An Israeli fighter jet was downed by Syrian anti-aircraft systems as a squadron of warplanes violated the Syrian airspace.

“At 2:40 a.m. this morning, a squadron of four Israeli warplanes violated the Syrian airspace through Lebanon near Al-Bureij area, and targeted an Army position near Palmyra in Homs eastern countryside,” said the official statement issued by the Syrian Army’s General Command.

“The Syrian Army’s air defense systems responded and managed to shoot down a fighter jet, damage another one, thus forcing them to withdraw,” the statement continued.


The escalation was also reported by Avijaa Adraei, spokesman of the Israeli Army, who tweeted that “while targeting several objectives in Syria, the Israeli warplanes were targeted by anti-aircraft missiles fired by the Syrian Army.”

Adraei pointed out that one of the missiles was intercepted by the Iron Dome and crashed in an area to the north of Jerusalem.

Israeli fighter jets have conducted several airstrikes inside the Syrian territories during the Syrian war. The airstrikes killed several prominent anti-Israeli figures from both Hezbollah and the Syrian resistance, and destroyed weapons destined for Hezbollah according to Israeli claims.

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  1. At last , Israel came out in force in full support of the beleaguered ISIS terrorist beheaders in Palmyra!!!. For their clarifying outing , openly taking sides , we all are thankful to Israel. We are indebted , such clarification leaves them no excuses. On the other hand this shows how much they feel defeated in their strategy in the region , almost pressed to the wall. Netanyahu’ s sudden visit to Putin was another sign of the same.

    • Other sources claim attack at an airport near Damascus.
      IDF says no plane downed in Syria. Others claim no damage.
      So I still wonder.

      p.s. Anyway this is not the behavior of a good neighbor.
      Hope the two planes got damaged beyond repair.

    • “this shows how much they feel defeated in their strategy in the region”

      Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, all embroiled in civil war. Algeria still recovering from its civil war. All the members of the Rejectionist Front in disarray. Iran still has recovering from sanctions. Meanwhile, Israel keeps grabbing more territory in the West Bank.

      I would say that the Israeli strategy is working pretty good from their perspective.

    • Nope, they targeted Badie Hamya, a senior HB military leader, visibly around 10km SW from T4 airbase. Probably some score to settle or was he plotting some serious action against Israel.
      It’s always the same patterns. Statements they are supporting ISIS are simply ridiculous : ISIS is buddy to Hamas, the Sinai gang uses the Hamas’ tunnels to take cover into Gaza and few is said in media but dozens were already droned, Israel supports al-Sisi. And Hamas being supported by Erdolf. Israel droned/shelled several dozens or roaches in Sinai and in south-Syria. They don’t make a lot of noise about it for obvious reasons.

      “Israel came out in force in full support of the beleaguered ISIS terrorist beheaders in Palmyra!”
      => You should take a look at KHA list of aircraft : they’re the most powerful air force in the middle east!!!
      And do not underestimate their F-16 and F-15, they develop most of US ECMs now, they so have anything before Lockheed and Boeing propose the upgrades!

      ” On the other hand this shows how much they feel defeated in their strategy in the region”
      => They have only 4 points in their strategy, you know!
      1. Don’t tread on me, I bite.
      2. They won’t help Arabs to genocide them
      3. Never again (it was engraved on their first nuke warhead in English and Hebrew). It refers to what their director to atomic energy said in 1966 : “Never again will we slaughtered like lambs”.
      4. They prefer “Live and let live”. If you can’t accept it and act against it, they’ll switch to “Live and let die”, this means that Israelis live and then you die…
      * There are 4 groups in the “live and let die” list : ISIS, Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah. They’re nicer than me : Arafat having breeched the Oslo agreement with 2nd Intifada, I’d have pulled out. Peres wanted peace too badly, Bibi should consider that Knife-Intifada v3.0 is another breech and definitively pull out. But well, we ruled an area the size of Israel for 1000 years, on the behalf of the King, we acted a little different : we were absolutely open to settle the problems by talking between responsible people but… better avoid taqiyya or Hudaibiyah-like treaty : we used to keep our parole but if you didn’t kept yours, we acted mercilessly and did an outstanding exemple, coz if you totally devastate one, other will think twice before fucking with you. It’s terrible to say but Rabin and Peres should have taken profit that PLO was on its knees after Haafez al-Assad expelled ’em from Lebanon. They should have terminated PLO and liquidated Arafat, Abbas’n’Co. They gave’em a hand and even empowered them, now PA is a pain in the ass and not only for them but for all Arabs who rushed into Gaza and Judea-Samaria mostly between 1948 and 1967.

