The Saudi Air Force has deliberately refused to bomb the Yemeni Al-Qaeda faction "Ansar Al-Shariah" and the so-called "Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham" (ISIS) in southern Yemen, despite their recent gains and exponential growth across the country.

Al-Masdar News has recently monitored the concentration of the Saudi-led Coalition airstrikes in Yemen and found that the Yemeni Army and the Houthis have been the only targets for these warplanes, which begs the question as to "why" they don't target ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

In fact, if it wasn't for the U.S. drone strike in southern Yemen this week, Ansar Al-Shariah would have been relatively untouched this entire war.

Perhaps even more shocking than this revelation, the Saudi-led Coalition's warplanes have been responsible for the death of 300+ Yemeni civilians in only a matter of 7 days.

The primary culprit behind these airstrikes is the Saudi Air Force, who has reduced the historical cities of Saada and Sanaa into rubble, while their ground forces fail to regain territory inside southern Saudi Arabia.

At this rate, the Saudi Air Force and their allies will not ease off of bombing Yemeni Army controlled cities; however, when can we expect them to bomb both Al-Qaeda and ISIS?

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6 Comments on "Saudi Air Force refuses to bomb Al-Qaeda and ISIS in southern Yemen"

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Omar McBrian

They are allies in their genocidal acts against the Shia minorities in Yemen!

Emmanuel Omassi

No kidding they are one in the same, just like the US and ISRAEL, just one big terrorist organization.

The Greeks Support Assad
The Greeks Support Assad

But they would to love to INVADE SYRIA! Absolutely disgusting.
Yemen Army should kill them all

Alex & Chri

@PMO_W sa e shit!

Abdul Rahman Mushin

entre bueyes, no hay cornadas


that s a big lie. Saudi has killed prominent isis and alqaeda L. in Yemen
But what about ur regime, cooperating with hezbolla