Aleppo ‘moderate rebels’ brutally beheaded a youngster they have captured earlier today near Handarat Refugee Camp in northern Aleppo.

The child, who is ostensibly under the age of 12, was arrested by Islamist militants fighting for the Turkish-backed Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement for allegedly being a fighter of the Palestinian Liwaa Al Quds (Al-Quds Brigade).

However, a footage released by the captors shows the underage wearing ragged clothes surrounded by bearded fighters in the trunk of a pickup car.


Another sickening video shows a knife-wielding fighter beheading the child who has been laid down on the trunk with his hand cuffed behind his back.

With the ominous Allahuakbar shout, the executioner holds high the child’s head then put it down on his back.

Liwaa Al Quds is a pro-government Palestinian paramilitary faction made up of the Palestinians who have been driven out of their homes in the Handarat Camp once Islamist militants took over the neighborhood. Today, the group is fighting alongside the Syrian Army to retake the Camp.


Breaking: Watch more on this story:

The victim’s last wish before being brutally decapitated by the US-backed rebels 


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      • Before Brits and US arrivals.
        Syria had history, now most of them stolen, broken and damaged by US backed Terrorists.
        Afghanistan largest buddha was standing before and after Islam but brought down after US involvement and support for Mujahadeen and Taliban.

      • This was done by the Saudis right? the Saudis are Muslims so place the blame where it belongs.neither the US nor the UK nor NATO dropped bombs on these people it was there fellow Muslims from Saudi Arabia who did it.

        • its in syria …. not saudia , beside this is the islam that usa wanted for middle east ….. not the true islam that the rest of the world believes in. Crossaders and mid evil christians did worse. so don’t be smart ass you dumbass and go read history. ASSHOLE

          • you ,are a bit late with your critisism on the crusades, wich by the way whas a late reaction on the jehads against christian lands. Go read history yourself.



          • islam has been killingchristians for 2000 yrs and today.i am ready to iradicate islam.

          • It’s “Crusaders”, not “Crossaders”; and it’s “medieval”, not “mid evil”, you dumbass. Learn to spell. ASSHOLE.

          • Christians were never EVER as bad as islamist scum. Islam is the true enemy to our world and humanity, and until you fucking blind, stupid, ignorant, racist, unimaginably hypocritical, extreme leftists open your eyes to the real world they are going to kill, maim and slaughter even children at will. And YOU ARE TO BLAME!! A problem thats ignored will never be solved, and thats what you’re doing when you’re being such idiotic apologists for manslaughter!

          • no dear, you are strongly mistaken about this. The rebel army is supported by US and UN, like ISIS and Talibans, the modern world is a market to sell arms , the poor are their test machines. The merceneries have no mercy for anyone, Islam has nothing to deal with this. No religion on this earth can allow such barbaric action

      • that is absolutely true . i am backing the Russian and syrian armed forces to distroy all this satanic evil terrorist, burn them. cut them to pieces and burn them. and let thr ash flying back to the hell. this satanic evil terrorist have no religion. .all the religion teach us the good thing.

  1. I feel these mofos won’t get away with it…
    And moreover, we’ve got their ugly faces filmed, so they’re easier to identify (although there are other methods, hehe). They’re already filed by Interpol at the time I’m writing it.

    • Unfortunately they are. Once ‘The Other’ is dehumanised, it is relatively easy for this sort of thing to happen – the Nazi gas chambers, the Armenian genocide, Shabra/Shattila, massacre of Shia/Sunni, massacre of Catholic/Protestant, and in much milder form, the Milgram Experiment.

      Today in Ukraine.

      • @[email protected]

        Sanders is backing Clinton. They are all fucked mate. RIP kid. May your life be avenged ????

    • Hey dogs are loving creatures who only want love, these are not dogs they aren’t even Pigs, pigs are smart, these things are demons. Honest to God walking demons, possessing the bodies of men. Only a demonic SATANIC person could behead a child, truly evil, truly sadistic. Did you see the goat in the background? At first I was afraid it was a dog, they shoot up dogs with acid, this is how evil they are. But it was a goat, poor goat. They seem to like goats a little too much. Poor goat. The poor child looked like he was in shock. I hope he was and I hope that God looks down and settles the odds a bit.

