For the first time since their arrival in Syria, the Russian Air Force launched a series of airstrikes above the Aleppo Governorate's eastern countryside, targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham's (ISIS) positions along the Deir Hafer-Aleppo Highway while the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) attacks the terrorist group on the ground.

On Thursday morning, the Syrian Arab Army - in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) - conducted a powerful assault on ISIS' positions at  'Ayn Sabl, resulting in their capture of the southwestern perimeter of this town that is located to the east of Tal Rayman and Al-Salihiyah.

Assisting the Syrian Armed Forces from above was none other than the Russian Air Force, as they reportedly struck ISIS' positions in east Aleppo with remarkable precision and relentless ferocity; these airstrikes also marked the first time that Russia physically participated in this four year long Syrian Conflict.

The Russian Air Force was also seen flying above the Rif Dimashq, Latakia and Hama Governorates, on Thursday morning, but all of their jets reportedly returned back to the Hmamiyat Military Airport in the Syrian coastal city of Jableh.

According to a senior officer in the Syrian Arab Army, these Russian airstrikes were coordinated with the Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF), who launched their own raids along the Raqqa-Deir Ezzor Highway.

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22 Comments on "Russian Jets Strike ISIS in East Aleppo to Propel the Syrian Army’s Advance on Kuweires Airbase"

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James Padgett
Praise Goddd!!! – Wonderful to read! How dare ANYONE tell Russia what it can and cannot do in its ALLY’S country! It is the ONLY air force there LEGALLY according to international law. All others are VIOLATING international law as they enter Syrian air space WITHOUT the permisson of the SYRIAN GOVT. In fact the Russians could be given permission to shoot down non Syrian fighter jets/bombers since they are ILLEGALLY FLYING IN SYRIA. What would the silly U.S. govt. think if Syria tried to tell it that it could not fly its bombers/jets over its ally Saudi Arabia’s territory… Read more »
Taff Williams

BRAVO……..Good on the Russians

Daahireeto Mohamud

UK/French failed invasion of Egypt in 1956 was the end of those two empires, will US led regime change operation in Syria spell the end of Pax America, of course the US will remain as superpower for sometime to come, but it is likely we are back to pre-1990 balance of power between superpowers. Iran , Syria and Hezbollah were doing the regional balancing act since the end of the Cold War, now Vlad can finish it off.

Carlos Pereira

Awesome !!

Боби Злоби

Good news! But… where are the USA and the other NATO useless idiots? Just asking…
Go, go Russia!

Sami El Sheikh

If its true,its great. But there are a lot of fakes in the net, so i may hope thats the right real news.

Abdou Khouli

Russia actually trying to eliminate the terrorists. USA and their followers never really wanted to stop ISIS. They only ever destroyed empty building/vechiles.

Russia’s air force and Syrian Army working together will be devestating

Georg Georgiev

Браво на руснаците.Те са единствения гарант за разбиването на еднополюсният лъжлив и корумпиран западен модел.До гуша ни дойде, да ни казват американците, кое е правилно и кое не.До гуша ни дойде, да ни казват, кои са добрите, и кои лошите.Американците да си гледат краварника, а не Европа и света.Можем да се оправим и без техните кражби.Ограбиха България и я съсипаха, благодарение на нашите крадливи и корумпирани политици.България вече е пропаднала страна, и връщане няма.Имат наглостта крадците да викат “дръжте крадеца”.

Katherine Magdangal

get ready for it:

someone is going to claim Assad is bombing his own again……the only people left in the areas that have been taken over by IS are complicit with them…. or captives – otherwise known as human shields

Jacqueline Franssen

Hail Putin!!!

Παναγιωτης Παναγιωτου

actually Russia want to be the boss to territory and take the big Leviathan petrols!!but this is not so bad cause they gone to disapeared the ISIS!!!GO GO RUSSIA!!!!!!!!

Coherent Robin

What a good news !!! GO, Russia ,GO ! Where is my vodka ?

Andrew Vamadeva Campagnola

Could ANYONE tell me what problem the US has with Assad? SI it the same problem they had with Saddam? WHAT IS THE MOTIVATION TO REMOVE ASSAD?? Does Cheny want another pipeline? WTF.

Walter Mandl

This is encouraging news for the people of Syria and the many millions outside Syria, who are tired of being ruled by terrorists!

The psychopath and vassals of the government levers in Europe and the United States (including their vassals in the Middle East) to prepare for its end: Democratic springs they shall forthwith wash away toward international criminal court based in Moscow!

David Bedford

The reason the US doesn’t like Vladimir Putin is because he kicked out all the central bankers when he came to power. Now he is sticking up for the smaller states who also don’t have central banks from being targeted by the US/Rothschild banking cartel.
He doesn’t want to see a repeat of what happened to Saddam and Gadaffi.

Karl Jonomad

Good Putin because I dont thrust the yankes first they give school and wapons to Is then they killed å few. Now when Putin order blang clean the world it may happend something.

Андрей Сибиряк

Спасибо Вам, что Вы правильно понимаете и чувствуете нас – россиян! Быть добру!)

Susan Benton

Awesome , a strong leader ! Wish we had one !

Berke Beenhouwer

This is the best news for the Syrian population in YEARS. Exit USA and their EU whores, if you ask me. It would be a good hoax stating the US has only dropped bombs in the plain desert, having US taxpayers paying the bills for it. Not that this is true, but again… 🙂 And yes, I’m an european, and ashamed to be too.

Κυριακος Παπαζησης

May the day of the complete & total defeat of these beasts of ISIS be near. May the Russian crews fly back always safe. They , together with the SAA , fight for civilization , moral values , humanity, to defeat the rabid running dogs of modern colonialism

Joy Rana

It is good that Some country came to fight ISIS-the inhuman organization…

Rickey Douglas Love

The Russians book of Rules of Engagement, have no pages in them !!!!! Yes….. Vk the Beheaders !