BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:45 A.M.) – Minutes ago, an Israeli warplane conducted an airstrike over the western countryside of Damascus, targeting the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) positions in the Qalamoun Mountains near the Lebanese border.

A Syrian Army source told Al-Masdar this morning that the Israeli warplane had crossed into Syria after flying over Lebanon’s ‘Arsal Barrens, where both Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS) are headquartered in the eastern Beqa’a Governorate.

The Syrian Army source added that the specific location of the attack was in the Jard Nalhleh  Al-Quteifah area of the Qalamoun Mountains.


No casualties have been reported to Al-Masdar at this time.

This morning’s airstrike comes just one month after Israeli warplanes targeted the Syrian Arab Army’s positions inside the Golan Heights region of the Al-Quneitra Governorate.


Correction: Israeli warplane flew over Jaroud Nahleh, but the airstrike was conducted in Al-Quteibah. Jaroud Nahleh is in the ‘Arsal Municipality of Lebanon. 



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    • Their Al Qaeda and FSA minions in Daraa are falling apart and getting squished in the middle, SAA ahead, Yarmouk Daesh behind. It’s just a matter of day before Israel launches a full scale offensive at Yarmouk Daesh rear. ZioMSM will call it a “counterterrorism” op no doubt. A thinly veiled land grab for as much of the Eastern Golan as Israel Attack Forces can grab in a few days or weeks.

      No one really thinks they didn’t leave those Yarmouk Retards ISIS on Israeli border untouched for 3 years without a very good plan on what to get ISIS to do, and what to then do with ISIS in a farcical display of Zioterrorist Counterterrorism, do they?

        • Yep, every child that has been brainwashed into Nazi or Arab-nationalist or islamist propaganda… If they go to UNRWA schools or madrassas, they even have their teachers doing the job.
          It worked great on you 😉

          • Shalom, shalom, my “french” friend. You are really funny. 🙂 And how about millions of Russians murdered by Khazars? I believe Trocky or Yagoda are your heroes.

          • Normally I’m not one for reaching out to the Middle Eastern world, but let me assure you that not all Westerners are like this clown… Remember the USS Liberty.

  1. Hi Leith

    Thank you for the breaking news. However, you wrote
    “targeting the Syrian Arab Army’s (ISIS) positions in the Qalamoun Mountains near the Lebanese border.”

    So who exactly was the target? The Syrian Arab Army or ISIS?

    Best wishes,

    An Observer

  2. Como siempre Israel ayudando a Al-Qaeda, el gobierno Sirio como primera medida denunciar ante la ONU y la comunidad internacional, segundo poner en conocimiento tiene derecho a la defensa y por tanto puede derribar aviones que violen la soberanía de Siria y por último el gobierno Sirio ponga misiles antiaéreos para derribar aviones Israelíes.

  3. “targeting the Syrian Arab Army’s (ISIS) positions in the Qalamoun Mountains near the Lebanese border”

    Wait – does that mean they targeted ISIS or the Syrian Arab Army which was there fighting ISIS?

  4. So Hezbollah threatens to rain missiles down on Israel, and when they get the missiles from Syria, Israel launches an attack to ensure those missiles never reach Lebanon. What does everyone do? Blame the Jews! Too funny.

  5. BOHICA!
    Hey, c’mon, it’s ALWAYS the same scenario.
    Aheeeeh, who wants to bet Khamenei sent 1 or 2 Fateh-110 to Hezbollah again, that they again tried to smuggle this in Lebanon, then a F-16 was sent, dropped a Delilah cruise missile.
    These have been made especially for such purpose : slowing down to about 350 km/h and loiter for a good half an hour. I’m ready to bet they make it do a low pass to give a warn, then out it out of range, circling around, waiting for the dudes to go and if they don’t… Well, seeing Delilah fall on them will make them run, thus, in this case, there might be some wounded… Sometimes, they even call those in the place on their phones or tactical radios to warn them.
    Let me bet smth else : 0 dead! Or if there’s one, well, he was suicidal.
    And I’m not the only one to think Khamenei and Nasrallah should really stop this childish islamist game :
    Yeeep, Putin does so. Thus, a little lie from him @1:11-1:15 : body language shows he doesn’t actually thinks what he said (just on this point)

    • I noticed you keep on defending Israel. Come on… Israel is always agressing Syria and supporting some fractions in the south of Syria. Then, you dare justify Israel acts? What worries me is that you keep on defending Israel actions at all costs. you speculate that they target potential Hezbollah units. Even if they do so, Israel has no respect to international laws (even the french gov, yours, condemns its policies)… Israel keeps on provoking its neighbours so obviously its neighbours will reply some day. I just hope the SAA use its new S300 missiles. Time to test it 😛

    • Some idiots in ISIS had the great idea to shoot against IDF from southern Syria or Sinai. Now they’re pushing up the daisies.
      Qaeda is a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot, like Morsi’s party, Hamas, AKP and well, mostly all islamist terrorism, ISIS is a split-off from Qaeda and actually, Arafat joined the Brotherhood in 1948. ISIS in Sinai finds shelter in Gaza.
      By fighting Hamas, the idiots PLO brainwashes through their TV and the UNRWA schools and having helped overthrown Morsi, they also fight Qaeda and as long the Brotherhood is not designed a global terror org and eradicated, things like Qaeda, Talebans, Sheebabs, IS, al-Mourabitoun or whatever the name as the devil is known by many names, will go on flourishing. Going after those who fund it from the shadows in also mandatory.

  6. What the hell happened to Syria’s air defense force? At their peak, they controlled over 200 BUK Missile systems alone, as well as a respectable amount of Tunguskas and SA-13 Gophers and are rumored to be in possession of the famous Pantsir-1 AA System as well. There are no reports of rebels or ISIL operating these units, so the Syrian Army surely should have them… Why does this branch, 36,000 strong, not do its job in policing Syria’s airspace? Why do they let everyone fly over Syria’s sovereign borders all willy-nilly? Even in my small country the second a plane flew over the airspace illegally it would be shot down