For the first time since the U.S. President Barack Obama announced an aerial campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) in Syria, the Anti-ISIS Coalition of predominately Arab states have struck a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) camp in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor, killing 1 soldier and wounding half dozen others on Sunday evening.

According to a military source from the Syrian Arab Army's 104th Airborne Brigade of the Republican Guard, a U.S. warplane struck the military camp belonging to the SAA's 137th Artillery Brigade (17th Reserve Division) in the village of 'Ayyash, killing 1 soldier instantly and leaving 6 soldiers in critical condition - including an officer.

The Syrian Arab Army's 137th Brigade has been protecting the civilians in the village of 'Ayyash from the swarming ISIS fighters that are attempting to break into the provincial capital of the Deir Ezzor Governorate from the northern flank; this airstrike only boosted ISIS' positions inside this village and the nearby broadcast tower.

As of now; it is not clear who the U.S.-led Anti-ISIS Coalition aircraft meant to target, but it was clear to the Syrian Arab Army soldiers that the airstrikes were inaccurate and lacked logistical comprehension of the ground situation in the Deir Ezzor Governorate.

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Thomas Baker

No mistake here. This is the intention of Obama the Murderer. He will continue to provoke a response that in his deranged mind gives him the “right” to start thermal nuclear war with Russia. This was no mistake although that will be the claim. What happens when “coalition planes or forces” kill Russian marines?

Alf Brückel


Daahireeto Mohamud

Well, akthough it to early to tell, I suspect , it is the Old empirialist regime of teh UK, or it could be Obama coming of the closet and declaring his real war in Syria , which is ,regime change.

Here is my suggestion; 1. Russia must quickly supply the SAA with S 300 and possibly S 400 plus MIG 31 and Su-30s, 2. then the SAA should warn the US and its allies to stay away from SAA positions, if the US led coalition choose to directly attack the SAA, then Syrian army must respond,

James Padgett

Unfortunately..this is not surprising. The whole idea of the other countries sending in planes is to lessen what the Russan Air Force can do..and the ground troops is only to create an area that the Russian and Syrian planes will not attack unless a war is triggered. Swift action by the RUssians, however, could stop this.

Rodo Cordero

where da fuck is the s-400

John Perdue

i heard about this yesterday unless this is a separate incident. The one i heard about said Israel hit the saa base. well, this looks as though the nwo, aka coalition forces, are willing to go to war. of course it will be blamed on Russia. Nostradamus had a phrophecy like this i think.

José Quiñones

US and France alied to ISIS is true

Greg Zupan

Putin will not be happy

Andrew Weev Auernheimer

I don’t believe this was an accident. I believe the communist zinji wis5 Obama wants ISIS to succeed and is giving them air support.

Syrian War

How interesting!!
The first moments for this so called “coalition” and they almost assist ISIS in taking a village and massacring its people.

Gragor Gorgra

We’re talking American forces here right? Well all their partners know that co-lateral friendly fire accidents is their middle name.

Dennis Ward

It was no accident, I’m sure. Russia need to enforce a no fly zone and give the USG a dose of it’s own medicine!

Vikesh Raikundalia

notice how news like this never appears on mainstream media.

Michael McNew

Obama is poking the Russians hoping for a military fight. Obama is a mentally ill leader – sadly he is not the first.

Admirale Zed
Do you people really believe the conspiracies you are spouting? Obama does not want WW3. The US is not supporting ISIS. The slaughter of Syrian citizens for the last four years has created a massive power vacuum which has been filled by the vicious, Godless, pillaging pirates who call themselves ISIS. They have no agenda but greed and bloodshed and are given far too much credit for having a theological agenda. Pirates and barbarians have existed for centuries, the hideous thugs who call themselves isis are no different. As for the rest of you grow up and think about the… Read more »
Antal Makaró

Nem volt az véletlen. Az USA az ISIS lekötelezettje.Ez az ára,hogy Amerikában nem követnek el terrorcselekményeket.

John Goss

Most sensible people knew the real reason NATO countries were approving air-strikes in Syria, not to attack ISIS, which they could very easily do in cooperation with Russia, but to try to create a failed state, regime change and a large pool of refugees.

Michael Koehlke

the only country who can fly legal there are russian and syrian aircraft! all other there are illigal!

Wim de Raadt

What a cancer dig is the one who is responable for the boost of ISIS

John McCrillis

All the more reason for Russian Forces to declare a no fly zone over Syrian air space. Furthermore the Iraq Government should come to relise that this US coalition could care less about the Iraq people or Syrians for that matter and their presence there is to leave these countries in pieces.

Paul Collins

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Victor Tommy Tommy

What are your thoughts Leith?