  2. I can’t said nothing but these guys has been success make Islam looks barbaric. So if one of you watched this you supporter of FSA or whatsoever.. Please, for the sake of God and His messenger, please stop this war, take down your gun and solve this in humane manner and if you still justify your war on this blessed sham, please fight with islam’s ruling of war. And if you wasnt moslem, you dont need to reply this comment if your intention is just sake of humiliating us and make us feels more bad. I myself have been more feel guilty than you.. I myself is more ashamed than you. So please no hate, peace.

  3. This is fucked up in so many ways and may the most disturbing and disgusting thing which i have seen done to a kid…. I know ISIS are rapists and wothless humanimals with no honor…. but doing this to a kid and feeling great about it is a level of satanic soul that is so more worse than anything else. I wish them 1000 ways to die slow and fucking cruel. RIP young boy, you deserve better than that and now hopefully be at a better place.

    • the satanic terrorist isis, the evil terrorist. they all on the way to hell. fucking bastard all of you. the earth and the worldis not a place for this type of satanic terrorist. they all monster which is exist from hell. the religion never teach you to kill human being. what are you fighthing for. your religion . go to hell with your sponsor , you all the bastard evil , satanic soul, monster of devil. go back to hell where you come from.

  4. The child appears about ten or 11 years old. He seems to be dull having no idea of what will befall him. He is unable to understand what he did wrong. He makes no effort to resist. A lamb . These are sick bullies .These are people who support Erdogan the dog man. NATO created and backed these people.

    • NATO are militaries, they obey the politicians of their own countries, they are just trained to operate together if it becomes necessary. BTW, there can be animosity inside NATO : better not be a turkish jet pilot who crosses the greek border without asking clearance : greek Mirage-2000s have shot down a F-16 and a F-4 not so long ago… Each NATO country has its own politics and own army and you can’t imagine the number of time the US have fucked up the politics of their allies…
      IMHO, Turkey will be dumped from NATO very soon : due how things run here, I smell balkanisation… Hagia Sofia will have the crosses back on the domes and the minarets gone in a town named Constantinople, Rojava will be north Syria, north Iraq and south Turkey, Armenia will have east Turkey…
      They’d better had listened to Mustafa Kemal (who clearly was an atheist) instead of ErdoGollum from the Muslim Brotherhood : everywhere there is MB, the area ends in total chaos…

    • I think he was very weakened by BLOOD LOSS. There are photo which show a bag attached to his arm and it is filled with blood. Plus his forearm and arm are smeared with fresh blood. Leith, who is one of the people who runs this side, wonders on twitter if the were giving medical attention to the boy to keep him alive for the beheading.
      But I don’t think they were because IVs are usually held higher than the person so gravity sends the liquid in. Plus it is usually a clear fluid to hydrate or medicate the patient. And I don’t think they were giving him a blood transfusion.
      They also might have abused him in other ways so he was just generally weakened and close to fainting or unconsciousness. He is sort of propped up with them.

  5. You people DO realize that these guys are Assad’s thugs right? They did this to shut off backing and stir outrage AGAINST the rebels, to the benefit of the govt. Every man in this video works for Assad’s force and NOT any rebel groups. Look at their clean clothes, pretty teeth, grooming, hair, trimmed beards, white tennis shoes, proper Arabic accent-dialects proving education, etc. These guys are NOT rebel grunts. I spent 2 yrs. on the ground with rebels AND govt military. These guys are govt guys trying to damage rebel support! Soooo obvious! Yet western media (like BBC) lap it up like idiots. The identical ploy Russia/Putin uses everywhere. Russians trained Syrian govt in this type of PsyOp.

    • Bob, we have been listening to your black ops propaganda against the Syrian government for five years now. It’s starting to sound more and more desperate and we don’t believe it any more …

  6. This shit cowardly murderers!
    This was a child dammit.
    These are no longer human beings,
    These are damn shit devil.

