A former imam at Mecca's Grand Mosque has said that ISIS executions of western hostages were 'not outside Salafist framework' in which Saudi Arabia also follows.

The cleric, Sheikh al-Kalbani states that:"We follow the same thought [as IS] but apply it in a refined way. They draw their ideas from what is written in our own books, from our own principles."

The cleric said that “we do not criticise the thought on which it (IS) is based".

The footage of the Sheikh speaking with Dubai-based channel MBC was translated by British think tank Integrity UK.

The Sheikh has previously been refused entry into the UK, allegedly for calling Shi'ite Muslim apostates, although no official reason was given.

The radical cleric also justified the killing of journalists by ISIS as it was well within the right of the Salafist framework.

"Their blood was shed according to Salafist fatwas (religious edicts) not outside the Salafist framework," he said.

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