A prominent official from the U.S. backed Syrian Opposition has called for the extermination of Alawite Muslim villages after a series of defeats at the hands of the religiously diverse "Syrian Arab Army" (SAA) in the month of November.

The Syrian Opposition official responsible for this sectarian attack was identified as 'Abdullah Al-'Ali - a former Aleppo-based attorney that has since moved to Turkey, where he works alongside the President of the Syrian National Council, Khaled Khoja.

According to 'Abdullah Al-'Ali's Facebook, he advises his fellow followers and friends in the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to carry out deliberate sectarian attacks against Syria's large Alawite Muslim population, which is also contrary to the message the Syrian National Council has attempted to spread to the western world about its secular nature.

"Exterminating Nusayri (derogatory term that is directed towards Alawites) villages is more important than liberating the Syrian capital."

-'Abdullah Al-'Ali

Since his sectarian tirade on Facebook, 'Abdullah Al-'Ali has attempted to cool his temperament on his social media accounts; however, he has yet to apologize or take down his disturbing statement that contradicts the mission statement of the Syrian National Council in Turkey.

Moreover, Al-'Ali's sectarian post seems to be tolerated by his counterparts in the Syrian National Council as several members liked his message.

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