be exposed by Wikileaks with the truth dragged out by confronting the world with the truth. You are in total self denial and only admit to whatever serves your own narrative.

  2. “This insurgency is not going to go away until there is some type of viable and genuine political process that will bring to power in Damascus a government that is representative of the Syrian people,”
    => It’s already the case! What CIA simply has a little bit forgotten is human intelligence! They have became too much relying on electronic spying and became too much trustful on shared intel from some of their partners, in this case, they believed Turkish MIT, Saudi Mukhabarat and also some Syrian expats that sometimes didn’t went in the country for 30 years as being persona non grata.
    It’s not going to go away until some regional actors stop interfering in Syrian affairs and delivering heavy weapons to a bunch of loonies, not speaking about funding mercenaries/jihadists and also local criminals.

    ““felt some responsibility for the horrific bloodshed” in the Syria war.”
    => I think we all understood this for a while, thus, he perfectly knows that his service acted on orders and pushing this up publicly seems to me that it’s far to have made the unanimity in the service. I don’t remember, but if s.o. can point me if it had already happened, that CIA recognised a single time having acted in any regime change operation! Such confession is very interesting as such type of operation is forbidden by both the US and international laws!
    With several Green Berets (CIA SOFs) having resigned and gone public about having been in charge to train Qaedans and having, with their colleagues, deliberately sabotaged the training, then grew frustrated at the point telling themselves “Hell, I can’t train enemies to my own country!”, adding to this that it’s more than clear that wikileaks was fed about Clinton’n’Co not by SVR, GRU or FSB but by members of the US intelligence community, Killary being considered too dangerous (and to be frank, had she been elected, I wouldn’t had been surprised of some “executive action”, most probably a plane crash).
    What we have here simply opens the way to a DoJ, Senate and UN set of investigations! This may seem just a few phrases but to my ears, they sound like some stealth cruise missiles or torpedoes for some well known politicians who might have to take their responsibilities in front of some commissions, tribunals etc. John Brennan just gave ammos to Trump in order to drain the swamp!
    I’d had preferred such thing to happen with a Sanders/Gabbard ticket but due to the decentralisation of US system, things might run without Trump even implying himself. Moreover, with Fatou Bensouda having already indicted CIA about the Gitmo tortures, were likely to have a case at ICP and the UN involved too!!!
    Killary should heavily consider becoming accustomed into wearing niqab and moving to KSA or else, it might be an orange jumpsuit. Kerry would better have spared lotsa money : being granted asylum in KSA sn’t known to be cheap.

    “He then went onto admit that the USA has had little influence in being able to shape events in Syria. “As great a country — as powerful a country — as the United States is, we have, in many areas, limited ability to influence the course of events,” Brennan said.”
    => And the funniest thing is I believe him : it’s absolutely sticking to my analysis :
    The shit in Syria came from a project by 3 regional powers, US (and UK poodle) got involved through pay-to-play (in other terms : bribery) on several of their powerful and crooked politicians. Thus, the plot received green light from Washington and the involvement was limited to logistics (smuggling weaponry to Turkey, including heavy one and even possibly chemical weapons), political+PR support (and pressuring NATO countries and other allies to do so), training of so-called “moderate rebels” (and we all understood that they weren’t moderates at all). Thus, no surprise the US had little ability to influence the course of events when actually, they had, as I thought it was the case (and got many thumb down saying this), a more limited involvement many thought it was. Well, I assume that with all the diplomatic noise and let’s call the PR ‘job’ for what it is : propaganda (which even didn’t worked very well, thanks to many of us who worked to debunk biases, manipulations, lies, Idlibwood crap, Soros bullshiting, etc), well, if the “political” support was tremendous, the acts were -hopefully- more limited. Why do I say hopefully? Let’s face it clearly : they would have had it easy to make one or even several decapitation strikes or simply give the necessary intel to “groups” to build up such an attack : Assad is not known to have doppelgängers like Saddam (and BTW, the guy who was judged then hanged was one of them : just watch his teeth when he was speaking! Now look at pics of young Saddam : the real had perfectly ranked teeth, not the judged one! It’s an actor who was hanged! Poor guy!), he’s known to drive his own car, not being living in a bunker, let’s be clear : he’s much more easy to target than Saddam or even Gaddafi when you have the means of the CIA and the power of US military. So, in a way, let’s rejoice that this involvement was limited or Syria would now be ruled by al-Qaeda!!! Nevertheless, this action was extremely toxic and facilitated the disgusting bloodshed the al-Saouds’, al-Thanis’ and Erdogan/AKP/Muslim Brotherhood cooked.
    I wish with all my heart that all those who have responsibility in this monstrosity and not only about the shit in Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Libya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso (and I surely forget some other areas) will have to face justice in a way or another and if they can’t be taken to a court (which I’d clearly prefer, although…), I freaking don’t give a fuck if it ends for them like the “three pashas” of the infamous “Young Turks” (Enver was dealt by the Red Army’s Armenian Battalion, the 2 others by Armenian hitmen). All these scumbags shall not get away with it as they shattered the lives of millions in many countries. This shall serve as an example for all those in the future attempting such dirty projects.

