Al-Masdar Al-‘Arabi (The Arab Source) is dedicated to providing the latest news and analysis from the Arab world.

Launched in August 2014, Al-Masdar News is an independent media service free from any political or corporate funding, sponsorship or association. This allows us to report on current events free of any bias or prejudice.

With ground sources in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere across the globe, Al-Masdar News is dedicated to providing breaking news as they happen directly from the location.

Al-Masdar News provides an alternative worldview on events unfolding in the Middle East and missed by the mainstream media.

Al-Masdar News also occasionally conducts interviews with experts on politics in the Middle East on our podcast. In an effort to expand to new audiences and media platforms, we are working on the production of a Livestreamed news hour.

Stance on Syria:

AMN is sometimes referred to as “Pro-Regime”, or “Pro-Assad” which is misleading in that it assumes AMN would support no one but the current administration in Damascus.

So in an effort to clear that misunderstanding up;

AMN is “Pro-Government” as in supports any lawfully elected government in Syria, that shares our values of being pro-secular and anti-extremist. AMN does not subscribe to any single politician or party, but the government as a whole.

AMN supports any work by any non-violent, pro-secular, anti-extremist Syrian domestic party, towards complete democracy.

So does being “Pro-Government” affect our reporting? No. We report on government gains and losses with equal speed. Do we give the government the benefit of the doubt? Sure we do. No one else seems to. Does it prevent us from reporting when they screw up? No. Does that make AMN biased? No more so than any other media outlet on the planet that employs humans with different political leanings or personal ideologies and different ethnic, religious or cultural backgrounds.

– AMN Board of Directors


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In an attempt to better service our readers we have added global content distribution for all media files, we will continue to work on continuously improving the AMN experience.

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