      “almost pressed to the wall. Netanyahu’ s sudden visit to Putin was another sign of the same.”
      => Far from it. Let’s say there are a few key characters who are a serious issue in the region and at least two are a freaking millstone for both. Let’s say that if Putin can’t lever this half senile idiot, we’ll likely end with some kind of regional war and it’ll be a catastrophe and the catastrophe won’t be for Israel.


        • United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559
          It called upon Lebanon to establish its sovereignty over all of its land and called upon “foreign forces” (Israel and Syria) to withdraw from Lebanon and to cease intervening in the internal politics of Lebanon. The resolution also called on all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias to disband and declared support for a “free and fair electoral process”.

          It includes the terrorist organisation named Hezbollah.
          Let the conflict end in Syria but it’s high time all these militias being dismantled.
          Let’s be clear : if Bibi attacks, Trump will veto any UNSC resolution to stop him as Olmert was previously stopped to terminate the job in 2006 while near the half of the group was destroyed…
          The problem is for Lebanon and BTW, for Hezbo members : do they all prefer live in peace without militias and Hezbo turning its gear to the regular army which, BTW could totally recruit its members, an agreement can be made with Syria too, thus, Lebanon will live in peace and, BTW, Aoun+Hariri should HIGHLY consider a peace treaty with Israel, as it was done with Egypt and Jordan. The other alternative? We won’t risk some blue helmets to have them assassinated again by Hezbollah (301 in 2 minutes with 2 enormous VBIEDs in 1983), we’ll just have to let Tsahal do and this time we won’t stop them… If Lebaneses prefer going on supporting a terrorist organisation and have their whole country going back to the stone age, it’s their choice after all, we won’t interfere!

        • Before 2nd 9/11 (first 9/11 happened in 1683), Hezbollocks was just the #1 terrorist group when it came to assassinate westerners, they even led a terror attack in Argentina which killed 85 and wounded 200…
          Even if they’re efficient against IS and Qaeda and are careful to not show anymore who they really are in Lebanon, the high number of civillian casualties in 2006 came from the fact they used human shields.
          Ask Fox News anchor Brigitte Gabrielle about it : she was used as a human shield by them!

    • According to some sources IDF denied that a plane was downed over Syria.

      Sputnik claims IDF reiterated that that none of its planes had been damaged.

      p.s. Whatever that means?

      • If it was shot down over Syria, there should be some wreckage or a body. There is a possibility it crashed in Israel.

        The S-200 (SA-5 Gammon) is an old missile system. State-of-the-art in the 1980’s, but somewhat obsolescent now. Long range missile (300 km),
        but superseded by the S-300 (SA-10 Grumble), of which I think the SADF has some.

        If they got a hit, good, but I’m not optimistic. Maybe just firing the missile might have given the Israelis pause for thought and that might have been the point.

        • Exactly , I think they used the S 200 to cause minimal damage , give them a pause for thought. Something like ”don’t dare again , we’ll fire the S 300. The Syrians for many reasons do not want to see escalation now in the confrontation with Israel. They have higher priorities now. Imagine what would have happened if 3 out 4 were shot down. Very probably t Israelis would almost invite the opportunity to be given an excuse to escalate in the South of Syria. The other day I was reading about emergency plans of Israel to send ground commandos to take possession of additional territories beyond occupied Golan. As the final defeat of their proxies in Daraa is looming . They are going to be facing again SAA without a buffer of terrorist mini-state

      • They never admitted failures, but the fact is that their so precious counter missile launched by Arrow 3 has been shot down and the remnants are in Jordan now, identified as well.