  3. I wish You merry Christmes /joyeux Noël/ عيد ميلاد مجيد
    And peace not pax AMERICANA – on Earth.
    Quote Brennan “This insurgency is not going to go away until there is some type of viable and genuine political process that will bring to power in Damascus a government that is representative of the Syrian people,” Clear text means: Until US final victory the US intend to continue the Syrian bloodbath that it has started in violation of A/RES/2625(XXV) (UN resolution about peaceful relations = the relevant international law how You behave in peace). So while Brennan feels only some guilt for the bloodbath he feels sorry that the US war did not come the intended results yet. Brennan believes in manifest destiny but sees currently limits.

    • “I wish You merry Christmas /joyeux Noël/ عيد ميلاد مجيد
      And peace not pax AMERICANA – on Earth.”
      Noyeux Joël 😀
      “Clear text means: Until US final victory the US intend to continue the Syrian bloodbath that it has started”
      This may be an interpretation but I feel it’s more to comply to their boss, the DoS, statements but well, there are clear symptoms of revolt in many component of the US apparatus and only idiots may not understanding why finding themselves having to train or do logistics for Qaedan offshoots is VERY VERY unpopular in the military and intelligence community. You must never have heard of WTC and not speaking about the Boeing used against Pentagon…
      You don’t seem to get the meaning of publicly saying they were told to act against A/RES/2625(XXV) and don’t worry, he perfectly knows what it is : IMHO he’s publicly saying this totally on purpose. Just think about it : could you consider Allen Dulles telling about the responsability of CIA in the 1954 Guatemala coup? In Operation Condor? I don’t recall ANY intelligence agency boss especially in charge revealing something as big!

      • Ok. You think so – I do not. The NEOs are part of a nation’s general attitude. The 5 eyes adherents still feel entitled to be the Lords of Human Kind. NSA even spied on democratic Allies as if these nations had no rights. A/RES/2625(XXV) binds only lesser powers. p.s. IMHO Fascist were given ideas and were encouraged because others like Bolshevists, Zionists, Colonialists, Capitalists before them got away with certain crimes against the dehumanized or criminalized OTHERS of other LOWER opinion, faith or race. For me Manifest Destiny is just another version of the basic ideas of Fascism’s Mein Kampf. But IMHO no human is better then the other.

      • At Nuremberg many Nazis also tried to complain they were merely following orders, prior to that defence being rejected so they could be hung. Following the My Lai massacre in Vietnam 14 officers, including Major General Samuel Koster also tried to use the Nazi defence of only following orders at their courts marshal. We can thank good old Hillary Clinton and her email trail for exposing US involvement in yet another dirty war. Does the word Integrity not exist in American dictionaries?
        How do you defend democracy & the “FREE WORLD” when you behave like the biggest scumbag on the street?

    • Yes, while proclaiming a measure of involvement and that somehow he has a decent conscience, Brennan goes on to deliver the same sick rhetoric that we have heard so much of– that “we”, The USA, still needs to change the Damascus Government– so no change at all–just trying to make themselves look like that they are human—a quality they did not come into the world with– they are in the truest sense killers of humanity. Syria is forever, just like Palestine– what goes around–comes around–too bad when that happens innocent people will again suffer. The CIA and the NWO are things borne out of hell just like the Israeli Thugs that call themselves a government– it is not possible to be any sicker than these hyenas that feed constantly off those who are in a less stronger situation–

      • John I applaud your comments. I just spent a couple of hours on Boxing Day 2016 talking with a young Syrian girl who fled Deir Ezzor with fellow university students. The Minibus behind hers full of eleven students all aged 22 years old were captured. Her friends male & female were held for ransom by so called “MODERATE REBELS”. When their poor families could not pay, petrol was injected in their veins to cause an excruciating death. She said five of her relatives left behind were beheaded and their heads were used as footballs for the amusement of so called “MODERATE REBELS.” How does a revolutionary Government installed by such thugs at the barrel of a gun improve democracy or human rights for the people of Syria?

  4. Is Mr Brennan hedging his bets with his statement before President Trump enters the WhiteHouse ?

    History is littered with evil and cruel men and women who have caused immense misery to millions. Brennan has good reason to be fearful if his wicked duplicity is fully exposed.

    We can be certain of one thing though. If Brennan is punished he will not be burned alive in a cage as many people have been by the Takfiri Terrorists the CIA fostered.

    • Not all nations joined the ICC – for good internal reasons. Brennan will go free. p.s. The Tokyo standard of international law was only administered by the US victors to the Japanese losers. Noam Chomsky claimed that a lot of post WWII US politicians and service personnel would have come to harm if these international laws were applied to all. Smirk.

  5. Yet, there is no outrage about this. I have yet to hear of calls to sever relations with KSA. Cry about refugees but don’t dare do the above nor demand the governments to stop funding terrrorists in Syria. This begun with funding of “Afghan mujahideen” (A group that was originally crushed in an uprising against Daoud Khan the pre 1978 leader), and if you count the MB, as early as the 1950s against Abdel Nasser.