    ???????????? Rest in peace, you little poor boy ????????????

  7. Allah is Great my dear heroic child. Judgment day will come and your slaughterer will stand before Allah, Allah will make justice and he will perish in Hell Fire and u can live peacefully in heaven.

  8. Los terroristas “moderados” de obama y netaniahu. No se dejen engañar, eeuu hizo esto toda la vida, que borren todos los videos censurando la verdad y toda la historia es otra cosa.

  9. The most annoying part is that the Al Zinki brigade are called US backed vetted ‘moderates’ and have received weapons and funding from Obama. This implies that Obama ‘Regime’ is stained with the blood of this kid.
    Hillary will continue to support them if elected.

  10. What is the name of their God? Do they hope to go to heaven?
    These are the children of Satan (USA), they created isil. Citizens of United States instead of complaining about such bloodshed, stop them! Take to the streets and do demonstrations! United States must stop to interfere in the political affairs of other states. Would you like to see other countries real bloodbath in your USA ?

  11. American people condemn any thing this. American government causes many things like this.
    that’s why i believe that even USA itself is not the democracy that it claims.

  12. American people condemn any thing like this. American government causes many things like this.
    that’s why i believe that even USA itself is not the democracy that it claims.

  13. This is horrible! In my country media (based on USA propaganda) presents President Assad as a tyran and rebels group as fighters for freedom. In reality it is not true. I believe that Syria gov. forces will kill these rats!

  14. This barbaric animals are a disgrace to their religion. You don’t see this kind of barbaric killings which was done with shouts of “Allahu Akbar” synonymous with other religions.

  15. Israel will have to pay what it has dien in Syria.. there is no verse in Quran which says to beheaded any one..any one who kills children r not Muslims because Quran says it is prohibited to kill children’s and all children r Muslims by birth… they follow the verse of Torah because Torah says to behead children who r not follow the God of Torah they doing their work in Islamic clothes.. ISIS and Al the so called fighters like Al Nusra supported by USA r terrorist.. they want to destroy Syria Iraq Iran and Hezbullah because they all r enemy of Israel and Saudi Arabia.. and the other reason is they want to prove the verse of Torah to come ture

    Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap,” states the ancient prophet Isaiah. “The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts.”

    Now we can understand why Israel is so interestEd in Syria and what’s r the plan of Israel they want Syria simple by any how.. Israel u will be destroyed with ISIS Saudi Arabia

  16. ISIS Al Qaeda Al Nusra and all other Salafist terrorist groups r the creation of Israel
    .Israel u will never archive your goals u did it in 1948 bit not now the USA is getting weak and will bow down to Russia and Iran

  17. It’s always people that we back that seem to do these barbaric acts! We should stop funding these f*****s and instead spend the money on the people who’s lives are bein ruined by theses terrorists!

  18. I shouldn’t watch this it makes me hate all muslims with a vengeance, I swear if this happens in Australia there will bloody murderous payback. For every killing it will be repayed 3 fold.

  19. those fighters are not people. They are barbaric animals and need to be destroyed. They cannot be reasoned with. That poor child and many more like him. I cried. I could kill those SOBs. I want to kill them and save the women and children. I want to tear them limb from limb! Imagine how helpless and scared that child was. He did not deserve that! How could one do that to a child

  20. Poor Kid, 12 years old, according to the info he was just a poor sick boy. What a fucking hero who did this terrible act of inhumane violence. I hope to meet him and his friend without their guns in my favorite MMA cage.

  21. They should have just shot him in the head and left it at that. Remember, the kid was captured as a fighter who probably killed many people and would kill many more, even you or I.

  22. What they have done can never be forgiven or forgotten. These are not Muslim people. I work with Muslim people…I don’t know anyone of them that wouldn’t cry their eyes out seeing this. U.S Backed moderate rebels.. :'(

  23. Сука,блять,да дайте мне этих ебучих пидоров!я их сам пережу к чертям блять!Ебучие вы суки нахуй!