    • It was the S-200 that got blown by Arrow2.
      First time in history a SAM was intercepted! Wow!
      Now an explosion was observed in the air and they believed having slashed an aircraft.
      The only wreckage was the other S-200 shot which was either lured by ECM or outmanoeuvred and landed in Jordan

        • My only chosen one is… ME… Well, I think there is serious potential to sell 150 Rafales as it’s clearly better than F-35 and they will take only very limited numbers, ASMP-A nuclear missile and sat-launcher for the aircraft, then Dimona is getting old and too well known, some stealther facility would be nicer. Moreover, Rafale has already most of Israeli weaponry integrated and with it, you don’t even need air bases. The very good point : it has already flew just over S-300/S-400 batteries without even being spotted.

          • You will stop laughing when Israel abandons not intentionally devastating civilians. Like in 1948.

            p.s. Remember my words.

          • You Jihad are not funny, and I agree with Stern, the Jews are really kind! Pray to never face a “Crusader” like me that would have allied with the Mongols : It’d be much more Halugu-Khan style. Go learn about his sack of Baghdad…
            He who laughs last laughs longest

    • Actually, one S-200 crashed in Jordan.
      There was an explosion in the sky but not a F-16 or F-15 :
      S-200 met an Arrow 2 or 3, very more likely Arrow 2
      Arrow is an anti-ballistic weapon, Arrow 3 is more for serious exoatmospheric missile or very low orbit satellites, very unlikely more than 300km, Arrow 2 is more to go after Fateh-110, Scud or… SAMs like in this case…

        • I care. I hope us to sell them 150-300 Rafales 😀 I hope them to make all your nightmares reality as you’re worst than them but I have doubts : this would only happen if they were like my people. Jews are really too nice, they are wrong, they should really play dirty!

          • Nope, the most powerful they are, the better :grin:We should propose them a Dimona2, BTW : old plant is getting old. BTW, as we have the 1st stockpile of Uranium, Areva is the cheapest!
            A big advantage for us at selling them Rafale : they’re less regarding than us on certain international conventions, it’ll be more convenient to dev space weapons for the Rafale’s satellite-launching system. The coolest would be having the US paying for systems they won’t receive 😀

        • Says a member of a terrorist group, ROFL. Don’t worry, Bibi’s coming for you 😀 Last time UNSC voted a resolution to stop him from liquidating your gang, this time, Trump will veto…
          Nevertheless, Arrow2 worked wonderfully at intercepting a +8000km/h missile! It was the 1st time ever a Russian ultra-high speed SAM was intercepted. It opens very new doors in aerial strategy!

      • Nope. It has been identified, it was the counter- missile Arrow launched. The remains of the S 200 hasn’t been found.

        this smokescreen done purposely …arrow 3 mach 5 can’t shoot down a mach 7+ sa5 (s200) only after the boost. the missile they shoot wasn’t sa5 or it was 3 sa 5 that were shot in retaliation after fact toward jerusalem and lost power…someone is lying in israel

        …and one more thing…israeli and american companies have to show success in the field for the arrow system by hook or by crook to justify the enormous investment in it knowing full well that in case of a total missile attack on israel no counter rocket will save it outside of a miracle

        • Arrow flies MACH 9, not Mach 5 😉
          I don’t worry a lot about the efficiency : They can experiment a lot for live tests. There is already a serious stockpile of Arrows, David’ Sling and Iron Dome interceptors, Iron Beam is being added.
          Now, they should highly consider a CIWS based on Nexter 30 gun : it’s only 120kg for 2500RPM. Put 2 in a turret and you’ve got +25% higher fire rate than the A-10 gun for the 5th of the weight.
          A good old wall of steel has always proven great. Good old IRST is OK

  2. Where is the wreckage? where is the pilot? Where are the photos? The Syrian military have falsely claimed to have downed Israeli jets in the recent past, I think it was last September when it was supposedly confirmed, until real evidence emerges this has to be taken with a grain of salt.

  3. What a check to target SAA near Palmyra that are probably fighting IS.

    p.s. Israeli Channel 10 confirmed: Israeli planes were targeted by SAA S-200 surface-to-air missile systems. IDF denied to Sputnik on Friday claims that one of its aircraft was shot down over Syria.

