The execution of a child by militants of the rebel group ‘Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki’ has drawn widespread attention and condemnation.  More footage surrounding the event has just been released, and appears to show the last words and wishes of the child who would later be executed by rebels in Northern Aleppo.

The victim is seen among a group of fighters from the US and Turkish backed militant group, in the same red pick-up truck that features in their video of his execution. In a chilling exchange the jihadist militants can be seen taunting the child, taking selfies, and threatening him with ‘slaughter’.

When asked about his final wish, the child asks to be shot rather than slaughtered. Their shocking answer? “Slaughter. We are even worse than ISIS”

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  1. The upside of this horrible murder is at least some revelation as to the true nature of the so-called “moderate rebels.” May GOD cause it to be so pervasive and lasting that the American people rise up and demand an end to it’s country’s horrific ongoing taking and maiming of innocent lives in Syria as well as unbelievable physical destruction of the country. One could only wish that obama would be captured by the moderate rebels – and receive the treatment he’s caused so many others to receive.

      • The GOP has little to no effect on Obama’s foreign policy. Obama has a very callous and brutal foreign policy with no respect for international law which bans depleted uranium munitions, cluster bombs, white phosphorus, and drone warfare. But if HRC is elected, expect even a greater escalation of military aggression and lawlessness.
        The GOP majority just affects passage of legislation through Congress.

        • This is not actually accurate. Congress does handle appropriations for these wars. The President cannot allocate funds, although you are correct in that he does dictate policy. The only time in recent memory that the President unilaterally declared “war” and then deployed troops, was when George Bush did it after September 11th. Of course it was also done in Vietnam and Korea. To do that, they used the War Powers Act, which effectively allows them to send troops without declaring war. Obama is definitely continuing the practice, although he scaled it down a bit in terms of troop deployment. So all those “uranium munitions, cluster bombs, white phosphorus, and drone warfare” costs were, in fact, allocated by the GOP majority congress. Usually as part of other bills they were passing (which unfortunately, is a common practice in the house and senate). Then they use these munitions for these “non wars”. The GOP congress could effectively shut down the military aggression by scaling back the DoD appropriations and/or specifying how the allocations are to be spent. They can also withhold funding for certain types of munitions (like those you mention). Neither of which they are willing to do, less they risk loosing their “job for life” they so manically want to hold on to.

        • Anyway, whatever the party in rule in the US, the foreign policy is EXACTLY the same : even your oldest ally (us, the frenchs) doesn’t trust the US govt and consider them a bully.
          Well, I’m not really accustomed to details about US politics but here, the parliament is over the president. Prez is the boss of the army but if parliament is ruled by another party, prime minister will be from the other party, in this case, prez may start a war but PM can block it. If prez and PM are on the same side and senate differs, senate can blockade laws or delay ’em for long. In fact, there are counter-powers that make the politics more balanced. In fact, from the E.U. POV, Democrats are seen as right wingers and GOP as fascists and US interfering in our domestic and foreign politics is in fact very very badly seen…

  2. If they are US funded this might be a grave mistake I hope we kill these fkrs. At the same time its not an unexceptionable act in Islam. Just like beating women taking child brides raping women and severe physical punishments in front of many people.

  3. And those shits ware armed by the United States. Why the most powerfull country, defender of freedom and democracy who is fighting for freedom of the syrian nation, armed and supported those shits? How can no one in the Greatest country and CIA and Home land didnt know who are they dealing with? Why when they did something so terrible, they are saying we didnt know. How can you didnt know. And if you are so stupid and ignorant to didnt know how can you give someone freedom.
    Masks must fall down, justice is what the world wants more and more, and sooner or later the masses will get it.

    • Well, one of the principles of jihad is taqqiyya (deception)… CIA is ready to arm and train anyone supposedly against Assad? No problem : they are pro US, pro democracy and pro human rights, as long as it serves their double agenda… They’ll even do war crimes accusing SAA of doing these.

      Another point : do you think the CIA decides?
      An example : when they discovered that Zarqawi had moved in Iraq and was doing trials to cook chemical weapons, CIA wanted to liquidate him as far as circa 2001/2002. Bush administration refused. They were told to find link between him and Saddam to charge Saddam of being linked with both terror-rings and WMDs. There wasn’t. Neo-cons were furious then fabricated completely th Colin Powell speach at UN mixing reality with what they wanted UN to believe and it worked.

      If neo-cons can trick the UN assembly with plausible lies, don’t you think some US allies having in fact a double agenda can’t trick the US with fabricated false intel? Don’t you think some politicians can’t simply be bribed? Hey, KSA offer smth around 4,5 then 14bln $ to Putin to not intervene in Syria! I bet all of us may accept the deal for much less!
      It’s probably the highest bribery attempt ever made and ever refused!
      Well, in fact, at Putin’s place, I’d have made them really nuts! I would have taken the bribery, made it public, kept let’s say 1 or 2 bln for me and reversed the rest to the russian state then intervened anyway. Maybe KSA would face much bigger problems they have now too i.e. S-400 in Yemen…

    • The U.S. isn’t about freedom in the Middle East or elsewhere. It’s about oppression at home and abroad. Ask any Palestinian how much freedom the United States champions with its support of Zionist genocide. America is concerned solely about deposing Bashar al Assad and replacing him with a Washington controlled puppet for the benefit of Israel. Freedom and democracy is a myth in America. It’s all carefully crafted propaganda designed to fool people and it is quite successful as the corporate controlled media parrots everything the government says without scrutiny or investigation. The United States is now an Orwellian society that has been transformed into a police surveillance state. Anyone who believes they are free in America suffers from propaganda programming and brainwashing. This election we have a choice between deciding among 2 warmongers and imperialists. There is NO opposition party in America. This is NOT a democracy.

