Following the US-led airstrikes on Ayash military base in Deir ez-Ezzor, it has been confirmed that 1 Syrian Arab Army soldier has been killed with reports circulating that as many as 4 were killed, 13 wounded and 2 tanks destroyed.

It has been confirmed that ISIS immediately attacked Ayash military base immediately following the airstrikes.

The Syrian Arab Army have been in control of the Ayash military base for the entirety of the war, questioning American intelligence whether this was a deliberate attack.

Keep following Al-Masdar News and its reporters on twitter as events unfold in Deir ez-Ezzor:


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4 Comments on "Reports: ISIS attacks Ayash Base Following US-Led Airstrikes"

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James Padgett
07/12/2015 00:38

If Rusisia is in there to truly protect Syria and not just itself – it had better speak to the U.S. govt about this!

Elmars Liepins
07/12/2015 01:08

Think Russia may have somthing to say very soon on this

Tikhon Fufaikin
07/12/2015 05:40

Now USAF can be called as “ISIS Air Force”

Akram Abu Abs
07/12/2015 13:53

Nato: ISIS Air Force!!!