The Saudi regime has spent the last 72 hours provoking Iran and executing several prisoners, while disregarding the fact that they are losing village after village to the Yemeni Army's Republican Guard and the Houthis in Saudi Arabia's Jizan province.

On Sunday morning, the Yemeni Army's Republican Guard and their popular civilian committees (primarily the Houthis) captured 2 villages inside the Jizan region of Saudi Arabia, killing several enemy combatants from the Saudi-led Coalition Forces in the process.

According to Al-Masdar's Yemeni War reporter - Tony Toh - the Yemeni Army and the Houthis captured the villages of Khobe (var. Old City) and Shabakah before they advanced south towards Jabal Al-Doud (Al-Doud Mountains) and west towards the large town of Qarn.

The Saudi regime's army has suffered several setbacks in the last 8 days, as their counter-offensive in the Jizan region ended in disaster after the Houthis and the Yemeni Army's Republican Guard repelled every assault.

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7 Comments on "Yemeni Army, Houthis capture several sites inside Saudi Arabia"

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mica Farha
04/01/2016 06:31

go Houthis go!!!!! squash the cockroach Sauds

Rohit Patnaik
04/01/2016 15:20

Good news. Conquer Saudi Arabia & drive out those corrupt Wahhabis from Riyadh.

Baris Haghverdi
04/01/2016 06:51

Good news kick theAss

Sajid Hussayn
04/01/2016 09:10

It is not enough go ahead and crush the al saud

04/01/2016 04:22

KSA defeat at South by Houthi. How if they against IRan ? Total Defeat ??? #السعوديه_تقطع_علاقتها_بايران

Margaret Kimberley
04/01/2016 04:55

Is this setback the reason for yesterday’s execution of Sheikh Nimr and 46 others?

Biswajit Raja Singh
05/01/2016 09:39

Abhijit Singha