      • I agree with you in some points, although I have a more balanced advice about Israel, even if I despise Netanyahu : There’s a lot of anti-Israel propaganda due to the fact Koran tells idiots to hate the jews. PLO works together with Shin-Bet to crack Hamas and better be an israeli palestinian than a palestinian in any arab country (but Syria and maybe Lebanon). Hamas kills much more palestinians than IDF and basicly, if IDF kills a palestinian, it’s because this Hamas’ brainwashed douchebag attacked first…
        I’m neith pro, nor against Israel but if I had to live in the middle east, it’s probably the only country where I won’t be jailed simply because I am extremely critical on politics. Sorry but they’re the only democracy in the region and all other being dictatures or absolute monarchies, everything is good to make Israel look more ugly than it is, exactly the same way Assad is described as a bloodlusty barbarian (I’m not saying he’s a nice guy, he!) or Kim Jong Il and now Kim Jong Un as total madmen.
        The middle-eastern hypocrisy is probably even worse than the western hypocrisy, same about corruption.

  4. MKT Thompson For President…American Peoples Action Party…
    As President, I will have our special forces hunt down each of these “men”. They will do to them as they have done here. There will be no mercy.

  5. MKT Thompson For President…American Peoples Action Party…
    As President, I will have our special forces hunt down each of these “men”. They will do to them as they have done here. There will be no mercy.

    • Follow strictly Koran and Haddith and you don’t even need CIA or Mossad to become a mind controlled killing machine! Even the way you hold your dick when you piss will be in the program!

  6. Assad if they fall in your hands burn them , toture them and ask your intelligence services to give them a slow , very slow very painfull death.Sicjk thugs , worse tan animals. The US doeas not know wehat rthey are doing. Assad the responsability to clear the country from this scum Syrians or foreigners is yours use napalm , sarin , tabun whatever you like and give them the only ansewr they understand.

    • Seems that Assad is less barbarian than them and you : he signed the anti-chemical weapons convention and surrendered daddy’s sarin stockpile to the UN. The only that seemed to have access to sarin in Syria are Jaysh-al-Islam, the Alloush gang and analysis seem to say it came from libyan stockpiles.
      There’s a thing you must always still conscious of : if you fight a monster, you have to take care of not becoming yourself a monster. If you become so, your enemy has won as now, you’re like those you condemn.
      Napalm is not a banned weapon in international treaties but it may be considered a ‘haram’ weapon in Islam. Never noticed that although IS and some other are really freakin barbarians, they may have been no more than 1 or 2 cases of burning s.o. alive? It is unislamic. There were many cases of entrenched hilltops where any US air-marshall would have decided to napalm it.
      Get info about sarin and tabun : even +25y. later, they still have birth defects and serious health problems in iraqi Kurdistan because of Saddam’s sarin strikes. Only pure mofos use shits like that and soils are polluted for decades.

  7. He was being treated for Mediterranean anemia, it was said.
    They really need to catch all who were surrounding him, and the cameraman too. They are a bunch of child killing sadists – real devils on earth.

  8. I only have one Thing to say to this
    I will come like a plague in the night i will make your food rotten, make your family leperds and i will enjoy the sight when i finaly decide how to kill you slowly and make you scream for your one and only god but trust me hen can’t hear you he abbandoned your kind a long long time ago i will still come for you cry all you want beg even more YOU WANT TO SE BRUTALITY REMEMBER YOU HAVE A DATE WITH ALLAH AND HE WILL FUCK YOU LONG TIME ☆☆☆

    • That’s why I prefer Jah : Jah is love and forgiveness.
      Allah was the name meccan people used to call Hubal, the moon god, as only the high priest had the right to call him Hubal and, BTW, Hubal comes from Baal… Baalists used to practice human sacrifices. BTW : Baal => Baal-Zebub : ’twas used to mock him as the “lord of the flies” as, wherever the baalists were, there were flies eating the carcasses they slaughtered…
      So, sorry dude : Jah is amighty and full of love and all those with love in their hearts will have no problem with him, even if they’re atheists. All I see in your Allah is nothing else than Sheitan trying to convince humans to worship him as God through the lies of a false prophet which, BTW, Jesus warned mankind about, he even warned about the banner of the eagle that you see both Deash and al-Qaeda using… People from the scriptures know who you are, that’s why you’re so furious about them.

  9. They’re worse than ISIS? Well, so they can be treated a worser way…
    Let’s say not with the habitual bombs : some mixture of white phosphorus and napalm may have to be recommanded…
    If napalm sticks to kids, phosphorus+napalm is likely to stick to al-Zinki…
    If it wasn’t so polluting, I’d recommand spraying Agent-Orange with a crop-duster on ’em : they deserve serious dose of dioxin…

  10. Each and every politician who supports the US involvement in Syria deserves to have one of their children be beheaded in the same manner as this boy. Maybe then they will think twice before destabilizing other people’s countries

  11. Oh how brave . These big brave men killing a kid like this or even at all? All these cock suckers are clearly identifiable, and can be identified and haunted down by the kids family and the Palistinian fighters, and paid in kind – with interest, because what goes around comes around?

  12. Filthy wahhabi takfiri salafist hairy goat scum; the excrement of the anglozionazi empire of carnage. The irony is that these sub human ghouls do not even know they are the claws of the evil beast of USSA and its zionist puppeteer. One day all this evil will return to the source of the infection, to Washing town and Tel Aviv and the rest of humanity will rejoice.