    According to Sputnik. IDF also claimed no plane damaged.

    Which can mean either no plane downed or not downed over Syria.

    Which can mean either that it was no plane that was hit or no plane was hit.

    • …which is my point, also. Unless drones were used in this admitted war crime (just as drones are used in the criminal- aerosol spraying of our skies across the planet), it would behoove the Syrian gov’t, to avoid looking like a “Nut-n’-yaehoo”, er, sounding like a loose-lipped, donald–“bum-scoop”- trump (the, grab- ’em-by-the-poussey, “KING” of faked-news), and show us the confirmation (evidence) of their downed aircraft claim. Nothing less will do, Syria. And if you confirm, “GOOD ON ‘YA!”

  4. Israel’s military impunity seems to be over. Better equipped, the Syrian army can now shoot down Israeli planes and so increase Israel’s costs for such adventures. Well done, Syria!

    • Nuno : don’t you understand what Khamenei and Nasrallah are trying to do?
      Smuggling ballistic missiles in number to Lebanon in the hope one will pass through defenses and guess what’s the target? Dimona! You want a Chernobyl v2.0?
      Because I’ve got some interesting news for you! Look at the habitual direction of winds over Dimona… Guess who’ll get the radioactive cloud? West-Bank/Jordan or Sharm-El-Sheikh!
      What do you think all those loonies are looking for?
      Shoah v2.0!
      Do you know what is this smuggling of ballistic missiles from Iran through Syria to Lebanese Hezbo which’s armed branch is a terrorist group that has been banned by UNSC resolution 1559, especially since Aoun endorses them?
      I mean from the POV of international law, especially now they publicly announced they were plotting an act of nuclear terrorism?
      This is called a CASUS BELLI!
      By doing this, Israel has the right to do much more than a raid : legally, they are under attack by 3 countries!
      BTW, US gives planes for free to Israel, LOL!

  5. The Mossad motto is ‘ By way of deception thou shalt do war ‘.

    It seems that the mask of deception is slipping from the Israeli killers as their military is increasingly being obliged to support ISIS and Al Nusra terrorist gangs in Syria.

    The thought of an Israeli plane being shot down has put a spring in my step today 🙂

        • Says a fanboy of a terrorist gang who assassinated 58 of our blue helmets and he doesn’t even knows that jihad killed AT LEAST 270 MILLIONS PEOPLE, very likely much more!
          So, as your Surat 9 praises jihad, so you do with your Nasrallah.

          My ancestor was there with Charles the Hammer
          Then there was the reconquista and the crusades.
          2 big regrets : Philippe IV seizing the Knight Templars wealth, Louis IX not making an alliance with Hulagu-Khan… Had this be done, there wouldn’t be terrorism now…

          You know what est338lapua? It’s your says that pushed me to verify and do researches. I thought that Bibi and most Israeli leaders were total assholes with Palestinians. So thank you, now I see it clear : Zionists are right! You and your kind are evil!

          • LOL!!!!!!! Try another one. I just love jew fairy tales. You “French” were killing millions around the world. French (and french judas especially) will pay the price for it. Good bye France, you are already dead and that is good.

          • We never managed to beat your jihad! Felicitations! no less than 270 millions, very likely the double! You will pay the price for it, in a deluge of fire

    • No matter – whether they hit.

      The point was made. IDF cannot cross the border with immunity anymore.

      p.s. IDF does not support IS and Qaeda. That is GCC and Jordan job.

    • zionists are NOT Jewish … or more accurately : they’re about as Jewish as Daesh is Islamic and the KKK is Christian … no genuine Christian / Muslim (like the doctor and surgeon ones) would consider those sects of entitled miscreants followers of their faith … because every Christian would want to cut funding to programs like meals on wheels? I think not : only the desperate pirate racketeers would 😛

      • I don´t understand why jews still bullshiting about holocaust and calling for penalization for denying that. It is their blackmailing argument. Nobody is interesting in. In WWII died around 50 million people, not just jews. soros is an hungary jew who, unfortunately for mankind, closely escaped of gas – the satan on earth.