  24. ENG no nation which is murdering children has the right to exist
    DE kein Volk das Kinder ermordet zustehen existieren
    RUS никакая нация которая убивает ребят нет права существовать
    PL naród który morduje dzieci nie ma prawa istnieć
    الشعب الذي يقتل الأطفال ليس لها الحق في الوجود

  25. What Really makes me sick is that one of his comrades is telling him to be careful not to cut his hand while beheading the boy.
    if their God condones this monstrosity, then the knife should be put to his throat instead of the boy’s.

  26. لو كان فيكم ذرة إسلام رسول الله محمّد صلّى الله عليه و سلّم ، ما عذبتم هذا الصبي ، فما بالكم بنحره، و الله لن تقوم الدولة الإسلامية في آي بقعة في العالم ما دام من فيه من يحب الإسلام مثلي و يمقِتُ امثال الكفار مثلكم ، لعنة الله عليكم ، وعلى من عاونكم و أيدكم، إلى يوم يُبعثون، آمين

  27. و الله و اللهِ والله ، لو كان فيكم ذرة إسلام رسول الله محمّد صلّى الله عليه و سلّم ، ما عذبتم هذا الصبي ، فما بالكم بنحره، و الله لن تقومو الدولة الإسلامية في آي بقعة في العالم ما دام من فيه من يحب الإسلام مثلي و يمقِتُ امثال الكفار مثلكم ، لعنة الله عليكم ، وعلى من عاونكم و أيدكم، إلى يوم يُبعثون، آمين

  28. Oh Allah! I couldnt watch the whole Video. My son is 12yrs old. I have tears in my eyes. Bloody animals. I am against killing or beheading but all of these bastards neets to be beheaded????

  29. Hi. I allah akbar. Fucking muslims all knock about one dog. mental motherfuckers mother dog. evolution of their missed. Western Europe is killed. Russia can do with you order. Cowards and allah agbar a dog at the kennel with a pig’s snout with murder

  30. We should bomb them off the face of the world, leave nothing but a dirt spot!! What sand niggers! They have no respect for human life. They are not real men, just dirty dogs. Let them come over here, we will show them what being tough is all about! Taking little boys, for god’s sake a little girl could do that!

  31. These dogs think they are tough but in reality they act like children. Boo hoo, taking little boys and beheading them is real tough! Why don’t ya’ll come over here and we will show you what tough really means. Any little girl can grab a little boy. And you call yourselves men?!! You wish you were a man! They have no respect for human life… I say blow them to kingdom come, leave just a dirt spot. They are all going to Hell anyway, let’s give them help on their way.

  32. I can’t believe how islamophobic you people are, these are the peaceful peoples we Canadians are welcoming into our country and giving $100,000 for every child they have here.

  33. I hope some of you fuck nuts read this. what in the hell is wrong with you ? you need to get your fucking head screwed on right. I will provide you my address, try to come here and do that around me. Guess what, I will take you and all of the people you know to a place that is much worse than hell. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU ! Do you feel better now that you had a defenseless young child and cut off his head ? WOW..sure sign of authority there you fucking pussies !. The thing that actually gets to me, is that you are proud of your sissy actions. Try that with me and I promise I will send you to the depths of hell without even the respect of a bodybag… FUCKING COWARDS. Nice job FUCKNUTS.

  34. These sick guys are western backed Moderate FSA ، Now maybe they separate ‘fsa’ into Extremist ones and “Moderate” ones! and then again when these terrorists do same $hit ,western governments separate “Moderate part of FSA” into extremist moderate ones and Moderate moderate ones!! lool

  35. Omg! Can we just bomb the shit out of those creatures! This is absolutely discusting! Work of pure evil! I don’t even care about the innocent people there! THE INNOCENT people Will be better off Dead instead of Living in the pit of Hell!

  36. Satan is here, in these eyes. These demons are junkies. That’s clear drug and psychotic diseases (like in terrorist attacks in my Country France) ared used by Daesh strategists. We need to smash them, with soldiers in the ground, quickest as possible.

  37. no god exists. if the opposite were true, there would punish all of them with a nice bone cancer for murdering innocent appointing his name. will be the day when one of you will erase you all from the face of the earth, a most barbarous of you barbarians with an atomic bomb that the divine has nothing. i hope in death for you.

