BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:35 A.M.) – The Russian government summoned the Israeli Ambassador to Russia last Friday in Moscow after latter’s air force attacked the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near the historical city of Palmyra (Tadmur).

The Kremlin expressed concern over Israel’s poor communication and complete disregard of Russian military personnel operation alongside the Syrian Arab Army.

“Moscow would like communication line with Israeli military on Syria affairs to be more efficent in order to avoid misunderstandings,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikael Bogdanov stated on Monday morning, as quoted by Interfax News Agency.


Russia recently denied Israel’s request to attack Hezbollah in Syria, despite the Netanyahu regime’s insistence on bombing the Lebanese organization inside the country.

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    • They used a stand-off weapon. Planes didn’t even crossed Syrian border.
      Delilah cruise missile for sure : you can slow them down around 350-400km/h then loiter for a good half hour. It allows to wait nobody’s around while striking, eventually buzz the target as a warning, if it sucks for collateral damages, you can redirect to another target or voluntarily crash the missile. They are not testing it, it’s pretty improved.
      There were no risk for Russian military personnel, was it the case, the Delilah would have been diverted.

      “Exactly. Absolutely stupid to attack the T4 airbase of the common forces fighting IS”
      => Yes, and at the same time, it was also stupid to have some air-cago from Iran deliver some Fateh-110 or its anti-ship version or something like that while the purpose is not really to have it used against Daesh but delivered to we know who, thus, using Russians as human shield to mount some terrorist action against Israel. If they hope the Jews won’t move because there are Russians or Muricans, they should learn about Black September, well, just watch Spielberg’s Munich, although the movie takes some serious freedom with the facts, let’s be clear, although some of the Black September terrorists had their asses covered by KGB or CIA, it didn’t prevented Kidon to go after them…
      Huhu, Spielberg forgot one thing : “Several hours before each assassination, each target’s family received flowers with a condolence card reading: “A reminder we do not forget we do not forgive.””
      They even have humour…

      • Oh stop already with your Zionist nonsense….Hezbollah has not attacked any Israelis since 2008 almost 10 years ago.
        The warmongering Jews are trying to escalate a conflict with Hezbollah….who they were unable to beat on 2 occasions!

        • It’s exactly what I say : they’re too lenient!
          In 2006, Hezbollocks ended with +1/3 of it’s effective killed and about 50% wounded, it’s not considered as “being beaten”.
          The thing to do is simply kill all…
          Well, so Israelis apply the treaty of Hudaibiyah : they wait 10 years. They will terminate the job in 2018!
          They’re definitively not like Muhammad, they wouldn’t be good Muslims, never : Muhammad engaged himself in a 10 years peace treaty (sounds like an Obongo deal, no?) and, after only 2 years, he attacked unsuspecting people that believed his word.
          Anyway, it doesn’t changes anything : Nusrallah is stockpiling long range rockets and ballistic missiles as a reinforced UNIFIL has been deployed in the south. He threatened to attack Dimona (what an idiot! he should watch the map of winds! If ever he succeeds, it’s Jordan and West-Bank that’ll be contaminated first but after a few days, Mecca will be radioactive for a few centuries, LOL!). Plotting what in practise is nothing else than a nuclear attack with an Iran threatening to destroy their country, both acting actively in this direction with Aoun endorsing and Assad letting things happen, well, I really consider Netanyahu very nice to warn this way!
          The only nonsense is yours! You should have a look at UN charter and international laws!
          The warmongers are those who threaten to destroy a country and put things in place to do so including by proxy, by arming a foreign militia!
          Have the courage to say the truth, you’re anti-Semitic, in other terms a racist. What is funny with racists nowadays is that they’re ashamed of their own opinions…

          • Hard is the only way. Hope You do not mean me with the invective.

            p.s. So You also consider pre WW I France with their talk of revange a warmonger? Interesting. Tongue out.

        • @Redbaron9495, – if we have a Zionist here it is You.
          Because Zionists are stupid. And You did not understand my post and what part of it was a quote from an Israeli quality source.

          BTW. Yiddish is nothing but a German dialect.
          You meshugener Zionist.

    • Frankly, I find they’re really too nice with their enemies : they could have terminated them each time. They fear to unplease Yahweh or something like that I suppose. When you look at fact, they’re the less monstrous country in the region 😀

      • No matter – IDF cannot attack the anti IS coalition T4 airport.

        And Russia told them unmistakeably so. Or do You believe the Russians uttered the polite shit that the Russian and Israeli ministries proffered the public for truth in their press releases?

        p.s. You have a slight grammatical error.
        Not: they could have …
        But: they should have…
        The left out their chances & cannot behave like Rambo now. IMHO.

  1. And this comes after IDF threatened to destroy all Syrian air defenses if the SAA dares to strike back against attacking planes once more. ROFL.

    BTW: Israel has confirmed. Israeli Ambassador Cary Koren was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry Friday for clarifications on Israel’s air strikes over Syria that night. He had a conversation with Russian Dep. Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov on recent developments in Syria, a ministry statement said….the Israeli air strikes near Palmyra appear for the first time to have targeted the northern T-4 air base, which is used by the Russian military.

    p.s. Meshugene IDF – the Rabbe is not amused and turns in his grave.

  2. Rusia muy blando con el demonio Netanyahu, Israel esta ayudando a ISIS con el cuento de atacar a Hezbollah.
    Netanyahu trata de vender a su pueblo el peligro de Hezbollah, cuando en realidad Israel es quien ataca constantemente sabiendo que la guerra con Libano ya terminó hace mucho tiempo.