Saturday afternoon, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) fully recaptured the village of Baghiliyah (Al-Bughayliyah) near Deir Ez-Zor after a successful counteroffensive was launched as to revert the gains of ISIS militants.

Nevertheless, 2 days ago, ISIS fighters stormed the village of Baghiliyah and managed to kill an estimated 280 civilians during a surprise offensive which temporarily had Jihadist forces capture most of Baghiliyah; however, these gains have since been undone with the Syrian Arab Army also recapturing Jami’yah Al-Rawad Neighborhood and the Radio Broadcast Tower entirely.

In total, an estimated 100.000 civilians live in government-held Deir Ez-Zor while most are completely dependent on supplies being delivered by Syrian government helicopters and planes. Regrettably, food prices have doubled while the unemployment rate in Deir Ez-Zor has gone through the roof due to the conflict.

While the SAA has recaptured Baghiliyah, ISIS gains at Ayyash are still to challenged as the Ayyash weapons depot and Ayyash fuel station remain disputed for now. However, reservists of the Syrian Arab Army’s 104th and 137th Brigades of the 17th Division have been summoned as to respond to the latest manuevers of ISIS fighters.

Deir Ez-Zor MapChris Tomson | Al-Masdar News
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Deborah Clancy
18/01/2016 05:02

Excellent news

18/01/2016 03:29

@masspa1024 I’m trying to go to bed.

Mustafa Omar
Mustafa Omar
18/01/2016 04:30

Syrian ARAB army

18/01/2016 03:58

not true