  38. they say assad is a dictator…….all the media says….i disagree..all the western countries must ask sorry cause they give weapons to those fools…i feel pity for the boy,,,really…its unbelievable…i wish i see a video in this couple of days of those fucking morons death..

  39. Trabaja en Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
    el chico parece ser de la recistencia esta con un polo militar y pide ser fucilado ningun niño pediria eso lloraria pidiendo a su mama esto no justifica la decapitacion es un chico entrenado y muy valiente seve que esta herido entablillado y que pociblemente quedo resagadoy asi fue capturado deveria analisarce mejor el video podrian estar ante un simbolo heroe de la recistencia claro ante la muerte pienza con claridad y un temor natural .

  40. the boy seems to be the recistencia this with a military pole and asks to be fucilado any would ask child that cry asking your mom does not justify decapitation is a guy trained and very courageous seve this wounded splinting and pociblemente I remain resagadoy so was captured deveria analisarce better the video could be facing a hero symbol of clear recistencia to death pienza clearly and a natural fear.

  41. мальчик, кажется, recistencia это с военным полюсом и просит быть fucilado любой бы спросить ребенка, что плакать спрашивать ваша мама не оправдывает обезглавливание парень тренировался и очень мужествен Seve это раненые шинирование и pociblemente я остаюсь resagadoy так был захвачен Девериа analisarce лучше видео может оказаться перед лицом символ героя ясного recistencia к смерти Пиенцы ясно и естественный страх.

  42. يبدو أن الصبي أن يكون recistencia هذا مع القطب العسكري ويطلب أن fucilado أي سيطلب من الطفل الذي يبكي يسأل أمك لا يبرر قطع الرأس هو رجل مدربين وسف شجاع جدا هذا التجبير الجرحى وpociblemente زلت resagadoy حتى تم القبض deveria analisarce أفضل فيديو يمكن أن تواجه رمزا بطل recistencia واضحة إلى بينزا الموت بوضوح والخوف الطبيعي.

  43. Nazi SS soldiers were confessing to killing Jewish women and kicking their baby alive into the grave with them before being buried. Nazi German were doing million times worse than this, but hey when non-europeans do it, it is has different racial sentiments.

  44. The Palestinian boy was beheaded by the Noureddine al Zinki sponsored armed and trained by USA as legal opposition to the Assad. The boy was receiving treatment in the hospital and suffers from Thalassemia and diabetes and has been abducted by the killers from the hospital .
    The boy was sentenced to death because his father serves in the Palestinian Liberation Army – in the al Qods brigade- who is defending the Palestinian camp of Handarat – near Aleppo – together with the Syrian army against the terrorist. thugs
    The criminals decided to take revenge on the child and beheaded him in front of all . The US- that was caught red handed in this bloody crime- said- through its spokesman- that it will go over its support of the Noureddine al Zinky terrorist faction after what happened . But this does not mean that it will not go over its support of the other factions that are non different from al Zinki.and have drowned Syria and Iraq in blood.

  45. Acaben con esos malditos miserables pronto. Que no quede ni uno vivo. Quemenlos uno por uno o en grupos para que mueran lentamente. Es lo menos que se merecen esos malditos bastardos.

  46. I’m a kind person. I would never harm an animal. But these BASTARDS are nothing but disgusting rotten criminals. Any house fly is worth more. They and anyone who sympathises should be atomized, their homes completely distroyed, their names erased from any documents as if they never lived.

  47. Who’s hands are in those sleeves? oh not again , the same ones who wanted to kill the messiah Jesus . In the name of truth soon we will show them and the godfathers who control this puppets the Persian power.
    I testify that there is no deity but God , Muhammad is the Prophet of God , Ali is the friend of God

  48. Doesn’t matter if a spy or not, still a child. Deviants have done that. I can’t look at these ugly mugs. They are not human beings, not animals, they are the pure evil. “Tatar wedding party” strongly recommended for them (impalement). Would be a great pleasure to me to carry it out.

