On Sunday morning, the Yemeni Army's Republican Guard - in coordination with Saleh loyalists and the Houthis - carried out a powerful assault on the Saudi Royal Army's defensive positions at the Al-Bayrak Camp in the Mar'eb Governorate, resulting in heavy casualties and the destruction of the base's western fortifications.

According to the Yemeni Army, their forces struck the Saudi Royal Army's positions at the western perimeter of the Al-Bayrak Camp with a toshka missile; this caused a large explosion that resulted in the death of several soldiers form the Saudi Army, the Blackwater Group, and the Emirati Army.

In addition to destroying the western fortifications, the Yemeni Army's Republican Guard, the Saleh Loyalsits, and the Houthis also destroyed a well-developed "spying system" inside the base.

The Al-Bayrak Camp is located near the provincial capital of the Mar'eb Governorate in northern Yemen; this province is currently contested by the Saudi-led Coalition and the Yemeni Army.

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4 Comments on "Saudi and Blackwater Forces suffer heavy losses in northern Yemen"

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Kristjan Murmur
18/01/2016 01:05

good news

SK Hallstrom
SK Hallstrom
18/01/2016 03:20

Anything that hurts the Saudi dictatorship is great news. I’ll dance when this rotten state implodes.

Ahmed Asgher
Ahmed Asgher
18/01/2016 01:50

Great news. Saudi regime shall be defeated even if the Prince of Darkness and his mercenary soldiers for rent help the Saudis.

Auntie Adjeley
18/01/2016 01:17