The Syrian Air Force has carried out multiple airstrikes on ISIS positions near the predominately Kurdish area of Kobane ('Ayn Al-'Arab) on the Turkish border. The airstrikes targeted ISIS contingents currently besieging the area, while also attempting to obstruct their supply routes. As a result of these airstrikes, the Syrian Air Force destroyed the imperative Qara Qozak Bridge that links the ISIS stronghold of Menbij and Kobane. ISIS militants use this bridge to transport supplies to their embattled troops.

Meanwhile, in the Al-Hasaka Governate, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and National Defense Forces (NDF) have taken control of a dozen villages in the vicinity of Tal Hamees and Al-Qamishli. Earlier today, the NDF captured the villages of Wahabiyeh, 'Aamara, Taweel Harb, Khazna, and Kharab 'Askar near the besieged Tal Hamees, forcing ISIS militants to fortify their positions as the SAA and NDF close in on the city. According to an NDF source in Al-Qamishli, many Muslims, Syriac Christians, and Armenian Christians have signed up for service in the National Defense Forces, after the growing presence of ISIS in the province.

YPG Forces (Kurdish Militia) captured three villages from ISIS militants in southern Al-Qamishli yesterday, killing scores of fighters in the process. The YPG captured the villages of Abu Qusayb, Abu Khazaf, and Tal Qaraasa located just south of the Al-Qamishli District. Also, in the Aleppo Governate, the YPG arrested 3 members of ISIS attempting to sneak into Kobane from the Turkish border yesterday.

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