  49. That’s why I don’t want these people in the United States. The are evil. Who in the hell would kill a kid anyway even if they belonged to your enemy. These people are from satan

  50. Burn to Hell you filthy disbelievers. There is NOTHING in Quran like you, you are not submitters(muslims), you follow hadith&sunah made by other filthy animals like you. The irony is that you hypocritical disbelievers are actually mentioned in Quran but as filthy disbelievers not as muslims you barbarian monsters which unfortunately are in majority. It’s your fault that people around the world think that all of this filth comes from Quran when it’s not. You will burn in Hell forever you monsters, you disbelievers.

  51. Hillary, Obama, and Israel’s funded “moderate” rebels. As an American, I am disgusted by the actions of the AIPAC owned government in the United States. Our government is guilty of war crimes and supporting Israel’s ISIS mercenary group.

  52. Where is the world???? It’s a kid you fookers! God would not be happy with this as you repeatedly say Allah Go Fuck Yourself! The world is silent… no news outlet reports this? WTF!!!!

  53. Assuming this is a real and not staged action, what kind of barbarian would do this? And then what kind of barbarian would do this to a child? If this is their way to show others their so called God which is not my God and hopefully not yours,they are doing poor jobs at best as his ambassador. What kind of animal would do this, cheer at it, and scream in jubilation? I hope to one day meet you on the battlefield, and show you what a true warrior is about. I will not cheer when i kill you, nor will I film it or scream in joy, nor will I mention my God, However I will pray to him to allow me to live a little longer as to my being able to kill as many of you as possible before my demise. I don’t believe in birth control or abortion, but to those in this video, and those that would support these actions had your mothers been more like the animals you act like she would have noticed your sickness and eaten you as a favor to the world and mankind, Now that I would have applauded and showed jubilation over as it would have been a grand act worthy of such.

  54. I am in deep pain after watching this video. It is very very painful. This is not Islam. These are not Muslims. They are not afraid of judgement day. May Allah destroy them. They are killing our brothers and sisters and next is our turn. For Muslim it is not allowed to kill children, women, old person and even trees even in war. I wish our leaders can take action against it. I am in deep pain.

  55. I think it’s fake….Why didn’t he scream because everybody (at least kids under age of 12) scream…… and how is that little knife so sharp it cuts the childs throat just like that? And I think you can’t die immediatelly so he would scream from that pain , even scream for 0.5 – 1 seconds , even I would scream ( I am 20 years old) . Not even the people in the background seem alerted…

  56. God send all these ISIS militants to the hell. They are nothing to do with Islam. Our Prophet is light of peace. We hate ISIS, we hate ISIS agenda. This message is from Pakistan.

  57. The child appears dull and hardly conscious because he is injured around his waist. Appears to have had blood loss. In short, completely helpless. Such a child is beheaded by these barbarians. One can hope Trump would team up with Putin and clean up Syria of these barbarians. Bring them all to justice.

  58. I’m french and I thought that ‘behead’ meant ‘hold as hostage’. Then I saw the video…
    Now my heart his broken and it’s for the best. The only way it could be fixed would be to forget what I saw but I don’t want to.
    Anyways, it seems like hearts are useless nowadays…

  59. All terrorists are muslims but all muslims are not terrorist.There’s is nothing said in to our holy the Quran to kill innocent people,they have no sense or left from humanity and for my side they are not real muslims.
    The Islam means happiness or smile,live with happinnes

  60. All terrorists are muslims but all muslims are not terrorist.There’s is nothing said in to our holy the Quran to kill innocent people,they have no sense or left from humanity and for my side they are not real muslims.
    The Islam means happiness or smile,live with happinnes

  61. I see many Americans are here, screaming “terrorist, barbarians” etc. Exactly the same thing that you saw, so called “Bosniacs” did to Serbs in Bosnia.
    What was NATO reaction?
    They bombed Serbs.
    Muslim Albanians were taking out organs of captured Serbian soldiers and civilians.
    There are a lot of proofs about that.
    What was NATO reaction?
    They bombed Serbs and granted Albanians a new state.