  6. All the Israeli papers are claiming that the Syrian missiles we hit by the Arrow system. But the fact that Syria actually shot back is a complete sea change. The burning question now is whether Israel takes the hint or massively strikes back for Syrians daring to defend them selves. It will be interesting to see if the Russians have any thing to say.

          • Yes, blood brothers! Wer ist das Blut? Ich habe durst 😀
            BTW, Germans and Franks are both Gothic people 😀
            And we’re soon gonna merge our armies 😀
            Hey, Hestroy, you make me laugh by thinking I’m a Yehudi : I just find they are a very nice people that always have unjustly been attacked and they’re MUCH nicer than us! And I’m even worst : mixed with Celt (Gaul) from the Arvernis 😀
            Ummeyads managed to go as far as Tours/Poitiers and Lyon but the central area held by my family, no way! Julius Caesar was kicked out from here and so were the Nazis.
            So let’s be clear : the Jews are fucking nicer than us 😀
            Once united, well, Germans+Franks = just being taken between the Hammer and the Anvil and if the Russians come, add the scythe 😀 BTW, it’s what all who understand geopolitics want in our areas : EU+Russia.

  7. This is a sign that from now on, Syrian government is stronger than ever and that is supported from their main ally to do that. Bibi is in desperation after failed talks with Mr. P. and he though that he can challenge them with impunity. She was proving their resolution… So, downed or not downed it is a full advice that sooner or later they will have a crashed planes and that would be very bad propaganda for the industrial-military complex with its Hollywood mighty undefeatable airplanes and would open eyes to some people about the investment (spending) of tax payers dollars.

    • It’s delirious how some have problems with the truth! Had the plane crashed in Israel, they’d be pictures too, there are no. Now you have idiots who think Israel is
      attacking Syria which is totally wrong : we just have Iran playing stupid at smuggling ballistic missiles in order having Hezbo install them into Lebanon. Israelis simply intercept the cargo and BTW, HB armed branch has been given an order of disarmament by the UNSC res. 1559. With HB threatening nuclear facilities and Iran threatening just to destroy Israel, this smuggling is nonetheless illegal but also an act of war. Syria and Lebanon accepting this too. Now, how can Iran pretend fighting terrorism while they organise this in the purpose of having their proxy perpetrating terrorist acts and even nuclear terrorism!

  8. this smokescreen done purposely …arrow 3 mach 5 can’t shoot down a mach 7+ sa5 (s200) only after the boost. the missile they shoot wasn’t sa5 or it was 3 sa 5 that were shot in retaliation after fact toward jerusalem and lost power…someone is lying in israel

    …and one more thing…israeli and american companies have to show success in the field for the arrow system by hook or by crook to justify the enormous investment in it knowing full well that in case of a total missile attack on israel no counter rocket will save it outside of a miracle

    Israel has received 2 F-35. For now, F-35 is limited at carrying 2 AMRAAM and can’t launch them at +1000km/h. US may field some in the region soon.
    They are only stealth from front and in X-band then over 60% of S-band
    Using L or K-band would help, moreover, there are efficient updates for old Sa-3 to track F-35/F-22/J-20/J-31.
    BUT, the ideal thing to do would be a patrol of the recently overhowled Syrian Mig-29M3, thus, consider having 1 or 2 Khibiny pods onboard and preferably mounting the OLS-50 IRST (used on Pak-Fa) and put anti-IR paint on the plane.
    Using IR medium range missiles is the way to go.

    Why is it important to shoot down a F-35 ASAP?
    For Russian and EU aeronautics industry!
    DoS has teamed with Lockheed-Martin to simply destroy competitors on the military market. If one one of the very 1st sorties the F-35, which comes just 20 years late and is nothing else than a degraded Yakovlev Yak-43 (!), gets downed by an 80’s Mig-29 with some upgrades, this 1.5 trillion $ program is fucked. This is the most expensive military program ever and, let’s be clear, it will boost sales for UAC (all Russian aircraft builders are a single state held corp), Dassault, Saab and EADS. All F-35 contracts have been signed WITHOUT any competition being held. Having F-35 ridiculed directly at its debut is very important for the aerial community, especially as Mikoyan, Sukhoi and Dassault have much better products to propose and these contracts all have been obtained through diplomatic pressure.